The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 6

Episode 6

The image of Celestial Corporation far exceeded my expectations.

To begin with, I wondered if it should even be called a “company.”

“It’s massive.”

It was a gigantic island floating in space.

And atop the island stood a city, firm and imposing.

Could one of those buildings in the city be Celestial Corporation’s headquarters?


I shook my head.

The term “Celestial Corporation” referred to the island itself, including the entire city.

While one might imagine a giant building when thinking of a company, this entity was on a scale that dwarfed any such expectations.

“We’re here.”

The lead guide, Bone Deer, or Sashramdor as he was known, announced our arrival.

The journey on the space train from the terminal to Celestial Corporation wasn’t spent absent-mindedly staring out the window. I had managed to organize my thoughts and acquired information about our guide from the book he carried.

As a result, my mind was clearer, and I held various pieces of information.

“They said they’ve specially invited Spirits to the induction ceremony this time.”

“You will soon participate in the induction ceremony. Be aware that it also serves as an invitation event for the Spirits,” Sashramdor stated, almost as soon as the thought crossed my mind.

While the other newcomers were startled by his words, a single clap from Sashramdor calmed them.

“Anyway, it’s not like you’re expected to do anything for the Spirits. You won’t even encounter them if you keep to yourselves, so don’t worry.”

‘True, the dates are similar, but it’s not like they’re held in the same location. I guess that’s to be expected.’

The invitation of the Spirits was merely an occasion to foster good relations with Celestial Corporation in the future. The overlap with the induction ceremony was simply coincidental, with no intended implication.

‘Whatever the case, the induction ceremony won’t be comfortable.’

From the start, they tossed you into the field with just an hour to make a contract. I didn’t expect that passing it meant a pleasant ceremony ahead. Rather, this induction might prove to be a new trial.

‘No. Not might be. It definitely will be.’

We disembarked the space train at a station a short distance from Celestial Corporation.

The train didn’t go deep into the headquarters but dropped us off nearby before circling back.

Near the station, we could sense the imposing presence of several formidable beings.

‘Guardians to ward off intruders?’

Cloaked in armor that covered their entire bodies, it was difficult to distinguish their species. However, the atmosphere they exuded was menacing.

Passing the guards and stepping outside the station, the scenery instantly changed as we passed through a dimensional gate connecting the train station and Celestial Corporation.

“Follow me.”

Sashramdor led the way with the rest of us, newly dubbed ‘sticky rice cakes,’ trailing behind.

We traversed the expanse of Celestial Corporation’s grounds.

And the inner view of Celestial Corporation inspired awe in a different sense than what was seen from the outside.



Some of the newcomers couldn’t hide their admiration and let out exclamations. I would have done the same if I hadn’t trained myself to observe calmly.

‘The place was full of various building styles representing a myriad of cultures.’

It stood majestically, its contemporary design strangely harmonious with more traditional structures. The roads were immaculately paved, and the modes of transportation were distinctly different from those on Earth.

It was indeed like viewing an otherworldly realm.


We were brought to a building that seemed to be a grand banquet hall. The more chatty newcomers fell silent at the sight of its grandeur, perhaps even harboring some expectations.

But not me.

‘Choosing to walk despite the possibility of instant travel through a dimensional gate. They’re crafty, just as one would expect.’

This was akin to a rite of passage.

By deliberately showing the new Tellers the vastness of Celestial Corporation, the process seemed designed to instill a sense of awe and loyalty toward the organization. I wouldn’t have caught the subtlety if I hadn’t read about it in Sashramdor’s book.

‘But perhaps the real event is over here?’

Entering the building where the induction ceremony was to be held, we walked down a long corridor and stopped in front of a door.

Standing before the large door, I clenched and unclenched my fist.

Beyond it was a celebration prepared to congratulate the newly successful Tellers.

The sticky rice cakes seemed overjoyed at the news, eagerly looking forward to the event. But I was not.

‘Still, I must go.’

I had decided not to give up.

I wouldn’t stop or run away just because I was afraid.

‘Let’s go.’

The doors to the banquet hall opened.

* * *

Inside the banquet hall, ornate chandeliers filled the space with light.

It was a spacious, two-story hall. The large tables were covered with delicacies from land and sea.

On one side of the hall, unattended instruments moved on their own, playing a soft melody.

Since entering, the Tellers, freshly certified, were enjoying themselves in an atmosphere thick with celebration. I stood at a distance, watching the scene unfold.

‘For now, is it just us?’

The hall was filled only with Tellers who had just passed the mission. Sashramdor, our guide, had left saying his role had ended.

With their newfound freedom, the sticky rice cakes chattered among themselves or indulged in the spread of food.

I leaned against the wall arms crossed.

“Hey, you. What are you doing over there?”

A voice called out to me. I turned, but no one was there.

“Down here.”

When I looked down, a small, white sticky rice cake was gazing up at me.

Yet, there was something slightly different about this one compared to the others.


Above the creature’s head were…

Two red horns stood proudly upon their head.

They were not quite like me, but they too had started to manifest some aspects of their future form, different from the others. Their eyes seemed slightly fierce.

“So, why did you call me?”

“Don’t you enjoy the banquet like the rest of them?”

“Not really.”

Since I had no particular desire to become friendly, I answered briefly. The way I responded clearly did not please them, as their eyes narrowed.

“Tch. Are you acting all high and mighty because you think you’ve already taken on your form?”


“Yeah, that must be it. To fully manifest your form right at your debut is indeed something to be proud of. But don’t take me too lightly. I’ll catch up to you in no time!”

With those words, the horned one extended a petite, mocking hand towards me and then turned their back, leaving the place.

What exactly did they come here for, was it a declaration of rivalry?

‘An interesting character.’

Having two developed parts unlike the other rice cakes probably meant they had exceptional qualities as a Teller. Perhaps, in the distant future, they might become an impressive Teller.

‘Should I have at least learned their name? No, they probably don’t have one yet.’

In the end, it was strange that I started with both a form and a name.

‘Well, that’s irrelevant anyway.’

What mattered most to me now was the value of this banquet hall.

For now, it’s filled with the buzzing of newly promoted members, but the real banquet was about to begin.

‘It’s finally happening.’

The awaited moment swiftly arrived as the doors to the banquet hall opened and a stream of Tellers flowed in.


“What’s this?”

The newly arrived Tellers were obviously the type who screamed ‘I’m someone important’ with their presence. However, unlike their brazen entrance, they spoke with a warm and friendly tone.

“Don’t worry too much. We’re the Tellers hosting this banquet.”

“Come on, relax. Just enjoy as you were before.”

Reassured by these words, the rice cakes returned to enjoying the banquet. Observing from a corner unseen by others, I sensed the time for action had come.

This place might be advertised as an entrance ceremony, but its true significance was not that at all.

‘It’s quite the ruse. In reality, it’s closer to a review session by the superiors.’

The Tellers who had entered the hall occupied mid-level positions in the Celestial Corporation.

Their job was simple: to observe the newly arrived Tellers, evaluate their performance in their first mission, and make selections.

They were choosing suitable talent for their branches and divisions.

‘The Celestial Corporation stands upon eight pillars.’

The most notable was undoubtedly the Story Room (示話室).

The main task in the Story Room was to maintain a personal library and show stories to the spirits in order to earn points.

The typical image of a Teller known in the lower realms was precisely that of one from the Story Room.

The influence of the Story Room was great, and the expectations newly born Tellers had for the Story Room were equally high.

‘But the other rooms wouldn’t just watch idly.’

The other rooms were just as eager for talent.

The Support Room provided information and resources to Tellers of the Story Room, backing them from behind.

The Management Room handled tasks like internal intern training, guidance, and miscellaneous duties.

The Guard Room was responsible for security, fending off intruders from outside the company.

The Oversight Room managed and dealt with internal issues.

The Financial Room managed the points earned from the stories.

The Accounting Room documented and archived all incidents.

And the Central Room that controlled all these divisions.

The Celestial Corporation operated according to this system of one central and seven rooms (一中七室).

Considering that only high-ranking officers could belong to the Central Room, which was out of reach for the average Teller, this left seven rooms to choose from. In reality, considering that each of these rooms had their own subdivisions, the options were far more numerous.

‘To sift through this cohort for useful individuals and bring them into their own division.’

This gathering was the silent battleground of the seven divisions, each vying for talent.

‘For someone like me, content to remain in the Story Room, this place is nothing more than a nuisance.’

I overheard talk on the terrace above me, where I was hiding.

“Oh, have you heard the rumor? There’s a new recruit who fully manifested their form right at debut.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah, the rumor has already spread far and wide.”

It seemed I was the main target of interest.

Foreseeing their intentions, I remained hidden from their gaze.

If I were to be discovered, they would undoubtedly swarm me, eager to take me into their own division.

‘I’m not usually one for gatherings like this, but since attendance is mandatory…’

Still, it wasn’t as if there was nothing here for me to exploit.

‘This place is quite the gold mine.’

I surveyed the Tellers who had come to recruit the new Tellers.

Specifically, I was eyeing the books floating above their heads.

These were no ordinary books. These books were visible only to me and were, more importantly, treasure troves of information that others were unaware of.

‘Information is the greatest weapon.’

I stealthily collected their books.

The covers of the books were silver, and some even had a faint glint of gold mixed in.

A Teller in possession of books like these surely held vast amounts of valuable information.

‘Well, I suppose staying here means getting caught eventually.’

But why not reap the benefits until then?

With that thought in mind, I began to unfold a book.

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