The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 15

Episode 15

As I had hoped. No, Kang Hye-rim fought even better than I had expected.

‘To have already reached the deepest part of the mine.’

I had vaguely thought it might happen, but Kang Hye-rim’s rate of growth had exceeded even my expectations. After all, having rolled around at the side of Choi Do-yoon during the apocalypse for 10 years, I prided myself on having a sharper eye than most. But perhaps a Swordmaster is still a Swordmaster, after all?

I wasn’t disappointed that I had been wrong. On the contrary, I was thrilled that the contractor I had chosen had surpassed my expectations.

There was no way I could not be pleased.

[Acquired Points: 2,050TP]

Looking at the enormous points that flowed in, I was confident enough to wake up from sleep and laugh out loud.

The portion of the sponsorships that Kang Hye-rim brought in, and the library commission fees earned through viewing orders.

It was an incredible achievement reached in just 3 hours after opening the library.

‘And to think, this isn’t even the final tally of the points.’

I turned my attention away from the points and observed Kang Hye-rim through the screen.

Having reached the core of the mine, she took a moment to catch her breath and rest. No matter how wildly she fought, thanks to her special ability, today was her first battle. Her body had not yet fully adapted to the power of her trait.

‘Should I have her do separate stamina training later? For now, is this as far as she goes?’

I left [The Observer’s Room] and approached her. Seeing me, her panting face lit up with a smile as bright as a dog greeting its owner.

“Don’t get up just yet, take a seat and rest for now.”

“Heh. Heh. Ah, yes.”

“So, how was it? The sensation of wielding a sword?”

“Hoo. It was the best.”

Despite her tiredness, Kang Hye-rim’s face lit up as she answered. I sneakily examined her book. Her once dark brown book now had a noticeably brighter bronze color.

The stories and histories she forged in this ideational world today had transformed her book.

But, there was still a long way to go. The potential that she possessed was immense. There was much left to reach that level.

“This is the last stage.”

Upon hearing my words, Kang Hye-rim nodded with resolute determination.

Crossing the boundary line and into the heart of the mine, Kang Hye-rim was unstoppable, and the kobolds could not hinder her.

They eventually switched tactics and fled from Kang Hye-rim, deeper into the mine.

This place was their last stand.

“They are probably gathering as we speak, waiting for Ms. Hye-rim.”

They are phantasmal beings capable of using tools. That means they possess basic intelligence.

The kobolds were not fools to blindly charge at Kang Hye-rim. They must be planning to gather all their forces and stage a last stand at this location.

“It seems they have some order in their actions; there must be a leader.”

There was a king of the kobold pack that had long ruled this mine.

If there was a commander, the fight would be tougher. I hinted that to her subtly.

“What will you do? Will you stop here?”

I asked her, respecting her own decision.

Hearing my question, Kang Hye-rim opened her eyes wide and then burst out laughing with a ‘Pah!’

“Hehehe. Yu-hyun, are you joking?”

“Did it sound like that?”

“Since we’ve come this far, we have to see it through to the end, right? You wouldn’t set all this up, push me past the boundary line, and then abandon me, would you?”

“How could I do that? I take responsibility for what I say. So, will you go?”

“I wouldn’t stop even if I can’t eat.”

With some of her stamina recovered, Kang Hye-rim stood up, holding the sword. Her eyes blazed with a fierce willpower I had never seen before.

If there had been even the slightest hesitation from her, I would’ve tried to dissuade her but seeing her motivation, it seemed unnecessary.

“Still, considering the danger, you should set a goal before moving on. Do you know how to clear this ideational world?”

“Yes, I’ve received some training on it.”

“Then it’s simple to explain. The condition to clear this ideational world is annihilation. The best case is to defeat the entire kobold pack, but given the size of the inside, you should prioritize their leader.”

Ideational worlds were a space where stories materialized into reality.

Naturally, there were various genres of stories, and with them came different strategies to master.

Sometimes one had to fulfill a given role,

sometimes one had to dig into the hidden origin of the story,

and sometimes one had to eliminate the core of the narrative.

Among them, an annihilation quest where one just had to defeat a specific phantasmal being was the simplest.

‘No wonder the government isn’t too enthusiastic about clearing ideational worlds. At least the good thing is that the method to deal with the kobold pack in this mine is straightforward.’

The condition to clear this ideational world was to vanquish the king of the kobold pack.

And that was something Kang Hye-rim could manage on her own, without any advice from me.

‘She still lacks the basics, but for now, this is enough.’

I trusted her potential and ability beyond my own judgment.

“Then, shall we proceed?”

“Ah, before that. It seems you need to switch your weapon.”

I pointed at the sword Kang Hye-rim was holding. The free sword she had received for provisioning was chipped and notched from the rough battle.

“If you go in with that, it will likely break midway. It looks like it wasn’t high-quality to begin with since it was free.”

“Oh… then what do I do now?”

Kang Hye-rim, who had been excited, asked me with a slightly choked voice as she hadn’t expected this issue.

While holding a sword, she had the strength that made her the envy of men, but without one, she returned to the shy, timid girl I had first met.

“Ah, don’t worry about that.”

I smiled and revealed a holographic catalog in front of her.

Kang Hye-rim looked at it with wide eyes, alternating her gaze between me and the list of items with a questioning look.

“What’s this all about?”

“You’ve earned some points while making it here, right?”

The list I pulled up was of swords within the price range that Kang Hye-rim could afford.

“When else to use them, if not now?”

One of the ways a Teller earns money is when their contracted Collector purchases an item from the [Dimensional Shop], and the Teller receives a portion as an incentive.

While in the show, Tellers and Collectors work in a mutually beneficial relationship,

right in this moment, Kang Hye-rim and I were strictly business.

“Eh, what?”

“Choose. I’ve only selected ones at a reasonable level with good efficiency. Although I have a contract with the Collector, I wouldn’t scam them.”

“Uh, um, is there a discount for contractors?”

My reply to her was a broad, silent smile.

She answered in my stead.

“Ah, ah.”

In the end, Kang Hye-rim had no choice but to hang her head low and select an appropriate sword from the catalog.

As she made the purchase from the [Dimensional Store], her points were depleted; simultaneously, a sword manifested itself out of thin air.

It was a sleek and elegant blade, far superior to the basic weapon she had wielded just moments before.

However, Kang Hye-rim’s countenance was far from pleased.

“Ugh, Yu-hyun, this is too much.”

“It’s because it was me making the purchase. Other Collectors would have been more excessive, not less.”

Always be grateful. Human.

* * *


The kobold pack leader readied his subordinates to confront the intruder.

At first, when he heard of the trespasser, he had assumed it was just another wanderer skimming through the outskirts of the mine.

But that assumption changed in an instant.

Just one person. Only a single human had crossed the boundary lines laid down by other humans and penetrated deep into the heart of the mine.

It was unprecedented, and the king was flustered.

And then, he was enraged.

This was his land. His territory. Never should it be breeched by invaders.

The very thought that just one individual had pushed them back this far fueled his fury, and now, at this last bastion, he intended to crush the opponent thoroughly.


The presence was felt from afar.

Though the light was dim, the kobolds, who dwelled in mines and labyrinths, had keen eyesight and could easily detect the approaching intruder.

Only one. A frail-looking woman.

Yet, no kobold there underestimated her, for the image of their fallen comrades, slain with each swing of her vengeful blade, was vividly etched into the minds of those who had fled in terror.

Were it not for the king’s command, some kobolds would have already fled.

But for some reason.

The intruder now seemed even more menacing than before.


The intruder, Kang Hye-rim, gazed fiercely at the kobold pack waiting for her.

To an outsider, it might seem like a gentle face forcing anger, but to the kobolds who had witnessed her swordplay, it was as if they were facing a demon risen from hell.

“You’re all dead.”

Kang Hye-rim had earned a substantial number of points. The spirits were responding well, and she herself rejoiced in having finally awakened her talent.

However, she had been forced to hunt kobolds so extensively that her sword was nearly ruined, and she had been compelled to purchase a new one with tears akin to eating mustard out of necessity.

As her points were nearly all spent, the joy in her heart plummeted.

Naturally, Kang Hye-rim’s anger now turned towards the kobold pack.

“My sword broke because of you lot!”

If the kobolds could understand her words, they would have burst from indignation.

But unaware of her reasons for anger, and rattled nonetheless, they prepared to fight on the king’s order.


The king, three times the size of an ordinary kobold, growled with a pickax in each hand, his hatred burning for Kang Hye-rim, who threatened his domain.

Yet Kang Hye-rim glared back at the king, full of determination to recoup her lost points from this very kobold.

From a distance, Kang Yu-hyun shook his head in amusement.

“Well, if she’s got the motivation herself, it’s good for me.”

No sooner had he finished speaking than Kang Hye-rim charged towards the kobold group.

* * *

[You have cleared the Thought Realm ‘Anvar Mountain Range Kobold Mines’.]

[You have gained 2,000TP.]

[An incredible feat! You have cleared a Thought Realm alone.]

[You have gained an additional 1,000TP.]

[The story of the kobolds is now intertwined with you.]

[You have acquired the skill ‘Bright Eyes’.]

[You have gained 582TP.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[You have obtained some byproducts related to the Thought Realm.]


Kang Hye-rim’s eyes likely grew dizzy with the system window’s messages floating up before settling down.

It did not take long for Kang Hye-rim to deal with the entire kobold pack. She wielded her newly purchased sword as if to draw every last bit of value from it, sweeping away the whole pack and even toppling the king in the end.

The spirits went wild with her impressive achievements, bestowing points upon her in a frenzy.

Some of the spirits even sent personal messages declaring they’d become sponsors of my archive.

[Current Viewers: 34]

[Current Subscribers: 22]

[Amount of Sponsorship Received: 4,230TP]

[Sub-Mission – Achieved 10 Viewers!]

[You have gained a reward of 300TP.]

[Sub-Mission – Achieved 5 Subscribers!]

[You have gained a reward of 500TP.]

[Sub-Mission – Achieved 15 Subscribers!]

[You have gained a reward of…….]

I too swept back my bangs lightly as I faced the emerging message windows.

Not only was Kang Hye-rim’s eyes busy, but also massive points flowed into me, as the spirits moved by the scenes I had shown began to subscribe.

‘But this isn’t the end.’

Rumors would spread.

About the stories of Kang Yu-hyun the Teller and Kang Hye-rim the Collector.

New guests would continue to come in search of confirmation and proof.

“So the start was somewhat successful?”

The Thought Realm dissipated.

Kang Hye-rim’s body transitioned back to reality, and the text that had made up the vanished Thought Realm was now absorbed by her body, turning into points in the process.

But not all the text headed her way. Some transcended space, reaching my place in the [Observer’s Room].

I reached out my hand. The cluster of text gathered above it, transforming into a single book shortly after.

The cover of the book read [Sword Lord Chronicles], the name I had assigned to my archive.

The first story I had ever crafted.

And the first one I had shown.

I approached a white bookshelf in a corner of the [Observer’s Room]. It was empty. I proudly placed my first book there.

The bookshelf was vast, and this single book seemed almost pitiful in comparison.

But eventually.

‘I will fill this bookshelf.’

It wasn’t just a tale spanning the next five years. Beyond that, I was envisioning a future far away from the apocalypse.

A new world’s story I never reached in my previous life.

‘For my story is just beginning.’

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