The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 27

Episode 27

Baek Seoryeon and Kang Hyerim became friends quickly.

Perhaps it was their similar traits—they both possessed a certain naivety and simplicity, yet unlike ordinary people, they each had their own outstanding talents—that drew them together?

Despite meeting for the first time today, they were already calling each other ‘sister’. For the record, Kang Hyerim was the ‘older sister’.

“The contract should be good with this.”

I finished signing the contract and spoke up.

To Baek Seoryeon, my association with Kang Hyerim was as good as a stroke of luck. She offered contract terms that were the best she could manage, and we had accepted them gladly.

Kang Hyerim, who had been observing quietly up until now, asked a question.

“Hmm. Seoryeon-ah, what does a manager usually do?”

Since Kang Hyerim was older than Baek Seoryeon, she spoke informally with ease.

She was curious, given that she was still unfamiliar with the industry’s work.

“Ah. First off, we support collectors so they can focus on their main jobs.”

Put into the perspective of Celestial Stock Company teler work, it’s similar to the role of a support team.

However, considering that a Shihwa Office teler typically handles most tasks alone, it’s reasonable to say that a manager’s workload is much more extensive.

“The main tasks include managing a collector’s schedule, diet, conditioning, styling, and even handling appointments or interviews, and sometimes they perform broker tasks too.”


Both Kang Hyerim’s and my mouth dropped open in amazement.

“That’s an incredible amount of work. Isn’t there any staff to divide the workload?”

“I have to do everything since we don’t have any other staff. But don’t worry, I’m capable, because before setting up this office, I worked with a fairly well-known clan. I didn’t mesh well with the people there, so I quit, but I learned a lot.”

Those were the skills she just listed, then.

The magnitude of the workload was enough to make anyone dizzy.

Baek Seoryeon blushed as if she had attained enlightenment on her shortcomings when she saw the stunned expressions on my and Kang Hyerim’s faces.

“I’m sorry. I should be driving as well, but I don’t have the money to buy a car because I’ve been looking for an office…”

“…You know how to drive?”

“Ah, yes. I have both a regular and a commercial driving license.”

Why would she have a commercial license? Was she planning to drive trucks?

Given her petite stature and youthful appearance, it was hard not to be surprised by her qualifications.

“…Is there anything else you can do?”

“Well. I do have an excavator operation license. I also know how to weld.”

“Excuse me?”

“In case I can’t do this job anymore, I thought I should have some other means to make a living. It’d be tough to get hired by any company now, so if need be, I’d join a construction crew or something.”


Anyway, Baek Seoryeon was more competent than I had imagined. Merely possessing the ability to handle such a job was nothing short of remarkable.

When you think about celebrity managers, usually they have separate staff for driving and scheduling. Especially true if it’s a big clan, while small management companies might not afford such luxury.

Baek Seoryeon clenched her fists with determination.

“Ah, anyway, I can work hard!”

“We’re not worried about your dedication. And Ms. Seoryeon, you won’t have to handle all these tasks on your own. I’ll take care of securing options from the Thought World and recruiting other collectors, as well as managing schedules.”

“Really? Do tellers usually do that much?”

Baek Seoryeon had experience in this field, so she should know that tellers usually only deal with contracts with collectors. Teller concern themselves primarily with how many Thought Souls visit their libraries and how much support in points they garner.

Building rapport with collectors and providing behind-the-scenes support is not something tellers typically do. Of course, that applies only to the typical teller.

“I’m a bit unusual.”

“Ah, I see.”

“…I didn’t expect you to agree so readily.”

“Ah! I’m sorry!”

“No, it’s okay. It’s nothing too embarrassing.”

If that’s considered natural, then so be it. And considering her actions, not finding it surprising was quite like Kang Hyerim, if not more.

“Regardless, since Ms. Hyerim hasn’t built a reputation yet, there’s no urgent need for you right now.”

“But shouldn’t I still find something else to do?”

“For now, no. But soon there might be.”

A manager becomes busy as their collector gains more fame. While less popular, one might work on increasing visibility, but in this instance, that was my responsibility.

Currently, Kang Hyerim might be a topic among collectors, but soon a rumor about a woman clearing the Thought World would spread among the general populace.

It wouldn’t take long before everyone recognized Kang Hyerim as the source of that rumor.

By then, Baek Seoryeon will be so busy she won’t have time for anything else. It would be better to enjoy the current downtime.

‘After all, considering Hyerim’s progress, she’ll have to challenge a real adversary before long.’

And with that challenge, she will start to gain significant fame.

Hyenas looking to prey upon us will start to circle around.

Of course, there are already those targeting us. Those with a unique perspective or quick wits have been eyeing my pie for a while already.

That Jinpung guy would be one of them.

‘Now that I think of it, that guy might be sneaking around behind the scenes soon.’

Given Jinpung’s nature, he wouldn’t rush to snitch to his superiors over the affront I’d dealt him.

Considering his strong pride, he would likely try to handle things himself, without alerting his superiors, to salvage his broken pride.

‘This is going to become more interesting.’

I actually hoped he’d stir up some trouble.

That way, I’d have an opportunity to turn the tables and use it as leverage for our own growth.

* * *

My hunch about Jinpung scheming in the shadows turned out to be spot-on.


Cooped up in his assigned ‘Observer’s Chamber’, Jinpung scowled as he perused the Genesis Network. The image of Yoo Hyun verbally lashing out at him was seared into his memory, unable to fade.

The more Jinpung tried to ignore it, the more vividly Yu Hyun’s mocking gaze haunted him.

“Aargh! Damn him!”

Remembering that made Jinpung seethe with rising anger.

“What? How dare he tell me, a member of the Pentagram department, to buzz off? He’s not even recognizing me as a senior?”

Jinpung was furious. While nothing was wrong with what Yu Hyun said, Jinpung never considered his own faults part of the equation.

He only thought of how everything was Yu Hyun’s fault and how he could teach that insolent guy a lesson.


Yes, he must get revenge on him.

That’s what Jinpung decided, and he was currently looking for a way to do so.

‘But it’s not going to be easy.’

With just two, or now three, Story Blossoms, Yu Hyun’s library had already taken root and started to claim its place.

A talented collector and her astute teller, flawlessly complementing each other.

Their unfolding story was enough to satisfy the story-hungry saints, and rumors were already spreading fast.

Even the Genesis Network forum Jinpung was monitoring evidenced that.

[Just got promoted to regular employee, but is it true a teller hit the jackpot with their Story Blossom?]

[For real? Or, what’s the big deal about their jackpot?]

[nn Nope, but they said his second Story Blossom hit over 100 viewers.]

[Yeah right. That’s fake news.]

[No fake. Got evidence sg]

[I was curious too, looks like the subscription rate is above 70% of the viewers?]

[Woah Seriously? Isn’t it usually said to be doing well if it’s over 35%?]

[That’s why people call it a scam. Sigh, I’m still struggling with just 50 viewers after two years. How can someone exceed 100 on their second try?]

[Tssk Work harder.]

[The dude above, working hard on a regular employee’s forum. Aren’t we all the same here? Barely grateful for 50, let alone 100 viewers?]

[Three Story Blossoms in, already hitting triple digits, we’re not the same, lol]

[For real lol he’ll be promoted soon and looking down on us, aren’t you the future senior?]

[I heard from a senior, the newbie teller transformed completely in less than 3 minutes during their first mission.]

[Really? You sure it’s not just some wild rumor?]

[Ah, I heard about it too. That’s why everyone was looking for them at the inauguration ceremony. Wow, but who would’ve thought it’s the same person. Talent wins I guess.]

[Everyone, you too can achieve it through EFFORT.]

[Yeah, but effort doesn’t work, does it? Still a regular employee without even a promotion?]

The regular employee forum, where anonymity was assured, was already abuzz with talk about Yu Hyun.

More importantly, Yu Hyun’s reputation was not confined merely to an employee forum.

‘For sure, the higher-level forums must be in a frenzy too.’

Jinpung, who was only ranked as a regular employee, couldn’t access the forums for higher-ups like deputies or managers.

Nevertheless, he could feel the ripple effects of Yu Hyun’s presence, even without checking those forums.

Surely, the forums where saints gathered were also slowly spreading the rumors about the newly established library on Earth.

‘Damn it! How much did somebody struggle to get here!’

Jinpung was almost mad with jealousy. It was unbearable to hear that someone he despised was doing well.

‘I’ll make sure you pay dearly for ignoring me.’

Jinpung had worked his way up through competition, surviving to this point.

He certainly knew how to shake his adversaries in such a situation.

A direct attack on Yu Hyun was out of the question. After all, Yu Hyun was not inferior in rank. And as for hiring someone to do the deed, wasn’t the teller under the [Protection of Genesis]?

So, the target had to shift.

‘Topple that damn collector.’

Collectors were indispensable to Story Blossoms.

If a collector had issues, the Story Blossom would flop, and Yu Hyun’s library, which was gaining momentum, would plummet.

As Jinpung turned his focus to Kang Hyerim, he started crafting a plan.

There was no need for him to act directly. There were plenty willing to do the job if swayed by persuasive words.

‘Yes. I just need to look here.’

Jinpung gleamed as he searched through the rarely perused collector forums.

* * *

It had been a week since Kang Hyerim signed a contract with Baekhwa Management.

During that time, she had cleared two more ideological realms. Although not particularly difficult, the fact that she cleared them was what mattered.

Thanks to this, Kang Hyerim’s collector rank had risen to Class 7. It was largely influenced by Choi Jungmo’s clout.

Now, even among the general populace, Kang Hyerim’s name was becoming increasingly recognized.

An unprecedented rookie who successfully cleared ideological realms solo, starting from Class 9.

Naturally, people were thrilled with the rumors, and the saints were no exception.

‘The viewership has already surpassed 200.’

Considering it had just crossed a hundred not long ago, the growth was remarkable. Someone might think it’s just 100 more, but it meant doubling. The difference was palpable.

‘But now, the explosive growth from the start is beginning to slow down.’

I was the owner of the library, aware of the number of viewers visiting it and their subscription rates at a glance.

Even to me, it seemed that the intense popularity was gradually cooling off.

‘This is the third major challenge ahead.’

I had smoothly overcome the initial interest, the first stage, and the subsequent rise from that interest in the second stage.

Yet, the crux of the matter was right now. At first, the saints enjoyed my Story Blossoms because they were novel, but anything could become routine and tiresome over time.

Inevitably, a plateau was bound to occur, and I needed a turning point to break through it.

The critical point was the third stage. It would determine whether I could ascend higher based on success or failure.

‘And today is when I’ll show that change.’

The gambit I was about to unveil today would be incomparable to anything before.

To pull it off, I specifically selected an ‘extraordinary’ ideological realm.

Thus, my eyes shone with more serious intent than ever before.

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