The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 56

Episode 56

“I admit she has her shortcomings, but I hope you can be of help to her.”

The place Madellia guided Rain to was the tallest tower on the Page family estate.

It’s so high. Is it supposed to be this high to prevent escape? Surely they don’t mean to trap a beast?

Thinking such questions but fearing the loss of his head for even voicing them, he cautiously inquired.

“What sort of person would be confined in such a place?”

“Confined? No, she is not confined—it’s her own wish to distance herself from others.”

Madellia revealed a sad smile as she opened the door.

That’s how the story began.

First, there was the sight of the early summer breeze teasing the curtains with a soft rustle.

Books, books, and more books.

And there, by the window, was a telescope.

In this cluttered room, filled with books, there was a girl sitting in the chair in front of the telescope, who turned to look behind her.

“Kasena, I’ve brought a friend for you. She’ll teach you so much.”

At that moment, amidst the chaotic room, the girl with lavender hair fluttering like cherry blossoms looked particularly out of place.

A lonely gaze.

And eyes filled with utter weariness.

While the cool beauty of early autumn set in, the girl confronted Rain with an emotionless voice.

“No need. Just take them away.”

“Kasena, don’t be like that. At least say hello.”

“I won’t say it more than three times. It’s not needed. So just go.”

The girl’s voice, who hadn’t even glanced our way, grew sharper as if suppressing her emotions to their limits.

“Rain, you should greet her first.”

Even amidst the awkwardness, Rain maintained proper etiquette to ensure he did not seem disrespectful—such was the way of the nobles.

“Lady Kasena, I am Rain Ludwick. Pleasure to meet you.”

The Page family was different from other magical houses. Addressing her informally, as he had done previously with Krista, could provoke trouble.

“I’m not well… Please leave.”

“Kasena, it’s polite to look at each other when you’re greeting.”

“I told you to leave!”

In that instant, Kasena threw a compass from the desk.

The swift magical barrier Madellia conjured was surely a product of her refined reflexes.

An air barrier unfolded, and the compass stopped just before Rain’s forehead, dropping to the ground with a chilling clink.

Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t metal but a wooden compass with a blunt tip, unlikely to do much damage if it had hit.

‘Why is that so?’

Such an item was only suitable for children. Perhaps to prevent self-harm. Had Selri used such tools in her youth for being so wild that she might harm someone if given a piece of metal?

“Kasena, please—”

As Rain picked up the compass to examine it, Madellia Page attempted to soothe her daughter.

“—I said I don’t need it!”

Kasena flung whatever she could grab from the desk as Madellia’s attempts proved futile—quills, styli, wax tablets, books…

“Get out, go away! Who said you could come in? I told you to leave!”


“Shut up and get out! Get out of my room!”

What a complete brat.

No, I’m wrong.

She’s not someone who can be taught… Maybe it’s best to give up cleanly here and make another deal.


Rain felt a sense of dissonance at that moment.

With nothing left to throw from the desk, Kasena’s gaze flitted about, her hand reaching for the scattered books on the floor, but she failed to grasp any.

She tilted and fell to the ground. The legs that should have supported her body were just skinny forms with no muscle, mostly bone.

“Young Lady, could it be your legs…?”

Ashamed of showing such a sight, her face turned red as she grew even angrier, throwing all the books from the floor.

From one side of the floor she cleared to the other… She moved by pushing her body with her hands.

The pitifully exposed legs did not move, twitching slightly at best. Drops of water formed in her eyes.

“Please go away, just leave…!”

After a tense struggle, Rain and Madellia had to leave the room as if being chased out.

Madellia was silent all the way down the long staircase of the tower.

After returning to the reception room, she finally let out a painful sigh, clutching her forehead.

“As you see, that’s how the child is. No one can get through to her now.”


“Even notable experts fail to make a difference. They have their limits of patience…”

“Madam, does the young lady have an issue with her legs?”


Madellia smiled bitterly.

She downed a glass of grape wine offered by a maid and stared longingly into the distance.

“Ever since she was little, Kasena loved climbing walls and trees. She was such a lively child… I should have stopped her by any means necessary.”

“But you didn’t.”

“If she fell while climbing and called out to me with a bright smile saying, ‘Mom’… my heart would just melt. Ah, damn it…”

Madellia let out a pained sigh.

At that moment, a lean man with an irritable demeanor entered the reception room.

“It’s a futile effort, Del.”

Recognizing him, Rain quickly bowed. The emblem sewn on the majestic golden robe was that of a blue dragon.

The Azure Dragon. One of the five imperial lords governing the empire, the symbol of Arphen Duchy.

His domain included the southern part of the empire, naturally maintaining a close cooperative relationship with the Page family.

The man strode up to me and eyed me from head to toe as if scrutinizing. Then, sighing, he turned back to Madellia.

“We’ve brought skilled individuals to console Kasena, to no avail. Yet with this child… It will be fortunate if they simply don’t fight.”

“He’s no ordinary child.”

“Even so, he’s just a child. It’s only giving more pain. Please, let’s put an end to this now.”

“Put an end to it?”

“You heard me. We should leave that child alone for now.”

“And that’s been the case for 10 years already!”

At that moment, Rain had to swallow a breath of shock.

The wine glass that hit the man’s forehead rolled on the floor. Wine mixed with blood trickled down his face.

“Get out.”


“Get out, I don’t want to see your face! You damned fool…!”

It seemed like Casena’s temperament was inherited directly from her mother.


The man, bathed in wine, glared down at me menacingly and warned me in a low voice.

“If anything happens to Casena, I won’t spare you or your family. Remember that.”

You could have just asked me not to do it.

Watching the man leave, the butler and maids hurriedly began to clean up the wine-soaked carpet.

“You had to see that ugly sight, I apologize. That man is Yuren, my pathetic husband.”

“It’s okay.”

“You’re giving up, aren’t you? Don’t make that face. I won’t be disappointed if you leave. It’s a natural reaction.”

Something about her words felt odd.

Wasn’t this part of the deal? And now she’s saying I can just leave?

“I thought having a friend of the same age would make a difference, but I guess I was too eager.”

Madellia sighed and handed me a wine glass, which the butler carefully filled.

“I can’t do that.”

I was even puzzled by my own response at the time.

Was it because of the expression Casena left behind… And those eyes I saw for the first time that haunted me?

No, this is just part of the deal. There’s no greater meaning.

“I’m not the type to run away from problems in front of me.”

If I accept, I could clear my aunt’s false accusations… and keep my position as the top student.

That’s why I’m doing it.

That’s the reason.

It’s not out of some meaningless emotion like pity or compassion; it’s a calculated solution driven by practical benefits.

“I’ll try, your excellency. Please give me that chance.”

In that moment, ripples formed in Madellia’s eyes as she gazed into the wine glass swirling in the midst of the room.

– Just wait for the egg to hatch on its own? That’s not education. You need to guide them so they can break free on their own.

I once argued against Keben Ludwick with that point.

Then Brim stepped in. Brim had always had the ability to end debates with a laugh since our school days.

– Let’s do this. His daughter and my son will help the one who hatches from the egg first. Wouldn’t that be good?

Back then, I dismissed it as a meaningless suggestion, but now this was actually happening…


A chuckle of inexplicable relief escaped me.

Rayne didn’t understand the meaning behind the smile, nor did he know his every step was drawing closer to the truth.

The truth that had accompanied him in the past and was still accompanying him now was guiding his path with light.


– You can inherit the progress of ‘unique magic’ research from your surroundings.

– Progress 44.8% → 45.0%.


– Changes in the magic circuit have been detected.


Analyzing circuit change points…

– When the circuit opens, a ‘Symbolic Barrier: Flowing Sovereign’ is deployed within a 20-meter radius.

– Success rate of magic combinations using ‘unique runes’ and ‘unique formulas’ within ‘Symbolic Barrier: Flowing Sovereign’ increases from ‘33% to 38%’, and power from ‘66% to 71%’.


The majesty of the golden dragon is intricately carved into the mosaic glass, allowing sunlight to filter in vibrant colors. This place, shining with gold even in the subtle light source, is the Divine Realm.

It is the Lawglow Sanctuary, home to the Radiant Dragon, Haradeliman, one of the three divine dragons entrusted with the stewardship of the world by the god .

Sitting discontentedly with arms crossed in the interrogation room of the Precisionist Assembly building used by ‘the children of gold’, was Elin Ludwick.

“Why am I dragged here just for borrowing that book?! Do they even realize how valuable this genius professor Elin is?”

On the opposite side sat the questioning official, Bilzjuin, who let out a sigh.

“I would appreciate it if you could understand we are not in a position to joke, Elin Viceroy.”

“I have no leisure to chat with you.”

“Viceroy, you are not unaware of how dangerous Tureina is.”

“Tureina? She’s a notable figure. A disciple of the archmage Lin, right? What’s so dangerous about that?”

“Extremely dangerous, to the extent of destroying the world.”

This answer came from the black-haired middle-aged woman who had just entered the interrogation room.

Contrasting her pure white witch’s hat that gave a spotless impression, the pipe in her right hand added a slightly sinister aura. At her waist hung three scrolls, which signified that this woman was a Sanjang Witch, a priestess of the Republic.

“You are…”

Even the renowned Elin Ludwick briefly lost composure, gaping in surprise.

Was there anyone engaged in magic who didn’t know this woman?

A disciple of the influential Tureina, who was raised by archmage Lin and priestess Fridda, and now fulfilling the role of her successor.

“The Halo Priestess, Yuliana.”

Yuliana sat on the desk, looking down intimidatingly at Elin Ludwick.

“I requested you be brought here. I needed to check if such an influential figure as you was a follower of that woman.”

“That woman… You mean Tureina?”

Her tone seemed unusually harsh for a witch whose reverence for her master differed from that of mages.

“There’s no need to show respect to that woman. She’s never been a paragon of virtue.”


“Everything good that woman has done… was nothing but living experiments to achieve her own ends. That’s how I see it. And she’s still scheming to achieve those goals.”

By this point, a recovered Elin began to engage her brain once more, and her eyes narrowed with suspicion.

“Her goals, what are they exactly?”

Gazing into the distance and exhaling a thick puff of smoke like her mentor, the look in Yuliana’s eyes betrayed something indescribable, like a sense of betrayal.

“The resurrection of archmage Lin.”

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