The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 20

Episode 20

“Hey, this is crazy. That wastrel noble knocked Logan out cold!”

“No way.”

“I saw it with my own eyes, okay? He must be as good with magic as the Rivarden guys claimed. And I heard his finishing move was impeccable too.”

“So, the wastrel’s not just a wastrel, but a master of temperament too?”

The voices of boys, excitedly discussing the day’s events, floated through the window, bathed in moonlight.

Professor Owen, who had been gazing down at the scene, quietly turned around.

“Starting to see sense now?”

In the infirmary of Delighten main house. Logan, having sat up in the sickbed, pressed a hand against his bandaged forehead.


“Still able to make that pathetic sound and with that same dumb look in your eyes, your brain must really be more useless than monkey waste!”

“Eldest, eldest brother…!”

Upon seeing Owen, Logan immediately stood up, straightened his back, and sat to attention. The Chaehyuk School was known for its discipline, stricter even than military rules.

“Damn it, Logan! ‘Eldest brother’? Here, you call me ‘professor’. Where’s your presence of mind?”

“Yes, from now on I’ll address you as ‘professor’!”

“At ease.”

Only then did Logan relax his body and started to gaze down powerlessly at his own palm, clenching his fist weakly while his whole body trembled.

“With that stain on the school’s reputation, the elders will beat you senseless.”

“A stain on the school’s reputation? Are you playing at being the unlucky genius now, Logan? Are you so high and mighty just because you’re a bit pampered as a latecomer in the Chaehyuk School?”

“No, professor!”

“You just had bad luck with your opponent. I’m not sure if the old geezers will turn red with rage or not… But give it a few years, and you’ll understand.”

Professor Owen again turned his head to look out the window. In the shadows cast by the moonlight, his tightly packed muscles tensed and flexed.

True power for a mage lies in their muscles… Logan, overwhelmed with boundless respect for the great senior brother, swallowed hard.

“What do you mean by that…?”

“Do you know about Scalzi Ludwig?”

How could one not know?

The man was hailed as the greatest magician of the previous generation. Now aging, he has retired from active duties to concentrate on training the next generation…

“That’s what a guy from Rivarden Magic Academy said. That good-for-nothing old man had Lain as his assistant for three whole years.”


“Three years! It’s an entire three years! He may lack academic credentials for some reason, but his skills must be solid. Even if he’s not a genius, after spending three years under that decrepit old man, he’d be more than a match for any fledgling.”

Logan felt hostility rise within him once again. He hated the offspring of noble families for this reason. Even without talent, they could get such education, just because of their bloodline.

“And from what I’ve seen, Lain, that damned kid is a genius among geniuses.”

“I must have heard wrong. That guy is a wastrel noble!”

“Use that pitiful brain of yours for once! Can’t you see after being defeated so badly today? How can he be a wastrel noble? In a few years, he’ll be a leading figure in the magical world. Don’t think of him as an enemy; start getting close to him now.”

“But he’s a noble’s offspring!”

“You hate the idea of getting close to him? Damn it, I might as well have taken a monkey as my disciple instead of preaching to such a thick skull!”

Owen sighed softly and affectionately thumped Logan on the head before walking towards the exit.

“If you don’t want to be friends, at least don’t make him an enemy. This advice comes not from your professor, but from your senior brother. Got it?”


“Make sure you keep the terms we set for the magic competition. We’ll see each other again. Farewell, you numskull disciple.”

Logan watched where Owen had exited, and after a moment, he let out a sigh of relief.

‘He was overwhelming…’

The truth was, while anger surged, no will to charge in again arose. If that guy went all out, the outcome was clear.

“I’m not scared. I’m not backing off because I’m scared. It’s only because the eldest brother earnestly asked me to. I’m not scared…”

* * *

Ever since I received Rin’s diary, I had tentatively considered the possibility that someone might be watching me.

But I never thought it would actually be true…

The first indication that my suspicions were correct came when I returned to the library after finishing the magic duel. The usual librarian was rummaging through the vast library.

“Your Grace, did you by any chance take a book?”

Here’s what happened:

After telling me he would take care of the book and leaving, the librarian had gone to check the spot where Lain was, but the book was nowhere to be found.

“I didn’t take anything…”

“That’s strange.”

“Could someone else have checked it out in the meantime?”

“That’s impossible. If you try to leave the library without checking out, a magical alarm immediately sounds.”

Then the book went missing due to your mistake… But I couldn’t say that.

The librarian, who had appeared quite composed, now had sweat on his forehead, something that concerned me… But the librarian politely bowed.

“My apologies, Your Grace. It’s my mistake. I promised to look after the book… I’m sorry. I’ll get in touch as soon as I find it.”

What was peculiar was that although the books from Kies and Friede remained, the book from Tureina had vanished.

“It seems like you’ve been looking for a while, how much is the book? I could just buy a new one. I’ll pay for it.”

Ever since the Ain (Dwarves) developed printing technology 60 years prior, the price of books had stabilized. There was no need to spend a fortune on manuscripts like in Rin’s time.

“What do you mean? It’s my fault, so I will report to the librarian-in-chief and accept my punishment.”

The librarian blinked in surprise for a moment but then shook their head.

“No, that would mean calling a disciplinary meeting and such, which takes time, doesn’t it?”

“Ah, that is…”

“And thick biographies like that are not usually handled by regular bookstores… It would be a hassle to personally contact the publisher to place an order.”

In that case, it would be simpler to contact the family directly to purchase the book. It would be more convenient to leave this issue to the librarian and not worry about it.

And if you ask why I’m doing this…

Consider it a minor token of gratitude for bringing me Tureina’s book and reminding me of him—a person buried deep in my memory.

Yes, it’s not a favor.

Just a small token of gratitude.

“Then report it as lost and place an order for the book. Once you get the receipt, give it to me and I will pay for it.”

“Really, you don’t need to do this. I mean it.”

“There’s no need to decline. It’s not much for me. Even if it’s considered my fault, I won’t receive a punishment. Just paying is enough.”

After three rounds of offering and refusing, the librarian finally bowed deeply, expressing thanks.

“Thank you very much, young master.”

But then, would life be so simple if such an unexpected problem could be resolved easily?

It was three days later when he received a despairing reply that would complicate his school life.

* * *

As soon as Lain returned to the dormitory, he flopped onto the bed, lost in thought for a moment.

Should he view the current situation as complicated or simple? He disliked complexity, but when he combined the series of events, they were undeniably strange.

“The diary of Lin came to me, and as I was about to investigate my comrades’ pasts, Tureina’s book disappeared…”

If someone was watching over me after sending Lin’s diary, could it be Tureina?

But that made no sense.

First, Tureina is dead, and secondly, if they knew my identity, they wouldn’t just observe; they would make contact.

“Lysta is dead, Kies is dead, Friddy is dead, so who on earth… Damn, my head hurts.”

Is it only the overwhelming dragon Haraderyn then?

Sitting at the desk after an hour of agonizing, he concluded that thinking alone wouldn’t provide answers.

When your head aches, studying is the best remedy.

Especially math problems can be the most enjoyable distraction. Time to unwind with some Previs’ Differential Calculus.

It was a pleasant surprise when he opened Lin’s diary, which he used to solve problems, to review.


– You can inherit the progress of ‘unique magic’ research from your surroundings.

– Progress: 37.9%.

He was looking at the information displayed before him by Rudien, who would get sucked into the diary upon closing and reappear whenever it was opened.



Wasn’t it 37.1%? What had I done to increase it by 0.8%? Reviewing the day’s events…

“The only thing I did with magic today was beat people up.”

Could it be that contribution increases the more you beat people? This was a highly intriguing possibility. Could it be that the path to truth lies within the path of violence?

‘Ah, that can’t be.’

Still, it seemed worth testing.

The contribution increased by 0.1% with targets in the Tran Dragon Hall, but it went up by 0.8% when dealing with a living creature, Logan.

That meant I should use magic against living beings, but who can I grab to practice on?

“Ah, should I try being an adventurer?”

I don’t need money or fame.

Just for magic experiments… It sounds perfect.

* * *

“Is that so?”

The woman with amethyst hair, Chancellor Madelia Page, spun her chair toward the window after receiving a report about the incident that day.

“That’s enough; you may go.”

If only I had seen it for myself… The events of today’s Magic Combat were quite meaningful.

– According to Professor Theon’s testimony, it has been confirmed he used Osarius-style polearm techniques combined with high-speed magic casting…

The Osarius school was traditionally run through a one-on-one master-student system, with a very limited number of elites inheriting the lineage.

Therefore, it made no sense that Lain had learned Osarius-style techniques. Nor would the sect take in a descendant of another sect as a disciple.

That would mean he perfectly imitated what he saw from a book or something…

“And he used high-speed calculations, too?”

He’s superior not only physically but intellectually as well. Kevan Ludwick, that irksome man, was hiding a monster.

What intrigued her more than his abilities was his character. His reasons for participating in the Magic Combat weren’t typical of a noble’s descendant.

Was it innate chivalry?

Or merely curiosity?

Whatever the case, this much seemed clear.

“That boy is truly blessed…”

How would one feel seeing their child grow up so exceptionally? Madelia thought she’d probably never know.

Her world had collapsed 10 years ago, ever since her daughter had that accident.

Even if she couldn’t become an excellent magician or a world-renowned sage, Madelia wished for nothing more than to see her child run and laugh just like before…

‘Should I arrange for them to meet?’

It might provide some stimulation if she knew there was a genius of her age. However, she dismissed the thought immediately.

‘After I confirm what kind of person Lain Ludwick is. Only after I’m assured that he won’t scorn or ridicule Kacena…’


I’ll have to keep a close eye on this in the future.

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