The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 38

Episode 38

[The One Who Resembles the Brilliant Light]

Upon confirming that title, I found it difficult to manage my expression.

‘I suspected as much, but I didn’t think they’d make a move from their side so soon.’

The moniker, “The One Who Resembles the Brilliant Light,” was one I knew all too well. In fact, it was so well-known that practically any collector on Earth would recognize the true name that came with it.

The lion that resides in the Court of Light, and amongst the four great archangels of Eden, he could be called the foremost.

Saint Michael the Archangel (Sancte Michael Archangele),

a Holy Spirit on par with Satan, had personally sent me a message.

The message was simple: an invitation to meet and converse. His request for an audience, expressed in a tone of politeness, was so gentle and courteous that it hardly seemed to come from a first-generation Holy Spirit.

In my past life, this was a being so lofty and distant that I could never hope to meet with them.

And yet, he now sought a meeting with me.

‘The reason… no need to wonder, it’s quite obvious.’

It was because of Satan.

The legacies alone made it clear. Michael was historically regarded as an arch-enemy, if not a rival, to Satan.

Since Satan has shown interest in me and knows me, it follows that Michael would reach out to confirm it.

‘Hmm. It seems like there’s another motive beyond the obvious one.’

I had thought when Satan brazenly acknowledged me last time, I might draw intense scrutiny from the Holy Spirits of Eden.

But contrary to my expectations, it was the most optimized Holy Spirit from the Great Holy Empire of Eden that reached out to me.

‘Honestly, considering the position of the Great Holy Empire, I expected them to contact me through a secondary or Millenarism Holy Spirit.’

I couldn’t possibly refuse when someone as notable as one from the first rank of Celestial Paradise decides to seek me out.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I will need to step away for a moment.”


“An important guest has arrived. [The One Who Resembles the Brilliant Light has requested a private audience with you.] [Do you accept?]”

I immediately pressed the button to accept. A private audience had nothing to do with any protection; it did not matter.

Right after, my body was forcibly moved by something. This wasn’t just exiting the Earth’s atmosphere; I was transported beyond the dimensional barrier to a remote space beyond fathom.

“This is… the place for the private audience?”

The space was set up for sanctified beings and tellers to face each other for a private discussion.

I had never been to this [Genesis System]-managed place in my past life. Even to my knowledge, Choi Doyoon had only been there three times.

“Please come in.”

Someone awaited me in the endless white space.

Turning my gaze, I saw an angel clad in pure white garments.

Their attire fluttered angelically, resplendent white as symbolic of the heavenly beings, complete with outstretched wings behind them. To add to the grandeur, they bore golden hair that seemed spun from sunshine.

The beautiful face made it hard to determine the gender at a glance; they appeared both masculine and feminine. Even their delicate voice was ambiguous.

This was none other than Michael’s avatar.

“Thank you for acceding to my sudden request.”

“No, it is I who should be surprised. I would never have anticipated an audience with Eden.”

In front of me was Michael—a being who could be considered Satan’s arch-enemy.

He was among the top tiers of Eden’s combat-ready Holy Spirits.

“Please, take a seat.”

I sat across from Michael at a table and chairs that appeared as if from nowhere.

He seemed mildly surprised at how composed I was. His eyes, the color of emerald, remained fixed on me.

“Aren’t you surprised?”

“Surprised, yes. Who wouldn’t be startled by such an esteemed being seeking a meeting?”

“You seem quite natural despite that.”

What he or she meant to say was simple: why am I not frightened? It wasn’t a sarcastic comment; Michael, inherently a Holy Spirit aligned with goodness, was genuinely curious.

I gave a shrug.

“I’m eccentric; I’ve chosen to fight without divine protection, unlike others. Please forgive me if I come across as rude.”

Michael shook his head.

“I don’t consider it rude. In fact, it’s refreshing. I prefer a candid approach.”

“That’s good to hear.”

The more we conversed, the more it became apparent—Michael was, as in traditional tales, somewhat of a straight-A student: firm in speech, but courteous and making an effort to keep the other party comfortable.

‘Indeed, compared to that sly Satan, he’s the complete opposite.’

Of course, even someone as polite as he wouldn’t hesitate to be fierce and terrifying in battle, as the stories go.

“The reason I summoned you, Gang Yoo-Hyun Teller, is to verify the truth behind the rumors. Do you have an inkling as to what they might entail?”

“…Well, I can’t exactly deny it.”

I nodded, acknowledging Michael’s words.

The notion that I might be involved with the Pandemonium was what Michael sought clarification on.

“Let’s just say it’s a misconception for now. I have no such relationships with the Pandemonium.”

“No falsehood there… That’s a relief.”

“But I find it peculiar. I thought Eden, with you at the helm, would not take kindly to my library.”

“At first, there were such talks. But to be swayed by mere rumors is the mark of the foolish. Direct observation and judgment are more prudent. And upon closer examination, it was clear you have little connection with the Pandemonium.”

“Well, that’s true.”

“But your association with that wicked one is confirmed.”

I did not deny the widely circulated rumor.

“Why did you summon me, Michael?”

“I wanted to converse directly. I was well aware of a Teller whose star has been on the rise. Of course, your connection with that evil one played a part as well.”

In essence, the message was clear:

You know Satan.

“What exactly is your relationship with him? Surely not a close one?!”

I felt a bit perplexed.

“Should I speak more respectfully when referring to him?”

“You may speak as you please. I understand the teller’s perspective.”

“Ah, right. Anyway, I met Lord Satan at the initiation ceremony. A minor connection led to a conversation, and that’s all there was to it. Fate works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? Unexpected moments suddenly arise. That’s how it was when I met Lord Satan.”

“And you mean to tell me he even gave you the Fruit of Life?”

“It might sound rather arrogant, but it seems like he took a liking to me. I even broke out in a sweat rejecting his offer to become the patron of my library.”

Michael seemed quite surprised at the mention of turning down a patron.

“Why did you refuse? Surely a sponsorship from him would be very important for a teller like yourself?”

“It’s important, yes. But it pales in comparison to my own aspirations.”

“You mean to say the patronage of a Pandemonium lord is insufficient?”

“Every being has different pursuits and values. At least for me, what I aim to achieve is more important than his patronage. Though it seems he continues to take a liking to the way I keep him at arm’s length.”

There was no deceit in my words. And someone like Michael would surely realize my sincerity.

“I see. It really is necessary to meet someone in person to discern the truth of rumors.”

“Are you satisfied?”

“Yes. Now it’s clear that you haven’t allied yourself with Pandemonium. Then, pardon my rudeness, but may I ask if you would consider the support of Eden?”

The inevitable question came.

I had wondered why it hadn’t been asked sooner.

It wasn’t just the Holy Spirit who had come looking for me, but Michael himself. I had a faint suspicion…

They were interested in more than just my relationship with Pandemonium; they held quite an interest in me as a teller.

Otherwise, Michael, who stood in stark opposition to Satan, would not have sought a private audience with me.

‘Eden, huh.’

The Grand Duchy of Eden was indeed attractive.

Above all, it had a sterling reputation. Ask anyone to name the place with the most virtuous of all celestial spirits in the mixed races, and Eden would come up every time. Their organization was clean, with no bad word about them.

And considering the power of a positive image, Eden’s presence was significant.


“I must decline.”

“May I inquire as to why?”

“As I said before, I have my own pursuits, and for that, I do not wish to be tied down by any patron.”

My refusal of Satan’s proposal was not without reason. Eden’s offer was tempting, but it was exactly for that reason that I could not accept it.

“I do not want my library to lean towards any one side.”

“Does that mean you intend to include stories of evil as well?”

“I’m not looking at it so simply. Rather, I strive for my story to be free from the influence of anything else.”

Even if I don’t know where my story might lead, I believe the journey itself is of value.

“And surely, it will be a narrative unlike any seen before.”

To some, my words could seem arrogant.

I was openly declaring to walk my path, not the one set by others.

To Michael, who had always walked a straightforward path, my words might be considered heretical. After all, Michael had always believed in the righteousness of his own goodness and light.

But here’s what I wanted to ask:

Is that righteousness truly the only truth of this world?

Righteousness is good. But it’s not always the correct path.

Life sometimes needs its turns and twists.

Because if it is too straight, it lacks interest.

Michael watched me with an emotionless expression.

His golden gaze seemed to be assessing the veracity of my words, wondering if there was any truth to them, or if they were just a ploy to escape the current situation.

He must be curious. Maddeningly so.

“Whether you believe me or not is up to you. However, I also declined Lord Satan’s offer for the same reason.”

“I see.”

“Feel free to think of me as presumptuous. For that is your right, Lord Michael. But if my words seem ambiguous, I think it’s not a bad idea to watch which path I take.”

A slight emotion finally appeared on Michael’s stoic face.

I smiled slyly at him.

This was a level of confidence and audacity I could never have shown before.

“Aren’t you curious? About the teller who rejected even Eden’s offer, and the direction the library he leads will take, and what end it will meet?”

A flicker of interest passed through Michael’s eyes.

Though he was akin to a being of non-desire, Michael, too, was a celestial spirit who yearned for [stories].

The high-ranking celestial spirits, especially those like Michael and Satan at the pinnacle, were mad for stories they hadn’t experienced themselves.

Perhaps outwardly denying it, but surely inside, they seethed with a fervent intrigue for the unknown.

“You mean to say…”

Michael finally broke the silence.

“…you intend to take under your wing both Eden and Pandemonium, is that it?”

I did not answer but simply smiled wider.

All decisions were ultimately left to his judgement.

In the end, it was Michael who waved the white flag.

“Understood. We in Eden will respect your wishes.”

“I appreciate your understanding.”

“The story you seek to create, the path you wish to walk—I’ve become curious as well. So, I shall watch and see for myself.”

“By all means. My library welcomes all celestial spirits without discrimination.”

It was the moment my library welcomed a new auditor.

“I shall extend a special thanks for granting me this personal audience.”

“A thanks?”

“If we simply converse and part ways, it would tarnish Eden’s name.”

With that, Michael handed me a small egg.

It was a pure white egg, radiating a sacred aura.

“Consider this a personal gift. Please accept it.”

I had to struggle to suppress the urge to grin at his offering.

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