The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 35

Chapter 35

He did it.

That was what Yu Hyun thought the moment he saw the scene unfold.

Kang Haelim landed gently on the ground—as if the world had come to a halt, and nobody moved. Everyone just gazed at her, seemingly spellbound by what had just transpired.

The enemy commander, Mehmet II, though struck in the chest, did not fall. He looked down at the blood flowing from his wound, then raised his head.

What he saw was not Kang Haelim, the one who had struck him, but Dragasis, who had been fighting while covered in blood.



Their gazes, though a distance apart, collided in the void.

Yu Hyun silently observed the spectacle.

After countless repetitions of dying and killing in war, the two were leaders of their respective forces. In a way, they were enemies to the fullest extent.

What would Mehmet say now? It would be unbelievable. Having been confident of victory, to lose at that moment—he might lament his failure or curse Dragasis for using such underhanded tactics.

But then,

With a sly grin,

“Admirable. My formidable adversary.”

Mehmet II smiled.

With a sense of proud acknowledgment towards his longtime rival.

With that, his final words were spoken.

With a soft rustle,

Mehmet II’s body, now closing his eyes in calm acceptance, disappeared, turning into white characters. It wasn’t just him. The Ottoman soldiers who followed him also dispersed into powder one by one.

Like the fluttering petals of spring,

The sight of an army of over a hundred thousand transitioning into shimmering white characters was nothing short of beautiful.

In that world of white characters, Kang Haelim held her sword aloft.

Towards the heavens, as if declaring her victory.

All the soldiers gaped in awe at the spectacle.

“Did, did we win?”


“We won! We’ve defeated them!”

Cheers erupted!

Joyous cries reverberated from the surviving members of the suicide squad, spreading like an epidemic among the soldiers who had been nervously watching from the fortress walls.

Dragasis appeared stunned, his face reflecting disbelief.

They had won.

In this hellish world, where defeat was the norm, they had finally placed a period at the end of it all.

The overwhelming sense of achievement filled his chest beyond words.

Becoming aware of this, a warmth rose in his throat and reached his eyes.

Dragasis realized he was crying.

“Yes. This was it.”

What he had longed for.

It was more than mere victory.

Dragasis turned his gaze towards the distant fortress walls, where soldiers and civilians alike were embracing each other, shedding tears of joy.


“This is what I wanted to see.”

His motherland, his home, his people.

He wanted to see them not in pain but smiling, simply enjoying life.

That was the only wish he had never given up on, even amidst the continuous cycle of death.

“Thank you. Sincerely.”

Dragasis gave a deep nod to Yu Hyun and Kang Haelim.

For Constantine XI Dragasis Palaiologos, the rightful emperor of the 2,200-year-old Roman Empire, to bow to just two people was a momentous event.

But no one could say anything to him. Indeed, who could reprimand him?

They were rightfully the guardians of their nation who deserved all praise.

“Truly, I cannot forget this benevolence. Though we are but created beings, it is all the more reason for me not to forget this grace.”

“You are not creatures of fabrication.”

Yu Hyun responded with a soft smile, shaking his head. Aching wounds and sweat drenched his body, but that was trivial compared to what he felt now.

Looking at the characters scattering in the air, Yu Hyun continued his thought.

“Are you not laughing in joy and shedding tears?”


“You are alive. Living beings. Hence, you need not demean yourselves. Proudly, as person to person, that is how you express your gratitude.”

“Is that so?”

Unable to resist a smile at those words, Dragasis felt as if he had cast off all the chains that had bound him. Before long, Kang Haelim also approached.

“I’m at a loss for how to thank you both.”

Dragasis wanted to offer them some reward. But it didn’t seem right to compensate them with mere money or such.

He needed to give them something more important, something better.

“Hence, I shall bestow upon you the title of knighthood.”

“That is…”

Yu Hyun’s eyes widened at those words.

The title of knighthood, especially that of the true Roman Empire, bore much greater significance than it may sound.

Particularly so in a mixed-strata world.

“Valiant and noble duo, by the name of Constantine XI Dragasis Palaiologos, I hereby grant you the title of knights for your martial valor.”

With his sword held vertically, Dragasis took that pose and solemnly recited those words.

From his body flowed white characters that then seeped into Yu Hyun and Kang Haelim.

Dragasis grinned slyly.

“Though it is informal, please accept it with my gratitude.”

“There’s no need to apologize. It’s truly an extraordinary gift.”

This was no platitude.

A knighthood title is akin to a title, and such a title brings the owner significant [Power of the Story].

A knight, especially one recognized for valor in battle, enhances all physical abilities and tremendously boosts combat prowess.

It was a precious gift that could not be obtained merely with points.

“That’s a relief then.”

With those words, Dragasis began to transform into characters from the tip of his toes upward.

He smiled contentedly, a man finally liberated from all pain and sorrow.

“May boundless glory accompany you on your path ahead.”

“Thank you.”

“Benefactors, truly, thank you.”

“We shall never forget!”

The fellow warriors who fought alongside him fell in line behind Dragasis, each casting forth their heartfelt words.

With pure, naïve smiles aglow.

“Really, thank you!”

And just like that, they disappeared.

Brightly white, they ascended towards the heavens.


Yu Hyun’s vision was awash with a different scene, gleaming white from the brightness.

‘This is.’

A sun-drenched city unfolded before him. Konstantinopolis, brimming with beauty, at peace with not a trace of invasion.

Citizens were joyously cheering and waving at a man. Church bells tolled, petals of victory gently descended from the sky celebrating the triumph.

The man, witnessing the jubilant sights, waved back to the people.

His profile was filled with smiles.

The very thing that one man had fought to preserve.

Despite all sacrifices and desires clutched in his hands, it was the happiness of all.

And then, he turned to the crowd, expressed his thanks to everyone, and then turned to look back at Yu Hyun, his gaze reaching out.

Bowing his head, he spoke,

‘Thank you.’

“I bow.”

The world flashed white, and Yoo Hyun found himself back in the original world. Next to him, Kang Hye Rim seemed to have seen the same thing, her expression confused.


Kang Hye Rim sighed and then tears began to flow. She hurriedly wiped them away with her sleeve, but the tears streaming down her cheeks had no intention of stopping.

“Hye Rim-ssi.”

“I—I don’t know. The tears just… won’t stop.”

Yoo Hyun didn’t scold her. He had an idea of what she must be feeling. The joy of overcoming a trial they thought impossible, the sorrow of not being able to protect everyone, the relief from escaping the brink of death.

All these feelings were shaking her heart in complex ways.

‘That’s right. Despite her exceptional talent, Hye Rim is still a novice as a Collector.’

She had grown rapidly in skill, but it had been less than a month since she had become active as a Collector. Her reaction was, in fact, the norm.


Yoo Hyun muttered as he looked at the empty plain.

“We really… succeeded.”

He had believed in their success. But it was almost a gamble. It was only possible with Kang Hye Rim’s complete awakening of all her traits and her utmost effort.

They had faced near-death situations more than once.

But they succeeded. They were the first to clear this Ideational World that no one before had managed to do.

Even in his past life, this was an achievement no one had attained.


Yoo Hyun looked up to the sky.

The stars shining above seemed to be watching them. Watching Kang Hye Rim and Yoo Hyun.

[The spirits sing praises of your achievement.]

[An astonishing feat! The beings of the Upper Realm speak your names!]

[This is something no being of the Lower Realm has ever accomplished.]

[You have earned 10,000 TP.]

Most spirits thought Yoo Hyun and Kang Hye Rim would not clear the Ideational World. They would run away like other Collectors, or just hold out and then leave, because that was ‘normal’ for them. Humans of the Lower Realm were full of fear and dread of challenges.

So they were expected to fail.

[Your names begin to spread slowly into the Mixed Realm.]

But, they made it. They betrayed all expectations. They overcame what seemed impossible. They didn’t stop at death’s threshold and grasped their success with both hands.

And so the spirits shouted their names. What else should be celebrated, what else should be cheered, if not this?

Unceasing triumph over limits and saving the world. This was the true story of a hero they wished for.

[Your names will be engraved in the world.]


Yoo Hyun couldn’t help but laugh at the phrases he hadn’t seen in his previous life. It was supposed to be Kang Hye Rim alone who should be seeing them. Now, Yoo Hyun could see the same.

It was then that he fully realized he truly stood on the stage.

He had reached the position of a protagonist that he so desired.


[Congratulations! You have cleared the Ideational World!]

[The first-ever to achieve this unprecedented feat!]

[You have earned 10,000 TP.]

[Together you two have lifted the curse that was engraved in this world.]

[You have earned an additional 10,000 TP.]

[The spirits sing praises of you.]

[You have earned 5,000 TP.]

The endlessly appearing messages were almost blinding.

When had he ever received so many messages, so many points?

He was just a trivial extra. Never stood on the stage, never recognized.

Even in his dying moment, the spirits hadn’t paid him any attention.

But now.

“Things are different.”

Everyone was watching him.

Everyone was chanting his name.

He wielded the sword as a Teller, fought as a Teller.

The stars poured their praise from the sky. The countless blessings soaked into him like rain.

All of it was a celebration for his rebirth.

* * *

Beyond the horizon, the end of the world was slowly fading away as if disintegrating.

Having cleared the Ideational World, the story that made up this world was losing its power and returning to its original state.

With a look filled with sentiment, I watched the scene. It was breathtakingly beautiful, like watching a sea reflected by countless shards of white light scattering.

In no time, Kang Hye Rim who had regained her composure, stood by me. With her eyes slightly reddened, she opened her mouth carefully.

“We… we did it, didn’t we?”

“Yes. We did.”

“I thought we wouldn’t succeed, but we did.”

“That’s right. We did.”

Our seemingly insignificant exchange of words, yet nothing else could add more to the beauty of the scene.

All around us, everything else had turned into written characters. Some melted away while others were absorbed into me and Kang Hye Rim’s bodies.

We continued our conversation.

“We can’t turn back now, can we?”

“It seems so.”

No one had ever cleared an Ideational World like this. And I, a Teller, fought hand in hand without relying on any blessings.

We couldn’t begin to imagine the impact our actions would have on the Mixed Realm, beyond our Earth.

We might be wrapped up in all sorts of dangerous affairs.

Perhaps we should have lived like the others, conforming to the reality given to us.

“But we’re in this together, right?”

Kang Hye Rim’s words seemed to pierce through my worries.

I widened my eyes then smiled and nodded.

“Yes. That’s right. Although I don’t know what will happen in the future, when that time comes… we will fight together, too.”

“That’s enough.”

The scene was dissipating. Boundaries blurred, and everything became uniform characters.

The world… was disappearing.

The text that made up the world eventually gathered in front of me, forming a single book.

My sixth book.

The culmination of my sixth narrative poem.

It was a fresh wave of emotion.

‘I am…….’

I’ve always heard those words.

You are worthless.

People should live according to their lot in life.

Look up we must not, reach out we should not.

That’s what the world told me.

-Dream big. Only then can you succeed.

I believed my mother’s words and wanted to fight against such a world.

But I was too weak and gave up before I could even start fighting.

‘Now, though’

I will not do so.

As if to engrave my resolution, I wrote a new title in the book.

Not the previous title [The Tale of the Sword Monarch], but a new narrative poem about marching forward together.

[The Tale of the Fighting Teller and the Sword Monarch]

This is the beginning of my story that will adorn this world.

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