The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 32

Chapter 32

The front line collapses.

The hastily constructed stockade crumbles and enemy spears and swords flood through the gaps.

Shield-bearing Roman infantrymen attempt to block them by throwing themselves forward, but the sheer violence of numbers renders them powerless.

“The front is falling! Everyone retreat…!”

“No! If this line breaks, it’s over!”

“Damn it! Then what do we do!?”

Despair spreads like a contagion.

Dragasis, witnessing the scene, could not restrain his lament emerging from regret.

“Is it really not going to work?”

He had thought perhaps this time it would be different.

But the light of hope was far too faint and feeble to illuminate this hell. Hye-Rim Kang was indeed strong and had exceeded expectations, but even her aid was insufficient to handle the overwhelming enemy forces.

Hye-Rim Kang knew this as well.

Yet she could not stop swinging her sword.

‘I have to stop them. Even if just one more!’

Her breath already caught at the tip of her throat, and the mixture of dust and sweat had left her a mess.

She wanted to collapse and rest right there, but her body swung the sword uncontrollably, as if it had a mind of its own.


In a trance where everything seemed to have disappeared, she asked herself.

Why don’t you give up? Why can’t you stop?

Hye-Rim Kang could not find an answer to her question.

‘Don’t know.’

Do I really have to fight this hard? Isn’t it better to withdraw now since everything ends with death?

It’s not that she hadn’t considered such thoughts. But even so, she couldn’t quit.

The moment she stopped and fled, it felt as though she would lose something precious that she held.

‘I am…’

In that instant of thought, part of the stockade collapsed.

The gleam in Hye-Rim Kang’s eyes shone bright as she rushed toward the breach. Her swordplay, now at its peak, mercilessly swept away the enemies.

However, the number of foes seemed endless, no matter how many she cut down.


Eventually, she reached her limit due to overexertion. Hye-Rim Kang nearly collapsed but barely held her ground. However, a spear from an enemy soldier flew too fast for her to dodge properly.

The sharp spearhead pierced her left shoulder. The wound was not deep, but the searing pain prevented her from exerting strength in her left hand.

“Holy Lady!”

“Protect our benefactor!”

Dragasis’s sword penetrated the throat of the soldier who had stabbed Hye-Rim Kang.

“Hey. Are you okay?”

“Yes. It’s not serious. However…”

Hye-Rim Kang gritted her teeth as she looked at her trembling left hand. She had to apply the potion containing the ‘Healing Story’ immediately, but it was not a wound that could be healed right away. Moreover, the more she was absent from the front line, the greater the damage became to her side.

Above all, the enemies allowed no respite.

“They’ve broken through! Kill them!”

“Ha ha ha! Plunder and sweep them all away!”

Even as Dragasis stepped forward to confront the wave of Ottoman soldiers, he too was overwhelmed. With each enemy he cut down, his body grew heavier, and soon he began losing even in contests of strength against ordinary soldiers.


“My Lord!”

“Damn Ottomans! Protect the Emperor!”

The soldiers, too tired to be effective, fell as fresh enemies arrived, energetic in contrast to those already nearing exhaustion on their side.



A unilateral massacre commenced. Soldiers died, and several knights were diced trying to fend off multiple enemies at once.

Hye-Rim Kang bit her lip as she watched the scene with trembling eyes.

It’s the end.

She was at her limit both physically and mentally.

‘I thought… I could win.’

It was arrogance.

The arrogance of having accomplished things on her own that others had not. The arrogance that she could continue to do so in the future, which had instilled in her the vain hope that all would be well.

‘What should I do now?’

* * *

The situation had turned dire. Or rather, it would not have been exaggeration to call it the worst.

Despite Hye-Rim Kang’s desperate efforts, the inevitable flow could not be avoided.

I watched the dying phantom soldiers with an impassive face.

[The majority of spirits are saddened.]

[Some spirits are frustrated with Hye-Rim Kang’s attitude.]

[A few spirits are pointing fingers at her actions.]

The reactions of the watching spirits were problematic.

Most understood that Hye-Rim Kang had tried her best and felt sorry, but some pointed out her failure to accomplish anything in the end.

What’s the point of staying if you can’t do anything, you’re no different from other collectors.

Naturally, quarrels even started among the existing subscription spirits and the newly arrived ones in my library.

[100TP Sponsored!]

[Seriously, if you couldn’t do it, why even try? So frustrating like a sweet potato.]

[100TP Sponsored!]

[She did well to make it this far. She deserves praise, stop whining about being blocked like a sweet potato. If you don’t like it, go to another library.]

[100TP Sponsored!]

[Came here because I heard ‘Sword Princess’ was hot recently, but in the end, it’s just disappointment.]

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[If you’re going to leave, just go LOL]

Before I knew it, the spirits were fighting amongst themselves rather than sending messages of support for Hye-Rim Kang.

No matter how much I tried to intervene and mediate, with over a thousand viewers, it was virtually impossible to cover all the bases.


The chat became filthy, and naturally, some spirits left out of disgust, leading us to the verge of losing a good number of them.

If only someone powerful enough to control the situation made an appearance right now.


At that moment, a new guest, whom I hadn’t expected to see anymore, arrived.

[‘The One Who Laughs in the Darkest Place’ has entered the library.]


My eyes widened, and the reaction was no different among the other spirits.

[All spirits in the library are silent.]

The spirits who were noisy just a moment ago suddenly fell silent.

Understandably so. The new arrival was on a completely different tier from the other spirits.

The One Who Laughs in the Darkest Place.

Even though he used a different name like the other spirits, everyone knew the real identity of this famous spirit.

One of the seven lords of Pandemonium, the Grand Duke.

A first-generation spirit known to have been there at the start of Hyunseong.

His arrival made everyone wary.

But to me, his presence was more than welcome.

‘Why didn’t he come right away, and at this exact timing? It’s as if he’s entering with perfect timing.’

Considering his nature, it couldn’t be a coincidence. But that was fine. It was as good as the immediate fire being extinguished.

[The One Who Laughs in the Darkest Place chuckles at the atmosphere.]

“That’s probably because everyone is just so tense, don’t you think?”

[The spirits are shocked by your remark.]

Maybe because I spoke too comfortably, the other spirits sent me looks of disbelief.

For them, it was unimaginable to address a Pandemonium lord so casually.

It would appear as a suicide attempt.

I shrugged my shoulders lightly and continued speaking.

“It’s still good timing for your arrival. I thought you’d come as soon as I opened the study.”

[The one who laughs in the darkest place donates 100TP!]

[I’ve been quite busy myself. Then suddenly, I heard the rumors and found a moment to visit. The situation seems quite entertaining, doesn’t it?]

That fellow is as sly as a snake.

More sensitive to negative emotions than anyone, he surely must have noticed instantly what situation I was presenting. As he mentioned, Kang Hyerim has reached her limit.

The protagonist who underpins the narrative has come to a critical point.

Knowing that, how could I say he has a good nature to ask such a thing?

However, I responded with a smile.

“It’s going to get even more interesting from here on out.”

Perhaps he read something in the intention of my stare.

[The one who laughs in the darkest place laughs as if delighted.]

[The one who laughs in the darkest place donates 1,000TP!]

[I’m expecting it.]

To throw in ten times the amount for a direct message that only needed 100TP. Indeed, a first-generation holy spirit is very different in magnitude compared to other spirits.

“Now there’s no point in just sitting still.”

Perhaps it was because I had calmly conversed with Satan, but the stares of the other holy spirits at me still seemed incredulous.

Nonetheless, I ignored them.

Their surprise was premature.

What was to come was something beyond their comprehension, something that would defy their common sense. It wasn’t too late for them to be shocked later.

I immediately left the [Integrated Zone] and moved to the world of ideas.

* * *

Is this the end……

Kang Hyerim planted her sword into the ground, struggling to keep her body from collapsing. However, the blood flowing from her wounds and her breath, pushed to the limit, clouded her consciousness.

She knelt on one knee.

At that moment, Yoo Hyeon appeared before her.

Blessed by [Genesis], he was imperceptible to phantasms. His solitary figure, standing still amidst the fierce battlefield, was distinctly out of place.

“Yoo Hyeon… Sir.”

“Hyerim. It’s over.”


Kang Hyerim bit her lip at those words. Yoo Hyeon was right. It had come to an end. She had ultimately failed.

“I… I…”

“You can give up.”


“If you keep staying here, you will die. I don’t want that. It’s better than dying, even if it blemishes your streak of successes until now. You have done your best. There are just some things that don’t work out no matter what.”

Some efforts are doomed to fail. That sentiment weighed heavily on Kang Hyerim’s heart like a lead weight.

Kang Hyerim bowed her head deeply, she couldn’t face Yoo Hyeon.

In a voice tinged with regret, she muttered.

“That’s right. There are things in this world that just don’t work out.”

“…Will you give up?”


Kang Hyerim cried out.

It was a rebuke filled with rage she had never shown before.

“I know! I know it’s just my stubbornness! Of course, there are things in this world that won’t work out no matter what. Even if you do everything, there are certain paths you can’t reach. But, even so! I can’t say that I will give up! Why would you say something so cruel?!”

Overwhelmed with frustration, she let out her cry.

She had experienced this before. When awakened as a collector and during training, people around her had clicked their tongues at her.

They said that whatever she did, it wouldn’t work out, that she should quit this path quickly and try something else. That someone like her couldn’t possibly achieve anything.

At those words, she considered giving up, even if just for a moment.


“Yoo Hyeon told me. That I have talent. That I can do things others can’t. Thanks to you, I really learned about myself. That’s how I’ve come this far. And now I’ve realized what I truly want to do.”


With a firm grip, she clenched her fist on the ground and slowly rose from her position.

“I no longer want to run away. I’m sick of it.”

Having lived in despair, Kang Hyerim had come to understand what it meant to succeed.

A hope she had never known before, a light descended from the sky, drenching her parched heart in sweetness.

Having realized that, she could not return to her former self any longer.

“You will die.”

“I know. I will probably die. But… I don’t want to give up. I’m sorry. Am I really such a fool? To be this stubborn at such a crucial time…”

Kang Hyerim let out a faint laugh at her powerlessness.

Even at this moment, when her life was on the line, the only guilt remaining was that she was burdening Yoo Hyeon.

Yet, she couldn’t stop.

It was her desire. As long as she wielded her sword, it was her unwavering resolve.

“So it is.”

Yoo Hyeon’s voice remained calm. However, Hyerim couldn’t see his face.

He must be disappointed. Maybe he even despised her for not listening and acting recklessly.

Her only regret was that.

“Die, witch!”

An Osman commander, having breached the defenses, spotted Kang Hyerim struggling to stand and charged towards her.

‘I must block it…’

She tried to parry the attack with her sword but could barely stand, let alone wield her weapon with strength… it was not there.

Kang Hyerim felt the approach of her own death.

‘This is the end.’

She closed her eyes, anticipating the imminent pain.

That’s when Yoo Hyeon’s voice shattered her reverie.

“That is fortunate.”

What does that mean…

Only then did Kang Hyerim lift her head to see Yoo Hyeon’s expression.

He had not chastised her from the start. He showed neither contempt nor anger.

His face, which she had mistakenly thought would look on her coldly.

Was smiling contentedly.

[Disabling the protection of Genesis.]

[Once disabled, it cannot be reversed.]

[Do you wish to proceed?]

“Disable it.”

At the same time.

Yoo Hyeon drew a sword from an interspace and rushed forward, severing the neck of the Osman commander who was attacking Kang Hyerim.

An unbelievably clean strike, impossible to comprehend even with open eyes.

Shock was evident in Kang Hyerim’s eyes.

The same was true for the holy spirits who had been holding their breath and observing the situation.

[The holy spirits point their fingers at you in disbelief.]

[The holy spirits are bewildered about whether this is a dream or not.]

All opened their mouths wide, eyes bulging, astonished. The wave of emotions resonated through their messages.

[The one who laughs in the darkest place donates 100TP!]


Only Satan laughed uproariously at the scene.

“Get up.”

Yoo Hyeon ignored everything around him and extended his hand to Kang Hyerim.

Kang Hyerim gazed blankly at the scene.

Suddenly, it overlaid with a memory from not so long ago. On that day when she had been mired in despair, Yoo Hyeon had offered his hand like this.

He had pulled her up then.

“It’s not over yet.”

Different from that time, the hand she now held felt warm.

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