The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 30

Episode 30

Runes in this land are known as the <Things That Came>, the language of gods that drove out the abyss (深淵), with each character imbued with a wondrous power.

The principle behind the formation of runes, the “Six Scripts” (六書; pictographs, ideograms, compound ideographs, phonetic loans, semantic-phonetic compounds, and derived characters) suggests that there is a rune corresponding to most things in the world.

To ascend to the ranks of a sage, one must not only master all these principles but also know how to combine new runes.

The difference between five-star and six-star doesn’t just end with the creation of runes; one must also find the mathematical formulae to define them, hence the difference is called as vast as heaven and earth.

“Now, then…” Rain twirled her pen as she lined up various runes on the parchment laid out on the desk.

“The Sage of Flow won’t teach me new knowledge. It just fills in what’s lacking from the knowledge I already have.”

The path may become a bit more difficult, but that only makes it more welcome. Relying on someone else to spoon-feed me knowledge without effort doesn’t suit my nature.

“In that case, let’s start by combining everything that comes my way. Well, not just anything, but things that make sense…” She murmured, jotting notes into her notebook.

Where there are shortcomings, the Sage of Flow will correct them in time. Satisfied with her thoughts, she nodded to herself and stood up, stretching her limbs.

“Maybe I should build up my strength before curfew hits.”

Exercise is a crucial factor for growing in magic power. After all, it’s not like one can rely on the Sage of Flow every time without paying a significant price.

* * *

Most magicians tend to neglect their physical condition, so the gym provided by <Delaiten> was often quiet.

The patrons were almost always the same: members of the Slayde family, representing Wing-type magicians, or students from the Chaihark school.

However, disciples from one of the eight major schools, who recognized the importance of physicality, visited at least three times a week, if not four, to enhance their stamina.

“One million and twenty-one…”

The standout among them was Logan, a senior student of the Chaihark school. With a robust frame, he was in the midst of regularly lifting a barbell weighing 150 kilograms.

“Hey, Logan,” a muscular male student named Irin called out while assisting.

“One million and twenty-two… Hmm?”

“Why have you been hanging around with that prodigy disaster lately?”

Logan’s motion of hoisting the barbell, his biceps and pectorals bulging like balloons, momentarily paused.

“Why bring that up all of a sudden?”

Irin looked around at students from other schools and then lowered his voice.

“Damn, they’re making fun of us from the other schools.”


“They say Logan is getting thrashed by the prodigy disaster and now you’re just tagging along like a lackey. They’re saying the Chaihark school is finished. It’s not true, right?”

“Of course not, you bastard!”

“You sure about that?”

Suddenly, a playful voice interjected the conversation.

A sweaty body curved with feminine attraction, and her curly hair, sticking to her face with perspiration, was the color of night.

She approached Logan, squatted by his head, propped her chin on her hands, and smiled brightly.

“I thought our Logan had signed a contract to clean up after Ludwig♪”

The teasing voice was filled with charm that could captivate many men, yet Irin stared at her with a wary expression.


No one from her generation was unaware of her name. She was a senior student from the Melreb school, which was part of the eight major schools.

The Melreb school specialized in arcane magic with a bent for slaughter, so it was often shunned by many magicians.

“Isn’t it obvious? Anyone would say it looks like Logan has been subjugated by force and became a pitiful subordinate.”

But Logan calmly hoisted the barbell and snorted dismissively.

“Dumbass, you think I’m running errands for Rain Ludwig? That’s why your Melreb stands below our Chaihark.”

“Oh my.”

“The order of the school is to get close to Rain Ludwig, gather information, and wait for the opportunity to strike from behind.”

Irin then seemed genuinely moved, tears welling up as he applauded.

“Oh wow, Logan! I always had faith in you, damn it!”

Chaihark’s magicians really were simple-minded. Logan shrugged nonchalantly.

“I’m simply following orders. What would you fools understand?”

According to Logan’s explanation, Rain Ludwig was hiding her true power despite the mocking moniker of ‘prodigy disaster’. The Ludwig family was definitely concealing something.

Her exact goals and true strength remained his aim to uncover.

“It’s strange~♪ Our Logan isn’t usually the type to think things through.”

Nora looked up into the air, tapping her cheek thoughtfully, then nodded as though she understood.

“It bothers me too. Why would Logan, who has enough power to blow her away, have not taken a single rank exam so far★”

Indeed, this had become a mystery to the entire school. By now, few students outside the eight major schools dared to call Rain a prodigy disaster anymore.

“So, Logan wouldn’t mind if I trample over the prodigy disaster during the midterms, right?”

Nora smirked ominously just as the door to the gym swung open and a raven-haired young man stretched as he entered.

The boy looked around the gym with his red eyes before spotting Logan and waving cheerfully.

“Logan, I’m here.”

Logan placed the barbell back and turned towards the new arrival.

He got up briskly, hanging the metal on the rack before striding toward Rain with a face full of smiles.

“Did you come a bit late today?”

“Sorry, I had something to do. Don’t worry about me if you have other things to take care of.”

“Haha, feeling nervous, are you? It’s the end of the week, after all; it’s going to be tough.”

“Just what I was hoping for. Let’s get going.”

Nora, who had been looking at Logan’s beaming face with disbelief, finally couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“If that’s really his act, Logan should quit being a magician and become a clown.”

* * *

The regular weekly meeting of the was originally nothing more than a routine session held on Mondays where the first and second-year homeroom professors reported on academic schedules and special matters.

However, this time it was different.

Just by seeing the veteran professors responsible for the senior class flanking Chancellor Madelia Page, it was clear that there was a change. From Professor Marhena, the lead professor, to Professor Kyle, the second in command.

“So, the senior class schedule is temporarily concluded then?”

At Madelia’s question, Professor Kyle shone with an ambitious glint in his eyes.

“Yes. We’ve sent them off for field training, so we can focus on the first years for the next week. As we always do.”

At that, the other second and third-year professors began to join in the conversation.

“The first years are said to be exceptional this time, aren’t they?”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Well, I’m not sure about expectations, but it does look interesting. Take that prodigy who has been hiding his talent.”

Professor Ivon, who made the slip, suddenly shut his mouth, sensing a chilling magical presence.

It was because Elin Rudwik was staring at him with disdainful eyes from the other side, her arms crossed.

Elin Rudwik, an excellent professor who was widely recognized for her outstanding magical talents, was in charge of guiding the second-year students of .

“Come now, I’m sure there was no ill intent.”

As Professor Caroline intervened with a beaming smile, Elin Rudwik snorted through her nose.

“Oh, feeling self-assured, are we? Prepare yourself, you rascal. Teacher of the century’s genius witch? I’ll completely shatter that title this time.”

“Huhuh, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

It was the first midterm of the ‘Golden Generation’… Chancellor Madelia drummed her fingers on the desk, furrowing her brows as she stared into the distance.

‘If it had been as before, even Casena might have been part of the first year’s Golden Generation by now…’

As the representative student of (traditionally, the successor of the Page family had always taken on this role, as they were destined to become the Chancellor), it was possible that Casena would have been among them… Madelia sighed deeply and nodded.

“Then notify the students and convene them immediately. We will start the midterm exams from today.”

* * *

The Monday sun had risen. The warmth and moisture of spring’s sunshine hinted that this spring would end swiftly.


Dragging his aching, muscle-sore body, he headed for the classroom.

Logan’s help accelerated his physical growth. Even without checking the Ludien measurements, he could tell. Muscles had formed, and he felt firmer and more toned.

As he trudged along and finally opened the classroom door, an oddly tense commotion was occurring.

“Is it for real?”

“Yeah, it’s real! Get ready and head to the auditorium now!”

“This is crazy.”

The content was baffling; his classmates were even packing their belongings and leaving the classroom one after the other.

As he passed by these puzzling scenes and returned to his seat, he saw Krista tidying up her clothes and packing her light belongings.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“It’s time for the midterm briefing. We have to gather in the auditorium.”

“Midterms? Isn’t that next week?”

He tilted his head as he asked, and Krista let out a haughty smile.

has always had its own whims about exam schedules. The chancellor and professors change them as they please.”


“To prevent sneaky tricks like cramming.”

Before Krista could answer, Gertrude Fenton, who had been packing up her writing tools, interrupted with a resigned chuckle.

“Two years ago, they announced midterm dates only to start the exams the very next day. Huhuhu…”

The very next day?

At that, Rain’s eyes gleamed with interest.

“Wow, the professors here must all be quite the pranksters. I like it.”

“You like it? Such perverted actions?”

“A test is about measuring progress, right? Shouldn’t real skill produce the same results whenever tested?”

Krista nodded in approval as if to say, ‘Indeed my rival.’

“Hahahat! True that!”

Gertrude laughed in agreement but inside she was frowning a hundred times over. It made sense, absurdly annoying sense. That’s sheer confidence talking. This is why, aside from our lady, the offspring of noble families lack charm.

Meanwhile, Krista, who had just finished adjusting her uniform in the mirror, elegantly flicked her school cloak as she turned around.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s hurry. If we’re even a bit late, we might face some trouble.”

In the midst of everyone else’s tension, Krista overflowed with confidence—a confidence drawn from her conviction in her abilities and her experience.

From primary to secondary levels in , she had never once failed to Secure the top spot.

And now, that record was threatening to break.

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