The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 36

Episode 36

The collectors who had fled were lingering near the entrance to the Ideological World. It was a point of no return; they had already made an irreversible choice that left them with little options. Yet, they remained rooted to their spots because the Ideological World had not entirely closed.

“Why is it still ongoing?”

“Usually, it would close by now and reopen much later.”

Puzzled by the situation not unfolding as they anticipated, they stared intently at the swirling entrance of the Ideological World.

“Has that woman, Geom Hu, not come out yet?”

“Is she still inside? Isn’t she dead already?”

“Idiot, if she died, it would have been marked as a failure, and the entrance would have immediately closed, don’t you know?”

“Wait, if it’s still open, that means…….”

It implied that Gang Hye Rim was still alive and fighting inside.

Realizing this, a hint of worry crept into the minds of some collectors.

“Could she really be succeeding?”

However, most shook their heads in denial.

“That’s impossible. There were at least 150,000 enemies.”

“The walls collapsed; how is she supposed to fend off so many? It’s not feasible.”

“Even top collectors couldn’t break through that.”

We failed, so she will too.

That was the collective thought. Had any of the Sacred Spirits been present to witness this pathetic scene, they would undoubtedly have clicked their tongues and turned away in disgust.

But as time went on, the unease of the collectors waiting outside grew. The clan members and managers who had come to fetch them also sensed the tension and watched the unfolding events with bated breath.

The Ideological World was still open.

How much time had passed since then?

Just as everyone was too weary to stay and was about to rise to leave, an anomaly occurred.

“What, what?”

“The entrance is changing!”

The entrance, which had been unresponsive despite hours passing, began to churn like turbulent waves whipped up by a fierce wind.

“No way?”


The fluctuation was too unusual to merely signify the closing of the Ideological World. As the anxious collectors fixated on the entrance, a few Tellers they had contracts with appeared in reality.

“Damn it all!”

“Now is not the time, you fool!”

As soon as the Tellers appeared, they yelled at their contracted collectors.

“What? What’s happening?”

“Where have you been until now?”

“This is no time to argue about that!”

The Tellers were grinding their teeth. They had been watching everything that unfolded inside until a moment ago. Their emergence into the outside world meant that the Ideological World had ended and the [Unification Zone] had vanished, casting them out involuntarily.

That meant.

“The remaining collector inside has succeeded in clearing the Ideological World!”

The cry spread to everyone on site.

“Wait, what are you talking about?”

“Damn it. Are you deaf? While you cowards ran away in fear, someone stayed behind to the very end and finished that damned Ideological World!”


“That can’t be!”

Disbelief and astonishment circulated among the gathered. Yet the Teller, still unable to contain his anger, was shaking his shoulders. To him, his collector seemed utterly pathetic.

“So you mean to say that someone has cleared that incredibly difficult Ideological World by themselves now?”

“Not alone. There were two of them.”

“Two? What do you mean two? There was no one else left but that Geom Hu.”

“Damn it! I’m not sure what I saw is even real. It’s just unbelievable.”

The Tellers who had witnessed the event to the very end still wore complex expressions. How could they possibly describe it?

Madness? A suicide mission? Or pioneering a new path?

One thing was certain: this incident was going to stir up a lot of noise in the Mixed Realm.

“They’re coming out!”

At someone’s shout, everyone turned their gaze to the entrance to the Ideological World.

The moment the rotating entrance reached its peak velocity, two individuals emerged from inside.

* * *

[You have cleared the Ideological World ‘The Siege of Constantinople.’]

[You have acquired 10,000 TP.]

[The story of the Ideological World embraces you.]

[You have obtained the title ‘Knight of Valor.’]

[The first knighthood title has been granted!]

[As a reward, you have acquired an additional 5,000 TP.]

[You have obtained the skill ‘Victor of the Battleground.’]

[You have acquired the story ‘Apostle of God.’]

[Your stats will increase.]


With the Ideological World’s dissolution, countless rewards poured onto us. Not only the first clear achievement but also extra bonuses for completing it as a duo and the immense success that led the Sacred Spirits to bestow additional points.

The rewards were enough to make one’s eyes widen in disbelief, as if the four Ideological Worlds I had cleared before were nothing in comparison.

‘This justifies my over 80,000 points’ investment.’

Instantly, I received a return on my investment and even more when I combined the other rewards.

Above all.

‘My library has grown substantially.’

[Current watchers: 1,438]

[Current subscribers: 1,006]

Breaking through the 1,000 watchers mark, which is said to be the hardest milestone for a regular Teller, had been achieved long ago.

Surpassing the even more formidable barrier of 1,000 subscribers was truly incredulous.

Even deputy-level Tellers often fail to attract so many subscribers. Yet, I managed to do so without even reaching the deputy rank.

It clearly showed that the performance I delivered appealed immensely to the Sacred Spirits.

‘The other library folks will probably be crying their eyes out.’

But what can they do about it if they feel wronged? After all, this joint session was meant to be this way.

A competition to grow one’s library by keeping each other in check. They ended up being weeded out, and I stayed until the end, attracting the Sacred Spirits from their libraries to mine.

However, my success was not solely due to Gang Hye Rim.

The Sacred Spirits were also intrigued by me.

‘I have done something truly insane.’

A Teller forsaking their protection to join the fray directly.

If anyone had heard this, they probably would not have believed it. But it was the reality, and I had committed the deed.

An action almost heretical in the eyes of the prevailing ethos.

Naturally, it was more than enough to captivate the Sacred Spirits.

Thanks to this, my library became a bustling hub for the spirits’ patronage. Far from merely subscribing, numerous spirits clamored to become my patrons, offering support and making a ruckus.

How could I not understand their sentiments? Although I feel sorry, what can’t be allowed, just can’t.

“Smiling in the Dark, your Grace.”

In the darkest place, the one laughing narrowed his eyes.

As I gave the signal, Satan responded.

When he quickly scanned the library, the holy spirits who had been shouting about becoming patrons all fell silent.

Such was the enormity of Satan’s presence. After all, how many holy spirits were there who could even raise their banners against him?

As long as he, a member of Pandemonium, was there, none of the holy spirits would volunteer to become patrons of my library.

[The one laughing in the darkest place has sponsored 1,000TP!]

[Now that it has come to this, how about I become the sponsor to prevent that thief cat from coming?]

“Ha ha. You joke well. I decline.”

As I laughed and refused, Satan seemed to feel a sense of loss, wetting his lips.

But my attitude in boldly declining his offer made the other holy spirits gulp down their breath in surprise. Satan was that kind of existence. An ancient evil feared even by fellow holy spirits.

“Let’s go, Ms. Hyerim.”

“Ah, yes.”

We left the now cleared Ideational World and returned to reality.

The scenery changed, and the clearing we had first entered came into view, filled with people.

Their gazes towards us were complex.

‘No wonder. They ran away because they thought it was impossible, but we broke through in a showy display.’

Ultimately, those collectors had only proven their incompetence, and conversely, had elevated Hyerim and me.

“What in the world…”

“Coming out alive… They must have truly cleared it.”

“Is this a scam?”

“And who’s that person next to him? I’ve never seen that face before.”

Ignoring the murmurs of disbelief, Hyerim and I left the clearing.

No one blocked our path. Having cleared the traces of a fierce battle, the other collectors made way for us on their own.

The same was true for the other Tellers. They just looked at me with a mixture of complex emotions.

Among them were some who had taken a scolding from me and were shuddering. When our eyes met, they turned away to avoid my gaze. I sneered at the sight.

Some harbored anger towards someone who had stolen their viewers.

Some showed pity and amazement towards someone who had discarded even his divine protection.

Some envied someone who had made a fortune in storytelling.

I was just one being, but the eyes that looked upon me were many.

Did anyone really know how much backbreaking work I had put into this?

It seemed none truly recognized me, and that irony made me smirk to myself.

* * *

The world was abuzz.

Rumors spread about Constantinople’s Ideational World, which until now no one had managed to clear, being conquered by just two individuals instead of a multitude.

The main character of those rumors was the ever-rising Swordmaster.

Though there had always been rumors about the Swordmaster, this time it was more than just trivial talk.

An Ideational World considered virtually impossible to clear due to no one having done so.

Naturally, the name buzzed all over as it was finished by merely two people instead of fifty.

But there was one thing people found curious.

-If there were two who cleared it, and one was the Swordmaster, then who was the other?

Naturally, they were curious, but nobody had an answer.

The majority of collectors didn’t even know of Yu Hyun’s existence. Conversely, the Tellers who did know about Yu Hyun didn’t bother to reveal his information.

It was their way of keeping Yu Hyun’s name from gaining any more attention than necessary.

Of course, in the lower realms, Yu Hyun’s name hardly spread. Only faint rumors circulated about the mysterious man accompanying the Swordmaster.

However, the middle and upper realms were different.

-A Teller has forsaken his divine protection to fight alongside a collector!

This rumor had already spread among the Tellers showcasing stories on Earth.

And it went even beyond, reaching the ears of the divine spirits who enjoyed Earth’s stories.

The reaction of the divine spirits upon hearing the news was fiery.

The divine spirit forum on the Genesis Network became noisy.

[What? A Teller fighting directly? Is that even possible?]

[He gave up divine protection and fought risking his life.]

[That’s insane. Truly insane. So who is it?]

[Something exciting happened on Earth? Is this true? I stopped paying attention at the beginning because it was boring, but what happened?]

Earth was not a place that greatly interested the divine spirits.

It was because, despite the 1st generation of divine spirits providing the ‘seeds,’ the collectors’ level was low and their stories were less than thrilling.

As a result, interest in Earth’s stories waned rapidly among the divine spirits.

However, the attention of the divine spirits now refocused on Earth because of what Yu Hyun had done.

[While everyone else was just farming repetitively, there’s a collector conquering Ideational Worlds one by one alone.]

[Moreover, he’s incredibly talented and his looks have drawn considerable popularity.]

[This time, it’s said that the Teller who fought was this collector’s contractor.]

[The combination of a collector with insane talent and a mad Teller? Makes my mouth water.]

[But don’t act rashly. That Kang Yuhyeon? It seems there are patrons lined up for that Teller, and Pandemonium already has an eye on him.]

[Is that true?]

[I saw it then; it was real. One of the seven lords of Pandemonium, ‘The Darkest,’ had appeared, making everyone tremble.]

[Seriously? That Deep Dark? Known for not giving a damn about ordinary stories.]

[Funny thing, though, Deep Dark isn’t actually the sponsor of that library. And guess what’s more shocking? Deep Dark offered to be a sponsor, but the Teller turned it down.]

[Crazy;; Is that Teller still alive?]

[Instead, he just laughed as if it was fun. Anyway, if Deep Dark is interested, then it’s basically over.]

The topic among the divine spirits went as far as discussing Satan’s involvement in Yu Hyun’s library.

The mere fact that Satan had been active was enough to amplify the curiosity of the divine spirits.


Also known as the one laughing in the darkest place.

He was one of the seven lords of the great Pandemonium faction, a divine spirit with high expectations for the quality of storytelling.

This was the first time he had shown interest and even volunteered to be a patron.

It was only natural that the divine spirits paid close attention to this giant’s footsteps.

That was true inside Pandemonium as well. If the heavy-hitting Satan was moving, it roused the curiosity of many divine spirits.

Even more fervent reactions came from somewhere else.

From Eden, the old rival and greatest contender against Pandemonium.

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