The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 48

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

After receiving the massage and sleeping deeply, Lee Byungho had trouble snapping out of his shock.

“This is pretty much like acupuncture.”

After the massage ended, the moment both shoulders were pressed down, Lee Byungho’s consciousness snapped off as if a switch had been flipped.

When he came to, a whole hour had passed.

Acupressure points that could put a person to sleep upon touch—such a concept appeared only in martial arts novels, yet he had experienced an identical phenomenon.

The fact that it actually happened, and that he had personally experienced it, was unbelievable.

And there was more.

Upon waking, he felt a vigor in his body so unfamiliar it was almost awkward.

His joints could not have been smoother, and it felt as if new muscles had grown, providing elasticity all over.

His body, worn and rusted from the long years of writing, seemed to have been cleansed and tidied up as if put through a dishwashing cycle.

“Heh, truly amazing.”

Lee Byungho stroked his right wrist, tilting his head in wonder.

Ever since he started his career, he’d never put down his pen, which naturally led to carpal tunnel syndrome settling in that spot.

The numbness was a constant companion, and if he used his wrist for too long, a pain as if poked by an awl would accompany him, impeding his publishing schedule and overall condition.

But now, no matter how he rotated or bent his wrist, there was no pain.

Far from hurting, the wrist moved so smoothly he thought, ‘So this is how a wrist is supposed to move.’

‘It’s like I’m dreaming.’

He once wished, even if just once, to feel healthy and refreshed. It seemed his wish had come true.

Lee Byungho picked up the teacup from a small table and took a sip.

A painless wrist, a refreshed body, and now a warm sip of tea.

It was like paradise.

“Is this how it feels to have undergone ‘Push Palace Overcome Acupressure’?”

A story where one day, after being suddenly beaten up by some eccentric, it turns out the reclusive master opened up blocked meridians, leading to a significant martial arts breakthrough—a common cliché in martial arts novels.

Well, he hadn’t been beaten up, but there was a process of struggling through pain, so the feeling was somewhat similar.

It wasn’t just his body that improved, but his mind became clearer and circulation improved too—just like having received Push Palace Overcome Acupressure in a martial arts story.

Of course, such things as acupressure or Push Palace Overcome Acupressure don’t exist in reality.

They only exist in stories.

Lee Byungho understood this distinction very well.

But whether they are real or not isn’t what’s important.

What’s important is that this extraordinary experience had given him a great deal of inspiration.

A clear mind and fresh inspirations were synergizing, and new plot ideas were bubbling up one after another.

If he went home just like this, he might be able to finish the storyboard for the next installment that had been dragging on for a while.

“But it would be such a waste to return just yet.”

The most mysterious man he’d ever met.

He wanted to talk more with him.

Of course, that man was unlikely to be a martial artist as in his imagination, and even less likely to have gone through a life-and-death rebirth experience, but he felt that a conversation could deepen his understanding of the martial arts genre.

So, Lee Byungho decided to wait for Kang Taehan for a bit.

Just as he was about to sit in the lobby… He ran into Kang Taehan, who was coming out of the lounge.

* * *

“No, that’s not who I am.”

And that’s how the current situation unfolded.

Kang Taehan firmly rejected the proposal with a wave of his hand, and Lee Byungho realized belatedly that he had made a big mistake.

‘Ah! What kind of talk is asking for guidance anyway?’

A statement that could easily be misunderstood by those around!

He had inadvertently made Kang Taehan before him appear like some cult leader.

It was a misunderstanding that arose from excessive tension.

“No, that’s not what I meant, I’m not a suspicious person… That’s not what I meant to say, erm…”

But in a state of tension added with panic, there was no chance for improvement.

With doubtful statements piling up, the surrounding gazes grew increasingly suspicious.

Then, in an instant, Kang Taehan’s right hand reached up to Lee Byungho’s left shoulder.

As he started to gently press a point just below the neck…


Lee Byungho’s stiff shoulder from unnecessary anxiety and tension softened, and he felt momentarily at peace.


Having stopped his rambling, Lee Byungho regained his composure.

Seeing this, Kang Taehan let out a short breath.

“So, what is it you’d like to ask of me?”

“In fact, I’m a webtoon artist and I was hoping to get some material for my work, so I wanted to talk with you.”

The words that followed were so orderly, it was hard to believe they were from the same person who had spoken moments before.

“If you had started with that, wouldn’t it have been better?”

“Ha… I apologize. But your touch really is miraculous. Just placing your hand on my shoulder, my tension disappeared like magic.”

Kang Taehan let out a light smile, and Lee Byungho burst into a hearty laugh.

The ‘teach me the way’ incident had been the worst, but still, a warm atmosphere flowed between the two.

“So, could you possibly spare some time?”

“No, I can’t do today.”

But a warm atmosphere and agreeing to a request were separate matters.

Kang Taehan’s response was a clear refusal.

* * *

“Taehan, over here.”

Yoo Se-ah called out to Kang Taehan with a wave and a cheerful voice.

However, her voice was a bit softer than usual.

Their meeting point was the Dae Sung Department Store, a scant hour before closing on a weekday.

It was relatively less crowded since it was only a small distance left to go, but it was still wise to be cautious.

Even from the times when I was an unknown actress and could be more relaxed, the agency never touched on this aspect or reprimanded me.

However, being the center of attention was always something uncomfortable.

Anyways, right now I was with Kang Tae Han, out to look at tea leaves, just the two of us.

I certainly did not want any disruptions.

“You’re dressed up more than usual, aren’t you?”

Kang Tae Han approached with a smile in his words.

He wasn’t referring to her attire, but rather the disguise she had put on.

Half of her face was hidden behind large sunglasses, and a deep hat concealed her appearance even further.

Without any conspicuous accessories like necklaces or earrings, and dressed quite simply for a celebrity, her outfit was definitely modest.

“Stop teasing me like that.”

“Heh, but Se-Ah, even when you’re not all dressed up, you look good.”

Kang Tae Han said with a light chuckle, his words sincere.

Sure, Yoo Se-Ah’s elegant and graceful image that came up on internet searches was charming, but there was a different feel to her sophistication when she was simply dressed.

“I said stop teasing!”

“I wasn’t teasing this time, though.”

Faces close, Yoo Se-Ah and Kang Tae Han’s eyes met, with Se-Ah turning her head first.

“Ahem. So where do they sell the tea leaves?”

Perhaps because she felt his sincerity, Se-Ah started walking towards the escalator, clearing her throat.

“It was on basement level one.”

“Ah… right, since tea leaves are food, after all.”

Kang Tae Han naturally led the way.

Descending the escalator and walking a bit, an area decorated in an Oriental theme for some themed event came into view.

“Wow… it’s bigger than I thought!”

Yoo Se-Ah clasped her fingertips together, expressing her admiration.

Not just the size but the decorations and interior design of the event space provided an enjoyable spectacle to look around.


In the meantime, her gaze lingered over the teaware on display.

A wide array of products continued well beyond a shelf.

There were almost thirty different designs just for teacups alone.

Thinking that Kang Tae Han may have chosen one of these many items as a gift for her was embarrassingly pleasing.

“The tea leaves should be over there.”

“Ah, yes. That sounds right.”

Managing her expression momentarily, Se-Ah walked towards the direction Kang Tae Han pointed, where three-tiered shelves displayed an array of tea cannisters.

Perhaps it was the visual effect, or the actual fragrance diffusing through the air, but just by walking a few steps in that direction, the deep and slightly astringent scent of tea was noticeable.

“The green tea is over here. Look, this is the West Lake Longjing you drank before.”

Kang Tae Han picked up a canister and handed it over.

As Yoo Se-Ah glanced over the tea leaves filling the shelf, she inquired casually.

“But, what’s the difference between all these tea leaves?”

“Well… first off, they’re divided by the level of oxidation into types like green, black, and oolong tea. Within green teas, they’re further sorted by place of origin.”

“Then all of these here are West Lake Longjing, why are the packages slightly different?”

“The harvest time is another distinguishing factor. They’re also rated differently by quality.”

While he could have given a simple explanation and moved on, Kang Tae Han answered each of Yoo Se-Ah’s questions with a gentle voice.

Then, with a slight grin, he added.

“But I don’t know all the tea types either. Like I said before, I believe it’s best to enjoy it without fussing too much, no need to know it all.”

It was just a straightforward remark from Kang Tae Han.

‘That’s quite considerate.’

Yoo Se-Ah smiled, interpreting his words as an invitation to think comfortably, similar to their previous conversation in the tea shop.

“So, which tea would be good for me?”

“Well… as I recommended at the tea shop, start with this one, West Lake Longjing. It should suit you best. Since it’s your first time, why not try out just this canister?”

“Sounds good.”

Nodding in agreement, Kang Tae Han promptly picked up the tea to take to the counter.

“Wait… Tae Han, let me pay! It’s the tea I will use.”

“It’s fine. Technically, I should have included it with the gift of the teaset; consider this making up for my oversight.”

Despite Yoo Se-Ah’s protests, Kang Tae Han completed the purchase and handed her the shopping bag.

Receiving the bag, Se-Ah spoke with a tone of mock complaint.

“Then, I will buy a gift for Tae Han too.”

“Huh? Why’s that?”

“Since Tae Han bought for me, it’s only fair if I buy something in return.”

Kang Tae Han tilted his head at her words, puzzled.

He’d simply wanted to make up for the oversight with the tea set, and now her calculation seemed different.

Still, he thought about what he might need as she insisted on returning the gesture.

“Is there anything you need?”

“Not really but… Ah.”

Suddenly, Kang Tae Han clapped his hands as if something came to mind.

“I could actually use some camping gear.”

“Camping gear?”

“Yes. I go every so often.”

That was Kang Tae Han who, if he had the time, would prepare for camping and go for a relaxed spiritual cultivation trip to hunt for spiritual medicine in Young Mountain.

Although packing camping gear had been cumbersome without a car, now that was no longer a concern.

“Tae Han, you camp too?”

“Yes. Occasionally.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Se-Ah also paused in thought, surprised by the word “camping.”

A cool night breeze, a warm campfire, the night sky sowith stars strewn across the forest, and sitting next to her…

“Sounds lovely.”

“Yes. It is rather nice.”

With similar yet different thoughts, the two continued their conversation.

“Let’s go check out the camping gear together.”

And so, with potentially even more enthusiasm than when she’d gone to buy her own tea leaves, Yoo Se-Ah found herself on a new mission.

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