The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 50

Episode 50

Libeny swung his scythe of the abyss recklessly, and the thieves and guards who burst from the darkness were butchered, their bodies tumbling to the ground.

“Are these fools blind? Can’t they see who that dangling head belongs to? Obung? Obingshin? Anyway, those guys.”

Meanwhile, Milek reached into the shadows. Dark Intersection Echo (暗交潶聆)—a technique that sends exploring spirits to wherever the darkness touches.

“No need to search so hard, black mage brother.”

Just then, Milek deftly dodged an arrow of fire that flew in with a violent heat.

On the half-collapsed wooden building’s roof, an archer aimed at them. Below, a hulking figure wielding a double-edged axe rested on his shoulder.

Up above was the archer, Rem; below was Bart. After a moment of silence, Libeny pointed angrily, shouting,

“Milek! It’s them! Those jerks who stole my prey!”

Rem retorted with a laugh, “Funny, who’s calling who bad guys here?”

As she spoke, Bart stepped forward, the weight of his ironclad armor cracking the ground beneath him.

“Lanlun Sword Wave, Bart Yurioons.”

Announcing one’s sword school and name like this was a customary courtesy among disciples of the empire’s premier sword schools, the Chilseok of the One Holy Sword, before they killed someone—a traditional display of will, signaling an intent to kill.

A frown creased Libeny’s usually easygoing smile.

“Lanlun from the Chilseok… And Yurioons? That’s a last name given to top disciples. Another tough opponent, how annoying.”

The Lanlun Sword School was based in the eastern mountain ranges of the empire, known for heavy weapons like hammers and axes—only big, weighty weapons.

“Strongly, only strongly.”

That was the creed of the Lanlun Sword School. Milek stroked his chin thoughtfully.

“Bart Yurioons…So you’re the Bart and Rem Money Printing Adventure Duo that subdued the mutant Latt-Spider Queen?”

“Hey, set it straight! It’s Rem and Bart’s Heart-Pounding Money Printing Adventure Duo! My name comes first!”

Rem yelled loudly, and Libeny’s eyes glowed an ominous abyss-blue.

“So it was you who got rid of my darling?”


“If that’s the case, I’ll have to kill you with all my heart for the first time in a while!”

Bart gestured towards Milek at Rem’s side, signaling for him to take on the latter.

The tension and urgency magnified.

Palms sweating with tension.

Then the two sides clashed, and the first to tear through the space was Rem’s magical arrow. Milek gracefully dodged and closed the distance, while Rem fired five arrows overhead.

‘What a nuisance, splitting firewood in a drunken stupor, huh…’

One arrow shot high into the sky split into countless directions, raining down like a downpour. It was a combat style created by bowmaster Kieth, pushing an archer’s close-range combat to the limit.

But Milek had specialized abilities for hunting such ranged combatants, able to move through space using darkness.

“You underestimated the world-renowned archer Rem, you childless fool!”

In that moment, the arrows surrounding Rem burst into flames, dispersing the darkness.

‘…When did he learn my combat style?’

As Rem smirked and nocked a new arrow, it swirled with a violent red magic, the arrowhead swirling with heat.


Down below, axe met scythe, the clash sparking countless sparks.

Libeny switched from defense to evasion as Bart’s torrential blows came, barely managing not to be swept away by the oppressive wind from the axe’s edge; his face twisted sourly.

‘This monster’s no mere disciple, huh?’

He had heard that Obung, Obingshin were skilled adventurers at the mid to upper gold tier. If so, then Bart must be upper tier?

‘Damned, and a disadvantageous matchup too…!’

Suddenly, as Libeny began chanting at high speed, a dense, poisonous smoke spread.

Just before the view was obstructed, Bart was swinging his axe. A surreal boom exploded, and the smoke dissipated.

But all Libeny needed was a brief moment. He landed on a distant outer wall, his left little and ring fingers curling back with a faint moan.

“Ancient darkness of Ann (黯), Lyeon (鰱), and Joong (蚛)—!”

The runes of power floated in the air, diffusing a dark blue light as the chant continued.

A 3-star spell augmented with black magic had the power to surpass even 4-stars. If the incantation were to be completed, victory would be assured.


Was it to lighten the axe’s weight? Bart threw it high and charged forward, the technique of Lanlun, Injangseondo (人仗先導)—flinging the weapon ahead to increase mobility and unpredictability.

If you hold your weapon while charging, your options are limited, but if you recapture your weapon just before the clash, a myriad of possibilities open up.

“—I, Libeny, invoke the ancient contract!”

It was a close call.

In just four steps, Bart closed the 50-meter distance, his left foot stepping forward, twisting his body to its limits.

“Heed me here and now—!”

The spinning axe in midair was already flying towards Bart’s right hand.


There’s no time to catch the axe.

Gather full force in a fist.

Crush the skull with a blow.

“Master Libeny!”

The double-edged axe thudded into the ground, unattended, and the dark blue runes spat out seductive darkness as Bart’s armor forged forward, tearing through space.

In the brief silence of a heartbeat,

Bart’s fist tore through the air but missed Libeny, who smiled and touched Bart’s breastplate.

“Farewell, big guy.”

The flesh clinging to bone completely melted away, then the bone itself dissolved explosively—the extreme of black magic.

Before Bart could react, forbidden magic ignited from the caster’s palm.

The black mist stretching from his grip wound around the iron-clad armor, space creaked, and then—all shattered into countless particles.


A moment of confusion.

What? Wasn’t that the spell I thought? No, it couldn’t be. By now, it should have completely wrapped around this oaf like a serpent?

The answer came from a third party’s voice.

“Keep waiting a million years; it won’t happen.”

Out of the blood-drenched street of death, a boy stumbled forward, locks of black hair framing blood-red eyes.

“I erased it.”

All but Milek stared at him in bewilderment.

The shock dealt to Rem, Bart, and Libeny each had its own different shades of meaning…

The boy, laden with a fierce magical aura, was identified by Libeny, who knit his eyebrows.

“How is that guy still alive?”

The boy, Rain Ludwick, threw off his blood-soaked gauntlet. Underneath, wrapped strangely in bandages.

“Stand back, Rem, Bart.”

Untying the bandages, mysterious runes emanated an overwhelming glow, starting to consume the blood-drenched world.

“Hold it in high regard.”

Then with a gesture almost sacred, he clasped his hands in a sign.

“You’re the first to see my mind’s image.”

Ra (羅). Two circles and two rhombuses formed by fingers. As the hands formed this sign, the scene of the world was overlaid with the boy’s mind’s image.

“Mind’s Image Constructs, Flowing World Honored One.”

* * *

“The Mind’s Image Barrier is not a means to gain new power.”

Laiert Warden’s lifetime work “Into Truth” clearly stated so.

“The Mind’s Image Barrier is a mirror reflecting one’s depths; in the end, it is merely a boundary that further maximizes the power one already possesses.”

In the brief time spent here, through intensive research, I came to understand the four aspects of Yu-Ryang-Se-Jon’s power:

1. Yu (流): The aspect of flow.

This power allows the transformation of engraved runes in magic to flow seamlessly into other runes.

2. Ryang (量): The aspect of measurement.

It provides the ability to instantly calculate the necessary runes and mathematical equations for desired magic.

3. Se (世): The aspect of the world.

It is the capability to establish Yu-Ryang-Se-Jon’s barriers, and is considered the foundational power.

4. Jon (尊): The aspect of augmentation.

The simplest yet most potent power that unconditionally enhances the might of any and all constructed magic through the mental barriers.

These four runes developed clockwise around me, emitting light whenever their power is expressed.

As the barrier unfolds now, the rune Se (世) bursts with brilliant rays, like the sublime mysterious power of this vast world spreading swiftly around me to erect a barrier.

It creates a magical formation, a mysterious world only I can manifest—a place where the individual runes of Yu-Ryang-Se-Jon shimmer beautifully in all directions from the center.

“Imaginary barriers?” Mierek, usually composed, blinked in astonishment. Imaginary barriers were the domain of Sages who had reached the rank of 6 stars—could such a mere child really—

“Laughable, clearly it’s just an illusion to show off!” Rebeni spat out, and as panic subsided, the powerful whirlwind of destruction conjured by her defiant spellcasting assailed Rain.

“The formation of magical circles: two layers of triangles, the engraved runes are Yu (游) and Jang (場).”

This adds the traits of ‘floating in air’ and ‘barrier deployment’ to fire attribute magic.

While originally, it was not something that could be defended against with mere 2-star magic… woong, the rune Jon (尊; augmentation) within the imaginary barrier scattered a wondrous glow, changing the tale.

The fiery barrier erected with magnificent flames too intense for mere 2-star magic fought back against the whirlwind of destruction.

“Rune engraving switch. Lu (瘻), Tan (彈).”

At the moment Rain crossed their hands, woong, the light surged from the rune Yu (流; flow) within the barrier, sending Rebeni and Mierek into involuntary spasms.

The wall of flames split into countless sparks.

And then, with no time to react in horror, the sparks furiously pelted down.

“A transformation of the engraved rune?!”

“How can they…?!”

Altering runes in an already activated ability was an extremely advanced technique.

Throughout history, only five individuals had achieved this feat, both in the Empire and the Republic.

In the Empire, two Sages and the great sorcerer Rin, and in the Republic, the priestess of the Hero’s party Freide and her disciple Tureina.

– It’s a failure. If you can’t do this, it can’t be called a success.

So spoke Tureina, the creator and mother of Rebeni, after it was determined that they couldn’t perform rune engraving switches, and Rebeni was swiftly labeled a failure…

Mierek, hastily reciting a water attribute spell (as black magic is poorly matched against flame magic), shielded against the bullet-like sparks.

“We have to get out of here now!”

“Shut up, shutupshutupshutup! I will kill it. It’ll be me, me!”

“Miss Rebeni!”

The puzzle was coming together. So, the owner of the 4-star magic that destroyed the Rat-Spider Queen was none other than this kid—not with a mere scroll…

“We have no chance here.”

The runes inscribed for the binding spell were Zheng (蒸) and Jang (場), the sparse mist ensuring the senses were thoroughly obscured before slipping away in the dark.

As the steam exploded and spread instantaneously, Rain extended their left hand, and light burst from the rune Ryang (量; calculation).

“Rune creation. Jun (撙), Saen (搧).”

By utilizing the principles of the six categories of runes, basic runes were combined to create Jun (撙; suppressing) and Saen (搧; fanning).

Simultaneously, from the thousands of mathematical formulas inscribed in the rune Ryang (量), five examples surfaced for using these runes.

The mathematical formulae needed were definite integrals, using limits in the domain of integration to compute coordinates.

“No… how can such runes exist?!”

In an instant, as if winds were fanned from above, the fog was flattened to the ground by the atmospheric pressure, opening up visibility completely.

This crushing force of wind didn’t just disperse the fog, but it also affected people.

As Mierek, who was trying to forcibly subdue the berserk Rebeni into the darkness, felt their body grow heavy, a sudden halt struck their motions.

“This can’t…!”

As Rain pointed a finger, flames entwined around the limbs of the two.

The world that had been in chaos from the rampant abilities suddenly fell silent, and Rain, exhaling clots of blood, collapsed onto one knee.

‘That was dangerously close.’

With this, all magical power was expended… Concealing labored breathing, Rain struggled to stand.

“Don’t even think about moving, or those flames will sear into your body instantly, killing you—Ugh.”

Lem hurried over to steady the stumbling Rain.

“That’s why I said don’t overdo it, kid!”

The light in Rain’s eyes faded along with the imaginary barrier, drifting away like petals of spring cherry blossoms.

With the barrier gone and the power drivetrain exhausted…

It was a fight to the maximum, beyond full strength. If it hadn’t ended there, death would have been certain. Rebeni gnashed her teeth in frustration.

“You, what on earth are you…?!”

“I’m the one asking questions. Who made you into… such an appearance?”

Rebeni, who had been glaring murderously at Rain, suddenly broke into a lunatic laugh, then brightened.

“Don’t get cocky with your rune engraving switch! The real deal is me! My appearance and talent are identical! I am the true success of my mother, created to host Lin’s soul!”

As the meaning of her words sunk in, Rain’s eyes and mouth opened wide in shock.

My soul?

A vessel for my soul?

Who could have—

Before Rain could inquire further, a strange rune erupted from the roof of Rebeni’s mouth, spewing dark smoke.

“This is as far as it goes…!”

Recognizing some final act of resistance, Lem notched an arrow to the bowstring, but oddly, Rebeni began pleading to the empty air, seemingly losing her mind.

“Mother! I was wrong, I was wrong! It’s my fault, my fault! I will do better, please, mother, please, please, please───!”

Would I have been able to extinguish that with the magic of Bell Quires if I’d had the energy? But even if it were quenched, it wouldn’t have been human.

As Rebeni’s body horrifically putrefied and dissolved, emitting a foul stench from the smoke.

As if the flame prison was autonomously igniting, without even a scream, Mierek was consumed by the fire.

“Wow, crazy. Not a single scream.”

Looking upon the execution with bitten lips, Lem shook his head as if chilled by the scene.

“Are you alright, Rain?”

Bart approached and asked, but Rain only stared vacantly at the burning corpses.

‘My soul intended for a vessel? Exactly what are black sorcerers plotting…?’

Even a light assumption was impossible. The brain had surpassed its limits ever since swallowing black magic twice with Bell Quires.

With a heavy stagger, Rain fainted and collapsed, caught by Bart, who carefully wrapped them with Lem’s cloak.

“The body’s as hot as a burning ember. It’s just like that time.”

“He must’ve overexerted again.”

“Of course, with such unbelievable power at his disposal, how can he remain unscathed? But what is an imaginary barrier?”

“I’m not sure either… but I remember it was a sublimation of magic.”

Lem crossed her arms, blinked in dismay, then tilted her head in confusion.

“Ah, um, I really don’t know. It’s like I said the same thing last time, but what exactly is he?”

The cold underground wind blew eerily, tainted with the tepid warmth of the deceased.

“Whatever his true identity, Rain is one of us.”

Bart said curtly, picking up Rain, and as Lem laughed incredulously, she followed behind.

“Ridiculous, who’s saying otherwise?”

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