The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 64

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

“So… are you offering me to start my own shop in this building that’s currently under construction?”

“Yes, to add more precisely, it’s the building that’s been under construction for a while and is soon to hold its completion ceremony.”

Park Ho-yeon pointed to a spot on the document as he spoke.

There it stated the expected completion date, which was roughly scheduled for next month.

“As far as I know, you’re currently working in someone else’s shop, aren’t you?”

At that, Kang Tae-han nodded lightly.

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“I’ve never personally received a massage from you, but I’m sure your skills are excellent and you have a high reputation among the customers, right?”

“Um, that seems to be the case.”

It felt awkward to affirm his own competence, but there were no reasons to deny it.

His appointments were almost always fully booked; if the customers’ reviews were anything less than stellar, it would be excessive humility.

“So, I’m thinking, wouldn’t you be in need of your own store? What do you think?”

Kang Tae-han paused before answering, picking up the document from the desk to briefly scan its contents.

It was a building under construction in Dangsan-dong, Yeongdeungpo.

It wasn’t just a simple commercial building, but a high-rise with 22 floors, with plans for a hotel spanning from the 5th to the 19th floor and a sauna occupying the 22nd.

And the location that Park Ho-yeon had pointed to was right under the top floor, which meant he was offering a spot on either the 20th or 21st floor.

‘This condition could not be any better for massage therapy…’

Although Kang Tae-han’s current workplace was straightforwardly a massage shop attached to a sauna, that did not mean it was necessarily bad.

Being able to soak in hot water before or after getting a massage was a significant advantage.

It helped in relieving muscle tension and enhancing the effects of the massage.

After all, one naturally feels like getting a massage after coming out of a warm bath, and once you receive a massage, you yearn to sink back into the bath and let the heat soak in.

In this sense, the current location was indeed quite appropriate.

With a sauna right above, customers would naturally flow in, and those who received a massage could also visit the sauna.

Furthermore, there was a hotel on the lower floors.

Even just by catering to the customers coming from above and below, a decent influx of clients was guaranteed.

‘It’d be unimaginable under normal circumstances.’

Such a prime location came with the expectation of high rent.

Kang Tae-han had saved a considerable sum of money in a short period, but not enough to rent a shop in such a location.

“Don’t feel pressured,” Park Ho-yeon remarked, interpreting Kang Tae-han’s silence as a sign of burden, and grinned.

“Before he passed, my father worried about having received a favor from you that he would owe his entire life, yet couldn’t repay.”

He smiled faintly as if reminiscing.

“However, the rights related to this building were one of the few assets my father held onto until the end. So, transferring this to you… in a way, it could be seen as my father repaying his debt to you. Doesn’t that sound quite fitting?”

“I understand what you mean.”

It was nothing more than a symbolic gesture, but sometimes those held importance, especially concerning a person who had passed.

Understanding Park Ho-yeon’s feelings, Kang Tae-han slowly nodded.

‘A shop of my own, huh.’

Although he had been feeling the need to start his own business, Kang Tae-han had been putting it off for later.

Not only due to financial reasons, but also because being employed by someone and starting one’s own business were on completely different levels.

A restaurant’s success isn’t guaranteed just because the owner is a good cook, nor is a martial faction guaranteed to thrive just because the master is skilled in martial arts.

For a young person to rely solely on their own abilities when starting a business was a certain path to failure.

Thus, Kang Tae-han had been waiting carefully for the right moment.

But then…

“Honestly, it’s overwhelming. Such a grand proposition has come up suddenly.”

“I understand.”

“But since you put it that way, I can’t really refuse. Like the director said, it’s a gift I need.”

An opportunity of a lifetime had presented itself, well beyond any reasonable expectation.

Although the offer was abrupt, one must seize opportunities when they come.

Kang Tae-han nodded, placing the document back on the desk.

“I’m glad it pleases you.”

“How could it not?”

Park Ho-yeon laughed and reached out his hand, to which Kang Tae-han returned a smile and shook it, exchanging a handshake.

“Thank you for making time today.”

After leaving the café, Park Ho-yeon smiled and spoke.

As they were going in different directions, it was time to say their goodbyes.

“Don’t mention it. For an appointment like this, everyone in the world would want to make time.”

“Hahaha, I appreciate you saying that.”

Park Ho-yeon chuckled at Kang Tae-han’s response.

“The matters we discussed today, I’ll proceed with them myself, so don’t worry about being burdened. Of course, later on, you’ll need to review and sign them.”

“That would certainly make things easier for me.”

“It’s also easier for me that way, so it’s good for us both.”

Well then, I’ll see you next time.

Adding that, Park Ho-yeon…

As I turned to walk towards the parking lot, Kang Tae-han also began his journey. After a while, the proposal that had just been made seemed almost too good to be true.

“A store… in Seoul, no less.”

Originally, I had contemplated setting up shop in Daejeon, where the costs were significantly lower. Of course, Seoul had an overwhelming number of potential customers and I had some established recognition there; still, the initial cost difference was substantial.

But now, the prospect of opening a store in a newly rising high-rise building in Yeongdeungpo was an opportunity I couldn’t have even dared to hope for.

‘The location was exceptional too.’

Though I only checked the map, it was close to Yeouido, near a subway station, and if there weren’t any obstructing buildings, one could have a clear view of the Han River. Although the view of the river might not directly affect a massage therapy shop, the nearby sauna and hotel would likely bring in customers, which was definitely a plus.

“It seems like lately things just fall into place without me trying.”

There had been a few occasions where the things I needed just seemed to come to me. The elixir, the car, and now a store.

It wasn’t just dumb luck; it was the result of meeting good people and making good connections. And when I thought about it, all these opportunities were set in motion by Kang Tae-han’s good deeds—acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.

‘Thinking about it gives me an odd feeling.’

It was both a wondrous and satisfying sentiment, an unfamiliar feeling that I never experienced while in the martial world. If someone were to ask whether it’s a good or bad feeling, I’d feel a bit awkward, but I’d say it’s not a bad feeling at all, as Kang Tae-han would answer.

* * *

The next day, Kang Tae-han had suddenly acquired a store, much more refined than he had imagined, yet his daily routine hadn’t changed.

“Let’s talk more about the details later on. Next time, bring the necessary documents,” said Park Ho-yeon just before leaving the cafe.

Assets aren’t something one can hand over easily. After all, the building still had some interior work to be completed, so the opening was to be delayed.

In essence, nothing had changed immediately.

Therefore, Kang Tae-han spent the previous day as usual: taking a medicinal pill after returning home, having dinner, and going to bed early.

In the morning, he followed his regular routine, going to work early, leisurely warming up his body in the bathhouse before going to the shop.

The only difference was…

“Hello, Manager.”

“Tae-han, you’re here?”

The expression on Manager Hwang’s face as he greeted Kang Tae-han carried a mix of celebration and a hint of sadness.

“I’ve followed your request over the phone and haven’t taken any new reservations.”

This was due to the call Kang Tae-han had with Manager Hwang the previous day, asking to turn down any reservations for himself. Reservations are promises to customers. While it was okay to quit at any time at this shop, it wasn’t appropriate to leave with pending appointments, so he planned not to add any more beyond the ones already scheduled.

But once told, anyone with sense would realize what this meant.

“You’re moving to a better place, right? Congratulations, Tae-han.”

Manager Hwang said with a smile, though his countenance still mixed with conflicting emotions.

“So, where’s your new shop? Now I can proudly receive massages as a customer.”

“Ha, actually, there’s something related to that which I wanted to discuss with you, Manager. That’s why I came a bit early today.”

Kang Tae-han glanced at the clock; there was still half an hour left before the first client would arrive. Ordinarily, he’d still be soaking in the bath, but he had emerged early to talk to Manager Hwang.

“With me?”

“Yes. To cut a long story short, I’m not moving to another shop, I’m setting up my own.”


Manager Hwang’s face showed admiration, yet there was a glimmer of doubt.

“You’re able to look after yourself, but I hope you didn’t get entangled in any dubious deals or sign any contracts with suspicious clients, did you?”

It’s not uncommon for masseurs to be approached with various proposals. While most scouts are from other shops, sometimes there are scammers.

‘Your massage skills really impressed me, I have some extra space in my building, have you considered going independent?’ These approaches were common.

“While nothing’s confirmed yet… I do have some ability to judge people.”

Kang Tae-han pointed to his own eye while speaking.

In his opinion, Park Ho-yeon was certainly not one to lie about these matters. Far from lying, he seemed the type of person who couldn’t even exaggerate.

“True, Tae-han isn’t one to be easily fooled.”

Manager Hwang nodded in agreement upon hearing Kang Tae-han’s words.

“What I wanted to talk to you about isn’t just that; there’s more to it.”

“More? What is it?”

“When I open my own shop, I was thinking, how about Manager Hwang join me?”

Kang Tae-han said, smiling gently.

“When it comes to recruiting people, I do have some ambition.”

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