The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 56

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

“This is truly fascinating.”

Chae Seo-yoon tilted her head in wonder, setting down the laundry basket on the living room table. Her body felt unusually great today. Normally, by now she would start feeling tired, with an aching back prompting her to take a break with a cup of tea, but today she didn’t feel the need at all. She felt perfectly at ease, full of energy, as if there was no need to rest.

Of course, there was a reason for this unexpected vitality: the massage she had received from Kang Tae-han the day before. Initially it felt a bit intense, but soon after, it was so comforting and relaxing that she had fallen asleep without realizing it. She had woken up from that deep sleep with her body in peak condition, a clean and revitalized energy coursing through her, and without the slightest fatigue or pain in her joints and spine.

And most importantly, this sense of refreshment wasn’t fleeting. The peak condition continued until the next day. “I did think Tae-han might have extraordinary skills.”

But even then, there are limits to what is usually thought to be within the realm of possibility. While she expected maybe a refreshing touch or a mild comfort, this went beyond her expectations by a mile. “At this rate, he could start a religion.”

With a bit of exaggeration and the right presentation, he could pass for a savior. After a massage, ‘Take away thy pain. Now rise and run like a child.’ If he said that, a patient could jump up and chant Kang Tae-han’s name. ‘That does sound quite convincing.’

Chae Seo-yoon chuckled at the image that emerged in her mind. It was a bit disrespectful to Tae-han, but it was just a thought, what harm could it do? “Can I really be healed?”

Suddenly, she remembered what her husband told her Tae-han had said. He couldn’t correct her pelvis and spine in one go, but with some time, he believed he could fix it. ‘It sounds too good to be true.’

She had rarely complained about her pain, seeing it as a chronic disease, a burden she must bear. It wouldn’t help much to lament, as it would only cast a shadow over her surroundings and make her family suffer. She had decided to endure it, but now, the possibility of healing was hard to believe.

Staring absentmindedly at her wrist, she moved it around, amazed that it no longer felt like there was sand crunching in her joints and there were no lingering aches. “I’m home!”

Just then, a bright, childlike voice rang through the house as the door opened. Her eight-year-old son had returned from school. “Is that you, son?”

“Mommaaa!” As Chae Seo-yoon stood up to walk towards the entrance, she heard the eager footsteps of her son approaching. As she rounded the corner to the entrance, she was greeted by her son, arms wide open, running towards her.

‘Oh dear.’ He had run with all his might and planned to leap into his mother’s arms. She instinctively tensed up, knowing from experience that this would strain her back now that her son had grown.

Yet when he leaped into her waist…

“…Huh?” There was no pain. No strain on her joints, no discomfort. She picked up her son with both arms, lifting him to her chest as she had when he was younger. “Wow, so high!”

Like on a thrilling ride, her son laughed joyously. She smiled warmly back at him. “How nice.”

Since the discovery of her joint pain and scoliosis, she hadn’t been able to hug her child despite his love for it. She felt sorry as a mother. “So lovely.”

Smiling at the simple regained bliss, she felt a surge of emotion well up inside. “Mom, lift me higher.”

“No, you can’t.” Chae Seo-yoon was cautious, especially now that her body was getting better. Taking her son’s request firmly, she set him back down on the floor.


“Hey, Seonghyun.”

“Yes? What is it?”

“Could you come over for a second?”

When Choi Seong-hyun looked over, he saw Kim Seong-hun, an acupressure therapist working with Tae-han on the artisan courses, beckoning him from a secluded spot.

Approaching Kim Seong-hun, the latter leaned in and whispered, “Do you know…what Tae-han likes?”

“Why suddenly ask me that?” Choi Seong-hyun frowned slightly at the unexpected question that felt almost like a college friend inquiring about a girl’s interests.

Regardless of the oddity,

“Actually, you’ve been learning various therapeutic techniques from Tae-han, right?” Kim Seong-hun continued, his demeanor appearing uncharacteristic, hesitant compared to his usually forthright and easygoing image.

“I’d like to learn too, but it doesn’t seem right to ask without bringing something to the table.”

Therapists often have their own methods and tips, whether learned through practice or research. Inquiring about such can be a delicate matter, subjective to each individual.

However, depending on the person, it could be considered rude.

That’s why I’m trying to earn even a little bit of goodwill before broaching the topic.

But Choi Sung-hyun slowly shook his head as he heard the suggestion.

“Nah. If you give someone like Tae-han a present, he’d probably dislike it. It’ll backfire, for sure.”

“Really? But wouldn’t he like something like Hanwoo beef?”

Kim Sung-hoon, lost in thought for a moment, then ventured the guess.

“No need. I’ve got plenty of Hanwoo at home.”

Kang Tae-han, having approached quietly without notice, smoothly joined the conversation.

At his sudden appearance, Kim Sung-hoon’s voice betrayed his surprise.

“Oh, Tae, Tae-han! Long time no see.”

“We see each other often, what are you talking about?”

“That’s true, but, uh, well.”

Awkward, Kim Sung-hoon cleared his throat unnecessarily.

Instead, it was Kang Tae-han who shifted the topic back.

“Speaking of which, you mentioned wanting to listen in when I teach Sung-hyun, right?”

“…Yes. Would that be okay?”

Kim Sung-hoon nodded and briefly checked Kang Tae-han’s reaction.

However, to his surprise, Kang Tae-han readily agreed.

“When it comes to massage techniques, there’s nothing to it. You could have just asked me directly.”

Asking about the individual techniques and know-how of a masseur can be a sensitive issue.

After all, it’s the result of hard-won efforts and also the foundation of their livelihood.

But if it’s just a minor part of their knowledge, a skill so basic it’s almost a stretch to call it a skill, then it’s no big deal.

‘Unless it were a martial art technique.’

Then he might require a formal gesture of respect, like the Nine Bows ceremony. However, trivial tips for massage were not a concern.

Had he planned to keep it secret, he would have imparted it in privacy, not in the dressing room where others could see.

“Really? Are you sure, Tae-han?”

“Would I joke about something like this?”

Kang Tae-han replied with a nonchalant tone.

On the other hand, Choi Sung-hyun asked with a hint of doubt in his voice.

“Why haven’t you left yet, though?”

It was 7:10 PM.

Under normal circumstances, he would have already left for the fitness club by now.

At that, Kang Tae-han shrugged it off lightly.

“I’ve made an appointment with a client.”

“A client?”

Remembering a previous incident, Choi Sung-hyun recalled a time Kang Tae-han hadn’t left work like this, and a stunning female client had appeared.

‘Could it be again?’

He had dismissed it as a one-time occurrence, but suspicions would turn to certainty if the same person appeared twice.

Choi Sung-hyun looked at Kang Tae-han with sudden interest.

“Your client has arrived, Mr. Tae-han.”

Right on cue, Manager Hwang opened the door to announce the visitor’s arrival.

As if waiting, Kang Tae-han naturally headed outside.

Choi Sung-hyun also followed, peeking out curiously towards the lobby.

“Good evening, sir.”

But the guest who arrived was a man.

He bowed politely to Kang Tae-han and extended his forearm for a handshake.

“I received a lot of help last time. I wanted to meet you in person to express my gratitude.”

“You’re too kind.”

It wasn’t the beautiful woman from before.

Choi Sung-hyun, feeling somewhat disappointed, was about to leave when a thought struck him that he had seen this man’s face somewhere before.

Not strikingly handsome, but the features were clear and familiar…


Jo Chan-hyuk! He almost blurted out the name that suddenly crossed his mind.

Luckily, his rationality prevailed, and Choi Sung-hyun quickly covered his mouth, closing the door and returning to the dressing room.

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