The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 59

Episode 59

“I’ll take a quick walk. Keep it a secret from Mom!”

Blank stares focused on Kasena. Soon, the captain of the guard shouted.

“Lady, how can you stand there…? No, a walk? What in the world…?”

“A walk is a walk, what else?”

As Kasena threw herself over the railing, gravity and updrafts quickly enveloped her. Not only the knights but also Rayne’s eyes widened in shock.

“Ah, wait a moment!”

This recklessness… how much does she trust me when she’s barely seen me? What if she dies doing this?

There was no time to shout as I had to jump after her.

The feeling of one’s hair flying wildly, the sensation of floating overwhelmed by gravity. Amidst these sensations, Kasena laughed heartily, seemingly joyous.

“The magic circle is fan-shaped, engrave the runes for ‘platform’ (板) and ‘float’ (浮)!”

To explain, it was wind magic, carved with the properties of a ‘platform’ and ‘floating’. Soon, the headwind calmed, and the descent slowed.

“Look at that, isn’t it beautiful…?!”

An exclamation burst from Kasena’s chest, turning into white breath in the cold air.

“It’s been so long… watching this city from above…!”

That was the first time Kasena showed me a pure smile.

I thought it was beautiful.

From within the darkness that consumed a girl’s beauty… perhaps it stood out even more because of that?

I had not found a woman beautiful since then—since Lista.

“I… I really loved looking at this, but it wasn’t just for the sake of climbing high places.”


“Because then Mom would notice me. Mom and Dad were always busy, they hardly paid any attention to me…”

Mm, so there was a story behind it.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

Just then, the bell signalling an emergency rang out from the mansion, and shouts from soldiers could be heard from above.

“Anyway, you know this city well, right? I’m terrible with directions.”

Hadn’t I almost missed the entrance exam because I lost my way?

A confident and somewhat arrogant expression, characteristic of nobility, appeared on Kasena’s face.

“Hmph! Who do you think I am? A girl with a knack for fooling guards and escaping her mother!”

Kasena snickered and pointed to the left.

“Let’s go this way! There’s a rice cake shop just around the corner, and their honey rice cakes are really delicious.”

“Yes, yes.”

I adjusted the magic to change the direction of our descent. People on the streets looked up in confusion and murmured as we approached.

“What’s that?”

As the crowd’s attention turned to us, Kasena excitedly slapped Rayne’s arm.

“We’ll run as soon as we land!”

“Excuse me?”

“We’re going to run excitedly as soon as we land! Got it?!”

Controlling the nervous system with magic was new to me, and she only seemed to assume it was easy.

But I couldn’t spit on that brightly smiling face… Being employed as a private tutor, perhaps I should do my best.

As Kasena landed awkwardly and immediately started running barefoot, her unrestrained purplish-red hair fluttered energetically.

“Hey, that hair color… could it be…”

“The Page family, isn’t it?”

Her distinctive hair color seemed to give her away as the whispers of the people reached my ears. But Kasena, undisturbed, turned a corner with enthusiasm.

“Hurry up! It’s just right there!”

I wished she understood how hard it was to move her body with magic while also controlling mine…

“I’m running, see? I’m running!”

Yet with her beaming smile, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her off.

“Here it is, here!”

Kasena charged towards the entrance of a rice cake shop.

“I’ll take all of these rice cakes, give them to me!”

The white-haired shop owner, whose face was sprinkled with age, blinked in surprise. Then, a shaky voice emerged.

“Ka, Ka, Kasena, miss?”

“Yeah, it’s me! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Goodness… I heard you had passed away…”

The shop owner looked at Kasena, who was stuffing rice cakes eagerly into her mouth, with tears welling up in her eyes.

“To see the young lady come to such a humble shop and enjoy the treats… it’s been my joy. I don’t know how to express this feeling.”

“No need for that. I’ll be coming by often from now on!”

As Kasena pointed at me, having arrived slightly late, and asked for a white honey rice cake, the shop owner tentatively offered a skewer.

“And who might you be…?”

“This guy? My tutor. Still a temporary candidate!”

Big talk, truly.

Even as I was forced to grab and eat a honey rice cake under Kasena’s insistence, I felt the pressure as if the cake might get stuck in my throat at any moment.

In the distant sky, I could see figures descending with magic similar to mine. They must be the shield of the Page family, the magic knights.

“Will you run, or will you be caught? You need to decide now.”

As soon as I saw them, Kasena stuffed the rice cake skewers she was holding into her cheeks like a squirrel.

She must be indicating that she’ll run.

Such exhausting situations… As I pulled out my purse hastily, the shop owner waved me off.

“Oh, no, no! How could I take money from the miss! Please, just go!”

“Just in case taking this may cause trouble later. Well then.”

I handed over a silver coin quickly and started running through the city with Kasena.

We bumped into people and fought through crowds, but Kasena navigated the alleyways perfectly, with an excited voice the entire time.

Could she be this thrilled simply because she was running through the streets she loved without anyone pointing fingers at her?

“Over there, to the right! You’ll see a fountain soon! Then left! No, not that left, this left! Are you directionally challenged or what?”

“Which left do you mean, please?!”

However, such escapades would be futile in front of skilled hunters.

One on the roof…

And maybe another directly behind. They wouldn’t dare use dangerous magic, though, not with Kasena at risk.

‘They’re quickly closing in the encirclement. Impressive.’

Then, at this point, if I let myself be caught, neither I nor Kasena would be hurt.

“What’s going on, the running speed has slowed down!”

“The mana, we’re running out of mana.”

In truth, we aren’t.

Gradually, as I slowed down the pace of running, the moment I stumbled into an empty alley pretending to trip, my foot caught on something and I went flying through the air.

And then, clink, a metallic sound followed half a beat too late.

One of the sound-speed movements perfected by those who have reached the pinnacle of the art of the swift sword.

“I’ve caught you.”

Just before tumbling down in a wretched heap, I used a tumbling technique to roll onto the ground and rise to my feet, and soon faced an overwhelming sense of intimidation.

It was an elderly knight.

His twilight-tinted armor was not adorned with precious decorations but rather boasted the scars of fierce battles over time, and behind him, three loops of mana were shimmering brightly.

The mana of swordsmen.

They are ManaChains.

Moreover, with three layers… The realm of Triple Chain is not something even genius swordsmen attain, although for reference, Rista had four.

Seemingly out of nowhere, this elder knight had carefully picked up Kasena.

In that instant, he had tripped me to neutralize my strength while securing Kasena.

Even though Swan, the guardian knight of the Ludwig family, is exceptionally skilled despite his youth, when it comes to noble families like the Page clan, their leading guardian knights are just on a completely different level.

“Let go, Ansein, let her go! Let go! Lain!”

“I cannot do that, Miss.”

“Run away, at least you escape!”

“If I were to attempt an escape, I would have no choice but to take action, Earl Lain.”

The wrinkled eyes of the old knight coldly regarded me, gleaming menacingly.

Is there no way to escape…?

Magic guards appeared on both sides of the rooftop. But even if it weren’t for them, I had no intention of running away.

“This bastard, this son of a…”

Soon, a middle-aged man appeared panting, with countless guards in tow. It was Kasena’s father, Yuren.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you right here and now… Lain Ludwig.”

“The young miss wished to see the city, so I was merely fulfilling her request.”

“You intended a kidnapping! Taking a child who can barely walk!”

Is he too shocked to think straight? Yuren angrily clenched his fist and then glared at the old knight.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“This will be a summary judgement—cut off this man’s wrist right here!”

Wrist? No, this situation is turning far too grim. But all I need to do here is wait.

“Your Majesty, however, this young man is the scion of the magic family.”

“I am the crown prince of the Arphen imperial family!”

Because I am the scion of the magic family, Ansein hesitated for a moment, but reluctantly put his hand on the hilt of his sword at his master’s command.

This all looks rather dire, but there’s something I’m certain of here.

That is:

“If you lay a hand on my tutor, I’ll never forgive you!”

That’s Kasena’s loyalty.

At Kasena’s shout, Ansein, who had been approaching me, suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

Yuren blinked in confusion.

“Kasena, what did you just say…?”

“Dad is such a fool! I hate this, I hate you! You never try to listen to me!”

“He lured you out to kidnap you. And now you defend such a person…”

Excuse me.

I’m not a fool, why would I do that…

“No! It’s not true! It was Lain’s first! He knew what I wanted, and he was the first to let me go outside!”

“If you are talking about a walk, I could always…”

“With dozens of guards in tow? People point fingers and laugh! They look at me and mock me! No matter how often I told you, you didn’t listen, did you?”

“I was considering your safety—”

“—Sure, you were! You thought about my safety! But you never considered my feelings…”

Kasena’s face was streaming with tears as she shouted those words. It was a definitive moment in the argument.

Ansein, the guards, and even Yuren, who was just losing his temper, all were sweating, unsure of what to do next.

“Don’t cry, Kasena. I was wrong. However, is it any different that he took you out without any guards? The people must have thought it strange.”

“He didn’t just take me out. He made me run! He said he would make me walk again!”

Yuren blinked, seemingly lost for words, then glanced at Ansein, who respectfully nodded.

“Yes, the young miss was certainly running… I was shocked as well.”

“But at the end of the day, isn’t it psychokinesis? How many magicians claimed they could make you walk with it? And you were the one who rejected all of them.”

“No, it was different! I could feel myself running. It was different from psychokinesis! Daddy, I want to learn magic from Lain. I’ll walk on my own strength!”

What words could describe the surge of emotions in Yuren’s heart then?

An child who had seemingly given up on the present, the future, and the past, wishing only death in her seclusion, now speaks of a future?

Yuren looked blankly between Kasena and Lain, then quickly approached Lain to take hold of his shoulders.

“Are those words true? Will you truly make my daughter walk again?”

“Well, we have to try to know for sure, but I think it may not be that difficult.”

“I ask for your forgiveness for speaking out of turn in my distress. And if you truly accomplish this task… I promise you a substantial reward. If it’s not something I can manage on my own, I will ask my brother, the King of Arphen!”

An already promised reward is enough. A reward from the King is more burdensome than welcome.

But has this gamble paid off…

Phew, despite the heart-racing moments, it all seems to have wrapped up well. Now my Aunt will be vindicated, and I will secure the rights to handle the list of forbidden books.


Lain glanced at Kasena, who was shaking her head as if to deny she had ever cried, now wearing a smile.

“It seems the affinity aspect is well and truly addressed.”

Following the day’s events, teaching Kasena Page, the heiress of the Page Duchy family, had become another duty in an already busy schedule.

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