The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 45

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

Excitement often hinges on the atmosphere of the moment.

Watching the same performance through a screen is far different from enjoying it live, with the audience’s reactions all around you.

Similarly, baseball games share this sentiment.

Although watching Choi Seong-hyun check scores on his smartphone seemed hardly entertaining, being at the stadium, amidst the cheering and shouting of the crowd, even someone with little interest in baseball could find enjoyment in the game.

Another advantage was that one didn’t necessarily have to join in the cheering to enjoy the atmosphere.

Kang Tae-han was quietly savoring his beer, taking pleasure in the ambiance.

“Hmm. There’s another familiar face,” he thought to himself.

Unlike the other spectators, Kang Tae-han had his own subtle pleasure to enjoy.

He felt a sense of pride watching players he had massaged play well in the game, receiving cheers from the crowd.

It was like watching young prodigies, whom he had casually instructed before, later shine in martial arts tournaments from afar.

As the innings changed and it was Hanha’s turn to bat, Jang Ho-joon, who had been massaged by Kang Tae-han earlier in the day, stepped up to the plate.

Kang Tae-han leaned forward in anticipation, masking his excitement with a nonchalant expression.


The ball rose with a satisfying sound, tracing a beautiful arc through the sky heading towards the outfield.

“This doesn’t look good,” murmured a voice in the crowd.

“Wow, another home run!”

“Insane! Hanha’s on fire today, it’s like my teeth are going to rot from all the sweetness!”

The crowd erupted in cheers once again. But amidst the excitement, a look of panic briefly crossed the face of a cameraman tracking the ball’s trajectory.

“This could actually hit someone.”

Frequent baseball coverage gave the cameraman an instinctive feel for a ball’s flight path and potential landing point. This one was heading towards a densely populated area of the stands.

As the ball began descending, rather than trying to catch it, the people seemed more intent on avoiding it…


Sensing danger, a father reached protectively over his child, sitting two seats away.

The child, unaware of the approaching threat, looked up at his father. His hand stretched out in time, but not the right position.

The ball was plunging straight towards the child’s head.

But then, in the next instant…


The ball, as if defying reality, subtly changed direction mid-air and neatly landed in the father’s hand.


“He must’ve played baseball back in his day!”

Applause broke out for the father, who had effortlessly caught the home run ball.

Still, the father looked down at the ball in his hand, puzzled.


Kang Tae-han, who had been watching the scene, took a sip of his beer and laid his hand back on the table, a neutral expression on his face.

‘A mishap in a cheerful atmosphere would have been unfortunate.’

Void Grasping Technique (虛空攝物).

A skill that allowed one to manipulate objects from a distance using internal energy. It was relatively difficult and consumed a lot of energy, even more so over long distances.

However, while stopping an object in the air and controlling it was difficult, slightly altering its trajectory was simple enough.

‘Maybe I should come watch a game with my own father next time…’

He looked at the monitor, showing the father embracing his son tightly, a content smile on his face.

* * *

After his first job with Hanha on Thursday.

The next day, internet articles announced Hanha’s victory and a minor incident requiring a few players to undergo additional doping tests.

Chuckling at the news briefly…

His KaoTalk was flooded with messages from the Hanha players.

[Teacher!! Thanks to you, I’m feeling rejuvenated! Here’s a token of my appreciation, What’s better than Korean beef to express my gratitude! ^^;;;]

[By the way, the coach said no, but could I possibly get another massage next week…]

[Teacher, this is Kim Tae-pyung! Did you see my home run? It was fantastic, all thanks to you. To express my gratitude…]

[But if you’re available next week, could you possibly…]

Messages from the players who had performed well in the game after being massaged by Kang Tae-han.

All sending gifts of gratitude, with a hint of ulterior motive hidden in their messages.

It almost seemed as if they had coordinated, each one subtly asking ‘Although my turn is over, could I please receive another massage next week?’

‘Seems I’ll be eating beef for a while…’

Why did everyone opt to send Korean beef as their gift?

Two days later, seeing yet another gift and the accompanying message, Kang Tae-han began to respond.

He would accept the gifts, but as for massage appointments, he’d have to follow the agreement with the coach, so they should book a session at his shop instead.

The same reply went out to all the players, along with the contact information for his massage shop. After sending the messages, Kang Tae-han turned off his smartphone and set it to the side.

“Kang Tae-han!”

Just then, Yoo Se-ah arrived in high spirits, waving her hand cheerfully.

Kang Tae-han returned the greeting with a warm smile.

“It feels like it’s been a while!”

“Indeed. For a moment, I thought you might’ve gone abroad or something.”

“It must feel more intense because of that,” Yusea concluded with a smile and took a seat opposite Kang Taehan, who handed her the menu.

She ordered the West Lake Dragon Well tea leaves, the same as last time.

“By the way, how was your trip?”

“It wasn’t bad. But Taehan, when you say ‘trip,’ it makes it sound like I went off on a vacation.”

Yusea spoke with a mockingly upset expression, but burst into laughter when she met Kang Taehan’s eyes.

The two had met at the tea house they had visited before. With high dividers between tables allowing for private conversation, and a window-side view of the simply decorated garden, it was a charming place to be.

After ordering, a momentary silence fell. However, before long, a natural flow of conversation began between them.

Yusea spoke about the incidents she experienced in Thailand and during filming. Kang Taehan shared stories he hadn’t mentioned in his messages, along with various anecdotes.

“Oh, so Hanha scouted you, Taehan?”

“Well, scouted… might be a bit of an overstatement. After all, I’m not officially affiliated with Hanha.”

Yusea’s praise was met with a modest shrug from Kang Taehan.

While engaged in conversation, the teas they ordered had been placed before them.

“I’m not too familiar with baseball, but I’ve heard of Hanha a few times because an acquaintance of mine is a fan.”

“Is that so?”

“Though, to call her a fan is a bit of a stretch given the strong animosity… Anyway, she claims to be a fan.”

Yusea continued the conversation while naturally beginning to pour her first cup of tea.

Her composure was markedly different from her previous visit.

“You’ve become quite good at this.”

“Have I? Ha ha. You told me before, Taehan, to just do as I please. Once I stopped overthinking it, it wasn’t difficult at all.”

Yusea responded with a shy smile, slightly bowing her head and turning her gaze to the teacup.

Then, she suddenly remembered something she had intended to talk about.

“By the way, Taehan. Is massage effective for migraines too?”

Senior actor Jo Chanhyuk had collapsed from a migraine during the shooting. She knew of his good reputation and the unfortunate circumstances that led to his condition. Since he had helped her when she was an unknown actor, she wanted to offer some assistance.

At her question, Kang Taehan pondered for a moment before slowly responding.

“Um. I would need to see the specifics, but… in most cases, it should be effective.”

“That’s a relief. I asked because there’s a senior actor I know who suffers from severe migraines. I wondered if you could help.”

Yusea mentioned as she poured out the first cup.

During the conversation, a playful thought crossed her mind, bringing a slight grin to her lips.

“Then, should I try it now? I sometimes get migraines too.”

“Are you sure, Ms. Se-a? Is it okay to check here?”

“Why not? I think it’s only proper to try it myself before recommending it to someone else.”

She anticipated Kang Taehan’s embarrassed reaction as she slightly turned her head to expose her neck.

“Shall we then?”

Contrary to her expectation, Kang Taehan rose from his chair with a composed expression.

“It doesn’t seem like it will take too long.”


Yusea, who had expected to fluster him, was the one who ended up showing surprise.

Before she could react, Kang Taehan had already approached and softly grabbed the back of her neck.

‘The muscles are actually quite tense.’

The neck is one of the areas that easily tires, not only because it connects the head to the body but also because it serves as a passageway to the meridians with many pressure points passing through it.

When muscles fatigue and tighten, the channels narrow, disrupting the flow in the meridians and leading to accumulated stagnation, which can cause problems like migraines.

Fortunately, in Yusea’s case, her condition was not concerning, and headaches only occurred when she was not in the best shape.

This would be an easy fix.

Kang Taehan began to knead the Fengchi points on either side of her neck with his thumb and index finger, slowly working the muscles.


Yusea initially tensed up, but as Kang Taehan’s grip moved gently, her body relaxed as if melting away.

‘Why does my body feel so refreshed when he’s only massaging my neck?’

The Fengchi points, located on either side of the neck, are central points for the meridians leading to the left and right brain, significantly impacting the circulation towards the upper energy gate.

Loosening the Fengchi points and surrounding muscles also loosens the nearby meridians, resulting in a ripple effect of relaxation.

Furthermore, the channels, like stimulating the palm, affect various parts of the body; each point is interconnected organically.

Since the meridians near the neck are major points connected to the upper energy gate, when they relax, the relief spreads throughout the body.

Starting from the neck and shoulders, it then progresses to the chest and lower abdomen.

It’s as if turning on a water faucet at the nape of the neck, and a cool sensation slowly descends along the bloodstream.

As this feeling grows stronger and seems about to cross a threshold…

“Stop! Woah, that feels amazing!”

Just when the strength began to drain from her body, Yusea abruptly pulled away, laughing awkwardly. She had the premonition that she might do something embarrassing if it continued.

“Um? I haven’t finished yet?”

“Ha ha… The purpose was just to experience it! With what you’ve done, I’m sure there won’t be any issues, right?”

Although Kang Taehan looked puzzled, he went back to his seat.

Yusea, on the other hand, discreetly pulled down her sleeves to cover the goosebumps on her arms.

“Oh, right! Speaking of which, I brought you a present, Taehan.”

She clapped her hands as if suddenly remembering, and began rummaging through her handbag.

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