The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 26

Episode 26

The activities of ‘s clubs vary widely. While some meet up to five times a week, the [Local Development Magic Club] met a reasonable twice a week.

“Wow, I’m still so sleepy, this is crazy…”

Yawning lazily, Rain headed to the club room. Logan from the Chaihark School was also hesitantly walking behind him.

There seemed to be more club members than expected.

There were twenty-three freshmen and six sophomores. Juniors usually didn’t participate in club activities because they were busy with their graduation theses.

The sophomores greeted Rain familiarly with enthusiasm.

“You’ve arrived, Young Master!”

“You look very tired, are you okay?”

“It’s just that I didn’t get much sleep. But it looks like there are quite a lot of members, aren’t there?”

“People want to learn magic to give back to their hometowns. There aren’t any other high nobles apart from you, Young Master.”

The way they said it made it sound like Rain’s belonging to a noble family had raised the club’s prestige.

“It seems that we have twice as many members this time thanks to you, Young Master!”

“Me? What did I do?”

Rain hadn’t contributed to any promotional activities for the club.

“At the Magic Tournament─”

The excited sophomores stopped their story mid-sentence when they noticed Logan entering and awkwardly faded back with forced smiles.

“Why are you here?”

“Why? I need to be here to prevent anyone from causing trouble, don’t I?”


Rain briefly surveyed the room before taking a seat at the back. Over the past month, he had come to realize the back seats were surprisingly comfortable.

He was about to rest his head on the desk and take a nap when the club president walked in, holding a stack of papers.

“Ah, hello. My name is Joen. I am the president of the [Local Development Magic Club]. Please take care of me.”


As the students started clapping, Rain joined in, clapping his hands together. This was his first-ever club activity, and it was somewhat exciting.

“Our club aims to study magic related to local development and ultimately to create new spells. To do this, we need to understand the basics of agriculture, fishing, and other aspects of the people’s livelihood.”

In fact, magic related to the livelihood of the people was usually the responsibility of court mages serving regional lords.

But those benefits from magic weren’t always available everywhere, especially in remote rural villages.

“First, take a look at this. Remi, please hand these out. Yes, quickly. Here, this document lists the spells commonly used during the farming period…”

Observing the magic juniors (who were technically 300-year seniors to him) discussing magic in depth was a more unique experience than he had anticipated.

It was a pity Rain couldn’t focus due to drowsiness and other reasons.

‘The existence of dark mages in this era…’

He felt the need for a major revision of his life strategy at this point.

Since seeing dark magic again, he grew increasingly wary of the entity that had sent Rin’s diary.

Someday, possibly sooner rather than later, he might collide with them. It seemed prudent to accelerate his magic training.

Worrying too much wasn’t his style.

‘There’s the option to notify the church or the Magic Federation about the emergence of dark magic, but that could complicate things.’

If there were spies in the Magic Federation… the thought was chilling.

And the Pope, Haraderiman, who had watched over the world for a thousand years and was a godly dragon, surely must already know.

Thus, his first priority was to improve his personal skills at least to half of Rin’s level.


Rain summoned Rudyen to check his current physical condition.

Gustaba: Objectifies the caster’s physical condition with mathematical figures.

· Column; current mana 12,564.

· Stay; current magic circuits 354.

· Pause; physical and mental strength 311.

His mana and magic circuits may seem modest compared to Rin’s body, but they likely far exceeded the average of Delaiten’s students.

Still, it was insufficient. As far as he could recall, at his age, Rin’s body had nearly 90,000 mana.

‘The biggest issue is my physical strength…’

If he wanted to wield the staff properly, as he had in his days as Rin, he needed a solid body first and foremost.

Those who loved to run or do strength exercises were surely masochists, enjoying the torture of their own bodies.

‘Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to guide me…’

A flash of thought sparked in his mind. As Rain turned his head sharply and flashed a sly grin, ‘that guy’ flinched visibly.


When Rain casually took the seat next to him, Logan’s muscles—bulging at every corner of his body—tensed up and twitched.

“What do you want?”

“Teach me how to exercise properly.”


There was a moment of silence.

Logan seemed to wonder if Rain was out of his mind.

“No, I really don’t have a clue about how to build muscles quickly.”

Rin had simply acquired basic physical strength from struggling to survive in the slums.

After joining the hero’s party, he honed his staff skills and advanced techniques under Rista’s tutelage.

But what about Rain?

“But you’re from the Chaihark School, right? They specialize in drenching sweat and building muscles.”

“In truth, true magicians should build their muscles. That’s why our school is the very academy of real magicians.”

Praising the school made Logan relax a bit, chuckle, and shrug, making the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles in his neck move grotesquely.

“So, teach me. I don’t want bulky muscles like yours, just toned muscles will do.”

“Oh, oh my! Get a hold of yourself. Don’t you know that you need to aim for these kinds of muscles to achieve even the smallest toned muscles?”

“Oh, that sounded quite professional just now.”

Rein whistled and gave Logan a thumbs-up, making Logan cough awkwardly, although a smile played at the corners of his lips.

“Who do you think I am? I am Logan, a prominent disciple of the Chaihark Faction.”

“Then let’s start sweating it out together from today.”

“Oh, that’s a bit…”


“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

“What’s the matter? Is it because I didn’t call you master? If you want, I will. Master Logan, let’s shed some serious sweat from my body starting today.”

A male student sitting in the front row turned around with a horrified expression and clapped his hands over his mouth.

Wait, hold on.

It feels like I’ve made a dangerously wrong assumption, but that’s not what I meant.

“Why are you behaving like this? We are enemies. I belong to the Eight Great Schools, and you’re from the Mage Family. How can enemies help each other out?”

Logan shook his head as if the idea was absurd, to which Rein tilted his head, baffled.

“Are you and I enemies? Aren’t we colleagues exploring the field of magic?”

Suddenly, Logan was speechless.

Panic, confusion…?

No, it wasn’t those primary emotions. It wasn’t even in the realm of emotions.

What was this sensation called—it’s ‘refutation,’ right? My mind felt like my logical circuits had broken, leaving me unable to respond.

Rein snickered as if to tease Logan, patting him on the shoulder.

“See? When you think about it, we’re not enemies.”


“Then let’s start our joint workout from today. Oh, but I’m too tired today, let’s start tomorrow.”

“What should we start with?”

“Perhaps basic exercises like push-ups or running?”

“You are using equipment.”

“I could teach you how to use the equipment, but you’d probably give up quickly anyway. The fastest way to understand your body’s condition is with bodyweight exercises.”

Hmph, as if someone from the Mage Family has any muscle… They usually try a few times then quit, like most mages.

“Okay. So we start with those?”

But Rein was different… strangely diligent. They usually give up when I push them this hard; why is he so enthusiastic?

‘Was he not mocking me but actually wants to develop muscles?’

There is a saying in the Chaihark Faction. They say that as you build muscle, at some point, new response circuits form in your brain.

That is, when seeing someone genuinely commit to building muscle, it ignites an uncontrollable excitement (???) to teach them more.

This unusual phenomenon is referred to by the disciples of the Chaihark Faction as ‘Friendship Blooming from Muscle.’

Watching Rein’s serious commitment to muscle-building for four days, Logan felt the teachings of his ancestors acutely.

‘Ah, that’s not how you do it…’

‘That posture won’t stimulate the muscles properly…’

‘Sigh, if the posture is wrong from the start, it’s even harder to correct later…’

I want to teach him!

I feel so desperate to teach him! I’m itching all over like I’ve been bitten by a hundred mosquitoes…

‘I might die first at this rate.’

Cause of death: being hopelessly smitten.

Seeing Rein’s fresh dedication to muscles, Logan’s teaching passion boiled over, and he rationalized his actions.

‘This isn’t about acknowledging that arrogant young master. It’s just pretense, so I don’t get scolded by the Great Master for not following his advice to get along.’

As Logan was excessively targeting his biceps with dumbbells, he subtly approached Rein and cleared his throat.

“You’re doing that wrong.”


“Your feet position is incorrect to start. Spread them shoulder-width apart and at roughly a right angle. Yes, that’s right!”


“And when you sit, don’t collapse your weight on your heels. Good. Now, as you breathe out, slowly rise. That’s it.”


“Let’s repeat that ten times. One, two, good. More, three, four, five, six, keep the tension in your stomach, seven, eight, nine, last one, more, more, good.”

Rein straightened up and blinked, then smiled as he rubbed his thighs.

“Wow! It’s like, really sore here? Like I can really feel ‘I’ve exercised’ kind of sore?!”

“Oh! Do you feel the stimulation?! Just in your thighs?”

“Yeah, just in the thighs!”

“Good, good! Feeling it just there means you’re doing it right! If you keep going, you’ll even start to feel it in your glutes. The important thing while getting the posture right is to check if you feel pain in your knee joints…”

The magicians of the Chaihark Faction are often told they’re not like typical mages.

Engaged in logical pursuits, they’re unexpectedly emotive and aggressive. However, their emotional side meant that they were also straightforward. Logan, being a senior disciple, perfectly exemplified the Chaihark Faction’s distinctiveness…

“What are those guys doing…?”

The Weibern Faction’s Weaver was bewildered upon accidentally witnessing the scene.

Meanwhile, Professor Owen watched from his office as the two ran together in the courtyard, a smile on his lips.

“Physical training, huh! Damn Logan, doing as I said!”

Excitement bloomed on his face just from explaining exercises. Could that alone make someone so happy?

While feeling his muscles twitch all over, he took a deep breath to soothe the thrill.

‘Oh no, seeing a muscle newbie got me instinctively excited. But as the Great Master, I shouldn’t take away the joy of a mentor.’

Professor Owen too, was a magician rooted deep in the Chaihark Faction.

‘Fascinating, though. Even with my orders, to become friends in such a short period is remarkable.’

After gulping down his tea in one go, Owen’s gaze lingered on Rein’s back. He chuckled and turned away from the window.

‘Hmph… So the strong attract each other.’

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