The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Some of the celestial beings recognized who he was and made a fuss. Through the titles they used, I too could easily guess his identity.

The White King of the Sunset Sea.

Where the sun sets is to the west. The sea that is mentioned must be the West Sea.

The White in his title referred to his symbolic color. And with the title of King.

He was Oh Heum, the Western White Dragon among the Four Dragon Kings, Kwang Soon-wang (Broad Favor King).

He was a celestial being from one of the grand constellations, the Thirty-Six Heavens of the Celestial Realm.

‘I thought it was about time that some of the well-known celestial beings would start visiting my library, but to think some are already making their move.’

Moreover, he was already challenging me with a show of force from the moment he visited my library. His visit was intriguing, but it was clear he had no intention of being swayed by me, a teller.

The Western White Dragon might rank as a second-generation celestial being, but his strength was close to that of the third generation. Except he was exceedingly weaker when away from the sea.

Yet, that’s similar for the other Dragon Kings too. The greatest strength they posed wasn’t mere power.

A wealth fit for a king.

That was what could truly be considered the weapon of someone called a Dragon King.

Take for example the Eastern Dragon King, who was robbed of his Ruyi Jingu Bang by that Great Sage Equal to the Heavens. Despite losing such a divine item, the Eastern Dragon Palace’s grandeur remained unscratched. One could guess that the wealth of these Dragon Kings must be immense.

Now, one of those Dragon Kings was in my library, picking a fight with me.

– So, I’m offering you this much in points. Would you still block me even then?

He was saying something to that effect.

Indeed, 10,000 text points was a significant amount. How many fantastical creatures would one have to hunt to earn that many points?

On top of that, he casually mentioned 10,000 points as if it was nothing. His nonchalance hinted that he could easily spend more if he wished to show off his wealth.

Although the Western White Dragon didn’t say it outright, his actions alone were like telling me to bend to his will.

“Hmm. I am quite surprised that one of the renowned Four Dragon Kings has visited my library. It seems I’ve underestimated my guest.”

[The White King of the Sunset Sea raises his chin proudly.]

“And what is it that you desire from me?” I asked.

[The White King of the Sunset Sea offers a 10,000TP sponsorship!]

[Don’t be so stingy. Let’s make it reasonable, shall we? What, how loud do we have to be?]

Another substantial amount of sponsorship followed.

Adding it to the previous amount, I had received a total of 20,000 points. For someone like me, a full-time teller, that amount was simply astronomical.

The other party knew this and was acting arrogantly. ‘I have this much money. Would you still not do as I wish?’

“Ha ha, reasonable… is the word you’re using, right?”

[The White King of the Sunset Sea nods.]

“Reasonable, huh? Reasonable… reasonable…”

I repeated the word a few times, dragging it out.

Some of the celestial beings observing might have noticed something unusual in my demeanor.

Of course, they would.

“Unfortunately, that won’t be possible,” I said with a smiling face.



The chat window went silent in an instant. All the celestial beings who had been watching closed their mouths tightly. The only response came from the party I was conversing with.

[The White King of the Sunset Sea asks what that means.]

“It means no. Was my answer not sufficient?”

[The White King of the Sunset Sea offers a 10,000TP sponsorship!]

[Is my sponsorship insufficient? Then how much more do I need to offer before you’ll bend to my will?]

The White King seemed to have taken a blow to his pride. Indeed, he had. Had there ever been a time when he tried to solve a problem with points and failed?

He was a king. Ordinary tellers and collectors would toss aside their pride the moment he threw his points at them, quickly submitting to him.

Thus, the points sponsored by the Western White Dragon were significant enough to astonish the other celestial beings.

But, you see, that tactic normally works on regular tellers.

I am different.

“It’s not that the sponsorship is insufficient. Even if you offered more points from now on, it would still be a no.”

I spoke with a firmness that left no room for negotiation.

This is a rule I have set. If I were to simply be tempted by money and make exceptions, or if I broke my rules, who would abide by them?

“As these are rules I put in place, I too will not make exceptions. Such rules must be absolute, respected, and fair. No matter how many points you offer as a bribe, no matter how you try to intimidate me with power and authority.”

My voice cooled as the smile faded from my face.

“There will never be an exception to what I have decided. Not for you, Western White Dragon at least.”

[Th-That’s outrageous!]


Perhaps because of his rage, the system window shook violently. Even the clear sky clouded over, and the sound of thunder roared in the distance.

This indicated that a being from the upper realm was so enraged that he tried to exert his power in the lower realm.

But I did not flinch in the slightest.

[The Genesis System activates.]

Suddenly, all disturbance around me subsided.

Due to the overarching system of the mixed realms, the Western White Dragon could not wield his power wantonly.

However, it was evident he was very angry.

[The White King of the Sunset Sea offers a 10,000TP sponsorship!]

[You insignificant teller! Are you trying to insult me? You should just accept the money I offer and crawl on the ground! Not enough points?! Money can solve everything!]

A series of additional sponsorships exploded one after the other.

[The White King of the Sunset Sea offers a 10,000TP sponsorship!]

[The White King of the Sunset Sea offers a 10,000TP sponsorship!]

[The White King of the Sunset Sea offers a 10,000TP sponsorship!]

[The White King of the Sunset Sea offers a 10,000TP sponsorship!]

[The White King of the Sunset Sea offers a 10,000TP sponsorship!]

He messaged me 30,000 points directly, and with the additional points thrown in, it totaled a massive 80,000 points coming my way.

Even with this, he was implying whether I’d waver or not.

With a slight chuckle, I responded.

“I appreciate the sponsorship. However,”

I pulled up my library’s management window and continued.

“You have made a teller-phobic remark. Congratulations on your graduation.”

[The White King of the Sunset Sea has been expelled from the library.]

And with that, I expelled the Western White Dragon—

I drove him out of my library.

The other saints, who had been quietly watching the scene, gasped.

It seemed none of them expected that I would really drive him away.

Of course not. I had received 80,000 points, after all. Anyone would feel either guilty or too grateful to say anything.

“Sponsorship is sponsorship. Rules are rules. Even if you are a saint who has been viewing my library from the very beginning, the moment you break the rules, I will block you without hesitation. There are no exceptions. I hope the rest of you keep this in mind. You understand, right?”

[Most of the saints gulp down their breath.]

They were wary of me. They probably didn’t expect me to take such a bold step in driving away the Western White Dragon, especially since he belonged to the great Dae Seong Army, and I showed no sign of backing down against him.

“Seeing your reactions, I’m glad you all understand.”

I said it with a smile as at the beginning, but this time, no saint dared to object to my words.

It turns out making an example out of one will make the others listen, right?

Well, that’s enough with the stick. Now it’s time for the carrot. If I’m too strict, the saints will get tired and leave.

“Of course, since it’s early days, I ask for your understanding. If we can maintain a good atmosphere without needing to enforce the rules, then I might consider relaxing them.”

[The saints nod in understanding.]

[Some saints agree, acknowledging that there’s no helping it.]

That settles it.

While it’s a pity to lose a big spender, it doesn’t matter since I’ve taken what I needed.

After all, there are not so few big shots in the mixed realms. The Sea King of the West isn’t the only one out there.


At that moment, something happened.

The Western White Dragon, who had been forcefully kicked out, defied the system’s will and tried to reconnect to my library by force.

Seeing this, I frowned.

“Choosing to go against the will of the system. I understand that you’re upset, but don’t you think you’re going too far?”

[Shut up! You’re just a mere regular staffer, how dare you speak so cavalierly to someone like me! After eating up all those points, you dare to drive me out?! You are a clueless newborn babe to the ways of the world!]

Watching him rant noisily, I sighed.

I tell you, these old timer rich folks are so annoying. They think everything can be solved with points.

[You dare to insult a member of the Dae Seong Army of Cheon-gye Samshipsachun! You will not get away with it so easily after insulting us…!]

“I must correct you on one point. I have never insulted the Dae Seong Army of Cheon-gye Samshipsachun nor have I insulted you, Western White Dragon. I simply turned away one guest who broke the rules.”

[H-How dare y-you… insolent…!!]

Then it happened.

[100TP sponsorship!]

[What on earth is happening here?]

Suddenly, with that one comment, the noisy Western White Dragon shut his mouth.

[The being who resembles the brilliant light enters the library.]

Surely no saint in my library would have missed that message.

[E-Eden? Why on earth would that person…]

[The being who resembles the brilliant light asks what exactly is going on.]

[That… well…]

No matter how mighty Ohm, one of the Four Dragon Kings, might be and ruling over the seas of Cheon-gye Samshipsachun, he could not stand against the majesty of Michael.

Ohm fumbled his words under Michael’s gaze. Further, a massive backlash began to set in due to the forced exertion of power to disrupt the system in anger.

[System anomaly! External entity interference detected.]

[Entity confirmed to have used excessive power.]

[System regulations initiating corrective procedure.]


Through the system window, the agonized groans of the Western White Dragon echoed.

I clicked my tongue at the sight, shaking my head. All that rage, and for what? To defy the Genesis System?

[This… this can’t be…!]

Perhaps he didn’t fully understand the might of the Genesis System. Elevated to a position of envy, everything might have seemed trivial to him, and he likely thought he could resolve ‘small mistakes’ with his wealth.

But any saint who knew even a little about the Genesis System would never act like that.

Why do you think the Genesis System spans the entire mixed realms?

Because the other saints follow it? Because everyone uses this system?


The coercive power exerted by the Genesis System can’t be easily ignored, even by the highest-ranking saints.

And here he was—a mere second-generation, barely clinging to the middle tier of power among dragon kings—trying to defy the system.


The Western White Dragon made two big mistakes today.

Firstly, he could not contain his fury and rejected the flow of the system.

And secondly…

He dared to make a mockery of me and cause a racket in my library.

[Aargh, no!!]

He won’t die from this. But he’ll be incapacitated for a while, bound to recover and convalesce for at least decades. Being a member of the Dae Seong Army, it’s only this bad; without that protection, the consequences would have been far more severe.

[The Sunset Overlord of the Seas is forcefully ejected.]

The Western White Dragon was forcibly removed from my library by the system. Some saints who witnessed the ordeal shuddered at the terrifying power of the Genesis System.

The spectacle served as a warning—no second-generation saint of the Dae Seong Army suffered so uselessly and in agony.

“Everyone, please settle down. There was a bit of disturbance, but as long as you all abide by the rules, such incidents will not occur. That was quite a unique case.”

[Some saints nod in agreement.]

[Some saints sigh in relief at those words.]

Ultimately, this worked out well for me.

I earned the points and got rid of the nuisance.

“Now, shall we continue where we left off? If anyone has issues with the rules of my room or wishes to raise an objection, please raise your hand now.”

Of course, there was no one among the saints who had watched everything from start to finish who would dare to do so.

Especially now that it wasn’t Satan who had come into my library, but Michael—renowned for fairness and integrity—was here, watching closely. Who would be foolish enough to step forward now?

“Nobody? In that case, we’ll proceed as planned.”

Naturally, there was no opposition.

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