The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 5

Episode 5

After completing the contract and successfully accomplishing the mission, I finally had the chance to take a closer look at my surroundings.

‘Before she became known as Swordmaster, I heard she lived a tough life, but this seems a bit too much.’

At first, I was baffled by the situation.

The Swordmaster I knew was a collector revered by all, brimming with charisma.

Rumors had it that she was raised in a wealthy household, so high and mighty.

‘And yet here she is, in this shabby, cramped boarding house, wearing baggy sweatpants and blowing on instant noodles before eating.’

It was beyond ridiculous; it was downright despairing.

I opened the floating book above her head. Without saying more or less, I checked only the part about her characteristics as a collector.

Name: Kang Hye-rim

Characteristics: [Goryeo Dynasty Swordmaster] [Body and Sword as One](Unawakened) [Blue Sky Sword Path](Unawakened)

‘Huh… This is insane.’

The moment I confirmed her characteristics, I couldn’t help but feel astounded inwardly.

Based solely on her characteristics, there was no doubt she was the Swordmaster. Still, even I didn’t know she was this extraordinary.

‘Three protagonist-level characteristics? One of them is even Cheok Jun-gyeong’s [Tale].’

Collectors are integrated into the Genesis System, and the moment they awaken their power, they are granted individual characteristics.

And naturally, these characteristics are divided into different levels, broadly classified into four categories in the hybrid world: protagonist-level, main character-level, supporting character-level, and extra-level.

For the higher beings, humans of the lower realms—that is, collectors—were no different from narratives shown by the tellers.

And as with all narratives, there necessarily exist protagonists, mains, and supports.

Of course, the highest-ranking ones were the protagonist characteristics.

‘Three protagonist-level characteristics? And two have yet to be awakened. If at least the first awakened characteristic is this one…’

Even just looking at their names, the unawakened characteristics were related to the sword. If all three were to awaken, they would create a synergetic effect that could lead to a staggering outcome.

Only such characteristics could explain how she could become so powerful and successful so quickly upon her arrival.

‘That is the future Swordmaster, huh? How surprising.’

It was curious how someone with such characteristics lived this way.

She could have simply applied to a major clan and mentioned having Cheok Jun-gyeong’s [Tale], and they’d have clamored to recruit her.

‘Now that I think about it, it’s really odd. Why would someone with such talent live like this?’

As I watched Kang Hye-rim with her foolish expression, a hypothesis suddenly crossed my mind.


Not really believing it, I cautiously called out to her.


“Yes, Yes! Teller!”

She clasped her hands together as if she was a princess chosen by a prince, eagerly listening to what I had to say.

With that uncomfortably sparkling gaze upon me, I waved my hand and said,

“Please call me Kang Yu-hyun casually. And, we’ve just formed a contract, you’re aware of what your characteristics are, right?”

“My characteristics?”

Her eyes wide-eyed with curiosity, she tilted her head to the side.

“Aren’t my characteristics really bad?”


What on earth is she talking about?

When I cast her a demanding look, she squirmed and spoke in a weak voice,

“Ah, I learned in the basic training that I shouldn’t carelessly talk about my characteristics.”

“It’s fine since we have a contract.”

Encouraged by my words, Kang Hye-rim awkwardly said,

“The name of my characteristic is Goryeo Dynasty Swordmaster. To anyone, it sounds like a playful name.”


I was at a loss for words for a moment.

Is she serious right now? Dismissing a protagonist-level characteristic as a joke that everyone else would kill to have?

Without realizing, my face must have failed to hide my emotions because she quickly added an explanation.

“Really, look! Combining the ancient country’s word ‘Goryeo’ with the fantasy world’s ‘Swordmaster’, doesn’t it sound strange? Like a prank. Just a silly prank.”

“No, that’s not…”

I started to say something but then shut my mouth.

I could be certain of one thing: Kang Hye-rim truly did not realize how incredible her characteristics were.

“Have you never spoken to anyone else about this?”

“No. Usually, there’s no one to ask about it. Collectors can conceal their characteristic information if they wish, as there’s a law for it.”

With a careless smile, Kang Hye-rim continued,

“I’d feel embarrassed to talk about it even if I wanted to. Goryeo Dynasty Swordmaster? Who would believe such a thing?”



I roughly understood the situation.

I had my answer why such a person with remarkable characteristics was living in a hole like this, why she differed from the person I knew from the past.

‘Ignorance is truly frightening.’

To a blissfully ignorant child, a dazzling diamond is merely a pretty stone. Until someone points out its value, its true significance remains obscured.

What Kang Hye-rim showed was the same principle.

Why the Swordmaster I knew from the future lived like this, the answer lay right here.

Of course, from my perspective, this situation was more than welcome.

Unaware of her own characteristics? I was grateful for her ignorance. Thanks to that, I was able to form the contract.

The thoughts I harbored internally must have come across differently to her, as Kang Hye-rim cautiously asked,

“Umm, are you disappointed? By my strange characteristics? Please don’t cancel the contract. At this rate, I might even get kicked out of this boarding house because I can’t pay…”

“No, it’s not that. There’s something else on my mind. I’m not disappointed. If anything, I’m good with it.”


“Yes, really.”

I assured the worried girl. It seemed that her self-esteem had hit rock bottom, likely due to her lack of self-awareness regarding her abilities.

Living in these conditions, it was only natural for anyone’s confidence to wane.

‘Anyways, that settles the mission. It doesn’t matter how sooner or later, as long as the contract…

“It’s done, then.” A message notifying me of my promotion to a regular employee popped up. But my intuition told me this was not the end. To be precise, it felt like everything was just beginning.

As if to prove my point, another message appeared through the system window.

[Mission – Induction Ceremony]

You have taken your first step as a Teller with flying colors. As a newly promoted regular employee, you are expected to fulfill the role of a Teller moving forward. In celebration of this milestone, an induction ceremony will soon be held.

Task: Participate in the induction ceremony. (This mission cannot be refused.)

Reward: Varies depending on your actions.

[Would you like to depart now?]


[P.S. If you do not take any action, you will be automatically transported after 5 minutes.]

“Here it comes.” I had thought that even in an organization that sends you straight to the field after starting a mission, there would be at least one occasion where you’re called to the headquarters. It seemed the time had come.

“Perfect timing.” I wanted to sort out the situation with Kang Hye-rim right away, but it was regrettable that there wasn’t enough time.

“Miss Hye-rim.”

“Yes, Teller Kang Yu-hyun.”

“I’m going to have to step out for a bit.”

“What?! All of a sudden? How long will you be gone?”

“I’m not certain of that myself. However, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be returning anytime soon. And I need to leave immediately.” After a moment’s thought, I continued, “Let’s at least share some light advice before I go. What equipment do you use, Miss Hye-rim?”

“I use a shield.”

She said this as she picked up a shield that had been dumped in a corner. The room was in such disarray, one could mistake it for a pile of junk. It was unexpected that this was the equipment issued to her.

“Did you receive it in place of a weapon?”

“Yes. Even though I have no traits related to combat, for some reason, my strength is ridiculously strong. So, I thought it would be better to stand in the front lines with a shield.”

“But you must have received basic training when you first awakened as a Collector? Surely you didn’t use a shield in combat lessons then?”

“Ah, I used a spear back then. The instructors recommended it, saying it was stable because of its length.”

So she skillfully avoided the sword.

Indeed, people may call the sword a cure-all, but that’s a misconception. If the sword were the ultimate weapon, there’d be no need for axes, spears, or bows. It’s usually those ignorant of martial arts who say such things.

Anyway, now that I knew her situation, I had a clear idea about the advice I should offer.

“Listen well, Miss Hye-rim. First of all, exchange that shield for the standard-issued sword right away. You still have time to exchange it, right?”

“Ah, yes.”

“Make sure to switch to a sword. And even if you don’t enter a gate, find a spacious area and practice swinging the sword.”

“Really? That’s all I need to do?”

“That’s enough. No, you will soon come to understand why on your own. How ludicrous that trait you possess, [Goryeo Dynasty Swordmaster], really is.” I wanted to keep explaining, but there wasn’t much time left.

“Please practice exactly as I have instructed.”

I emphasized my advice strongly to her one last time and then promptly pressed the [YES] button. My vision changed in an instant, and I found myself standing somewhere else.

Looking around, I saw the vast expanse of space—glittering with stars, nebulae, and a flowing Milky Way. I had arrived at a train station floating in space.

As I surveyed the area, other Tellers who had arrived before me were huddled together. Like a cluster of white rice cakes, they looked like a mob of rabbits.

“Is everyone here?”

At that moment, a voice rang out, and a Teller with a skull of a stag revealed himself. He glanced over the crowd, checking that no one was missing, and his gaze seemed to linger on me for a suspiciously long time.

‘Of course, it’s only natural?’ Compared to the others, who barely had any human form, only I had a clear human shape, which naturally drew attention.

I glanced at his head. Naturally, that Teller had a book, and it gleamed with a silver light.

“Hmm. It seems we’re all here.”


As the bone stag uttered those words, a train horn could be heard in the distance. Everyone’s eyes turned in that direction. A light was approaching quickly through the space, crossing the cosmos.

It didn’t take long to realize it was a train.

‘The Cosmic Train.’

A train specially designed to navigate through the various spaces of this mixed world. It looked similar to one made right after the industrial revolution but was nothing like that sort of ordinary train.

Once the train stopped, the Tellers including myself boarded and took seats where available. I chose a window seat and took in the scenery outside as the train, with a powerful horn, started moving again.

The station receded quickly, and the grand vista of space filled the windows.

‘SKY Corporation.’

Even while gazing at the breathtaking scene, my mind was fixated on the final destination of this train. SKY Corporation was one of the three major Teller organizations in the mixed world.

And among the three, it was known as the most mainstream. Even in my past life, I had heard a lot about it and had acquaintances among the cash management staff.

Still, I had never been to the headquarters directly. That place was off-limits, accessible only to cash management employees.

‘I’m curious to see what it’s like.’

So much had happened today. But the work I had to do was far from over.


There was a gasp from the rice cakes in the seat in front of me. Sitting by the window, I immediately knew the reason.

‘We’ve arrived.’

SKY Corporation

In the distance, through the space window, the massive figure of the organization was slowly coming into view.

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