The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Rumors among the Tellers spread swiftly. They were a species more sensitive to information than any other, naturally equipped with a keen ear for news and swift at gathering intelligence. Among the mid-level Tellers gathered for this induction ceremony, one rumor circulated:

“There’s a Teller who manifested their complete form as soon as the first mission began.”

At first, no one believed this news easily. Even at the fastest, it took at least two weeks for a Teller to fully manifest, as it wasn’t an instantaneous change but a gradual one, transforming part by part. But to have finished manifesting simultaneously with the start? It was said to have taken less than five minutes. Such a statement was dismissed as nonsense, a figment of someone’s imagination.

However, not everyone thought this way.

“What if it’s true?”

Rumors were naturally prone to exaggeration, and thus needed to be taken with a grain of salt.

“Even if 100% of the rumor isn’t true, there must be a substantial reason for its existence. If the subject of the rumor is even half, no, a quarter as notable as implied…”

Naturally, everyone’s attention turned toward Kang Yuhyeon.

“I must find them. Before the other rookies do!”

“I have to recruit them at any cost. I can’t let the others snatch them away.”

Though the banquet hall was filled with soft music, it was in fact a battlefield where invisible swords clashed time and again. While members of different departments smiled and conversed, their eyes were far from laughing, actively scanning their surroundings.

“Where are they? Where could they possibly be?”

“Why can’t I see them? Don’t tell me they haven’t attended?”

“No, that can’t be. They must be here. They must attend this place, no matter what.”

All were feigning indifference, but with eyes aflame, they scoured the room for Kang Yuhyeon.

Eventually, it was inevitable that Yuhyeon’s hiding spot – a secluded corner of the second-floor terrace where he had been reading in secret – would be discovered.


For Yuhyeon, it was a regrettable turn of events. He had been blissfully absorbed in his book without any disturbance, only for his worst fears to materialize.

“But I’ve gained enough.”

He had managed to read a fair amount of the book while hiding, acquiring some necessary information.

“Now, the issue is how to deal with the current situation.”

No sooner had this thought crossed his mind than he was approached from all sides.

“So it’s you. The new recruit said to have manifested completely at once.”

“Huh. So the rumors were true. I wasn’t sure whether to believe it or not.”

“Mr. Employee, would you consider joining our Finance Department’s Spica division?”

Tellers intent on recruiting Yuhyeon swiftly surrounded him. The chattering coming at him from all sides was almost painfully loud to his ears. Yet, it was no position for him to show annoyance.

“Come to think of it, it was like this with Choi Doyoon before.”

It was a time when the apocalypse had dawned, and people were being tested in something they called a tutorial.

Yuhyeon had clung to Choi Doyoon’s side before anyone else, and Doyoon had yet to establish his own faction. Despite this, his rule-breaking antics continued, attracting frequent contact from already established figures.

The infamous ‘scout.’

For them, Choi Doyoon, with his enormous power, was a highly attractive prospect.

However, Doyoon had always reacted the same way to those who approached him with an agenda.

“Rejection. And not just a mere rejection, but one accompanied by words or actions designed to irk the other party.”

Naturally, the organizations enraged by Doyoon’s arrogant actions always tried to kill him, but the outcome was always the same.


In the face of Doyoon’s overwhelming might, the organizations were useless. They crumbled, collapsed, and scattered. To Yuhyeon, these incidents remained a vivid memory.

– Scram. I prefer being alone.

Choi Doyoon would always say that. However, Kang Yuhyeon couldn’t simply follow in those footsteps.

“Honestly, how could he say that without going insane?”

Choi Doyoon had strength. He knew it, which afforded him confidence.

Yet Yuhyeon wasn’t there yet. He had only just attended the induction ceremony. Those who approached him courteously were his superiors, his seniors in a professional context.

“To tell them to scram? Only if you’re completely insane would you say such a thing.”

Having skill was no good if one lacked character. You had to handle relationships well, especially when you might encounter these people again in the future. It was foolish to sour relationships from the get-go.

“There’s no need to provoke others unnecessarily. Things should be resolved amicably.”

Of course, he was going to decline. But he had no intention of making enemies by being harsh.

Kang Yuhyeon had learned from watching Choi Doyoon how important manners were, and what he mastered was the ‘art of tact.’

The skill to navigate relationships smoothly without arousing hostility.

“Ahaha. This is quite something. It’s an honor that you would take an interest in me.”

“In that case, immediately…”

“Ah, but as grateful as I am for your offer, it seems that will be difficult for me. How could someone like me possibly be of help?”

Kang Yuhyeon replied with a salesperson’s smile, pouring out his words smoothly. Though he was rejecting the offer, he did so circuitously, emphasizing his own perceived lack of ability.

Simply doing that much was enough to give the other party the impression that “Although I was declined, at least they had the decency to be polite about it.”

There were times when even this roundabout rejection would not dissuade some Tellers, who would stubbornly insist. It was an exhausting type of persistence.

But Kang Yuhyeon didn’t panic.

“Isn’t that Talran from the Inspection Division?”

“Hmm? How did you know my name?”

He’d learned it through books, but Yuhyeon deftly feigned ignorance and spoke in a tone only Talran could hear.

“I caught wind of it on the way here. I heard there’s a particularly upright and capable senior member in the Inspection Division. Someone who might even become the face of the division in the future.”

“Heh, hehmm. I’m not sure where you heard that, but you’ve got a good eye.”

Pleased with the praise, the staffer’s demeanor softened at once.

Yuhyeon seized the moment to bring up the main point.

“Frankly, I would love to follow someone like Talran-nim. However,…”

“The situation doesn’t seem favorable. Besides, isn’t this place where many seniors from different affiliations gather? If I make a hasty decision, you’ll be the one who ends up facing opposition. I don’t wish for you to be put in an awkward position because of me. You understand my feelings, don’t you?”

As much as I would like to accept, I must refuse for your sake.

Talaran’s eyes brimmed with emotion upon understanding the meaning of my words.

“So, please try to understand my inability to give an immediate response.”

“Hrmm. Well, if that’s the case, it can’t be helped. A newbie has a newbie’s circumstances, after all.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

With that, Kang Yu-hyun successfully sent away the guests who had come looking for him.

‘But this is only buying time.’

He had managed to persuade them to leave for now, but it was clear that they would return after a little more time had passed.

‘I need to prepare some excuses in anticipation of that.’

Currently, Yu-hyun was alone under the pretext of tasting food. He deliberately took his time filling his plate to buy more time.

It was evident that as soon as Yu-hyun finished eating this dish, the recruitment war would resume.

‘But did Teller eat any of this? As far as I know, they subsist on points.’

Tellers were, by nature, a unique race that did not require food like other life forms; instead, they consumed points for survival.

Knowing this, the banquet didn’t make much sense to me.

‘Well, there’s no need to refuse the meal laid out before me.’

The food looked too delicious to ignore, so Yu-hyun decided to at least try it.

He took a piece of seasoned meat and put it in his mouth.

At that moment, a notification popped up before him.

[You have acquired 1TP.]

[You have acquired 1TP.]

[You have acquired 1TP.]

Chewing the meat, Yu-hyun finally realized the nature of this banquet’s food.

‘So this is why Tellers eat it, the cuisine itself is made of points?’

This was a new sight to him and quite intriguing. However, Yu-hyun was brought back to reality by the intense stares he could feel around him.

His presence was eliciting various reactions from the crowd – jealousy, awe, and desire.

He had never experienced such attention in his past life, and it was overwhelmingly burdensome.

‘They’ll soon be on me like a pack of wolves.’

The factional struggles within the Celestial Corporation had been going on for a long time. The balance may be maintained now, but to them, Yu-hyun was a card that could disrupt it.

‘I understand their intentions, but I despise being used.’

Yu-hyun quickly scanned the banquet hall.

And then he saw a Teller that made him widen his eyes in surprise.

‘What’s that?’

Before Yu-hyun could react, the Tellers who had been waiting approached again.

They appeared determined not to be rejected this time and to recruit Yu-hyun no matter what.

But Yu-hyun’s eyes couldn’t stray from that one Teller.

“Hrmm, I’ve reconsidered my offer.”

“To our department, no wait. Do the Inspectorate guys have no shame? I spoke first, didn’t I?”

“The Support Office runts always know their place, don’t they?”

“The guys from Finance are always counting points, but can’t seem to use their heads, can they?”

As the Tellers jostled and vied for Yu-hyun’s attention, this time Yu-hyun was quicker to respond.

“I apologize. I’m already engaged elsewhere.”

With those words, he immediately approached the Teller he had noticed and struck up a conversation.

“Ha! You should have said hello upon your arrival, why are you standing here?”


“That’s a shame; not to recognize me.”

Yu-hyun said this and moved to draw the person away.

The scene flowed so naturally that those around didn’t even have time to intercede.

The individual looked at Yu-hyun for a moment, then nodded.

“Oh, sorry. I was distracted by something else.”

With a response from the other side, Yu-hyun excused himself from the other Tellers and left the spot.

The Tellers, who had been salivating at the prospect of talking to Yu-hyun, only realized something was off after he had disappeared.

“Wait a minute. Which department does the Teller that newbie was with belong to?”

“More importantly… Was that Teller even supposed to be at this induction ceremony? I’ve never seen them before.”

Now sensing something strange, they started looking for Yu-hyun again, but by then he had already left the scene.

* * *

After narrowly escaping the troublesome crowd, I let out a sigh of relief.

‘After all, the mission was just to attend the induction ceremony. I have attended, so it shouldn’t matter if I leave halfway through.’

This sort of gathering wouldn’t go on all day and would eventually end. And once the banquet was over, including me, the new recruits would be sent back to their original places, so all I had to do was kill time until then.

The rest of the time would pass as I hid away and immersed myself in a book. I had already scouted a suitable place, so all I had to do was go there.

“Thanks for playing along and helping me get out of there.”


I thanked the person who had helped me escape from the banquet hall. However, they just stared back at me in silence. The peculiar gaze made me feel slightly uneasy.

Hmm. Something’s strange; I should leave quickly.

“Well, it seems we’re both busy, so I’ll be going now.”

“Wait a moment.”

Just as I was about to run, the individual called out from behind, stopping me in my tracks. Despite knowing I should flee, my feet inadvertently froze.

“How did you spot me in that banquet hall?”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

All hopes of escape faded, so I feigned ignorance.

“It’s best not to make such obvious lies.”

When our eyes met, I felt a chill run down my spine as if immobilized by an unseen, massive serpent.

Even though I knew they were not to be trifled with, this was beyond my imagination.

‘This might have been a mistake.’

I had tried to avoid a pack of wolves only to run into a tiger.

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