The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 30

Chapter 30


With a roar that shook the heavens and earth, screams intermingled and echoed.

“Block it! Squeeze out every ounce of strength you have!”

“If this section falls, it’s over! Show those dirty Ottomans what we’re made of!”

Those desperately defending the ramparts and…

“Break through! For the Sultan!”

“The time has come to put an end to this wretched fight!”

Those attempting to scale the walls.

The two massive groups clashed, swiftly turning the surroundings into a battlefield reminiscent of hell.

Spears and swords collided, arrows rained down like hail.

Blood, screams, and death were rampant.

“We must break through! This is our last chance!”

“Hold on! Just a bit longer and we can make it!”

In what seemed to be an effort to end the stagnant stalemate, the Ottomans launched a full-scale offensive. In response, the Byzantine defenders fought back with all their might.

The efforts of the more than fifty Collectors on the walls were particularly dazzling.


“Die, all of you!”

Each time the Collectors used a skill, Ottoman Empire soldiers trying to scale the walls were swept away.

All the Collectors gathered here were confident in their abilities. Not a single one was underperforming.

‘More so, they are all too busy dealing with the situation to even bother competing with each other.’

Watching the situation, Yu Hyun quickly assessed the Collectors.

Since the walls were so extensive and the enemies numerous, the Collectors had no need to compete for glory. If anything, the overwhelming numbers almost felt excessive.

“Damn it! No matter how many you kill, there’s no end to them!”

“What’s more, these guys don’t even drop texts?! Are we even in the right place?”

“If you have time to complain, use your skills more!”

At first, the Collectors’ offensive was as fierce as a midsummer typhoon.

The more splendid one’s action, the more the spirits liked them, and the more points they received in sponsorship.

This was a place where one had to stand out to succeed, and the Collectors fought their hardest without exception.

“Heave! Heave! When does this ever end?”

“Damn. Look over there. Still no end in sight.”

But as the battle dragged on…

The Collectors began to feel the toll of their exertions.

“Damn it. I’ve wasted too much energy at the start. Should’ve looked at the long game.”

“O, Spirits! No, I’m not tired! I can still do this!”

Pressured to perform well, the Collectors who had hurried at the start began to pant heavily. They paid the price for recklessly displaying too much flair and exhausting their skills.

Yu Hyun shook his head at them.

‘That side is already beginning to drop out. On the other hand…’

Kang Hye-rim was still full of energy, jumping around. She moved along the ramparts, taking out those trying to breach them with focus.

She didn’t even need to use skills. One sword stroke per enemy. She was incredibly efficient in taking down her foes while still not falling behind in terms of flamboyance.

She had a natural charm that captured attention with just the swing of her sword.

‘So far so good. I wonder how the other libraries are doing.’

Yu Hyun moved from the observer’s room to [Joint Library Zone].

Usually, a Teller would monitor from their own room, but for events like this where multiple libraries engaged in simultaneous displays, these special zones were created.

Several Tellers had already gathered in this joint area, looking seriously over their own Collectors.

“Sigh. I told you not to spend your strength too early.”

“Ah, it’s so frustrating. To think I have to keep such a contractor!”

“No, Spirits! It’s not over yet!”

Some were still relaxed, while others, already facing the risk of elimination, looked pale.

The Teller with a tiger’s head and long fangs, full member Gerygus, belonged to the latter category.

‘This wretched! He’s wasted all his strength in the beginning, and now look at him!’

He wanted to pour out a torrent of curses at his own Collector seen struggling on the screen.

But he couldn’t. The public opinion of the spirits in his library was already at its worst, and he could ill afford to fan those flames.

[Tsk tsk, it seems this is the end after all.]

[I thought he had potential, but it seems to be a stretch, right?]

[There are still some who are holding up well, let’s go elsewhere.]

As the number of viewers dropped in real-time, Gerygus’s face crumpled miserably.

The remaining viewers began to leave one by one.

[Hey, how about Swordmaster’s library?]

[It looks like they’re still pretty lively, right?]

[OK, let’s go there.]


Gerygus was not unaware of who Swordmaster was.

Wasn’t it the dark horse of this joint display event?

He scanned the [Joint Zone] thoroughly until he spotted Kang Yu Hyun.

‘Damn. He’s so smug with recent success!’

He looked at Yu Hyun with a jealous glance. But he couldn’t just keep looking at Yu Hyun; he needed to retain whatever spirits he still had.

“You fool! Fight! Can’t you see the spirits leaving?!”

– Damn it! You think I don’t want to? What can I do when I’m exhausted!

A discord between a Collector and a Teller contracted with each other; such disputes were not unique to Gerygus’s library.

As the war dragged on, the number of Collectors weakening and Tellers pushing them on only increased.

‘This is where the real battle begins.’

Unlike the collapsing Collectors, Kang Hye-rim was still fighting vigorously. Thanks to good stamina management, she was still capable of fighting.

As other Collectors fell behind, new spirits started flowing into Yu Hyun’s library.

[The White-Furred Beast enters the library.]

[The Unyielding Cultivator enters the library.]

[The Envy-Sharp Princess enters the library.]

The number of viewers skyrocketed in an instant.

The number of spectators, which had been only around 300 when Kang Hye-rim entered the spiritual world, had now surpassed 500.

[Current Viewers: 512]

“Welcome, Spirits. Thank you for joining the broadcast of Swordmaster Chronicles.”

[Newcomer spirits are pleased with the atmosphere here.]

[Some spirits complain about it being too crowded.]

Suddenly the increase in numbers made the message window clamor. Yu Hyun apologized and switched to slow mode messages, then refocused on the display.

While it was good news that the number of viewers and likewise sponsorships increased, Yu Hyun’s expression grew more serious.

‘She’s holding up for now, but even she will eventually reach her limit. Already, compared to the start, her movements have slowed down.’

As the disparity in forces became too substantial, although other Collectors are holding on for now, if the balance were to tip even slightly, the situation on the battlefield could change dramatically. Yu Hyun muttered to himself, words not meant for others to hear.

The battle dragged on. Among the weary Collectors, the number of injured increased, and even those who had banded together in teams were now preoccupied with finding a way to survive.

“Agh! Damn it! Someone help me heal!”

“Are you kidding me? Who has time for that? If you can’t fight, get lost!”

“What the hell, man?! Weren’t we on the same side?!”

A Collector who had been deeply cut in the arm by a sword called for help, but none of the surrounding Collectors extended a hand. It was one less competitor to deal with, after all, and no one had the leeway to offer aid in the first place.

Yu Hyun watched the scene with detached calm.

“Are you okay, Hyerim?”

-Huff. I can still hold on.

“Don’t push yourself too hard.”

-No, I’m fine. I can… I can still do more.

Even Kang Hyerim, as she spoke those words, clearly struggled for breath.

An hour had already passed since the battle began. To be unscathed would’ve been stranger.

Then, it happened.

A colossal roar thundered from beyond the screen, emanating from the city walls.

* * *


“Screams of terror!”

Kang Hyerim felt the world shudder for a moment. The wall she was standing on shook violently, and not far from there, a loud explosion sent parts of the wall crashing down.

The dreadful screams of soldiers caught in the collapsing wall were buried under the ruins without a sound escaping outside.

Her ears, which had momentarily gone deaf, recovered their hearing.

What just happened? Kang Hyerim couldn’t comprehend the sudden turn of events.

“The wall… the wall is…”

The steadfast wall that had been holding back the enemies had crumbled.

“What in the world…”


Yu Hyun’s voice reached Kang Hyerim’s ears, who was still in shock.


-Yes. The Urban Bombard. In actual history, the Ottoman Empire also brought cannons of unbelievable power to breach walls. They’ve fired it now. It’s a weapon of limited use but was sufficient to bring down the walls. They may not be able to fire it again, but the wall is already…

True to Yu Hyun’s words.

Ottoman elite troops poured through the breaches in the walls like a flood.

“Hold them back! Stop them!!!!”

“Reinforcements! Quickly, secure this entrance!!!!”

Defensive commanders screamed until their throats went hoarse. The Roman soldiers, trying to hold the position where the wall had been breached, clashed with the oncoming Ottoman forces, creating a new vortex of chaos. The contrast in strength between the two forces, now without the wall between them, was painfully clear.

A fragile balance on the battlefield started to tip heavily in one direction.

“Hey, hey, what do we do?”

“Damn it. If we stay like this, we’re all going to die.”

Witnessing the scene, Collectors began to glance around stealthily.

Barely holding on while being backed by the wall, but with the wall now destroyed, their situation seemed hopeless.

“Don’t panic. Heirs of Rome! Fight to the last man! We can win!”

An emperor, fighting alongside his guards, shouted as he took to the front lines himself.

Although it was a desperate situation he could have abandoned, he clenched his teeth and wielded his sword. Inspired by this sight, Roman soldiers raised a resounding cry.

Yet why did it appear as though a weak creature was frantically trying to bloat its size in a desperate display?

“Mercenaries! Please, lend us your strength!”

Dragasis wiped the sweat mixed with blood from his brow and cried out to the Collectors. His eyes were more earnest than anyone else’s.

“If you assist us, we can hold them back! Please, protect my people! My homeland!”

Dragasis shouted until his voice was hoarse.

However, no Collector rushed to act. They only watched, biding their time.

They had come here to earn points, not to fight a battle expecting to face death.

The slaughter continued. Near the collapsed wall, the ground was stained with corpses and red blood. Even the strong spring breeze couldn’t wash away the smell of blood.

Kang Hyerim gasped for breath as she assessed the situation around her.

“Die! Just die!”

“Sa… save me!”

Death and blood were rampant.

In this fierce battlefield, she couldn’t keep her sanity.

The battles she had fought in her imaginary world seemed child’s play compared to the large-scale war unfolding before her.

‘But… there’s still a chance!’

If the Collectors joined forces, they could repel the enemy at the broken wall and rebuild the defensive line. Just as she was about to shout out with that thought…

“I-I can’t do this! I’m done here!”

A Collector screamed and then quickly vanished through an exit that was still intact.

As Kang Hyerim witnessed this, she felt her mind go blank.

In this situation, if they all ran away instead of standing together…

“Damn it! I give up too!”

“Me too!”

“Me as well! Damn! Who would have expected it to be this tough! I never intended to risk my life in the first place!”

When one person pulled the trigger, the rest followed suit, and without hesitation, other Collectors began to flee.

“What are you doing!”

Kang Hyerim tried to stop one of the fleeing Collectors, grabbing hold of them.

“If you all leave now, the defense will…”

“Defense, what defense! Can’t you see we’re all about to die?!”


“Look. You seem new here, maybe you don’t understand, but this is how it is! Do you think everyone fails for no reason? If it gets tough, just run away—that’s it!”

“But… the soldiers protecting this place…”

“Soldier? Ha! That’s ridiculous. Everyone here is just part of a made-up story! They’re all fake! What do I care if such fakes fight and die? Don’t interfere and move aside! If you want to die, do it on your own!”

Kang Hyerim couldn’t stop the Collector who shook off her hand.

She felt an indescribable sense of futility as she watched the mass desertion unfold in a matter of seconds.

Are they all giving up so easily? Wasn’t becoming a Collector and fighting in this imaginary world for their own goals?

With a dazed look, Kang Hyerim surveyed the battlefield.

The frontline… was beginning to fall back.

“Mercenaries! Quick reinforcements!”

She heard Dragasis’ desperate cries from below.

Kang Hyerim’s gaze alternated between the escape gate and the area below the shattered wall.

Her eyes trembled, unable to settle on a decision.

‘What should I do?’

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