The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 16

Episode 16

features a system known as clubs for the purpose of fostering exchange and competition among students. To quickly understand, let’s first look at three examples of clubs:

1. Combat Magic Club.

2. Fire Attribute Magic Club.

3. Festival Magic Club.

Clubs are formed when students with the same goals and motivations gather, and once they find a faculty mentor and receive official authorization, they are recognized as formal clubs and even receive activity support funds.

“Wow, there are more decent places than I thought.”

In front of the school main building’s kiosk.

As I stroked my chin, I looked over the promotional posters for clubs displayed at the kiosk; a few interesting ones caught my eye.

▶ Adventurers’ Magic Club:

1. After completing basic education, there’s an opportunity to join forces with the adventurers from the Alliance’s Southern District and undertake missions.

2. You can even get advice from seniors who have become real adventurers!

3. Living confined in a Magi Tower? Enjoying a life of freedom is much more fun!

Ah, Adventurer’s club?

It looked fun at first glance, and I heard it’s one of the most popular clubs due to overflowing applicants every year and fierce competition.

“Didn’t Ludwig tell you anything? That descendants of a magical family must enter here?”

Of course, I hadn’t had the leisure to quietly examine the clubs, all because of Krista Warden, who clung to me like a sticky gum.

“That won’t be an issue.”


“My father won’t care which club I join.”

“That can’t be true.”

While I replied with indifference and was about to turn back towards the posters, Gertrude Panton, next to Krista, spoke up.

“The Magic Volleyball Club is a Royal Club. It is practically an obligation to join this club for the glory of the magical families.”

“An obligation?”

“It’s known as the golden age of , when Kaven Ludwig and Madelia Paige were part of the Magic Volleyball Club. They clinched championships several times as super aces.”

While most themes have only one club associated with them, Magic Volleyball Club, known as Royal Club, was an exception.

This game of volleyball played with a magical orb is a pastime only those with overwhelming magical talent can enjoy since it requires quick calculations for magical operations to set up, spike, or receive the ball, along with physical maneuvers like in volleyball.

Traditionally, there was one club of the magical families, one for the Great Eight Factions, and two for the medium and small factions.

‘An obligation…’

It seemed being born into the nobility wasn’t always great since obligations were attached like shackles, no matter what you do.

“Rather, the Sculpting Magic Club looks more fun, and what’s this, the Local Development Magic Club? Oh, what is this?”

I remembered a conversation I once had with Rista on a cold desert night, as I stood on guard duty and was reading.

– When the world becomes peaceful, people can finally do things they want to do. Right now, many are clinging to survival…

Surely in that era, magic was concentrated almost solely on combat, and the variety of academics like we have now was hard to come by.

Even before the long summer started, from my childhood, an ominous tension pervaded the world due to the influence of the Black Church.

I recalled Rista’s words, to which I showed no reaction then, just turning the pages of my book, but then suddenly she placed her hand on my head and said,

– In the world where Lynn becomes an adult, there will be a wealth of lifestyles to choose from. I hope Lynn will safeguard these ways of living.

Safeguard what? The world kept on without me just fine for 300 years…

I touched the crown of my head where Rista’s hand had rested back then, but I couldn’t feel that inexplicable warmth she had.

A bitter smile crossed my face as, turning away from the memories of the past desert and the kiosk, I heard a surprised voice behind me.

“…You did hear me, right, young master? Where are you going?”

“I’m going over to the Local Development Magic Club.”

Gertrude watched the boy’s retreating back with scorn and let out a sigh of disbelief.

‘Magic Volleyball is an essential skill even in social gatherings of high-status wizards; how could he not know that?’

Is he feigning ignorance because he lacks confidence?

Magic Volleyball indeed requires overwhelming talent, but for a descendant of a family lineage to not join… that’s unthinkable.

‘Perhaps Ludwig’s glory will end with Reinhardt’s generation at this rate.’

Realization dawning, a triumphant smile came to Gertrude’s lips.

‘Madelia Paige’s eldest daughter vanished after some incident. And now with Ludwig’s downfall… It is time for Krista to usher in the Warden’s era.’

And it was at that moment, as she turned to look at her proud master, Krista…


Gertrude blinked.


Krista Warden had… disappeared. Could she have followed Reinhardt?

* * *

“I was just curious about what the Local Development Magic Club was like.”


“I didn’t follow you here. Understand?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

I had heard this four times already. Reinhardt sighed.

The Local Development Magic Club was located on the 3rd floor of the western annex, the Yongryonggwan (Dragon Wing Hall). According to Krista, it wasn’t the best of locations.

As the door was half-open, I intended to knock out of politeness, but then I flinched at the loud voice bursting from inside.

“This club can’t be surrendered! How can we accept such nonsensical conditions?!”

It was a thin man’s voice, filled with fright as much as agitation. The man responding was so confident his tone bordered on arrogance.

“The strong are the ones that prevail. These are the club rules, aren’t they? You know better than I do, Senior.”

This voice…?

As Krista furrowed her brow in caution, Reinhardt looked at her expectantly for an explanation.

“Don’t you know? That’s Logan. The successor of the Chaihak faction.”

“Chaihak faction…”

“You don’t know? It’s the faction that specializes in producing only Wing-type wizards.”

“What do you mean, I don’t know?”

In the world of magic, there are three main streams of faction.

One is Remidier.

They’re called ‘Readers.’

They complete magical circle constructions, rune enhancements, and mathematical calculations, preparing in advance to act as a catalyst…

“A style of magic use. Most southern mages belong to this style. Its advantage is that it’s easy to learn for beginners, but its disadvantage is a low ceiling that prevents progress to higher levels.

Another one is Wing. The name means “emission,” and this style focuses on martial arts rather than magic itself. Practitioners draw magic circles on their bodies, then activate them as needed to enhance their physical strength. Because it’s mainly used in close combat, it was once considered heretical among mages. The Slade family and the Chaihark school represent this type of magic.

Another style is Vargante, which means “finger.” By using hand seals that represent runes, the process of building magic circles and granting runes is simplified, giving this style a significant advantage in casting speed. However, because the runes and magic circles are simplified, it has some notable disadvantages in terms of power. While southern mages pursue finesse and artistry in magic (northerners call all humans living south of the Eleanor River “southerners”), northern mages prioritize practicality, and they all practice the Vargante style. The Osarius school in the north, known for producing the great mage Lynn, represents the Vargante type of magic.

All three schools ultimately aspire to the Yorgen type, which means “the thinker.” Those who reach the level of using all magic mentally are called Yorgen. Without being of the Yorgen type, one couldn’t even earn the rank of sage, let alone a great mage. However, only a very few geniuses can reach this level. Therefore, most southern mages live content with the Remidier type, and northern mages with the Vargante type. Some who want to become stronger as quickly and easily as possible learn all three styles to pick only their strengths.

“So, I’m saying we should have a magic battle to decide the winner. Aren’t I giving you the best offer because you don’t have the guts to fight?”


“Why do we need this local development club anyway? Does anyone even care?”

It seemed like they were caught in some trouble. With her eyes, Rain asked what the situation was.

“It’s not that unusual. The number of clubs is limited, like the number of rooms.”


“So, if you want to start your own club but there’s no vacancy, you can take over another one by overpowering it with magic.”

The educational philosophy of , which advocates unlimited competition, also applies to clubs. Krista added this as if it were obvious.

“Do they solve everything with magic?”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“That’s true.”

It didn’t seem like a bad approach. If your club’s survival depends on strength, no one can afford to neglect their studies or club activities. Everyone would have to work several times harder.

“So, it sounds like that Chaihark school guy is trying to take over this club to start his own….”

If that’s the case, well, I want no part in troublesome affairs. They can figure it out themselves.

“Anyway, I didn’t come to join. I just wanted to see if anything interesting was happening….”

Without hesitation, I turned around to leave when a man shouted in a voice trying to suppress his fear.

“You folks from the Eight Schools might never know, but research and academic progress are not the only things magic is about!”

“Hmm, so what else is there?”

“Magic hasn’t been fully integrated into things like farming, civil engineering, and relief projects yet!”


“If a system can be established to provide such people with magical assistance, poverty could easily be solved! This club was founded by seniors to study precisely that! I will never give it up!”

That cry, that echo, that voice resonating like a memory from the past momentarily rooted Rain in place.

“Ha, damn….”

Rain grimaced, scratched her head, and eventually let out a deep sigh. Even in death, they’re always nagging….

“Rain? Hey.”

She turned her body toward the club room. The conversation inside continued.

“Hahaha! Are you serious? If that were possible, the great mages and sages would have already done it!”


“A senior who can’t even defend a club against a freshman shouldn’t be running their mouth.”

“I-I’m saying that kind of magic isn’t everything!”

“If you’re so upset, just win the magic battle. Are you that short on talent? Given your lousy head, no wonder the leader is a—”

“—Alright, let’s do it. Magic battle.”

But the voice that sharply cut off Logan wasn’t that of the club leader.

The leader, cornered with half-broken glasses, widened his eyes, and a crease appeared between Logan’s brows as he turned around.


It’s not about helping a stranger or anything as unfitting as that.


Then why am I doing this?

Honestly, even I couldn’t understand the reason for my actions at the time. Or maybe I knew but didn’t want to acknowledge it.

“Magic really can do anything.”

One day on my journey, I used water-based magic to create an oasis in the desert to cool off and replenish drinking water. It was then that Rista started the conversation, just before asking me to protect the rich forms of life.

Of course, I responded indifferently.

“Not everything. There are still many things it can’t do.”

“But imagine if an ordinary fisherman benefited from something like this. He’d say the same thing I did.”

That was a question I’d had since starting to learn magic. Magic is this powerful, so why was I born in a slum? If this power exists, why are there still poor people and thieves?

“Lynn, can I ask one favor?”

“What is it?”

“After the expedition, will you create a few spells? Simple ones that ordinary people can use if they learn how to use magic.”

Magic that lets any farmer shed tears of relief, any fisherman utter a cry of joy.

“Lynn, create them with your own hands.”

What crossed my mind when I was about to leave the room was the smile Rista had shown that day. And…

“A new member who just joined.”

At that time, the boy didn’t know.

What is truth…?

His intellect as a great mage, which had once desperately sought the truth, was now slowly, carefully approaching it step by step.


You can inherit the progress of “unique magic” research from the surrounding environment.

Progress 37.1% → 37.9%.”

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