The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 55

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

“Can’t we do it on the bed?”

Chae Seo-yoon asked, lying on the yoga mat she’d spread out on the living room floor.

It wasn’t particularly uncomfortable, but somehow being there made her feel a bit awkward.

“Yes. The bed mattress is too soft,” replied Kang Tae-han, as if it was only natural.

Softness in a mattress meant that it absorbed shocks and cushioned impacts.

In other words, the force applied through acupressure wouldn’t be fully transmitted.

The bed in the bedroom looked incredibly comfortable, but for these reasons, it was not suitable for the current circumstance.

That’s why they had ended up laying a yoga mat on the floor for the massage.

On the other hand, Chae Seo-yoon, clad in pajamas and lying on the mat, looked rather perplexed.

‘I could have just gotten the massage next time…’

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to receive a massage from Kang Tae-han.

In fact, she was quite curious about it.

She just wondered if there might be a better way than lying here in pajamas on a yoga mat.

Like, for instance, visiting Kang Tae-han’s massage shop in a few days.

It was an ailment she had been dealing with for years; a few days’ postponement wasn’t going to make much difference.

‘But the atmosphere made it impossible to refuse.’

Her husband’s voice, just before speaking to Kang Tae-han, sounded grave, even solemn.

And she could guess why.

He’d been feeling guilty and indebted to her ever since the incident at the postnatal care center, where he blamed himself.

In that warm, amicable atmosphere, how could she possibly say ‘I’ll take the massage next time?’

‘I must have told him a hundred times there’s no need to apologize.’

But what could she do?

Even these obstinate traits were part of the husband she loved.

Chae Seo-yoon sighed silently, yet a faint smile lingered on her lips.

“Now then… I’ll start focusing,” Kang Tae-han announced as he prepared.

The instant he spoke, his demeanor shifted subtly.

It was hard to pinpoint, but it was as if the deep, young man had morphed into an artisan with seasoned expertise.

As Chae Seo-yoon was sensing the mystical change, Kang Tae-han’s right hand gently landed on her back.


A weighty sensation as if pressing down firmly on her core.

It wasn’t just a simple placement of a palm; it felt like more than that.

Warmth emanated from his palm through the pajamas, warming her skin.

Not only that, the warmth seemed to seep inside her body, spreading everywhere.

It passed through her lungs, mixed with her bloodstream, and seemed to flow even to her fingertips.

It was an unfamiliar feeling, but it was so comforting that Chae Seo-yoon’s body, which had been slightly tense, relaxed completely.

‘She really isn’t in good health.’

Meanwhile, as Kang Tae-han examined her body, his eyes sharpened slightly.

He had already observed from the outside that there was a problem with her skeletal structure, but internally, the situation was worse than he thought.

‘Considering there were complications at the postnatal care center…’

The period immediately following childbirth is inherently delicate and vulnerable for most living beings.

For human females, the restructuring that the pelvis undergoes post-childbirth, in addition to the replenishment of depleted energy across the body, leaves them in a weakened state.

During this time, a woman’s body becomes more fragile, immunity can decline, and if strain or poor management occurs, it can leave lasting damage.

Currently, Chae Seo-yoon’s condition was illustrative of such a case.

Not only was the main flow of her vital energy problematic, but the state of the microcirculatory channels that distributed blood throughout her body was also particularly poor, with some even having dried up and been neglected so long that they were now completely blocked.

Signs of exhaustion when exposed to cold air for an extended period,

Additionally, her pelvis was slightly twisted, putting pressure on the major energy channels connecting the upper and lower body, thus affecting the entire flow of energy channels.

“Given the profound signs of exhaustion, it looks like you gave birth in summer but then were exposed to cold air for a long time.”

“Yes? Ah, yes. The central control system wouldn’t let us adjust the air conditioning even though they said it was some kind of hot and cold therapy.”

“And your pelvis, it seems you received a massage too vigorously when it hadn’t even settled back in place.”

Chae Seo-yoon felt puzzled by the sudden shift in Kang Tae-han’s tone, but she was more astounded by the content of his words.

Everything he mentioned was spot on.

Reflecting back, the nonsensical air conditioning therapy and the unlicensed masseur.

These two factors had the most direct impact on her lingering health issues.

Could it be that her husband had told him?

But that didn’t seem likely.

From the conversation she overheard earlier between student Tae-han and her husband, it felt like the topic was only recently broached.

Then what could it be?

As she was lost in these thoughts…


A current seemed to travel up her spine, and her mind blanked for a moment.

It was as if the nerve endings that had been dormant were now jolting awake.

The sensation climbed up her spine, reaching the top of her head before dissipating through her veins to spread throughout her body.

Although the sensation was stimulating, it wasn’t painful.

If one were to describe it, it would lean closer to pleasure than to pain.

‘There’s no need to apply too much pressure.’

Kang Tae-han was gradually releasing the tension throughout her body, with a lighter touch than usual.

On the surface, she may have seemed fine, but inside her body was already significantly weakened.

A time when she should have been focused on recovery, instead, she contracted an illness that worsened her condition. Her body’s skeletal structure solidified in a twisted form as the energy channels contracted.

Having endured with this condition until now, it was almost fortunate she hadn’t developed more serious problems.

‘Additionally, considering the direction in which the spine is curved…’

Her spine was bent about 15 degrees towards the right side.

Judging by the starting point and degree of distortion, it was a sign of frequently and lovingly carrying a significant weight on her left shoulder for an extended time.

It wasn’t difficult to surmise what that weight was.

‘A child nurtured in her arms, evidently.’

A clear mark of motherhood.

It was remarkable whether due to human adaptability or her own mental strength, but despite her physical condition, she had steadfastly cared for a child and maintained her household.

It was reckless, in a way.

But at the same time, it was magnificent.

As he silently applauded her efforts, Kang Tae-han continued the massage…

He began to clear the blocked meridians throughout the body.

The Hapgok acupoints in both hands and the Yongcheon acupoints in both feet.

By piercing these four acupoints located at the ends of the limbs and connected to the major meridians, he maximized the expulsion of stagnation and the circulation of vital energy, creating space to expand the blood vessels by loosening the tightly clustered muscles within.

The only issue was that her internal vital force was so depleted that it was difficult to circulate it sufficiently to normalize the meridians.

‘I can definitely help with this.’

The Shinju acupoint on her back, at the same height as the chest.

An acupoint closely related to the lungs, befitting its location.

Kang Taehan placed his hand there, gently introducing the vital force he had prepared in his lower abdomen into her body in sync with her breathing.

‘…So comfortable.’

As time passed, lying on the mat, Cha Seo-yoon indulged in a comfort she had never experienced before.

Every breath felt as if her body was being ventilated.

Inhaling, she could feel a warm vitality seeping in from somewhere, swirling through her body, and exhaling felt as though something deeply harbored in her chest was smoothly released.

It was akin to a dream – no, a comfort not even dreams could provide.

In that comfort, she peacefully continued to breathe until a smile formed on her lips and she gently fell asleep.

* * *

“That should be enough.”

Having acted as a sort of pump on the Shinju acupoint, Kang Taehan finally removed his hand from Cha Seo-yoon’s back.

She was now sound asleep, softly purring in her slumber.

After ensuring she would fall into a deeper sleep for better recovery by pressing the Suhyul acupoints on both sides, he knocked on the door where Shin Jun-ho was waiting.

“Is the massage done?”

“Yes. The madam is sleeping now.”

Upon exiting and answering Shin Jun-ho’s question, Kang Taehan gestured towards the living room.

There lay Cha Seo-yoon, fast asleep on the yoga mat.


Shin Jun-ho picked up Cha Seo-yoon with both hands and laid her on the bed in the master bedroom before coming back out.

With a satisfied smile, he said, “Thank you. Just by looking at her sleeping face, it’s clear she has been greatly helped.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Kang Taehan replied with a slight smile.

He then continued in a more serious tone, “She was quite weak, and areas like the spine and pelvis cannot be corrected in one session, so I can’t say she’s fully recovered. However.”


“She should almost be free of joint pain from now on. And she’ll experience less discomfort.”


Shin Jun-ho’s face tensed for a moment at Kang Taehan’s words, but then he quickly exhaled a sigh of relief and brushed his face with his hand.

He had gone to great lengths to treat his wife’s illness, visiting over twenty hospitals.

Yet, there had been little progress.

Mostly the same response from every hospital: there was no specific treatment for such chronic diseases, and they should return if the pain recurred.

Thus, Kang Taehan’s words provided great comfort.

Of course, it could have just been empty words, but Shin Jun-ho knew Kang Taehan was not the type.

“We’ll take a closer look at the pelvis and spine next time.”

“Next time? You plan to come give another massage?”

“Why not?”

Shin Jun-ho laughed at Kang Taehan’s words.

He then bowed politely and said, “Thank you, Taehan-ssi. I’m just grateful to you.”

“It’s okay, really. How many times do I have to tell you that?”

“I can only thank you many times as well.”

Shin Jun-ho awkwardly replied to Kang Taehan’s modesty.

“If you’re really going to give more massages, then my wife and I will visit your workplace. That seems only right.”

“Hmm, my workplace is in Seoul?”

“Didn’t you also come here from Seoul?”

If it could cure his wife’s illness, even a hospital on Jeju Island would be worth the trip, let alone somewhere in Seoul.

However, Kang Taehan looked somewhat regretful.

“Actually, I was hoping to try more of the madam’s cooking while giving a massage.”

After all, he would often come to Gongju to collect herbs.

If he could stop by and enjoy a warm meal like today, it wouldn’t be a bad deal for Kang Taehan.

“Hehe, I can always provide a meal. Of course, I will have to consult my wife first. But I’m sure if it’s Taehan-ssi, she would be more than welcoming.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“Still, apart from that, we’ll come to Seoul for the massages. That seems only polite.”

“If you say so… Let’s go with that.”

If that was Shin Jun-ho’s way, Kang Taehan was more than willing to respect it.

Frankly, it was also more convenient for Kang Taehan.

With a light smile, Kang Taehan nodded, and Shin Jun-ho also nodded back with a smile.

* * *

“Chanyuk-ssi, you seem to like the script, huh?”

“Yes? It seems alright, but… why do you ask?”

“Oh, you just looked so spirited looking at the script. Kind of like the bright energy of a newbie actor.”

“Eh, well, not exactly.”

Jo Chanyuk awkwardly scratched his head while grinning.

However, he could sense something was different.

Lately, his mind was clear, and his concentration had inexplicably improved.

Perhaps that was reflected in his gaze.

“Lately your condition seems much better. Maybe that’s why you felt that way?”

“Yeah, weren’t you full of energy on the variety show you went on recently, Chanyuk-ssi? You had such talent for entertainment.”

“Variety? Do you mean when I passed out on B-Mission? That’s harsh.”

“Oh come on! Why would I even say that? I’m talking about U&I! Bringing things up in such a weird way.”

“Ha ha. Just kidding.”

Jo Chanyuk laughed and jested as he exited the office.

Then, he took out a business card he had been carrying in his wallet.

‘Kang Taehan…’

He knew better than anyone his condition had improved recently.

And he had a vague sense of how it had happened.

‘Just stay still for a bit more.’

It was only around twenty seconds that a hand was placed on the back of his neck.

Yet, the migraines and panic attacks that had almost made him lose consciousness had vanished as if washed away.

Not only that, but it even seemed to affect his regular condition now.

What would happen if he received a proper massage from this person?

Having pondered still for a moment, Jo Chanyuk checked his schedule and began to enter the number from the business card into his smartphone.

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