The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 37

Episode 37


“Yes! This is Baek Soryeon, the manager of Baekhwa Management. How may I assist you?”

“Yes? Yes. Thank you.”

“You want to conduct an interview? Oh, yes.”

“Pardon me a moment.”

Baek Soryeon was incessantly busy with the phone ringing off the hook. Even as she handled calls from various places, she looked as though she couldn’t believe this was really happening.

Well, it’s quite understandable. The office she’d gone into debt to create had seen no visitors, and hadn’t she been getting by on instant noodles every day?

‘Still, considering how flustered she is, she’s handling things quite well.’

Baek Soryeon usually seemed a bit scatterbrained, but once she got down to work, she was brisk and decisive.

Watching the scene from the sofa, I murmured in admiration.

“Yuhyeon, what are you doing?”

Kang Hyerim, lying lengthwise on the long sofa, asked, resting her head on my thigh.

I frowned.

“What am I doing? You’re heavy.”

“Heavy? Don’t you know it’s rude to say that to a woman? How can you say I’m heavy?”

“If you don’t want to hear that, then move your head. Or do you want a flick on the forehead?”

“No, no!”

As soon as I mentioned a flick, she quickly sat up. Watching her, I let out a small sigh. Ever since I gave up my protection, Kang Hyerim had been physically bothering me more peculiarly.

When I had the protection, beings from the lower worlds couldn’t touch the Teller, but now I was no different from those beings. It must be novel for her.

But if I left it be, she would keep going beyond a first and second act, right to a brain act, so I decided to warn her.

“Do you not even know the concept of men and women not sitting together after the age of seven?” I chided.

“Aww, come on. Are we even strangers? We’re closer than anyone else in the world.”

Kang Hyerim retorted, grinning undeterred.

Her sly behavior was oddly infuriating. Since the Siege of Constantinople two days ago, she’s been in this state.

Will she have to fall and break her nose before she comes back to her senses?

“Phew, I’m tired.”

Baek Soryeon, having finished her work for the time being, put down the phone with a sigh.

“Are you okay?”

“Me? Oh, it’s tough. But it’s exciting too. Before, they would’ve ignored my calls, but now they’re calling me first. Can you imagine how satisfying that feels?”

“Ah, right…”

“Anyway, I can’t believe this is really happening. Since the day before yesterday, the two of you cleared a notorious thought world.”

Kang Hyerim laughed cheerfully and shrugged her shoulders, as if to suggest she was quite impressed with herself.

‘Well, me too.’

Though it was influenced by help from the inside, Kang Hyerim and I contributed the most to the clear. I remember feeling bewildered despite our success, so how much more so would it be?

In any case, because of the impact of clearing this thought world, all kinds of love calls were flying into Baekhwa Management.

“Ms. Soryeon, don’t just accept every call or invitation. We don’t have the luxury to accommodate everyone.”

“I know that. I’m already declining especially those from clans and other managements. They’re just figuring out how to swallow us whole. But I can’t ignore calls from the media and others.”

I know that.

Kang Hyerim gained tremendous fame through this incident. She also raised her Collector status, achieving rank six in record time.

People were hugely interested in this newly emerged Swordmaster, wondering who she was and what kind of person she was.

“I’ve kept a few calls from media outlets. We just need to make a connection with one major one and do an interview.”

“And the others?”

“Some have already suggested shooting commercials. It’s hard to decide because they’re just so-so prospects.”

“It’s better to decline those. Without the backing of major players, agreeing to such deals wouldn’t bring us much benefit.”

Kang Hyerim’s value was immense.

The heavier her reputation, the more cautious her steps should be. Responding to every call would diminish her reputation.

“Understood. I will reject those, as per Yuhyeon’s advice.”

Baek Soryeon was smart, catching on quickly.

With that, having adequately addressed the situation, she asked with curiosity twinkling in her eyes.

“Speaking of which, Yuhyeon, did you really give up your protection?”

“That’s right.”

“That means I can touch you~~”


As Kang Hyerim reached out for me, I sharply brushed her hand aside. She made a disappointed noise, but I was not to be fooled.

“Is it really okay for a Teller to do that?”

“Who says it’s not?”

“It’s fascinating. I’ve never seen that before. It was the first time I even knew it was possible.”

“I only found out by trying it myself now.”


Regardless, having given up my protection had become a part of my identity.

“Isn’t it dangerous to give up your protection?”

“There are certainly inconveniences. After all, we Tellers could traverse spaces with protection, freely moving anywhere we wished.”

Without it, that was no longer possible. If I wanted to travel far, I had to do it the old-fashioned way—on foot. Essentially, my range was now limited to Seoul.

“Moreover, once we enter a thought world or engage in battle, we can no longer flee to the Observer’s Room on a whim.”

While I had protection, I could move in and out of the [Observer’s Room] freely, but now I faced restrictions.

Forbidden from entering inside the thought world; forbidden during combat outside. In daily life, I could come and go, but the new ‘limitations’ were quite significant.

“There are other things, but the two I just mentioned are the biggest.”

“Whoa. You sure that’s okay?”

“If I was just worried about my safety, I wouldn’t have done this. I’m satisfied with my decision.”

Although I was aware it was an absurd move, I had no regrets. It was my choice, made of my own volition, and thus far, the benefits I had gained were more than satisfactory.

I even wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner.

“Anyway, I’ll be traveling and fighting in thought worlds alongside Ms. Hyerim now, so it’s like I’m practically a Collector too. You’ll have even more on your hands now, Ms. Soryeon.”

“Yuhyeon, you’re always welcome! By the way, do you have any plans for what’s next?”


I interlocked my fingers and nodded.

“I have plans, of course. But for now, it’s about getting the situation organized.”

Taking action is the priority.

Due to the recent events, my library has grown too rapidly. A library that others would have developed step by step, I have expanded by leaps and bounds.

The viewership and subscription counts have far exceeded what I initially anticipated.

The cacophony from my old patrons enjoying my fiction mixed with the newcomers was somewhat inevitable.

For that reason, I had to establish rules in my library.

If I couldn’t control the new viewers, my work could be at their mercy instead.

‘The rules must be strict, and any spirit that breaks them should receive an immediate block.’

This was a principle that many small to medium-sized libraries enforced rigorously.

Even smaller libraries than mine were doing it, so in fact, I was late in setting it up.

‘Fortunately, there haven’t been any spirits causing chaos yet.’

This was, precisely speaking, thanks to Satan.

Amongst the spirits, there were certainly those who were troublesome, with their arrogance reaching the heavens.

They looked down upon beings of the middle and lower realms just because they held the status of spirits.

Even if few, among over a thousand subscribers, could there be not one such spirit?

‘There is a saying that amongst five people, there will inevitably be one unworthy. If we apply this to spirits, even reducing it to one in ten or one in a hundred, that still makes more than ten.’

Such individuals would often throw tantrums despite the teller’s pleas.

However, Satan was an excellent deterrent for them. His mere presence prevented the nearby spirits from acting rashly.

‘Having said this, Satan is in fact the most dangerous.’

I smiled bitterly.

It was like calling a tiger to deal with wolves and hyenas.

Satan had said he would sit back and watch over my library, but who knew when he might seize the opportunity to claim the role of patron?

He was a cunning serpent and had a history of corrupting two spirits of the second generation, had he not?

Currently, he seemed amiable and affectionate, but who knew when he would bare his fangs?

‘As evidence, he presented a gift right in front of everyone.’

I looked down at an item that lay dormant in my personal inventory.

On the day Kang Hye-rim and I concluded our journey through the Constantinople ideological world, Satan gave me a present before concluding the session, in full view of the other spirits.

It was compensation for a bet we made in private, but the act of giving a gift hinted at Satan’s intentions.

‘It’s like he’s saying, “This teller is mine, so don’t you dare covet him.”‘

He even subtly hinted at a special relationship between us, much more than the actual closeness warranted.

‘Different strokes for different folks. Surely some spirits will question my relationship with Satan.’

‘To think he would give such a generous gift…’

I took the present that Satan had given me out of the inventory.

A fruit, shaped like a grenade, was now gripped in my right hand.

“Huh? What’s that?”

Kang Hye-rim, sitting beside me, sent a curious glance my way.

I had no reason to hide it and frankly responded.

“It’s a Fruit of Life.”

“Excuse me?”


While Kang Hye-rim showed a surprisingly light reaction, Baek Seo-ryeon’s response was of such astonishment that her mouth might very well split open.

“Is that… really the Fruit of Life?”

“Considering who gave it to me, it likely is.”

It was a gift from Satan himself, after all.

I confirmed the information on the fruit as I spoke.

[Fruit of Life]

This is a fruit grown from the Tree of Life. Although not yet fully mature and freshly sprouted, the life force within cannot be dismissed.

It grants the consumer an enormous amount of life energy.

The description was brief, but it was enough.

Though not fully grown, the Fruit of Life was indeed genuine, from the Garden of Eden itself.

“Why? Is it something extraordinary?”

“Sister! The Fruit of Life? It’s one of the most famous fruits in the Bible alongside the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil!”


From the Bible, the two famous fruits were the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, the Forbidden Fruit, and the Fruit of Life, which supposedly granted eternal life. The latter was what I now possessed, a top-tier item known to grant everlasting life.

It was only the size of a ping pong ball, but its value was beyond measure.

“At least Seo-ryeon seems to be aware.”

“Of course, I am. Assisting collectors, you need at least to be up-to-date with famous historical and mythological stories.”

“Right. And admittedly, it’s quite famous. A Fruit of Life. If you were to compare it with other things, it’s on the same level as Idunn’s golden apples in Norse mythology, Olympus’s nectar and ambrosia, India’s amrita, or Buddhism’s amrita.”

“You received it as a present?!”

“Well, even if I did receive it, it’s not like I can just use it right away. It’s not even a complete fruit.”

The Fruit of Life in my possession was an under-ripe one.

However, bearing the name ‘Fruit of Life,’ even consuming it would undoubtedly grant the eater unbelievable vitality…

‘I can’t eat it right away.’

I was still far too inferior to digest and assimilate it. Incautiously consuming it could cause my body to explode or undergo mutation due to the overwhelming life energy.

‘So he gave me something I can’t immediately use. Yet it’s not without value, which will lead other spirits to be suspicious. Damn cunning serpent, his intentions are all too transparent.’

With that thought, I stored the Fruit of Life back into my inventory.

Although not now, if I grew enough to consume the fruit someday, it would be immensely helpful for me.

Baek Seo-ryeon continued to stare at me with trembling eyes.

If before she had thought highly of me, now she looked at me with a sense of reverence.

Just as I was about to tell her not to look at me like that.


I received a personal message.

‘What’s this?’

I had my settings to reject messages from ordinary spirits.

Yet the sound indicating a message could only mean it was from an entity beyond a certain threshold of significance.

‘Could it be Satan again?’

With that thought, I checked the message window and couldn’t help but widen my eyes.

‘Why would they contact me?’

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