The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 14

Episode 14

“Now, wait a minute. Is that really okay?”

Kang Hye-rim asked me with newfound confidence, though she seemed to have some doubts about what we were doing.

I knew what she was worried about; it wasn’t just a matter of dealing with powerful and numerous phantasms.

‘The unspoken rule etched among the Collectors.’

Originally, Thought Worlds could be removed from reality by clearing them. If left unattended for too long, phantasms could proliferate abnormally and break out into reality.

When Earth had just joined the Combined Universe and Thought Worlds emerged, the world was quite chaotic.

However, as time passed, and Collectors gained strength and established their positions, the purpose of Thought Worlds changed.

‘They became places for farming points and stories.’

Each time a Thought World was cleared, a new one would appear in a random location with a random story. And until you actually experienced a new Thought World, you couldn’t know what story it contained.

To find out, someone had to be sent in, but who would dare enter knowing the potential dangers?

‘That’s why the argument arose to not clear existing Thought Worlds on purpose, but to preserve them as they are.’

For this reason, like in this cobalt mine, most Thought Worlds had a drawn line saying stop here.

Logically and from a greater perspective, it might be the right approach.

‘But that’s just a nice excuse.’

Initially, Earth’s stories were filled with adventure and romance.

But now, Earth’s Collectors repeated the same actions over and over.

Farming, farming, endless farming.

‘It’s logical and safe, sure.’

There was no need to risk lives clearing Thought Worlds; it was enough to continue hunting the same phantasms as usual. Points would still come in.

They likely didn’t think such complacent acts would eventually boomerang back to them.

‘Back then, I did not understand, but now, I do.’

In the beginning, Earth was a relatively prized region, rich with stories buried within.

However, that was no longer the case for Earth. The Collectors’ focus on safety had led to the disappearance of stories that could attract the interest of Supernals, naturally diminishing their attention as well.

‘And so, after five years, the end came.’

The second phase in the process for Earth to become fully integrated into the Combined Universe.

Phase Apocalypse.

There was only one purpose to this end.

To squeeze out as many stories as possible from the people on Earth.

Those who had lived comfortably and haphazardly now had to give their best for survival, which naturally increased the diversity and quality of stories.

They never initially considered how many would die for it.

Thus, for 10 years under the name of trials, we have been like experimental rats.

‘I am aware of how this world works.’

I have witnessed and lived through a total of 15 years, including the five years leading up to the end and the ten years that followed.

How many fell and how many stars mocked them.

Yet, I didn’t want to die; I ran forward without looking back, desperate to live.

‘I now understand… why Earth met such a dire fate.’

That’s why I couldn’t just stand by.

‘This world needs to change. Not by the intervention of outsiders, but by our own strength.’

It was not for a noble cause. It was purely out of my own desire, and I was determined to do my best.

To do that, I first needed to break down these fixed frameworks.

“The clearance of the Thought World will proceed as planned.”

“Really… are you sure about that?”

“Sure or not, what’s the issue? Hye-rim, you just have to say that as a Teller, I forced you into it. And the Collectors can’t hold me responsible. What are they going to do if I say it was under my orders?”

Of course, there was no guarantee that the Tellers behind those Collectors would remain silent.

I deliberately did not mention that part to reassure Kang Hye-rim.

She nodded at my words and agreed.

“I’ll do as Teller Kang Yu-hyun says. Honestly, I wasn’t too happy about stopping here either.”

Kang Hye-rim must have felt a tremendous sense of liberation, something she seldom experienced in life. Having fully unleashed her suppressed abilities and accepting them, she was more excited about the current situation than anyone.

“That’s a wise choice. It seems the Supernals also prefer it that way.”

[The majority of Supernals nod in agreement with your statement.]

The Supernals sent indirect messages, echoing their agreement.

They had been disappointed already, worrying that Kang Hye-rim might retreat like other Collectors at the boundaries.

But when we decided to continue, they welcomed us with open arms.

The Supernals were thirsty for an interesting tale.

‘I can’t miss this opportunity.’

Before I knew it, the number of Spectating Supernals had increased to 13.

“Come on, Supernals. Let’s all cheer for our Collector Kang Hye-rim! It’d be a pity to stop here, right?”

While my words were circumspect, the intention was transparent. I called out brazenly, fully aware of this.

To prevent the flow of entertaining stories from stopping, the Supernals readily sponsored points without delay.

[You have received a sponsorship of 100TP.]

[You have received a sponsorship of 400TP.]

[You have received a sponsorship of 200TP.]

A rapid influx of small sponsorships came in. Some points went to Kang Hye-rim, the rest to me.

Kang Hye-rim’s eyes widened as she lost herself in the messages flying her way. Indeed, she probably had never earned such a significant amount of points before.

“What are you waiting

“Go ahead, you should,” I said, patting Kang Hye-Rim on the shoulder as she seemed to finally come to her senses. Her cheeks slightly blushed as she nodded in agreement.

“Yes, I will.”

“There is no need for hesitation. Revel in it to your heart’s desire and rampage as you wish.”


Kang Hye-Rim resumed her rapid progress through the Ideological World. Her hesitation was a thing of the past. She crossed the boundary line without restraint, venturing deep into the mines.

The spirits cheered at the sight of her.

I, too, nodded with satisfaction. Crossing the boundary line was proof of her resolve not to be swayed only by the circumstances given to her.

If one is to be the protagonist, one must pursue their goals relentlessly.

Because that is the tale of a hero.

‘Well, then, time to get started myself,’ I thought as I set about my own business.

The new spirits entering the library seemed unable to adapt to the heated atmosphere of this space. Smiling, I began to explain the situation to them.

* * *

“Huh? What’s this?”

TauDan, an associate-level Teller of the Celestial Corporation, a being that looked halfway between a human and a reptile, was one of the Tellers assigned to Earth’s Simulation Room.

With nothing particular to do today, he was browsing various pieces of information through the Genesis Network when he noticed a new library rising through Earth’s library rankings.

“A new library has appeared?”

The emergence of a new library was not usually a surprise. Newcomers often established their own libraries; it was only natural that they would pop up.

However, most libraries failed to offer a compelling story and were closed down, ultimately absorbed by other Tellers.

What surprised TauDan this time was the alarming speed at which this newly created library was growing.

“What the? The library isn’t even three hours old and already has 15 viewing spirits? Does that make any sense?”

Typically, when a library first opened, there would only be one or two viewing spirits, and even maintaining those was tough. If the viewing spirits were indifferent, it was a lost cause.

Some that persevered and offered somewhat interesting content could gather that number of viewing spirits in about a month.

But three hours?

Not even with the backing of a designated department could such growth be easily achieved.

“The Teller’s name is Kang Yu-Hyun? Have I heard of them before?”

No matter how hard he tried to remember, the name did not ring any bells. And considering that today was the day this library first opened…

‘A brand new full-time employee?’

TauDan found it hard to believe. How could a newcomer, who had just started simulating, have gathered such a following already? He knew how much effort it took to build a library of that size.

‘I need to check this out.’

There might be some trickery at play. To verify his suspicions, TauDan, as a Teller, entered Yu-Hyun’s library.

The first thing he saw was a woman thrashing through a horde of kobolds with immense ferocity.

‘What in the world? This collector is…’

Her attire was far from proper—a simple tracksuit, no protective armor, and the weapon in her hand was just a basic sword given to any collector.

Outwardly, she seemed no different from a low-level collector unable to even contract with a Teller.


‘How is she so strong?’

TauDan had risen to the rank of associate, and in the process, he had encountered many collectors. He had seen those claiming to have abilities or talents, and he had even reviewed how collectors affiliated with other libraries fought.

TauDan was confident he had the eye to gauge a collector’s approximate skill level.

The impression Kang Hye-Rim gave him was one of unbelievable strength.

‘And she’s getting stronger by the moment.’

It did not seem as though she was gaining new powers; rather, it looked as if she was regaining the strength she once possessed.

Kang Hye-Rim entered deep into the mines unchecked. Even the kobold phantoms that tried to blockade her were now running away, terrified by her overwhelming presence.

‘But how deep is she going?’

Only then did TauDan realize that Kang Hye-Rim had crossed far beyond the boundary line and was deep within the mines.

“She went past the boundary? Is she insane?”

It was common knowledge that Earth’s collectors maintain the boundary line, and that breaking it was considered an absolute taboo.

‘And she dared to do something so crazy?’

Typically, no collector would attempt such a thing.

That meant the Teller she contracted must have done something…

‘What kind of tactic did they use?’

TauDan didn’t understand it. Collectors, after all, were humans belonging to a society, ones that weren’t supposed to rebel or do anything defiant.

Yet, the spirits were ecstatic over what he considered ‘madness.’

TauDan realized something was terribly amiss.

‘The tide… it’s growing.’

The list of Earth’s libraries—naturally ranked by the number of viewing and subscribing spirits—began to stir from the bottom up.

And as always, spirits trapped on Earth and searching for something interesting identified this shift.

‘That’s nuts, it’s crazy.’

Besides discovering a collector with outstanding talent, the library was blatantly shattering established norms.

‘Definitely crazy.’

And that was the issue—the spirits were thirsty for exactly this kind of craziness.

Some heard the news, others visited out of curiosity.

And now, in real-time, more spirits kept joining Kang Yu-Hyun’s library.

Before long, the count of viewing spirits was nearing twenty.

At that moment, a title was etched onto the library previously without a name.

[Sword Empress Chronicles]

It was the moment when the first heroic tale Kang Yu-Hyun wanted to show was determined.

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