The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 50

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

As Chae Eun-bi and Kang Tae-han exchanged greetings with a smile, Yoo Se-ah instinctively realized something. That ominous premonition she had felt while waiting overseas for a shoot, she now understood what it was as she witnessed the scene before her. The moment her thoughts connected the dots, she found herself instinctively taking off her sunglasses and introducing herself. It wasn’t the most adult-like response, for sure.

Especially since Chae Eun-bi was a student who looked just about twenty years old, and Tae-han had introduced her as his younger sister. It might have been purely her own misunderstanding. But so what? Sometimes, intuition takes precedence over logic, and uncertainties in relationships between people are especially prone to such instincts.

‘Besides, today was the first day since meeting Mr. Tae-han that we had such a promising atmosphere!’

The incident at the camping section with Kang Tae-han—it may have been merely a suggestion to go camping together someday, but for Se-ah, it was a significant step forward in her relationship with him. And now, someone was going to interfere with that today?

Unacceptable. Recalling the high-and-mighty heiress role she had once played, she sent a dignified yet wrathful gaze.

“Oh, my! Is it really Yoo Se-ah?” Chae Eun-bi’s reaction was completely unexpected. She was genuinely surprised and excited to meet a celebrity. Clapping her hands together in shock, she finally managed to compose herself and whispered an apology for raising her voice, not wanting to draw attention to Yoo Se-ah who was trying to keep a low profile.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to be loud. You’re trying to avoid being recognized, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Oh my gosh, what do I do! I’m a real fan! I loved ‘Secret Professor’, and ‘Tycoon’s Trial’ was even more fun to watch! I saw ‘Tycoon’s Trial’ twice in the theaters!”

The uncontainable enthusiasm of a girl just at twenty overwhelmed Yoo Se-ah, who could only respond with an awkward smile, her fierce gaze from moments ago nowhere to be found.

“Hey, how do you know Ms. Yoo Se-ah, brother?”

“We met by chance on the street.”

It was not a lie; they had met by chance, and he had saved her life.

“Ah, but I need to finish shopping before the department store closes, so I’ll leave first. Have a good time, both of you!”

Chae Eun-bi bowed her head and took a few steps forward before departing as quickly as she had come. Se-ah watched her energetic figure fade into the distance.

“She’s a lively friend.”

“She’s a kind and cute younger sister.”


Yoo Se-ah became lost in thought. ‘Secret Professor’ was a film she had appeared in as a nameless actress in a minor supporting role. Remembering it meant being a true fan.

‘I should have offered an autograph or something…’

Although Se-ah hadn’t let go of all her suspicions, the interaction left her feeling a little embarrassed.

“Kang Tae-han, that’s some joke…”

Meanwhile, Chae Eun-bi, now browsing golf gloves in a store, shook her head as she recalled the earlier encounter. ‘I thought there was at least some spark between them.’

Good catches always have someone hovering around them—it’s a timeless truth, and Eun-bi was well aware of it. But a celebrity actress? That was a bigger deal than she expected. She had inadvertently amped up her excitement to the point of embarrassing herself before hastily leaving.

While she genuinely was a fan of Yoo Se-ah, that wasn’t the only reason for her high spirits.

“I should have made a dinner appointment right when we first met…”

Sighing to herself, Eun-bi carelessly put down the golf gloves she had been examining.

* * *

The next day, after all his appointments for the day had ended, Kang Tae-han unusually stopped by a café near the sauna.

“Hello, sorry I’m a bit late.”

The table where Tae-han sat was in a secluded corner, already occupied. Across from him sat a man with a tablet PC, deeply engrossed in his work. It was Lee Byung-ho, the author of the webtoon ‘Martial Arts Hunter,’ who had once been a customer and asked Kang Tae-han to teach him ‘the way.’

Recognizing Tae-han’s voice, Byung-ho put down his stylus and greeted him with a smile.

“Ah, you’ve arrived, Master.”

“Did I keep you waiting?”

“Not at all. I’m just here working at the café; I wasn’t waiting per se.”

Since Byung-ho had insisted on finding time anyhow, he waved both hands and shook his head vigorously, denouncing any inconvenience on Tae-han’s part.

“Have you ordered a drink yet…”

“I grabbed something on my way here.”

“Oh no, I should’ve treated you.”

Lee Byung-ho sighed while Tae-han simply smiled and shook his head. Though he had indeed refused Byung-ho’s request the day before because he had plans with Yoo Se-ah, he wasn’t adverse to meeting; he was actually quite interested.

Meeting a webtoon artist for the first time was intriguing in itself, and he recalled that Cho Sung-hyun and Manager Hwang had mentioned seeing ‘Martial Arts Hunter’ before.

Naturally, he couldn’t postpone his appointments, but Lee Byung-ho didn’t mind. He agreed to a late meeting and now they were there together.

Getting his beverage, Tae-han took a sip of his coffee to moisten his throat, then asked casually, “So, how can I help you? I don’t have much experience with drawing or writing, so I’m not sure I’ll be of much use to you.”

“Well… I’m actually on a long hiatus right now. The latest episode that went up before the break…” Byung-ho pulled out a notebook and began to explain. The gist of it was that the protagonist had defeated a formidable opponent but was left severely injured and collapsed. The protagonist needed to recover, and that’s where…

An event was needed to grow stronger, but…

“I had a scenario in mind for this part, but it’s become unusable due to a clash with a previous setting.”

The frequency of setting errors had increased, with complaints about the inconsistent power of martial arts popping up in the negative comments.

Aware of these opinions, trying to come up with a new episode from scratch, my head felt completely blocked.

“Hmm… isn’t that a rather common situation in martial arts novels?”

“Yes, it is… but it’s my own greed, you know.”

After all, to agonize over a story means to desire to create an engaging tale.

Since Taehan Kang understood that sentiment, he nodded.

“Why don’t we try resolving it this way?”

Taehan Kang extended his hand, and Byungho Lee handed him a pen.

Taehan then began to explain, sketching words and images on paper, the story of a man on the brink of life and death due to a critical injury who receives help from a reclusive master and gains new insights to regain his strength.

It seemed like a cliché found in martial arts stories, but the details Taehan provided were uniquely intriguing.

The process of meeting the hermit master, his quirky personality, the rare herbs used for medicine, and the description of where the master lived – it was all so vivid.

Byungho, listening intently, took out another notebook and pen from his bag and began jotting down notes with each word Taehan spoke.

‘To think that the events of those times would be discussed in the present era.’

There was a simple reason for the vividness of Taehan’s story – he had directly experienced it.

Though his relationship with the benefactor was short-lived and he parted without even learning the benefactor’s name, the gratitude he felt was deeply etched in his heart.

“For this character… in the latest update, you mentioned that his energy center was completely drained, and his meridians were shrived?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“Then for this part, we can make the descriptions lighter, and this herb…”

While the situations Taehan and the protagonist faced were slightly different, Taehan could refine those details.

Soon, a detailed plot for the next episode was laid out in the notebook.

“Teacher, you are truly incredible.”

“I’ve just read a lot of martial arts novels.”

As Byungho admired the plot, Taehan smiled lightly and shook his head, using a suitable excuse for the situation.

“Now we can continue with the next episode.”

“So you were prepared for the next part?”

“Yes. After the protagonist reunites with his comrades, he plans to seek revenge against the traitor who once betrayed him. Actually, that person had his own circumstances…”

Byungho started to outline the next episode as he had explained earlier.

Meanwhile, Taehan slightly tilted his head with curiosity.

“You’re going to let the traitor live?”

“Yes, there’s a reasonable explanation laid out, and there’s a hook planned for later. The protagonist also feels some regret…”

“The protagonist must be quite arrogant then, having spared lives after narrowly escaping death.”

Taehan’s lips curled into a cold, sardonic smile, as if looking down on a pitiful sight.

Though one couldn’t be sure, it was a chilling smile that could make one’s spine tingle.

“Should I change it to death?”

“If it were a noble son raised in a prestigious house, maybe, but for a martial artist who has grown through countless battles, it would be natural to act accordingly.”

Just as if nothing had occurred, Taehan spoke with his usual smile.

Byungho paused to contemplate before nodding and jotting down notes in his notebook.

‘Certainly, it does make sense when you think about it logically.’

For Wulin Hunter, which had been criticized as exciting but frustrating due to the protagonist’s actions, it was a moment that greatly improved the protagonist’s character.

* * *

At the taxi stand in front of Yongsan Station in Seoul.

A man who seemed to have just arrived at the station from a train opened a map application on his smartphone then boarded a nearby taxi.


“Hello, driver.”

“Where would you like to go?”

The man showed his smartphone to the taxi driver, displaying the pre-searched address and map.

“Can you take me here?”

“There’s nowhere I can’t go. Let’s see…”

The taxi driver looked at the map for a moment then nodded and started the car.

The man put his smartphone in his pocket and leaned his head against the window.

‘I wonder if I came here for nothing.’

The man was Song Nam-seop, a training coach for Daesung Whales.

In a meeting after a recent game with Hanha, he’d caused a stir by mentioning something he heard from an acquaintance, who wasn’t usually known for spreading rumors.

The name Kang Taehan was the only piece of information his acquaintance from Hanha’s staff had offered. Song had looked up the name on social media and found a massage parlor that only takes reservations.

He had called and luckily got an appointment due to a cancellation.

With tomorrow’s game scheduled at Jamsil Stadium for an away match, he could afford to meet in Seoul.

So, after some deliberation, Nam-seop had made an appointment and immediately took a train after finishing his day’s work.

He didn’t fully believe that massages could boost the players’ performance, and he wasn’t even sure if he had found the right massage parlor.

‘Well, there’s no harm.’

It was a matter that needed personal confirmation.

If it turned out to be a wasted trip, he would just consider it a half-day off for a massage.

Leaning back in his seat, Nam-seop let out a long sigh.

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