The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 53

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

“Student Taehan…”

With a low voice, Park Hoyeon repeated that name.

The name of a student he had met by chance at Gyeryongsan mountain.

This student not only saved his friend, Shin Junho, who had fallen while slipping down a slope, but also, as if providing A/S service, came directly to visit him in the hospital room when Junho was unable to regain consciousness, and even helped him to wake up.

Park Hoyeon particularly couldn’t forget the moment when Kang Taehan awakened the consciousness of his friend, Shin Junho.

He thought Taehan was checking for a pulse at the nape of Junho’s neck when suddenly he said, “I think I can do it,” and not much later, Junho actually regained consciousness.

It was an unbelievable scene to witness, even harder to believe for a doctor.

With his medical knowledge, he couldn’t explain it at all.

As a doctor, it might have been easier to accept that it was just a coincidence.

In this way, hard to explain though it was, there seemed to be something inexplicable, medically or scientifically, about Kang Taehan.

In that sense, he might be of great help to Chae Seoyun.

After all, the chronic conditions Seoyun suffered from were not showing noticeable improvements with medical treatment.

“Of course, I’ve met him. But why do you ask?”

Park Hoyeon chose not to elaborate on his thoughts, and instead, brought up a different topic.

He didn’t want to make any presumptions about Taehan’s abilities and how far they could be utilized.

If he overstretched and Taehan were to say “I can’t do that,” how embarrassing would that be?

It would be disappointing for Ms. Seoyun if she harbored false hopes, so it was better to be cautious with words.

“Oh, Taehan is actually coming to our house tomorrow.”

Chae Seoyun responded with a light clap of her hands and a slightly excited voice.

“Originally, my husband said he would meet him outside, but after hearing that my husband owes him one and I also wanted to meet him, I invited him over to our house for a meal as thanks.”

“Aha. I see.”

Park Hoyeon let out a small exclamation, smiling wryly while adding, “Junho is really a lucky guy, isn’t he?”

The concept of inviting a guest over for a meal had become rare lately.

Besides, Ms. Seoyun’s cooking skills were so outstanding that everyone who had tried her food recognized it. It wasn’t just her kind heart.

“Heh, you exaggerate.”

Taken aback by Park Hoyeon’s comment, Chae Seoyun waved her hand shyly and took a sip of her coffee.

Then, she cautiously broached a new topic.

“By the way, how are your parents doing? Have they improved?”

Upon her question, Park Hoyeon stopped lifting his cup of coffee.

He paused for a moment, then set the cup down, his smile slightly awkward.

“Well, it’s always about the same.”

“I hope they get better soon.”

“Thank you.”

A shadow crossed Park Hoyeon’s face for a moment.

Chae Seoyun finished the subject with an awkward expression, and a brief silence followed between them.

* * *


The moment Kang Taehan pressed down on both shoulders, a strange sound emanated from Mr. Kim, who was sitting in the chair.

“Look at this guy. What kind of fuss is that?”

“It’s not fussing, fussing is for when you’re in pain, this is…heung?”

Mr. Choi, sitting beside him, was scolding him, but as Taehan’s hands kneaded the inner shoulders, another weird noise escaped Mr. Kim.

His voice was a mixture of distress and delight, and the expression on his face was peculiar, almost as if his facial features moved independently.

It was as if he couldn’t control his own senses, and his feelings poured out through his face.

‘I’ve seen him for about twenty years, but…’

Even Mr. Choi had never seen such an expression on Mr. Kim’s face.

At that moment, Mr. Choi also realized that this was not an exaggeration or pretense, but a genuine reaction.

What kind of feeling must it be?

A slight fear, but more so anticipation, as he watched, and Mr. Kim’s massage rushed toward completion…


Once the massage was finished, Mr. Kim heaved a deep sigh and sprawled face down on the table.

Although no further words were spoken, his languid expression clearly conveyed his satisfaction.

“So, it’s your turn now, right?”

“Ah, yes. Right.”

The sprawling expression on Mr. Kim’s face was hard to imagine, but it was clear he was feeling very good.

Mr. Choi’s anticipation rose as he turned his back to Kang Taehan.



Unlike Mr. Kim’s pleasant moan, a cry akin to a scream burst from Mr. Choi’s mouth.

Attempting to look back, feeling a certain betrayal, Mr. Choi’s strength was sapped, unable to turn his head as easily because Kang Taehan was pressing down on his shoulders.

“Sir, you’ve got quite a lot of tension here.”

On the other hand, Kang Taehan nonchalantly continued to work his hands with the same calm expression as before.

It goes without saying, but a massage has to change depending on the recipient.

Everyone’s body constitution and conditions are different, and even if it’s the same person coming back, the conditions can change depending on the situation.

In that regard…

“You might feel some pain.”

Mr. Kim, the gentleman from before, must have been regularly stretching because although his energy in the muscles and channels was weakened, there weren’t many tense spots.

Therefore, his massage was relatively less painful, focusing more on restoring vitality and elasticity to his body.

But in the case of Mr. Choi, like a tough little walnut, he was all knots and tension.

There were several spots where the muscles in the shoulders and waist were tense.

Naturally, pressing on these areas would inevitably cause significant pain.

If it were just a light shoulder rub, one could simply avoid the tender spots.

“But these are my father’s acquaintances; I can’t half-heart them.”

Kang Tae-han meticulously and earnestly worked each area, releasing the tension one by one.

Of course, unlike the shop, there were no nap times after the massage, so he did adjust the strength appropriately—but even then, the pain was enough to elicit screams.


At some point, Mr. Choi was just groaning without even screaming.

Unlike with Mr. Kim, his face was contorted in pain.

“Did I make a face like that too?”

“No, Mr. Kim just looked peaceful.”

“Well, Mr. Choi tends to be a bit dramatic.”

To both Mr. Kim and Kang Ho-yeon, Mr. Choi’s expression looked rather strange.

But due to the overwhelming pain, Mr. Choi couldn’t hear their conversation.

To an outsider, it would seem like a scene of torture rather than a massage.

However, soon after.

“Mr. Choi, are you okay?”

“Not just okay··· I feel like I am flying.”

After the massage and enough time for the pain to subside, Mr. Choi was moving his arms and legs energetically as if he had never been in pain.

“I thought Tae-han was only harsh with me!”

Honestly, during the massage, there were doubts such as ‘Does Tae-han have a grudge against me?’ or ‘Is he doing this because I gave him less pocket money than Mr. Kim?’ But that didn’t matter now.

After all, the effect was satisfying.

Now that he was enjoying the benefits, he even wanted more of the massage.

“Mr. Choi has a lot of muscle tension, so there was no choice but to work it out.”

“Right? I knew Tae-han wouldn’t do that to me, yeah.”

“Besides, you might feel the difference even more after the massage, I think.”

Kang Tae-han said with a smile.

Then, Mr. Kim, who had been observing Mr. Choi, stealthily approached and asked.

“Can you give me more of that massage?”

“What more? If you want a massage from Tae-han, go pay for it in Seoul!”

Kang Ho-yeon grabbed him then.

“Why are you like that? He just wants a little more.”

“Today is Tae-han’s day off! How sorry I am to Tae-han already!”

Upon hearing that, Mr. Kim and Mr. Choi both looked sheepish.

It wasn’t exactly grown-up behavior to pester a kid, practically a nephew, for a massage on his day off.

“It’s alright, Father. But aren’t you getting hungry?”

Kang Tae-han cracked a smile, shook his head, and pointed to the clock with his eyes.

It was approaching lunchtime.

“Now that you mention it, it’s time for a meal.”

“I do feel hungrier than usual.”

After a massage, it was common to feel a little peckish.

Mr. Choi and Mr. Kim gently rubbed their stomachs and looked at the watch, while Kang Tae-han gestured towards the door with a broad grin.

“Let’s all go have a meal together then. I’d like to treat you to lunch.”

“You’re paying for lunch too? No way.”

“We’ve already had a massage, let’s pay for it.”

Mr. Choi and Mr. Kim waved off his offer.

But Kang Tae-han also shook his head and said.

“No. You gave me pocket money even during my first leave, so it’s only right I return the favor. There’s a new beef restaurant nearby; it’s pretty good.”

Let’s go.

With that, Kang Tae-han stood up as if to lead the way, opened the shop door, and stepped outside.

Mr. Kim, who was watching him, softly said.

“Boss Kang… has raised his son well.”

“If my Minsu were only half like Tae-han.”

“Come on, he grew up fine on his own. Let’s not embarrass the kid and get going.”

Kang Ho-yeon suppressed the pride swelling in his throat and hurried Mr. Choi and Mr. Kim along.

* * *

The next day, Thursday morning.

Since Hanha was away for an away game in Busan, there were no trips planned, but Kang Tae-han still got up early and drove off in his car.

His destination was Shin Jun-ho’s mountain, with the obvious purpose of gathering medicinal herbs and replenishing his stock of elixirs.

‘This time, it would be good to take a lot more.’

Now that he had a considerable amount of inner energy at his disposal, he could take in greater quantities of the elixir at once.

That amount, he estimated, was roughly twice as much as before.

Moreover, with the speed of qi absorption now faster, even creating medicinal pills was easy enough that he could just chew and swallow them, without needing to assume a specific posture like before.

Of course, even with such improvements, he still couldn’t recklessly consume elixirs without proper recovery of qi, but the fact that his consumption speed of the elixirs had increased was undeniable.

“It feels like I’m getting the hang of it more and more.”

But it seemed there was no need to worry about running out of elixirs.

While dusting off the freshly harvested Epimedium, Kang Tae-han muttered to himself.

The speed at which he filled his backpack was getting faster with each visit, something he repeatedly realized.

In reality, it was a natural progression.

Beyond just getting the hang of it, as his inner energy built up, so did the number of times and the range at which he could extend his qi sensing.

Plus… now he had a car.

Before, when his backpack was full, he had to prepare to return or set up camp, but now he could simply load it into his car’s trunk and come back for another load.

The amount he could transport at once had significantly increased.

Just the herbs he had already collected were more than double the amount he used to carry, and from a rough calculation, it seemed he wouldn’t need to gather any more for a while.

“Still, maybe I should speed up a bit more.”

Checking the time, Kang Tae-han stretched lightly.

Since he had a lunch appointment with Shin Jun-ho in the afternoon, he quickened his steps as he climbed the mountain.

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