The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 27

Episode 27

It felt like just the other day was the weekend, but with all the dedicated studying and exercising, Friday morning has come around before I knew it.

“Ah, it hurts.”

I’ve pushed my body so much, it’s not just overexertion but more like torture; there isn’t a spot that doesn’t ache. Luckily, I can see my physical strength stats growing rapidly, or else I would have collapsed long ago.

Gustaba: It objectively quantifies the physical condition of the practitioner into numerical values.

· Stamina·Mental Strength 311 -> 346.

The rate of growth is even faster than expected. It took 7 years to go from around 70 to 300, but Logan’s mentoring is truly remarkable.

Perhaps this is befitting the posthumous motto of the Chaikhark School, “A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

“I have to go to the black market tomorrow…”

For tomorrow’s missed workout, let’s give my muscles several times more stimulation today. Without realizing it, Rain headed out of the dorm, having adopted such muscle maniac-like thoughts.

* * *

Today’s first class was ‘Understanding Magic Circles and Attributes: Advanced.’ But from the morning, the classroom was noisy.

“Sir, have you had breakfast?”

And that was because Logan came to find Rain and started talking amicably (Logan is from the Turbulent Wave class).

“What’s this…?”

“About a disciple of the Eight Great Schools…”

“When did Inseong become so friendly…?”

The two became close in an instant.

Rain had no initial hostility, and Logan had long since let go of any due to ‘friendship blossoming from muscles.’

“No, I didn’t have breakfast. I need to stay clear-headed.”

“If you haven’t eaten yet, why don’t you try this?”

“What’s this? Magic cleansing water?”

Rain shook the flask that Logan handed him. A thick liquid sloshed around inside the glass bottle.

“It’s not just any magic cleansing water, but a product called Magic-Protein containing the secret techniques of the Chaikhark school. It’s infused with proteins and nutrients necessary for muscle regeneration through magic!”

“Oh, really?”

“If you drink this, you’ll build formidable muscles in no time!”

Logan’s eyes sparkled, and so did Rain’s as he nodded gratefully.

“Thanks. I’ll enjoy it. But are you sure it’s okay to give these out like this? Isn’t it a school secret?”

“It’s fine. Professor Owen, er, I mean Grand Instructor Owen, gave his permission. Well, I have to get ready for class, so I’ll leave you to it.”

A muscle growth promoter of Chaikhark… what an unexpected windfall.

Smiling brightly, Rain popped the cork when suddenly, Krista, who was seated next to him, grabbed his hand in surprise.

“Are you out of your mind?”


“What if it was poisoned? You remember how we came to blows before! Are you an idiot? A fool? Don’t you think?”

Rain nonchalantly shook his head as if to say, ‘What should I say.’

“Relax. I came to this conclusion through perfectly rational thinking.”


“What would they gain by poisoning me? They’d just be kicked out of the school for smearing their school’s name. That’s, of course, not to mention getting expelled from the academy.”


“What if I died? Hmm, take this to heart. If you’re going to poison someone, don’t make it obvious like some sort of assassination cookie. Be subtler.”

After a very brief silence…

Rain had a serious look as he took a swig of the Magic-Protein—it was 100% genuine intent, wasn’t it?

“Wow, this tastes awful! If we’re judging solely by flavor, it’s probably on par with your hell cookies!”

Rain laughed in amazement.

Krista’s face turned from the chin up progressively redder; in the next instant, she quickly built a magic circle on each palm.

“Haha, yes, then let’s bake cookies one more time…”

“Are you serious? Stop it. If you keep trying to assassinate people like this, you’ll only bring trouble upon yourself.”

“Come here. Today, I’ll mold that face of yours into mud and bake it into cookies!”

“Hey, crazy! Using magic in the classroom? Hey, let go of the force! Won’t let go?”

“Let go! Won’t you let go?”

Krista and Rain tussled around, creating chaos in the classroom… and from the Logan School, Melanie widened her eyes.

“Ah, are these guys crazy right from the morning?”

It looked more like a couple’s quarrel than a fight; anyone seeing them might assume they were dating.

But that was only for a moment; the next moment, the front door slid open, and the classroom went silent.

It was the arrival of Professor Owen.

As Owen clomped up to the podium, the classroom quieted down instantly. Owen scanned the room and then looked at Krista.

“You piece of crap, Krista!”

“Yes, Professor.”

“What time is it?”

“It’s 9:02 AM.”

“Brilliant! You even know how to say the time down to the minute! Then why were you making noise for those 2 extra minutes after the bell for class? Your pig-slaughtering voice could be heard all the way out in the hall!”

Krista stumbled over her words.

Krista, a diligent and outstanding student, seemed to lack the ability to deal with such situations.

“You exasperating! If you were chatting for no reason, you wouldn’t mind if I dock points for your conduct, right?!”

Krista’s face turned pale. As someone who aimed to graduate as valedictorian, even these minor evaluations were crucial.

“That… that’s true.”

Krista bit her lip and bowed her head as Owen took out his fountain pen and began writing something on the attendance sheet.

Well, I never.

He’s acting like an adult, but what a child he can be. Rain raised his hand.



“I was merely explaining to Krista about muscle training methods. She said she wants to build a body like yours.”

At that, Owen’s pen stopped abruptly. He then looked up at Krista.

“Is that true?”

“Huh…?!” Krista blankly glanced over at Rain. Rain nodded his head as if to say just play along with it.

“Curiosity about muscles is something men and women of all ages can hardly suppress.”

“Yes, of course!” she replied hurriedly.

“A damn brain can’t deny it—it comes from instinct… I’ll turn a blind eye just this once! Sit down.”

What in the world is this…

Krista’s legs went limp, and she plopped down onto a seat, dazed. High mage Wievern of the Rohwin Academy glanced at Rain with a look of disbelief.

‘Do nobles, so full of pride and self-esteem, actually lie so well? Almost never, no, they don’t lie, do they?’

The clamor subsided quickly as Owen banged on the desk to gather the students’ attention.

“Damn it all! Quiet down! What’s the date today?”

“April 5th!” the students responded.

“Right. I have one shitty piece of news, and one less shitty. As they say, let’s get the shit over with first. Midterms start in three weeks.”

At the mention of midterms, each student sighed as if the ground beneath them was falling away.

Magic education institutions generally held two exams per semester, and the first of these was the midterm exam.

The reaction of the students at the Rivarden Magic School seemed just as intense as one might expect, if not more serious.

“Why does everyone react so poorly to exams? Isn’t it good to know where you stand and what you’ve achieved?”

“Are you serious? The exams at Delaiten aren’t just any tests. They’re like rites of passage that distinguish who rises and who falls.”

Delaiten’s educational philosophy embraced relentless competition, where those who lagged were discarded without a second thought.

“You look like you don’t understand why the school would put you through the agony of midterms. Do you think the professors delight in torment, so perverse are they? That’s not completely deniable.”


“But the most important reason isn’t that. It’s not your pathetic magical knowledge that Delaiten wants! It’s whether or not you have the audacity to dominate an era as a magician! The test is to weed out the feeble!”

The students swallowed hard.

Meanwhile, Rain’s eyes sparkled with strange curiosity. An exam, eh…? What sort of things will be tested, and how? Sounds fascinating!

“Let’s begin our lesson now. Since today’s the 5th, attendance number five is—”


“Damn it, Rain! Interrupting your professor, if you don’t have a good reason, I will not forgive you.”

“You haven’t told us the less shitty piece of news.”

Owen let out a short sigh and then angrily slapped his teaching materials.

“That’s because today’s hellishly difficult content will also be included in the exam!”


“Focus! Number five in attendance, come to the front!”

Interested in what sounded like fascinating content, Rain was about to start jotting down notes, but—darn—he seemed to have forgotten his notebook in the dormitory.

As a makeshift solution, he decided to use Lin’s diary for notes. He could simply transfer the notes later… But something was odd about the Ludyen that popped out of the diary.

The light particles it emitted were larger and more vibrant than usual, and strangely, the sounds of the world around him dimmed and then receded. It was as if he and Ludyen had been transported to another space entirely.


– You can continue your ‘Unique Magic’ research progress from the surroundings.

– Progress: 39.9% => 40.0%.

– ‘Unique Magic’ comprehension, 40% reached.

This doesn’t make sense.

There’s no consistency in how the progress of unique magic increases. Wasn’t it supposed to rise only after shattering something with magic…?

That’s when a searing pain, unbearable to endure, shot through his left palm.



– New magic circuit opening confirmed: Liuliang Shenzun (流量世尊).

Should it be likened to being seared with flaming fire? An agony spread like a burn across his palm…


Inhaling sharply, Rain looked at his palm where a pattern he had neither seen nor heard of—a pattern that looked very much like a rune—was emitting a dazzling light.



Analyzing the circuit…

· Upon circuit opening, within a 20-meter radius of the caster, ‘Imagery Ward: Liuliang Shenzun’ deploys.

· Within ‘Imagery Ward: Liuliang Shenzun,’ success rate for spells using ‘Unique Runes’ and ‘Unique Mathematical Formulae’ increases by 33%, and power by 66%.

· Mana required for casting: 20,000 (Warning – Current caster mana: 12,564).

· Designated ‘Activation Hand Seal (发动 – 手印)’ for using ‘Imagery Ward: Liuliang Shenzun’: Luo (罗).

Despite the dizzying pain, Rain could only make elementary conjectures.

‘A privilege given when unique magic proficiency reaches 40%…?’

So, did he acquire a practice ward to adeptly handle unique magic? Eventually, he’ll have to use it without a territory, right?

But this Imagery Ward, a technology name unfamiliar yet familiar… wasn’t it representative of the two sages?

Baolan (白蘭) of Emissa Page, the first sage and the first to ascend to the ranks of the Grand Sage (7 Stars), as well as Laiyet Warden’s Gold Sand Advancement (金砂開進), the second sage (6 Stars)…

As his thoughts reached that point, even in the grip of agony, Rain murmured,


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