The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 57

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

Headaches are typically a sign of issues within the upper body. And problems in the upper body usually stem from the neck, which in turn can often be traced back to tension in the shoulders. The head, neck, and shoulders are intricately connected not just physically, but also through the pathways of energy and blood.


Therefore, Kang Tae-han started his acupressure on Jo Chan-hyuk’s shoulders. He began by loosening the shoulder muscles, then moved on to the muscles of the neck. Doing so creates space within the energy pathways leading up to the head, enhancing blood circulation and the efficiency of the massage.

During their last encounter, time was limited, and since they were in the middle of a busy street, Kang Tae-han could only do so much as to slightly open the energy pathways in the neck. But now, there was no need to worry about such conditions.

“Uhuh, uhuk!”

However, if one were to ask if that was a pleasant experience, Jo Chan-hyuk at the moment would resolutely answer ‘No.’ He knew this was supposed to be a massage. He was aware that the teacher was not stabbing with an awl or crushing with a pestle but simply pressing down on his shoulder with a thumb. But knowing that was a matter for the intellect, and his shoulders screamed in agony, as if they were being pressed down to the bone.

“Aha, it’s like… I’m getting some kind of inspiration.”

As his mind began to whiten, thoughts of acting, seemingly unrelated to the national fame he held, swirled in his head. If he could use this feeling of pain as the emotional state for a scene, perhaps his acting would come alive more vividly.


But just as the idea crossed his mind, Kang Tae-han pressed a new spot, and Jo Chan-hyuk could no longer continue his thought and bent his back under the pressure.

“Does it hurt?”


“It’s bound to hurt a bit when it’s this knotted.”

Could it be he’s considering reducing the intensity? Jo Chan-hyuk responded eagerly, hoping for relief. Kang Tae-han, however, answered with an indifferent tone and offered an unexpected solution.

“Then I’ll help you by making sure you stay still.”

While continuing to apply pressure with his thumb, Kang Tae-han used his middle finger to lightly press on a spot on the inner shoulder. The tension and strength locked in Jo Chan-hyuk’s upper body began to dissolve smoothly. However, the pain did not disappear; the massage simply became more bearable.

Now unable to move his body, Jo Chan-hyuk’s facial muscles twitched in reaction.

“The muscles should be sorted out by now.”

After massaging from the shoulder up to the nape, Kang Tae-han placed his hand on the Shinjoo acupoints located around the middle of the back and sent a minimal amount of energy up to the head to check the state.

He slightly nodded and then placed his hands on both the nape and the lower back area. Then, as if straightening a bent piece of wire, he lightly pulled on both sides.

Pop, pop, pop.


The sound of clear resonance echoed from the bones. Although free from the previous pain and feeling refreshed, the volume of the sound startled Jo Chan-hyuk enough to elicit a yelp.

Yet this was merely the beginning of clearing the way. Before his short scream had even ended, Kang Tae-han moved his hands to the lower back. His thumbs tentatively pressed on the spine’s pressure points as he worked his way up relentlessly.

“Oh… Ooooh!”

It was as if pressure was being applied from the bottom up, squeezing along the spine. Simultaneously, a tingling sensation, akin to an electric shock, rose up the spine, reaching the head and diffusing throughout his body, awakening every nerve.

It was a veritable explosion of sensation. It felt like all the nerves throughout his body were coming alive at once.

‘This boost in feelings was inevitable.’

Seeing Jo Chan-hyuk’s reaction, Kang Tae-han grinned. The blockages filling various parts were being removed, and currently, Jo Chan-hyuk’s sensations were becoming much sharper, almost twice as sensitive.

It was as if the body was waking anew. Of course, it wasn’t that his senses were literally becoming twice as sensitive; they were merely returning to their normal state of an average person.

Externally he seemed extremely healthy and well-maintained, but internally his senses were so dulled that even a slight easing of his neck made him feel greatly rejuvenated.

“Teacher, how can this be…?”

As the stimulation subsided, Jo Chan-hyuk slightly raised his torso, wiggling his fingers and moving his arms with a look of amazement.

It felt as if years of fatigue had been washed away. His face no longer reflected thoughts of acting but a genuine smile of enjoyment.

“It’s truly extraordinary. I knew you were skilled, but I never imagined it would be to this extent…”

He couldn’t believe his body could feel so light.

Of course, Kang Tae-han had simply rid the body of the accumulated stagnation, but to Jo Chan-hyuk, it felt as though he had received some kind of enhancement to his physical body.

“Do you like the massage?”

“Yes! At first, I thought it was too painful, but now my whole body feels cool and light. I feel like running around the neighborhood right this moment.”

It was no exaggeration. He felt he could run endlessly, like a seven-year-old who had just devoured a whole chocolate bar.

“That’s good to hear. But you should finish your massage before leaving.”

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-han casually walked behind him and, placing his thumb on the back of his neck, gently rested his head…

He was caught.


“You should take care of your migraine too, shouldn’t you?”

It wasn’t over yet.

When Jo Chan-hyeok glanced at his watch, there were indeed about 6 minutes left.

But why?

A momentary flicker of ominous intuition brushed through his mind.

An intuition that from now on, it was going to be the most painful time.


Jo Chan-hyeok tried to turn his head to look at Kang Tae-han’s face but found that his head wouldn’t turn as if it was fixed in place.

It was strange because it didn’t feel like he had been gripped that tightly.

“This time, it might hurt quite a bit.”

At Kang Tae-han’s words, Jo Chan-hyeok remembered what had just happened.

Before, when Kang Tae-han had been pressing on his shoulder, he had mentioned, ‘Since it’s so tightened up, it might hurt a bit.’

If that was what he considered a little painful, then what did he mean by ‘quite’ painful?

And in that instant.


Before Chan-hyeok could even imagine the level of pain, he experienced it firsthand.

While his head was held immobile, four fingers, excluding the pinky, pressed down on various acupoints of his head.

Jo Chan-hyeok came to understand very vividly what the common expression ‘like my head is splitting open’ felt like.

* * *


Waking from his sleep, Jo Chan-hyeok blinked with a blank expression, slowly sat up in bed, and let out a deep breath.


That was the first thought that came to his mind when he woke up.

Literally, his mind was clear as if the sky inside his head had brightened up.

Not just his head, but his whole body felt lighter and moved smoothly and flexibly, almost unbelievably so.

His bloated stomach felt comfortable as well.

He couldn’t be sure if it was the right expression, but it felt like all the waste stuck here and there in his body was completely gone.

“It’s as if I’ve returned to my youthful days.”

To be more precise, it felt as though he had reverted to his vibrant and energetic self, before all sorts of ailments had developed due to overwork.

His body, constantly struggling with various aftereffects and always heavy with fatigue.

It felt like instead of being healed, his old body had been exchanged for a new one.

But of course, such a thing was impossible.

It must simply be that his body had been in such poor shape, and thus the effect of the massage felt all the more dramatic.

Jo Chan-hyeok, still with a daze on his face, looked around at his body and soon let out a chuckle.

‘I knew the teacher was exceptional.’

To think that someone could calm his spontaneous migraines and panic disorder, all without any equipment or medicine, and in less than a minute, was already beyond belief. He had come here with high expectations, but the effects had exceeded even those.

“Have you awakened?”

That’s when the closed door opened, and orange light filled the once-dark room.

Jo Chan-hyeok shielded his eyes slightly and looked towards the door, where Kang Tae-han stood.

“Once you’re fully aware, how about having a cup of tea?”

With a smile, Kang Tae-han set down the tray he was holding onto the small table beside him.

On it were a warm cup of tea and a couple of biscuits to accompany it.

“May I ask what kind of tea this is?”

The spreading scent was quite interesting.

A mix of sweet and slightly bitter aromas.

Jo Chan-hyeok took the teacup from the tray into his hand and casually asked.

“It’s tea I brewed with homemade cheong from arrowroot.”

“Ah… so this scent is from the arrowroot.”

Upon hearing the answer, Jo Chan-hyeok cautiously took a sip of the tea.

Perhaps because of the massage that made his body relax, he could feel the warm warmth and moisture seeping straight into his body.

‘…Very nice.’

With a clear head devoid of any distracting thoughts, and a body that was both energetic and calmly comfortable, he was now complemented with a warm and tasty cup of tea, Jo Chan-hyeok truly felt at ease.

Was this the most restful break he had felt this year?

A feeling that was somewhat peculiar as this small room with just a massage bed and small table felt more comfortable than the expensive resorts he had visited.

“…Thank you, teacher.”

And all of this was thanks to Kang Tae-han.

Even the circumstance of their meeting was the result of kindness Kang Tae-han had shown him.

“I’ve only kept a promise.”

“…Still, I’d like to offer something in return.”

With those words, Jo Chan-hyeok reached for his long wallet which he had placed on the table.

He pondered for a moment, but the only thing that came to mind for the moment was a monetary reward.

“Then, could I just ask for your autograph?”

But before Chan-hyeok could open his wallet, Kang Tae-han spoke first.

As if he had prepared from the beginning, Kang Tae-han held a pen and a sheet of paper ready for the autograph.

He mentioned in an offhand way that he had met Jo Chan-hyeok once when he was at home with his father, and that his father had shown an unexpectedly intense reaction.

He had been a fan since seeing him on the drama, or something like that.

And that if there were a chance to meet him again, he had asked him to make sure to get an autograph.

“An autograph?”

Jo Chan-hyeok reflexively repeated Kang Tae-han’s words.

The impression Jo Chan-hyeok had of Kang Tae-han was one of almost mystical nature, and the familiar request from his surroundings took him by surprise.

“When I spoke of Chan-hyeok, my father explicitly asked if I could get one.”

“Ah, I see.”

The reason was also filled with human warmth.

At Tae-han’s words, Chan-hyeok smiled kindly and nodded.

“I can certainly do that much. What is your father’s name?”

“It’s Kang, and his given name contains the characters for ‘tiger’ and ‘to succeed’.”

Chan-hyeok promptly uncapped the signing pen and began to write.

Before long, a carefully crafted and elegant autograph lay on the table.

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