The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 42

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

“Could it be just my imagination?”

Yusea brushed the hair that had fallen in front of her shoulders and leaned back against the chair’s backrest once more.

Indeed, even if something really happened, she didn’t possess any special powers that could sense it.

‘It seems I’m a bit low on sugar.’

Filming, more often than not, proved to be more exhausting than one would expect.

Not to mention the acting in front of cameras, the endless waiting on set was tiring in itself.

Thus, maintaining good condition was a fundamental part of an actor’s routine.

It would be embarrassing and troublesome for everyone if the shoot was delayed because someone was dehydrated or had low blood sugar.

“Sister Se-Ah, I brought you something sweet.”

Right on time, Yusea’s manager, Gwon So-Yun, came with some snacks.

Yusea smiled as she saw the small tray filled with her favorite treats.

“What? I didn’t even ask. How did you know what to bring?”

“I ran into Assistant Director Cho on the way here.”


Yusea nodded, understanding how her manager came to bring the snacks, despite it being just an excuse to change the subject. She had indeed mentioned such a desire to the assistant director.

“I’m sorry, sister. Did I leave my spot for too long?”

“No, you’re working hard, flying overseas to take care of business. But where did these come from? I heard we couldn’t call for a coffee truck or snack truck on this island.”

“The staff brought some things over. And, well, I always make sure to carry around some snacks for you, no matter where we are.”

“…I see.”

Kwon So-Yun’s words made Yusea fall silent in thought.

“…Have I been seeking out snacks that often lately?”

“What? Haha. No, it’s just a basic skill for a manager.”

“Is it? Haha. I was just feeling a bit guilty.”

Liking snacks and frequently munching on them felt different, especially for actors.

Yusea laughed in relief at the manager’s words, but then she gently placed the chocolate she had picked up for the fourth time back on the tray.

She then smoothly changed the topic.

“How’s the filming going?”

“It seems to be going smoothly? Although it feels like there’s still a lot left before your scene.”

Yusea’s next scene would be set at night, so she could only start after the sun had set.

The sun was beginning to set now, but there was still ample time left.

“Maybe I should take a walk?”

“Are you still worried about the snack talk?”

“…No, it’s just that the seaside here is pretty.”

Although the offer was made partly due to concerns about the calories in the chocolate, Yusea played it cool.

Preparing to swap her heels for more comfortable sneakers, she thought about taking a light walk around the area when…

“First, try to get some ice packs.”

“Should I also bring a towel?”

“That’s a given, come on!”

There was unrest in the air.

Staff members were hurrying about with puzzled expressions, obviously reacting to some incident near the filming location.

“What happened?”

“Oh, Actor Jo Chan-Hyeok suddenly clutched his head and collapsed during the shooting…”

“Senior Jo?”

Jo Chan-Hyeok was such a famous figure in the movie industry that not recognizing him was akin to espionage. In this film, he played a pivotal supporting role after the main cast.

Worried, Yusea approached him to find Jo Chan-Hyeok sitting on a plastic chair, pressing his temples with his head bowed.

“It’s okay, it’s nothing serious.”

As the staff members brought over ice packs and emergency medicine, Jo Chan-Hyeok waved them away, indicating he did not need them, having been through this experience many times before, knowing that such remedies wouldn’t help.

‘It must be his migraine again…’

The sudden onset of a splitting headache on one side.

While not widely known to the public, those who worked with or around Jo Chan-Hyeok knew that he suffered from severe migraines.

While usually manageable, during an attack, he would suffer extreme headaches so bad that some sufferers could scarcely walk.

Yusea, too, had experienced migraines a few times before…

Considering how uncomplaining a senior like Jo rarely stopped shooting, they must be particularly debilitating – she guessed vaguely.

“Is there no way you can continue, Chan-Hyeok?”

“I’m sorry, Director. I need to rest a bit.”

“…Alright. Today’s schedule was packed anyhow. Everyone, let’s take a break, and we’ll shoot the other scenes first.”

Having never heard a word of complaint from Jo Chan-Hyeok since the first shoot up to this overseas location, the director couldn’t say much more.

He simply wore a look of regret.

Consequently, the scene that was being filmed was postponed, and Jo Chan-Hyeok moved to a shaded rest area.

He appeared calm at first glance, but a noticeable pallor hinted at the poor state of his health.

“Senior, are you okay?”

“Who… Ah, Se-Ah.”

Lying on a makeshift bed, Jo Chan-Hyeok turned his head to look.

“I’m fine. It happens often enough. Remember when we filmed the ungrateful son, it happened once… Uh.”

He tried to get up, pretending to be all right, only to grab his head and lie back down once again.

After groaning for a while, he closed his eyes and then let out a deep sigh.

“…But if I take a nap, it’ll go away.”

Jo Chan-Hyeok, a successful and popular actor, took a so-called ‘path of roses’ in his acting career, but there were hardly any who envied his life, at least among those who knew him well.

When his father’s business collapsed, leaving mountains of debt just as he was rising to stardom, Jo Chan-Hyeok took on all the debt. In just two years, he managed to pay it all off.

But… the overexertion from a hellish schedule back then had left him with chronic migraines.

‘And since Chan-Hyeok senior is a method actor…’

Acting inherently leads to mental fatigue, but different methods can vary in intensity.

Method acting, which involves deep immersion into a character, is one of the most exhausting. These actors typically avoid taking on more than one role at a time due to the high demand on their energy.

Even then, he stuck to his own acting method and continued to act, and that’s still going on…

Although she didn’t know exactly, Yoo Se-ah thought that this might be one of the reasons why her migraine wouldn’t go away.

“Will you be able to sleep?”

“What can I do? I have to try… since the medicine doesn’t help either.”

“What about sleeping pills?”

“They work, so I fall asleep quickly, but the headache is worse when I wake up, so they’re out of the question.”

The conclusion was that, aside from forcing herself to sleep, there were no other options.

Cho Chan-hyuk closed his eyes and placed the eye mask and hot pack for his eyes brought by his manager.

“…Is massage therapy not effective?”

“Massage? It’s good. The effects are temporary, but why do you ask?”

“No reason, just suddenly thought of it.”

More precisely, she had found herself thinking absentmindedly of Kang Tae-han, and the idea of a massage just came up along with that thought.

“Do you know a good masseur or something?”

“Uh… maybe?”


Either it’s true or it’s not, what’s with maybe.

Cho Chan-hyuk asked with an incredulous voice.

“It seems to be mentioned often on Instagram, and… well, even the technique applied during the massage seemed quite exceptional.”

Thinking about it, she had never actually received a massage from Tae-han himself.

Just a brief experience of palm pressure massage.

Yoo Se-ah suddenly remembered that moment.

‘The feeling was really peculiar…’

As the palms were pressed firmly, there was a sensation like an electric current rushing through, all the way to the chest.

It was a short interaction, but it was a vivid and intense experience that she could still vividly recall.

If she were to get a massage from Tae-han…

Yoo Se-ah bit her lip as the thought got to her, and glanced up at the sun shield she had put up without realizing it.

Just the thought was too stimulating.

* * *

On a Wednesday early afternoon.

Kang Ho-yeon stepped out of his house with a sheepish look, tilting his head slightly.

It felt strange to wake up so late and leave the house like this.

‘I’m not used to this…’

When he was younger, he was the youngest one running around with the dawn, and after he got older and started his own business, he had to head out early to prepare the shop.

Although it wasn’t like he gained significant glory from it…

But thanks to that, he could send Tae-han to university without debt, and was proud of himself for it.

“But the sales these days are better than when I was working my fingers to the bone…”

Specifically, it was since the aftereffect of his shoulder pain disappeared and he started making handmade noodles again.

Passersby who watched him make handmade noodles on the street began to gather, and before he knew it, the number of customers increased significantly.

Nowadays, he could afford the luxury of taking a day off once a week… and yet, the earnings were incomparable to the past.

Beep beep.

Just then, a car’s horn sounded from the end of the alley.

He turned his head and saw someone poking their face out of the car window waving at him.


It was none other than Kang Tae-han, Kang Ho-yeon’s son.

He’d got the car today from someone he knows, and had brought it over, suggesting they go for a drive.

“…Did you really get that for a steal?”

Kang Ho-yeon’s face flashed with surprise as he glanced at the car.

He had thought it must be a small car like a compact car when Kang Tae-han told him the price, but now there was a sizable Santa Fe in front of him.

“Father, come on in.”

“Hey, Tae-han. This… isn’t it a flood-damaged vehicle, or did you actually pay more?”

Considering used car prices these days, it was an unbelievable price unless there was a reason.

However, at his father’s question, Kang Tae-han just smiled faintly.

“They gave me quite a discount as a gesture of appreciation… It seems more than ‘quite.’ I’m just grateful for it.”

“…You do have good people around you.”

“It’s a good connection.”

Kang Ho-yeon climbed into the passenger seat and buckled up.

Then, he admired the car’s interior and dashboard with an impressed whistle.

Even the mileage was reasonable.

‘I heard about it roughly, but…’

Hadn’t his son mentioned saving one of Won-ho’s friends at Gyeryong Mountain?

It was a story he’d heard when he’d asked about how the two became acquainted.

Maybe if the car had been bought from a used car dealer at that price, he would have been concerned, but since it was in return for a good deed, it made sense to some extent.

“…It looks like being a good person is bringing you good people and good things.”

“Sorry? I didn’t hear that, Father.”

“No, nothing.”

As Kang Tae-han asked again, Kang Ho-yeon felt embarrassed and dismissed the topic.

“Anyway, it’s amazing! To think I’m riding in a car driven by my son.”

“You’ll be riding often from now on.”

“Ha-ha, that’s enough. You think I don’t have a car?”

Kang Ho-yeon briefly turned and quietly observed his son driving.

He hadn’t been able to be a proper father when Tae-han was younger because he was busy, but somehow his son had grown up so well.

He felt pride and sheer gratitude just from looking at him.


Some time had passed.

The car had already entered the highway, smoothly matching the speed of surrounding vehicles and cruising naturally.

“You drive quite well. When did you practice this much?”

It’s usually easier to drive on the highway than on rural roads, but there’s a psychological pressure when you’re a beginner.

However, there was no sign of anxiety in Kang Tae-han’s driving at the moment.

He must have driven a few times in Seoul already.

But Kang Tae-han’s answer was unexpected for his father.

“Sorry? When would I have had the time for that?”

“What? I thought you had your license stuck in a drawer for a long time?”

Kang Ho-yeon’s voice showed his astonishment.

Kang Tae-han nodded calmly.

“Yes. This is only my second time driving since I got my license.”

“…I see.”

Silence for a moment.

Kang Ho-yeon looked silently ahead and checked his seatbelt again, then made sure he knew where the passenger door handle was.

“…Do you want to stop at the rest area ahead?”

“Tired? If you’re sleepy, feel free to sleep.”

“…No, it’s okay.”

He thought it would have been better to have kept on without knowing.

With that thought, Kang Ho-yeon tightly grasped the passenger side handle.

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