The Main Characters That Only I Know Chapter 11

Episode 11

I continued to walk down the Hall of Fame corridor with the elder. The stories displayed in the Hall of Fame passed by on both sides like a panorama, each with its own life embedded within.

The story of a hero who crushed a great evil.

The story of a revolutionary who fought against injustice to change the world.

The story of a dreamer who, despite losing everything, never gave up and held onto their dream.

Every story in this place carried a warmth that could stir the hearts of those who saw them.

“This is the end,”

I thought the corridor would go on forever, but it had come to an end. The last display behind the glass wall was empty.

Compared to the previous exhibits filled with intense energy, this felt eerily vacant.

“Is this the last one?”

“Yes. The story of the Hall of Fame ends here.”

I examined the year inscribed beneath the display case.

The last entry into the Hall of Fame was from 30 years ago.

Initially, there were at least two to three new inductees every year, but as time passed, the frequency dwindled until it faded altogether.

For a full 30 years up to now.

“Why did you bring me here?”

“Someone had to remember this place.”

The once glorious stories were now tucked away in a deep corner of a warehouse, on display without anyone to recognize their significance. The elder expressed sadness at this fact.

“I can’t live on forever. And when I eventually leave this world, I was saddened by the thought that no one would remember this place. That’s why I brought you here. You’re the only guest who came to this worn and outdated place.”

“I see.”

“Do you see? The Hall of Fame, once the envy of all tellers, is now a severed lineage.”

I nodded as I looked at the empty display.

“Today’s tellers no longer think of the Hall of Fame. They just repeat the same stories to earn more points. Times have changed. The old tales that once ignited passion are now seen as childish relics of a bygone era. Even though I’ve stepped back from this business, it’s still unbearable.”

‘Of course,’ the elder continued.

“If this is an inevitable change of the times, there’s nothing we can do. But I believe the stories of the past should not be cut off yet. There will come a time when such stories are needed again.”

That’s why he brought me here and showed me this place.

As I looked at the empty glass wall, I pondered.

If Choi Doyoon had continued to live and overcome his trials after my death, would he have been inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Perhaps. He was the chosen protagonist, who had a knack for astonishing everyone. If he kept on living, it was quite possible for him to grace this place of honor.

This place was reserved for protagonists.

Thinking about Choi Doyoon, I naturally compared him with my past self. And the more I did, the more I realized how insignificant my past self was.

But now, things were different.

This place, where only glorious stories are displayed, a space of honor.

A place only for the chosen protagonist.

‘I’m fired up.’

I, too, wanted this.

I, too, wanted to stand in this place.

That intense desire wrapped around my body like flames.

I turned my head to the elder. The moment our eyes met, and I read the subtle anticipation in his eyes, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

For a first meeting, he sure expects and shows a lot to me.


“What is it?”

“Thank you for giving me this experience.”

Truthfully, even without it, my goal would have remained the same.

However, this opportunity reminded me once again of what I wanted, what I had desired.

Yes. I wanted to ascend to a place like the Hall of Fame.

“Hmm. It doesn’t seem like I did much, but if that’s how you feel, then so be it.”

Although the elder spoke modestly, his eyes were smiling.

As time ticked away, there was less than a minute left.

I had done nothing but observe the footsteps of the Hall, and yet the 10 minutes had flown by.

With time ticking down to the last seconds, I asked,

“What is your name, elder?”

“Curious about that after all this time?”

The elder looked at me and smiled playfully, a childlike innocence that didn’t match his aged appearance.

“It wouldn’t be fun to tell you right away. How about this? If you visit this place again, then I’ll tell you.”

I had no choice but to smile at his words.

“I’ll visit you again soon.”

With that farewell, our time was up.

My body vanished, pulled away by the unprecedented power of the Genesis System.

* * *

As soon as I arrived, what I noticed immediately was the back of Kang Haelim, diligently swinging her sword in a deserted clearing. Looking around, it seemed I had somehow made it to the outskirts of a city devoid of people.

Unaware of my arrival, Kang Haelim was fervently practicing with her sword as if possessed by it.

‘Of course, my predictions were correct.’

Kang Haelim was simply swinging her sword. No one had taught her how, so it was natural. Yet, with each swing, her swordplay became sharper and more refined.

It was evident to the point that I admired it privately.

‘She wouldn’t later be known as the Sword Queen for nothing.’

Her talent was supreme for one who wields a sword. The label ‘Goryeo Dynasty Swordmaster’ seemed like a joke, but there was truth in that trait.

It was indeed based on the [Story] of the martial hero Jeok Jun-kyung who had made significant achievements in historical records.

‘If I had to compare her [Goryeo Dynasty Swordmaster] trait with others of equal caliber, it would be [Lion’s Heart] and [Geombangui Gisaese] perhaps?’

Kang Haelim, in addition, had two more sword-related traits…

She was holding it. Even just by wielding the sword in place, without anyone’s instruction, she was likely accumulating a massive amount of experience.

Knowing this, I had instructed her to swing the blade.

‘She’s doing well, following the orders at least.’

Considering my initial assessment of her from when we first met, it seemed fair enough to raise my evaluation somewhat.


While waving her sword, Kang Hye-rim seemed to belatedly notice my presence, and she was startled.

“When did you get here?”

“Just a moment ago.”

“You should have said something.”

“I didn’t want to interrupt since you were concentrating.”

“Hehe, really?”

Kang Hye-rim blushed slightly and gave a shy laugh. As I wondered which part of our conversation prompted such a reaction, a system window, visible only to me, appeared before my eyes.

[Mission – Permanent Staff Member of Sihwa Office]

As a new employee, you have finished all your duties and decided on your career path. However, all these processes were only the foundation for the beginning; your real life as a Teller starts now.

The road ahead as a Sihwa Office employee will be rough. Gather what you need for the journey ahead and build your own story.

Objective: Establish a personal library.

Upon success: Acquire a personal library.

Upon failure: None.

Time limit: None.

The new mission was to establish a personal library. Moreover, there was no time limit and no penalty for failure. In fact, there could be none because a library was essential for attracting spirits and showing them stories; one couldn’t avoid making one even if they tried.

However, my attention was directed elsewhere.

[Long-term Mission]

Clicking on the newly added item revealed a list of various missions spilling out. I reviewed the one at the very top.

[Long-term Mission – Promotion to Associate]

– Required Merit Points: 3,000

– Required Points (TP): 10,000

– This mission does not have a time limit.

‘A mission for promotion, huh.’

What was needed here was the Merit Points and Points (TP) earned as a Teller.

‘The Merit Points are a combination of the number of recommendations engraved in the library, exclusive patron spirits, and cumulative views.’

As for Points, there were donations from spirits, purchases made by the library’s contract collectors with their points, and other fees charged to spirits in the library.

‘So, by combining these, if I meet the given cut-off, I’ll be promoted automatically?’

It was a performance-based system befitting the Celestial Corporation, a place that valued sheer ability.

‘And it’s a perfect hierarchical society here.’

There was no such thing as a seniority rank for Tellers. The only clear measure of respect and servitude was one’s position. Even if a Teller was younger than me, if they were of a higher rank, they would become my superior.

Yet, becoming an associate was possible with time. Merit Points would naturally accumulate, and if I kept collecting Points, I would reach the threshold.

‘As long as I don’t have to spend Points, that is.’

A Teller needed Points to live. Maintaining a library also cost money. If the Points earned fell short of the consumption…

‘I’ll remain a regular employee forever.’

And that’s not all. If one can’t even earn the minimum Points for survival, their life would be at risk.

If you don’t want to die, if you don’t want to be overtaken and trampled on by others, you must perform your role in an endless race.

For those who succeed, honor and rewards.

For those who fail, despair and death.

This was the way of one of the top three Teller organizations, the Celestial Corporation.

‘Quite an interesting place.’

Even if many Tellers were eliminated, it didn’t matter as more kept flowing in. Essentially, lower-rank Tellers were just like lubricants to keep the system running smoothly.

They were parts that could be used and thrown away at any time.

‘Just like the old me.’

I remembered people who existed just to make Choi Doyoun stand out and who faded away as such.

Shaking my head to rid myself of these thoughts, I focused on the task at hand.

Then, Kang Hye-rim, perhaps curious, asked me.

“Teller Kang Yoo-hyun, what are you doing?”

“I’m setting up a library.”

“A library set-up… What?!”

“Why are you so surprised?”

“Aren’t you supposed to establish a library when you first become a Teller?”

“You seem well informed.”

“I learned about it during basic training. But, why would Teller Kang Yoo-hyun…?”

“Because I’ve just started working as a Teller, of course.”

“Seriously. You don’t look like a beginner but more like an experienced veteran Teller.”

Kang Hye-rim sent me a look of disbelief. But why would I lie about such a thing?

The process of setting up was simple. All that was required was to connect to the Genesis Network and apply for the creation of the library.


‘I need to decide on the name for the library. Should this be it?’

Just as artistic works have titles, libraries showcasing stories also needed names. I considered what to title mine.

‘Should I see what other Tellers use for reference?’

I clicked on the library list button to check out other libraries.

[SSS-grade Story Collector]

[Alone with an Infinite Fortune]

[A Collector with a Combat Power of 999999999]

[Firstborn Son of a Conglomerate Family is a Collector]

[A Collector is So Strong Because He Doesn’t Hide His Power]

[Extraordinary Fortunes Keep Coming!]

[I Became a Collector with Cheat-like Skills but Now I Have Pets, and Girls Are Interested in Me, I Don’t Know What to Do]

‘I’m getting dizzy.’

As I faced these bizarre titles, it felt like my head was spinning.

Since only spirits could see the names of the libraries, I, who was once human, lacked that knowledge. So, it was my first time seeing such things, but what on earth were they?

‘Well, I sort of understand.’

It made sense they’d use provocative names to draw the attention of spirits. After all, one needed to bring in spirits before doing anything. It wouldn’t be easy to grab their attention with plain and ordinary library names.

But if everyone does this, isn’t it the same as a competition for who can be the most outrageous?

‘What should I do?’

I closed my eyes tightly and pondered the name for my library.

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