The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 57

Episode 57

“Knight Rista, do you have a moment?”

It was the time when Rista Alter Shurpang declared a recruitment for magic practitioners at the Magic Association, and the ‘Story of Beginnings’ unfolded like this.

“I am Atlante. I’m the dean of a school on the northern frontier, leading a faction called the Osarius School. You probably haven’t heard of it though……”

“It’s an honor to meet you. Please, just call me Rista. Do you, by any chance, wish to join the expedition?”

Atlante was taken aback for a moment.

Rista’s kindness exceeded normal standards. It was surprising to see such warmth directed at the head of a minor school, given that Rista would likely be receiving enthusiastic offers from the Eight Great Schools and the Five Great Families.

The rumors didn’t do Rista justice. It was more of a reason to place trust and hand over the child.

“It’s not me but a bright disciple from our school. The child is already a 4-star magician. Would you consider taking the child along?”

“A 4-star magician who is still a child? How old?”


Rista’s face darkened for a moment.

How to tactfully refuse? Or what dark ulterior motive might be lurking?

“Thirteen, that’s still very young. No matter how talented, it’s far too young for the battlefield. If you’re looking to unload a nuisance, there are plenty of other ways.”

“I hope you’re not misunderstanding. It’s not for that reason.”


“Certainly smart and capable… but if growth continues this way, they’ll likely not develop well, trapped in their own world.”

That emotion, fleeting across Atlante’s eyes, planted a faint sense of trust in Rista.

Was it despair?

Perhaps a mournful sentiment for not being able to guide a student’s growth to the end as a mentor, the grief concealed a sincerity Rista could clearly see.

“I’ve taught all that can be learned from books. So, could you now teach about the world? To help become a fine adult.”

This was the beginning of the story.

And the end of the story.

This tale, even after 300 years, has not yet concluded, and it began right here.

“Alright, I shall meet them. However, the one to make the decision is neither I nor you, but the child.”

* * *

I don’t want to get close.

I don’t want to become friends.

When I found the Page mansion’s tower again in the evening, the same door opened, and when I was faced with this hysterical girl once more, that thought struck me immediately.

“Miss, I’m Rain Ludwick.”

Casena, who was looking through her telescope, turned her head to glare at me.

Had she been crying all this time?

Her reddened eyes trembling slightly, she quickly turned her head and stared at the wall.

“Why did you come again?”

“It’s at the request of the headmaster. As a low-ranking cadet, I can’t refuse.”

“This forced persuasion by mother ends up like an annual event; it’ll be over in a day or two. Just say I kicked you out and go.”

If there’s something I need to receive, I can’t just leave… When I didn’t exit the room, Casena looked at me as if I were unbelievable.

“Are you not going? Go on, leave.”

“I can’t.”


“Because of a certain contract.”

Casena had to bite her lip to suppress the mounting rage. Her patience was reaching its limits.

“A contract, my foot! Do my words mean nothing to you? Surely you must know who I am?”

“Hmm, aren’t you Miss Casena?”

“If you know, then please just go… please.”

But Rain did not leave.

After a few more exchanges of this frustrating dialogue, Casena’s anger finally exploded.

“I said to go! Do you know I can have your head with just one word? Understand? My uncle is Duke Arthun and my mother is the Countess of Page!”

As if to say, my father is the Count Ludwick and my grandfather is Scalzi Ludwick… but such a reply wouldn’t work with her.

“I know.”

“Then why don’t you listen to me!”

Suddenly, books flew again, striking Rain’s forehead, causing it to bleed.

Casena, who threw the book possibly thinking it would be blocked by magic, quickly turned away with a shocked look.

“Does it hurt? Disappear. If you don’t like suffering, you don’t need to stay!”

“I am here. I have a contract with the headmaster.”

“What kind of contract is that!”

“If I must explain, it’s a contract to make a recluse young lady become a functioning person again.”

“You insolent…!”

Casena began to throw everything in the room in a frenzy… I used magic here to shield myself. I dislike pain.

“Who are you? Ludwick? Count Ludwick? Shall I obliterate your family line? Just one word to my father or uncle and it’s all over for you, you bastard! Leave!”


“Why are you here! Do you like me? Do you like seeing this sorry state? Do you enjoy seeing a cripple crawling on the floor?”

After throwing everything and when there was nothing left to throw, Casena finally broke down in sobs.

No, not quite everything…

The celestial telescope standing by the window, touched by the twilight, was the one thing she wouldn’t throw, no matter what.

The confusion subsided and then Rain spoke softly, barely sighing.

“I didn’t come to comfort you, nor do I intend to comfort. I am not such a person.”

If it were Ristana Fride, she might have offered words of solace with a beautiful smile, but as I mentioned earlier, I am not such a noble.

By my very nature, I am a magician.

I follow logic, not emotion.

Thus, I picked up the book that had fallen at my feet. “Beyond the Continent”, a travelogue written by the renowned adventurer Wilang.

“However, I can enable you to walk.”

Face buried in hands, weeping, Casena lifted her tear-drenched eyes for a moment.

“To walk, to those lands described in this book.”

“Impossible. The spine, the spine is damaged.”

“It’s called magic because it makes the impossible possible.”

“Don’t play a distasteful prank! If you’re talking about using psychokinesis to move my legs, forget it! This grotesque…”

“Forcing a leg to move only makes it look worse!” Bell Cedious’s eyes flared red as she began to solve everything adhered to the varnish through math. “The shape of the magic circle is a pentagon, and the rune to be inscribed is ‘세 (fine or delicate).’” Movements of the body are controlled by faint electrical currents extending from the central nervous system. If the organ sending those signals is damaged, spell-based healing with electricity should do the trick. “Relax your body and just accept it comfortably. If you resist the force, you’ll get hurt.” Casena’s legs twitched and moved. She blinked incredulously, unable to believe the reality unfolding before her. “This is movement in the thigh area; this level of strength is for moving the toes. Hmm, then if I do this…” Next moment, Casena was standing up from her chair. Of course, without her legs being able to bear her weight, a touch of telekinesis was also applied. “Lies, this must be a lie… This can’t be possible…” As Bell Cedious sent magical currents, Casena’s legs began to walk. One step, then another. Like a toddler taking its first steps, but clear and steady—one step after another—as Bell crossed her arms with a smug look. “This is the potential of magic.” “…?!” “It’s a bit awkward since it’s not my body or yours in perfect condition, but you can walk like this. Now, are you interested in learning some magic from me?” Manipulating someone else’s nervous system to move their body was only theoretical during Rin’s time. But now, it’s possible. Thanks to Bell Cedious, who could see the magic power flowing inside the body, the potential strength of the bloodline boundary made this a reality, and one couldn’t help but admire it. “…?” Bewildered or perhaps horrified, Casena took a while to speak, eventually shaking her head vehemently as she let out a shaky breath. “Get out, you wretch!” “?!” “Do I look like a fool to you? To play such cheap hallucinatory magic tricks—leave before I kill you! Guards! What are you doing! Get this man out!” Surprised by Casena’s outburst a guard promptly came to escort Bell out gently, and Bell stood there dumbfounded. ‘How did it turn out like this?’ Surely the development would be ‘Wow, so this is magic, so cool! I want to learn magic too?’ “…This isn’t right?” * * * “Aigo~ I’m so relieved that this cocky one is leaving the magic tower.” The day Rin left the magic tower started with an uneasy dawn. While they weren’t close, there had been no animosity, yet one by one such remarks were carelessly thrown by the students. Ungrateful for the kindness shown, leaving callously after learning all there was to know, falling for the heroine’s beauty and losing one’s way… “Wow, lucky for someone. With such talent, to be handpicked and taken away by a beautiful heroine.” Rin didn’t bother to retaliate. She knew well that arguing with antagonistic people was just tiresome. Quietly, she packed her belongings and left the tower. The dean and Lister were waiting at the school’s main gate. Eighteen students lined both sides of the path to the gate, their eyes sharp, possibly in sneer or in jest. “Rin.” In the silence that was almost contemptuous, it was the dean who opened her mouth when Rin had just reached the porch, her voice trembling with melancholy. “Take care and return safely. We all will be waiting for the day you come back.” For a moment, Rin doubted her ears. Turning her head in a daze to look at the dean, her classmates, who had been scoffing since dawn, were teary-eyed and shouting. “If you die, we won’t leave it be, you loathsome rascal! Let’s make sure we meet again…!” “We’ll deal with the dean’s hysterics for you…!” “Write to us whenever you have time! You understand? If you don’t, you’ll regret it…!” Amidst the sudden flood of tears, Rin’s stride slowed, and the act of walking itself became impossible. And suddenly, the edges of her eyes grew unbearably hot as the world blurred. It wasn’t until the headmistress Atlante deeply capped Rin’s head with something that Rin realized what was happening. A conical Asian hat. “Magicians don’t cry. Do you want to be looked down on by others?” “…….” “Those fools can’t even do magic well, and their acting is awful. Just one day without…” Whether it was to hide Rin’s tears or the headmistress’s own was something only Lister, standing nearby, would know. “The southern sun is harsh. If you go unprepared from the north, your skin will burn.” Rin was speechless for a moment. The hat obscured the source of her tears, but it couldn’t hide the ceaseless rain of tears dripping down her cheeks. “Dean… Madam…” She needed to express her gratitude. She owed an unfathomable debt for the kindness shown, for teaching her magic, for providing food and shelter to an orphan with nothing… She had to convey her thanks, but all that came out was agonizing, choking sounds like a beast pierced by an arrow. “Rin, can you promise me?” Placing her hand on Rin’s head, the mentor spoke. With a voice mixed with pride, tinged with bitterness, and filled with affection. “Promise me, when you return, you will be a wonderful adult capable of sharing the light called magic with others.” That was their parting. And as we all know, the boy never returned to the sides of his peers. Five years later, only the news of the great magician’s death returned. The war was over, and for the boy’s contributions as the great magician in the hero’s party, inscribed on the memorial, the Osarius School was elevated to a university faction. No student rejoiced over the reward obtained in exchange for the boy’s life.

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