The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Most Tellers dwelling on Earth had heard rumors about Yoo Hyun.

A quirky individual, a Teller who had forsaken his divine favor to fight alongside the humans of the Lower World. His chosen path was utterly incomprehensible to them.

The actions of Teller Kang Yoo Hyun were shaking the very foundation of what it meant to be a Teller, who had always been mere observers.

The more pride a Teller had in their role, the less they approved of Yoo Hyun’s behavior.

‘How arrogant! Who does that rank and file dare thump his chest and discard his favor?’

‘Foolish man. He may have been lucky to win without a favor this time, but can he really continue on unscathed?’

‘His popularity is but fleeting. The divine spirits will surely return.’

Contrary to such thoughts, there were also Tellers who calmly analyzed Yoo Hyun’s actions and acknowledged him.

‘Forsaking his favor to fight directly? Has there ever been such a precedent? Truly a strategy that pierces through the norm.’

‘A Teller fights. That alone is a sensational new tale that will thrill the divine spirits. What a novel idea he’s come up with.’

‘Kang Yoo Hyun, was it? Considering his growth trajectory, he’ll soon be promoted to assistant manager. I’d like to see him join our department.’

Such rumors slowly spread from Earth throughout the mixed worlds.

Especially within the Celestial Corporation where Yoo Hyun was employed, there was hardly anyone who didn’t know of what he had done.

“Kahaha! This guy. I figured he’d cause trouble someday based on his look, but who would have thought he’d actually do it already?”

A Dragon Teller in the archival room burst out laughing upon hearing the news.

He reminisced about the day he met Yoo Hyun. A newbie just done with his entrance ceremony, yet he had shown potential that promised great prospects.

Since then, he had recognized Yoo Hyun’s uniqueness. More precisely, the enormous flame of ambition within him.

“Showing him the Hall of Honor, in hindsight, might well have been a brilliant move.”

Unlike other Tellers who simply went along with the flow of time, Yoo Hyun led the current. He chose the difficult path that others instinctively rejected.

What will his journey entail, and what conclusion awaits at its end?

How many will become passionate and interested in his story?

Taking a new path is undoubtedly not going to be smooth.

“It seems more people from other departments and offices are taking an interest in him.”

Indeed, how will Yoo Hyun fare with these external factors included?

“Hehe. It seems I’ll be meeting him again sooner rather than later.”

While it’s not yet a certainty, isn’t it fun to think positively?

* * *

“Damn it! How did this happen!?”

Jinpoong erupted in his room. He had been delighted to hear that Yoo Hyun had chosen the [Siege of Constantinople] before he himself took action.

What place was Constantinople?

A fortress-like world of thought nobody had cleared until now.

He had expected Kang Hyerim to have a rough time and flee the place upon entering.

It was supposed to be inevitable. Other Tellers, collectors, they didn’t even consider clearing it as their goal.

But the outcome was entirely different from Jinpoong’s expectation.

“How did, how did he clear it?”

Jinpoong once took his own collector there. Faced with the endless might of the Ottoman army, they had cowered. Didn’t his collector wet his pants in fear?

That was the kind of place it was.

An average collector could never clear it.

Yet, Kang Hyerim did just that. While others fled in terror, she stayed and fought to the end. And her Teller, Yoo Hyun, had forsaken his favor to fight alongside her.

Together, they unraveled a complicated challenge that none had ever succeeded in before.

‘He survived without his favor while fighting with the collector? Is that even possible?’

Even having heard the rumors directly, he couldn’t comprehend them. This was reality, yet it felt as if he was facing a terrible nightmare.

How much had Yoo Hyun’s library grown after this success? Rumor had it that his Viewing Spirit had already surpassed 1,500, and his Subscription Spirit had exceeded 1,000.

Even these numbers were likely understated. As the rumor continued to spread, more divine spirits from other places were bound to come.

Jinpoong felt a pang in his gut. He did not want to admit that his distant junior had easily accomplished something he could not. His fists trembled with rage.

“That damned bastard!”

And what’s this? He has connections with the Satan of Pandemonium too?

Word was that even Eden from the Great Holy Army was showing interest in him.

Rumors breed more rumors. And as they spread, other holy armies would also take interest.

Jinpoong couldn’t stand idle.

‘I must interfere. I must stop him by any means necessary.’

It now felt like a personal mission to see Yoo Hyun’s downfall, and Jinpoong began to obsess over it.

‘If I leave him be, he’ll grow beyond my reach riding on this momentum. Then it’ll be utterly irreversible. If I fail to carry out the department’s orders to take him down or step on him…’

At that thought, Jinpoong shuddered.

Even with a Teller under the protection of a favor, fear still existed.

A favor only blocked physical threats from the outside; it didn’t protect against other forms of external pressure, such as the severe punishment from superiors within one’s own department.

‘I must succeed! At all costs! If I fail, I’m finished!’

Fortunately, he had pawns ready to follow his will.

Though a Teller himself couldn’t take direct action, it was easy to prod and coerce others from behind.

Many collectors were already envious of the rapidly rising popularity of Kang Hyerim.

‘If I can use them.’

Not only could he kill the insolent Kang Hyerim but also Kang Yoo Hyun, who had forsaken his favor.

Though it had worked in his favor, this action essentially opened a door for Jinpoong to strike in other ways.

“Keke. Yes. There’s a price for a Teller who’s forsaken his favor.”

Jinpoong’s gaze turned icy cold.

* * *

[The library has been opened.]

The divine spirits flocked in as soon as the library was opened for the recitation.

Merely a while ago, the number of divine spirits had been around 200-300, but it rapidly surpassed 1,000 and reached 1,500.

‘The word has spread far and wide. Indeed.’

Still, the influx of divine spirits visiting the library showed no signs of stopping.

Within mere minutes, the number of Viewing Spirits…

In the blink of an eye, the viewership exceeded 2,000.

[Congratulations. You have successfully reached a viewership of 2,000 for your Submission-Cheongryeong (Clear Command).]

[You have earned a nominal amount of points as a reward.]

[Current Viewership: 2,482]

[Current Subscriptions: 1,142]

The viewership number had definitely increased, but the subscriptions weren’t even half of that. The subscription count was struggling to keep up with the sudden surge in viewership.

Of course, it was still increasing in real-time, and maintaining nearly a 50% subscription-to-viewership ratio was exceptional.

‘Even so, it does feel somewhat disappointing.’

Advertising contracts with external companies would bring in more subscribers soon enough.

But for now, it was time to get to work. I put on a smile and began to speak.

“Welcome, Holy Spirits. Glad you could join us for the storyteller and Gwonhu’s battle.”

[Some Holy Spirits greet you warmly.]

[Others demand to see the story quickly.]

[Some tell you to shut up and just proceed.]


As the viewership grew, the message window became utterly chaotic.

[100TP Donation!]

[Oi, newbies. You guys don’t know DangunSam (Eyes Shut Three)? Do you? Just stay still.]

[100TP Donation!]

[So when are you going to show us the story? The story! The story! The story! The story!]

[100TP Donation!]

[Forget the guys. Show us Gwonhu! Where’s Gwonhu?! Bring out Gwonhu right now!]

The direct message window, fueled by point donations, was as chaotic as the rest.

I had been aware of this issue before, but now that it had escalated, it felt serious. Without Satan, my library had become this mess.

“Everyone, please calm down for a moment. The reason I opened the library earlier than scheduled was to share some important announcements with you, Holy Spirits.”

[Some Holy Spirits are inquiring what this is all about.]

“Just as I said. Your overwhelming support for me has unintentionally led to the library’s rapid growth, which is great, but it’s become taxing to manage. That’s why I intend to establish some rules exclusive to my library and communicate them to you.”

[100TP Donation!]

[Yeah, the other libraries already posted their announcements. This one’s a bit late.]

[100TP Donation!]

[It’s not really late, lol. The library just grew too fast. New ones don’t have such things.]

“It was a decision made some time ago. It’s just being put into practice earlier than expected. Now, I’ll announce these rules, which are essential for everyone in my library to abide by.”

I held up a finger and stated clearly.

“First, you are not allowed to socialize within the library. Recognizing each other and forming cliques can make other Holy Spirits feel left out. This is strictly prohibited.”

[The Holy Spirits pay close attention to your words.]

“Second, mentioning other libraries or collectors is also prohibited. This can cause discord, not only for the reason mentioned earlier but also for the potential for conflict.”

I especially saw this second point as highly dangerous.

“Bringing up how someone from another library is this or that, or comparing them to others – it’s not only excluding those who don’t know but will also diverge from the story showcased in our own library.”

This is my library, and the main characters of my story are myself and Kang Hye-rim.

And to come here and talk about other libraries’ tellers or collectors? Even if they think it’s just sharing what they know, they don’t consider the impact it might have.

Why do they come to my library only to say how it compares to another? Isn’t that a huge nuisance to the other Holy Spirits?

“Likewise, please keep discussions about our story within our library. Talking about Gwonhu’s story elsewhere isn’t appropriate either.”

Fandom comes with both a loyal fanbase and potential problems.

The saying goes: ‘Fans end up creating haters.’ Excessive idolization can turn others off, creating a bad image for the fandom.

And if the fandom’s actions become aggressive, they cease to be fans and are more akin to hooligans.

Those who cheer at the mere sight of a skeleton are the least of the problems.

“I will not compromise on these issues. If these rules are broken, I will not hesitate to impose a block. Third, there will be repercussions for groundless defamation or hate speech towards Holy Spirits of other factions. My library doesn’t discriminate. If you start taking sides because of someone’s allegiance, you will face an immediate block.”

Other disruptive messages or unreasonable demands, even with point donations, would receive the same treatment.

My demands might seem excessive to the Holy Spirits, but I believed these measures were essential.

Giving any leeway could lead to disorder. Even if it’s not immediate, the atmosphere can deteriorate over time.

To prevent problems proactively, it’s easier to be strict from the start.

Once subscribers get used to a moderated environment, we can afford to relax the rules later.

[Some Holy Spirits react strongly to your announcements.]

[100TP Donation!]

[What! If everything is so restricted, what are we supposed to do?!]

“This isn’t just beneficial for me. It’s also out of consideration for other Holy Spirits who enjoy this library. We must be considerate towards each other.”

Perhaps some Holy Spirits didn’t like that I stood firm and gave clear answers.

[100TP Donation!]

[Sigh, you’re really stubborn. Fine, I’m done. I came here after hearing rumors, but I’m out.]

“Go ahead. Leave.”

I promptly and decisively blocked the troublemaker. Did they think I would blink because of a direct message brought on by their donation?

[The majority of Holy Spirits admire your action.]

Some were surprised by the firm action against a donor, evidenced by their reactions.

But I remained undeterred.

What I said, I will uphold.

[Sunset Sea’s White King supports with 1,000TP!]

[Listen, young Teller. Let’s keep things friendly, huh? I’ll donate more, can’t we just ease up?]

“No, that’s not possible.”

Even though 1,000 points was quite a sum, I didn’t waver.

Creating exceptions nullified the purpose of having rules.


[Sunset Sea’s White King supports with 10,000TP!]

[How about now?]

A deafening notification sound erupted alongside an astonishing amount of donation. Some Holy Spirits became noisy at the sight of 10,000 points, but I simply twitched an eyebrow.

‘This guy, seriously?’

He wants to challenge me, doesn’t he?

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