The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 58

Episode 58

It was Thursday already, and the Student Council Office was filled with the sound of flapping paper as work piled up after the long weekend.

“President, we’ve received an official notice that we need to start deliberating the budget for the seasonal festival that’s happening in three months.”

At the words of Vice President Felix Drake, who worked harder than anyone, Valensidis nodded in agreement.

“Proceed the same way as last year. First, send a notice to each club and set a date for the meeting.”

If Felix worked hard, Valensidis worked perfectly. His method of handling tasks was swift and accurate without a single flaw.

While glancing at Valensidis, their eyes met dead on.

Valensidis gave a faint smirk with an inscrutable sneer, resting his chin on his clenched fist.


I had a feeling something was terribly wrong, but for now, I decided to focus on my own work. Just then, looking back at the mountain of paperwork on my desk.

“What are you thinking about so hard?”

Sandra Kepel approached me with an expression like she had stumbled upon some juicy gossip. This person did less work than anyone.

“Is it about a girl?”

“If we were to classify it, yes, that would be the case.”

“What, what, what kind of reaction is that? Tell me properly. I understand the hearts of women perfectly, you know?”

Rein was as usual, looking through the various items coming onto the Student Council’s agenda to find ones worthy of discussion.

“Senior, actually …”


“I’d rather not talk about it.”

“What! Come on, you can’t just pique my curiosity like that! Are you going to tell me or not?!”

Do your own job …

I couldn’t bring myself to say that to her, so instead, I gently brought up what I was curious about.

“Senior, do you know Kasena Page?”

“Kasena? Of course, I know! She was such a bright and cute kid… But now that you mention it, it’s strange, I haven’t seen her around lately.”


Sandra seemed about to say something, then stopped herself and glossed over it with a smile.

“Well, I wouldn’t know.”

Was the tale of a fall from the wall under a gag order, hmm?

What bothered me more was the fact that she was described as a bright and cute child. The Kasena I knew was a girl with nothing but sorrow.

Like Lynn, who had wandered the slums 300 years ago…

“What’s your name?”

The headmistress lady had been the first to approach me, showing me the light known as magic. Perhaps that’s why, even 300 years ago, I couldn’t just leave Thureina alone.

“Get lost, just get out of here…”

And similarly, Kasena Page’s voice now lingered in my ears… No, that’s not it.

‘It’s just a problem that needs to be solved to clear the wrongful accusation placed on my aunt.’

On the journey towards the truth (眞理), there is no time to spare for things like sympathy. This was just a transaction.

These were the thoughts in my mind when suddenly, the Dean’s secretary came looking for Rein in the Student Council Office and took him to the Dean’s office without explaining the reason. Uncharacteristically, Madeliar, pacing by the window, suddenly lit up.

“I’ll ask you directly. What happened with Kasena, that child?”

It felt like something was terribly wrong, just like it did when my eyes met with Valensidis’.

Could it be that I was falsely accused of something strange? Was I now in a situation where my neck was on the line?

I had to be careful. I had to escape this predicament with caution.

“I just… explained to her about the usefulness of magic. She kicked me out right after. There was truly nothing strange.”

“That can’t be!”

“Why do you say that? May I know what the lady has said about me?”

Then Madeliar, with much agitation, furiously showed me a rolled-up letter from her desk. And she revealed something unbelievable.

“This letter just arrived from the manor. Rein, she said she wants to see you again. Kasena herself said so!”

* * *

“The term-end exams are just around the corner, followed by the seasonal festival. I’d appreciate it if you could start preparing thoroughly now.”

Student Council President Valensidis handed the paperwork to Joen, the president of the local development magic club.

“Yes, I will do my best to present a good magic.”

Valensidis turned away with a grin, then glanced back.

“I heard there were some issues at the beginning of the semester, but I’m glad it’s nothing serious.”

“Oh, you mean that? Thanks to Lord Rein, it was all resolved well.”

Lately, the name Rein was gaining reputation in both the spotlight and the shadows. Valensidis raised an eyebrow with curiosity.

“Rein Ludwig?”

Joen nodded with excitement as if he heard a cherished name.

“I heard he joined the Student Council! It’s a bit of a shame he can’t join the club meetings anymore, but if it’s him, he’ll certainly be able to accomplish more within the Student Council.”

“Calm down, you’re looking a bit like a zealot.”

Valensidis managed to learn the whole story of the incident that occurred at the start of the semester from Joen. After all, the third years had been absent due to an experiential study at the Mage Tower.

Valensidis’s trust among the common folk was enormous. Even though just a commoner himself, never having missed being top of his class.

Not to mention, he was known for his heartfelt care towards both his peers and underclassmen.

Had Valensidis been present at the beginning of the semester, Logan’s misdeeds would have been ended by his hand.

“That guy did that…”

Valensidis was struck by a peculiar notion. It was oddly surprising, in a not so bad way, he wasn’t like the typical nobility.

Even now, under a fabricated identity, he was merely a commoner, yet he had poured forth such impudent words without ever showing a sign of displeasure.

Wherever he went, his reputation seemed to be solid…

“Indeed, he’s someone worth observing over time.”

Valensidis’s voice carried a coldness as he contemplated.

Muttering to himself, Joen tilted his head curiously.


“No, just talking to myself. I’ll see you later.”

* * *

“You can make me walk?”

That was what Kasena blurted out, thirty minutes into the conversation. Until then, Leyn had been skulking in a corner like a child waiting out a punishment.

“I can’t believe it! You’re the same age as me!”

“Is that a problem?”

“Yes! Can you do something that not even my mother, who is the greatest sorceress, can do? You, who at most seems like you might know a few second-tier spells?”

Crack, Leyn felt a vein throb at his temple.

“Each mage has their specialty.”

“Hmph! And I can’t believe you actually made me walk here. It’s a scam, isn’t it? You used an illusion spell, right? You’re just a lowly mage.”

Lowly mage? It had been a long time since anyone dared to provoke him so boldly…

During his time as Rin, a simple brawl would have sufficed, but his status as the successor of the Ludwick family held him back.

So, he counterattacked by raising the stakes to an overwhelming amount.

“How can I make you believe? Should I just take you for a walk around the city?”

At that moment, Kasena’s face lit up as if she had been waiting for those words, then, trying to hide her excitement, she abruptly pulled up her outerwear to cover her face.

What is she, a sparrow…?

Her flushed expression gave way to one of feigned dignity as she coughed and bobbed her head pretentiously.

“Alright. Let’s take a walk through the city. If you do that, I’ll hire you as a home tutor. Despite being a lowly mage, just for you!”

Was she really going for that?

Did she just back herself into a corner?

His pride wouldn’t allow him to back down now. Otherwise, it would all come out as “See, you can’t really make me walk.”

“Alright then. Wait a moment. I will get permission from the dean and come back─”

“─No way!”

Kasena looked down with a gloomy gaze as he responded incredulously.

“If I report it to mom… I’ll be swarming with guards! Then people will point fingers at me. ‘Look, there goes the young lady of the Page family, she can’t even walk…’”

So that was it.

For a moment, Leyn could relate. Those were the same scornful eyes he had received when he had joined the Lystra party.

“More than anything, I want to see the city with my own eyes! Not something the guards clear for me while everyone watches and judges.”

“So how do we get out?”

He asked with a sigh. The Page family was on another level compared to other magic aristocracies.

The family had an elite force of battle mages guarding Kasena’s tower like an impregnable fortress.

The problem with tricking them with illusion spells and escaping was that illusion magic was not Leyn’s area of expertise.

Of course, he could fight and defeat them, but could he really control his strength against such opponents? Perfect conditions for accidentally killing someone and becoming a murderer.

“That is…”

Kasena was at a loss for words, apparently not having thought that far ahead.

The disappointment of her plans not turning out as expected began to show on the corners of her eyes.

What a hassle this all was. Just as he was about to feel a spark of irritation, a voice brushed by his ear.

– Promise me. You’ll come back as an adult who can share the light of magic with others.

I know, I know, Ma’am.

He sighed once more, but… it wasn’t as if there were absolutely no options.

“Your room has a pretty big window, doesn’t it? Big enough for two to stand side by side.”

Kasena must’ve been convinced she couldn’t attempt suicide with such a window since it was higher than Leyn’s height, but it was considerably large, perhaps for using an astronomical telescope.

“I can’t get out there… Mom’s enchanted a barrier over it.”

“No problem.”

Vel Quirius.

The florid bloom of silver-white in his blood-red eyes undid the intricate second-tier psychokinesis seal engraved on the window.

As the dark blind that had caged her lifted in an instant, Kasena blinked in stunned silence.

“How, how is this possible…”

The problem was with Madelia, who was thorough enough to have set up a failsafe.

As soon as the barrier was forcibly removed, alarms started blaring throughout the mansion.

Woomp, woomp, woomp, woomp, woomp… the manor’s defensive enchantments began to shine like mad.

“No time to explain. Let’s go.”

Leyn climbed up onto the windowsill.

This was a gamble.

Judging by Madelia’s behavior during their previous encounters, it wasn’t her but Kasena who held the upper hand.

Perhaps this act would earn him distrust from Madelia, but at the same time, it would garner immense favor from Kasena.

“Me, too!”

Kasena, pulled up by Leyn’s psychokinesis, stood beside him.

Then, as the warm winds of early summer blew in, Kasena’s lavende르-colored hair was beautifully brushed aside by the twilight.


Before the young boy and girl unfolded a grand spectacle, the golden city spread endlessly into the twilight, boasting its charm.

<Golden Rose>.

Before that familiar sight, which he hadn’t seen in a while, Kasena trembled and let out a gasp. After a long pause, he spoke.

“Nice view, isn’t it?”

“What are you talking about? You’ve just arrived and you’re acting like you know the place! This is my city.”

“Ah, yes…”

Right then, the doors that had been temporarily sealed burst open, and a squad of guards led by a knight rushed in.


“Leyn Lyudvik, what is this madness!”

The emotion flickering in the eyes of the shouting guard in the next moment was indescribable disbelief…

Because there Milady stood, on her two feet, with a blissful expression.

Even the seasoned guards couldn’t help but lose their composure at the inexplicable sight, and as a final blow, Kasena smiled faintly.

“I’m just going for a little walk. Keep it a secret from mom!”

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