The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 24

Episode 24

Objectively speaking, in terms of the physical talent required to use magic, Reine’s body is several steps below that of Lynn’s.

In both stamina and mana.

That a noble lineage from a magical family could be inferior to an orphan is truly lamentable.

The most significant obstacle to growth is the innate amount of mana, and right now, Reine’s body possesses less than half the mana that sixteen-year-old Lynn did.

‘That’s why I need to think carefully about how I distribute my mana when using magic…’

Right now, with my mana, I can use a total of three 3-star magic spells. But what if all three of those 3-star spells fail to work? First, I need to accurately assess the enemy.

“Vel Cidius.”

Silently, the boy’s eyes shimmered with a silvery-white deathlight, transforming all the laws of the world into mathematics and transmitting them to his mind.

┏ 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 ┓

The spell’s magic circle consists of two diamonds and one decagon.

The runes used are a combination of the chanting type, Altigma, and the forbidden type, Orvios,

with a ratio of 3:7.

Size 189 Axels, range 284 Gimete.

┗ 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 ┛

A cold sweat broke out on his forehead. 3-star dark magic… Interfering with it using Vel Quires could corrupt my brain with poison, given my current proficiency.

‘Then I have to be prepared for the rebound and obliterate it with magic…’

One shot.

Everything depends on this one shot.

‘There may be a black magician watching…’

He hid behind a rock, out of sight, and spread his palm. Upon it, a ring of light that defied the world’s building equations was born, scattering a seductive light.

“The magic circle’s form is made of four layers of triangles.”

Simply, four fire attributes alone.

Light and fire have been the natural predators of the abyss since the times of the ancient gods.

The spawn of the abyss do not die from being cut or pierced; they disperse into a goopy liquid, then reform and revive.

They must be completely burned to erase their very existence.

“Rune engraving. Rhythm (律), Torrent (瀑), Even (稛), Branch (䚟).”

To the magic of fire, add the characteristics of ‘Rhythm: to bind,’ ‘Torrent: to scatter like rain,’ ‘Even: to tie together,’ and ‘Branch: to extend like horns.’

Within the center of the rotating light shapes on his palm, the fire blazed more intensely as the runes were engraved, emitting an even brighter glow.

No, it was not just light.

A mighty mana whirled around Reine as the central force, shaking the grassland and trees wildly and raising a ghostly howl.

‘The equation I must solve includes fourteen polynomial functions and seven rational expressions.’

0101010001010010101, massive mathematical equations are calculated in my head, causing my brain to feel like it’s burning white hot.

As I squeezed every last ounce of mana through the ordeal of extreme pain to a sharp point, blood gushed hotly from my nose and mouth.

Coordinate equation calculation, complete.

Power equation calculation, complete.

Insert determined coordinate values for all variables.

As the mental arithmetic was completed, the 4-star magic circle engraved with countless complex mathematical equations was an artwork in itself.


With a resonant clang, the magic circle shattered from his grasp, emitting a clear cracking sound.

As mana was drained from his body in connection with the magic circle, Reine leaned against the rock, collapsing as dizziness blurred his vision.

And that small magic circle summoned a vast wave of fire into the world.


Branch (䚟).

The flames, rising like horns, scorched the atmosphere and the surrounding forest black as they rushed towards the queen.

Rhythm (律).

From there, a trace of the flame separated to envelop Bart’s body in a circle, forming a barrier; the intense heat made the queen writhe in agony and back her maw away.

Even (稛).

The rune’s trait concentrated and restrained.

At that instant, the source of the flame swirled around the queen’s body as if devouring her; Torrent (瀑) exploded like a downpour scattering sparks in every direction, and for a moment, all color vanished from the world.


Next, a thunderous explosion echoed across the mountains and valleys, rending the eardrums.

The flames’ wedge scattered the queen’s leather, bones, and intestines to ash, and the abyssal energy writhing within her was also extinguished.

The searing heat and smoke rushed over the ground after the explosion, engulfing the adventurers and rat-spiders.

The stench of fat and flesh melting from living beings wafted all the way here.

‘What a mess. I used to be able to cast this spell seven times without breaking a sweat…’

Instead of self-congratulation for his success, Reine’s thoughts were tinged with self-mockery for his inadequacies.

‘But still…’

From the newly formed crater, Bart staggered to his feet and gazed at the charred remains of the queen while Rem, relieved, collapsed onto the spot.

“The queen in one shot…”

“Who is it? Who can wield such magic…?”

“To cast such magic, wouldn’t one have to be at least an Atlas (3-star) magician…?”

The voices were filled with bewilderment and awe as if they had witnessed a masterpiece of art… then someone cried out,

“The rat-spiders are escaping!”

“Those damned rats, don’t let a single one get away!”

In an instant, chaos spread throughout the once-quiet land, and Reine slumped against the rock, gasping for breath.

‘I mustn’t, mustn’t let my consciousness fade…’

Black magicians still exist in this age. Though the roach-like creatures had been around since time immemorial, he had felt somewhat reassured.

‘I thought I could live a life peacefully exploring scholastics…’

They may have witnessed this situation. They might have been watching me. I can’t be unprotected when they appear…

‘If I lose—’

But increasingly, the world grew dim and tilted on its side… everything gradually became blurred… then faded…

‘—it can’t happen…’

* * *

“Bart! Are you alright?”

“Brother Bart, I’ll treat you right away!”

Rem and Sammy rushed over as soon as the situation cleared.

Bart was staring blankly at the queen’s charred corpse, even though his armor was dented and blood was seeping from its seams.

Was it the release of the tension that had been wound tight, or the dizzying inebriation that made Rem stagger and heave?

“Insane… I never imagined the queen would have such power… Isn’t this missing from the Alliance (adventurer guild) database?”

Is it really just an individual trait?

Bart remembers the terrifying sensation of his entire body’s nerves twitching in response to a life-threatening moment.

‘With power to melt iron and hyper-regeneration… Could there have been some sort of spell at work?’

That such a threatening being was annihilated by a single magic spell – who could it be?

Unlike most rootless adventurers, Bart came from one of the prestigious ‘Seven Swords of the Saints’ in the empire, a disciple of the Southern Ryu Sword School.

He couldn’t help but wonder what would have become of him had it not been for Reine’s cry earlier.

“Wait, where’s Reine?”

He couldn’t see Reine.

In the midst of this pandemonium, did he fall victim to a rat-spider? Then Sammy hesitated briefly before pointing towards some rocks.

“I saw him hiding back there just now… It seems that Brother Reine cast that magic.”


“The magic came flying from there. There were no rat-spiders around either…”

“I’m not sure why he was hiding.”

At that, Rem tilted his head in confusion.

“That’s strange, why hide? Shouldn’t you be showing off when it’s time to make a name for yourself?”

Bart straightened himself up and immediately ran over there.

Layne was lying curled up in a ball just below the rocks, his body drenched in cold sweat, shivering uncontrollably.

As he covered Layne with a torn cloak, Bart mumbled absently.

“This is a symptom of magical overload.”

Does that mean this kid really used that magic in such a short amount of time?

All around Layne, the flow of mana had sharply sliced through every bush and shrub, as if to prove it.

Rem swallowed hard, unable to believe it.

“Then, that thing earlier, um, so, heh, did this kid really do it…?”

* * *

“I have no desire to be recorded as a member of the hero party.”

After a very long time, I dreamt of the distant past.

“So don’t use my name.”

The imperial envoy, who had come from faraway lands, stumbled over his words in response to this.

He was there to honor the dedication of the four warriors for the glory of humanity and the empire, but what kind of response was this…?

Yet, it seemed the hero party’s companions were even more dismayed.

“Why? Lyn, do you dislike us?”


“Or is it just another one of your mischievous pranks, you troublemaker?”

It wasn’t as simple as dislike or a prank. With an awkward cough, he pushed back his three comrades who were pressuring him from every direction.

“Look, I’m not much of a person, am I? Self-sacrifice is not really my thing. I only followed this party out of personal curiosity, to begin with.”


“If someone like me is recorded as the mage of the hero party… what was it, it would affect you guys, wouldn’t it…”

So I don’t want to be recorded.

“Don’t get the wrong idea! It’s not for you guys, it’s because I find it awkward.”

At that, the three of them exchanged glances and then burst into a grin.

“Ah, come on! Don’t do this!”

The mute archer Kieth ruffled Lyn’s hair much more vigorously than usual.

“This ungrateful brat. Haven’t you been getting too cute lately?”

The priestess of the Fire Dragon, Priden, hugged Lyn’s head to her chest as if she didn’t know what to do with something so adorable.

And then there was Lyster.

The woman with snow-white hair and golden eyes knelt on one knee before Lyn, matching her gaze, and smiled warmly.

“Lyn, is that what’s been worrying you.”

“It’s not a worry. This is just, a logical probability calculation through mathematics…”

“You don’t need to try to become someone else. There’s no need to change. In fact, that’s not like you at all.”

Those eyes, always so indifferent, so bored, but in reality, they suited someone more delicate and passionate than anyone else.

“But if you’re still worried, just try to pick up a small habit.”


“Help the people around you. Not by throwing yourself into it or emptying all your wealth. Just reach out a hand, even if it’s slight.”

Then, Lyn.

Everyone will remember you like this, tell it to their descendants like this, and pass it on through the ages like this.

– The grand wizard of the hero party.

Tears of warmth drew me out from the mist of the dream into reality.

Through feeble opened eyes, the cityscape of Delaiten, drenched in twilight, came into full view.

The footsteps of the bustling passersby, the shouts of the street vendors… except my eye-level was unbelievably high, and my body moved forward on its own.

“Oh, you’re awake now.”

A voice came from somewhere down below. It was the archer Rem.

“Where is this… Eh?”

“Well, we were going to let you rest, but you have a curfew, you know? Bart carried you all the way in front of the academy because we didn’t want you to miss it.”


As Rem walked beside him, Sammy smiled brightly.

“You’ve been asleep ever since you collapsed yesterday until just now.”

“That’s right! We even called a carriage to let you rest, but you didn’t wake up even once on the way back here.”

My body was still in pain as if pricked by needles, and my head was cloudy with a headache. Overexerting mana could be a huge strain on the body.

‘I’m just glad no rebound happened…’

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