The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 4

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

As Kang Taehan took a step forward, he said, “Let’s see your back first. Lie down, please.”

“Ah, yes.”

Deputy Nam Woo-hyun obediently lay face down on the bed.

‘He seems older than he looks…?’

On the surface, he appeared no more than a college student.

Yet the aura surrounding him was entirely different.

He had the air of an elder statesman who had been through many battles.

It was as if he were a major figure at a business associate.

‘But… something’s off?’

He frequently drank alcohol, was often tired, and seldom had a restful sleep.

It seemed like a typical story shared among nearly all office workers upon reflection.

‘Is he just making it seem more serious than it… Huh?!’

In that moment, Kang Taehan’s hand rested on Nam Woo-hyun’s back.

It was just a hand, yet Nam Woo-hyun inadvertently gasped.

‘What’s this?’

There was an unusual weight to it.

It felt as though a rock had been set down on him, yet it wasn’t oppressive.

Instead, tension dissipated around Kang Taehan’s hand, leaving his body feeling pleasantly languid.


Meanwhile, Kang Taehan was shifting his hand slightly to assess Nam Woo-hyun’s condition.

He had no inner strength to draw upon.

There was no unleashing of Qi or sending vital energy through the meridians.

Nonetheless, this much was enough to grasp the immediate necessities.

‘There’s a significant difference between the pulse and flow in the Major Meridian and the Minor Meridian Points.’

The Major Meridian Points served as pillars within the meridian system.

The Minor Meridian Points distributed blood to the nuanced areas of the body.

The disparity in pulse and flow between these two indicated a murky bloodstream with accumulated residues.

‘There are usually two reasons for this.’

It was either due to indulging in demonic energy from practicing dark martial arts or consuming greasy food excessively and for an extended period.

‘It has to be the latter.’

Kang Taehan chuckled to himself.

This was an era of overabundance in nutrition.

While this might be a rare condition amongst the influential in the martial arts world, in this world, it was common.

‘Quite ironic.’

Nutrition may abound within the body from fatty diets, but it simply accumulates without being used.

Fatty layers blanket the belly, and there’s even fat lodged in the liver.

Yet, the body lacks vitality.

The muscles are weakened and slack, and so the supporting skeleton loses its stability, tottering without support.

“You’re busy, but it seems you don’t exercise.”

“Yes… I can’t find the time with work.”

“That’s a convenient excuse.”

However, Kang Taehan’s task at that moment was not to lecture but to perform a massage.

He placed his hands on Nam Woo-hyun’s shoulders.

The Dazhui point.

A meridian junction connecting the head to the upper body.

Spreading about half a span from there to each side reveals a meeting point of three large muscles.

He pressed into that point with his thumb, kneading deeply.


A cry escaped Nam Woo-hyun’s mouth suddenly.

“It hurts!”

“Endure it.”

His voice was coolly indifferent.

It was a casual remark, yet it carried the persuasive power of an imperative.

Nam Woo-hyun silently clenched his mouth and swallowed the pain.

During this, Kang Taehan’s hands moved slowly.

Crack, crackle.

Each movement of Kang Taehan’s hands produced sounds like those heard when cracking one’s neck or knuckles.

Yet, the noise coming from all over his body made it unsettling.

With his head bowed, Nam Woo-hyun closed his eyes.

“Uh, uh?”

But after a while, as Kang Taehan was massaging around the waist, Nam Woo-hyun suddenly opened his eyes due to a cold sensation on his shoulder.

‘It feels cool.’

The stiff shoulder began to relax, giving way to a refreshing sensation.

Like opening a long-closed door and airing out a dusty room, it felt like a breath of fresh air.

Starting at the shoulder and following the spine to the waist.

Kang Taehan’s firm hands released tightly knotted muscles and swept away blockages in the circulation, breathing life back into the meridians.

At first, it was as painful as tearing muscles, but soon the pain faded, leaving a refreshing feeling as if new parts had been fitted.

A refreshing chill followed the path of Kang Taehan’s hands, slowly enveloping his entire body.

‘Crazy… This is madness!’

The pain during the massage remained.

It was intense enough to make him clench his teeth.

However, Kang Taehan’s application of pressure and manipulative techniques proved to bring both undeniable pain and an exhilarating sense of relief.

Upon knowing the refreshment that awaited me, even the sensations that followed somehow felt cooling.


The touches that had now swept over my limbs as well.

Nam Woo-hyun’s lips curled up without him realizing.

The energy and vigor coursing through his body were enough to send shivers down his spine.

‘It seems like the muscles are sufficiently relaxed…’

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-han lifted his hands back above the shoulders.

Having loosened the muscles,

it was now time to finish with the meridian points.



He had only pressed the space between muscles with his thumb.

But what Nam Woo-hyun felt was as if the finger had pierced right through him.

And the moment Kang Tae-han withdrew his thumb.

The blocked meridian points opened, and the stagnant vital energy began to circulate throughout his body.

The cool sensation that had once traveled along his muscles, now seemed to flow inwardly along his blood vessels.


Nam Woo-hyun’s body sprawled listlessly on the bed.

Even as he lay there, Kang Tae-han’s hands continued to move along the spine’s meridian points, making his body increasingly pliable, almost like a mollusk.


In the midst of this,

Kang Tae-han’s hands suddenly halted at one point.

Just slightly below the navel.

Precisely, the inner point known as the danjeon.

‘Is this vital energy I’m sensing?’

With a frown of curiosity, Kang Tae-han pondered.

This energy, something that every living being possesses—known as the vitality or life force—is the basic level of energy that’s accumulated through eating and breathing alone.

But even this has its limits.

When vitality accumulates without circulation…

‘Too much energy built up and obstructed, ultimately causing harm. There was a fundamental issue here.’

This man had accumulated energy in his danjeon that was obstructing the flow of his circulatory system.

It seemed due to excessive drinking, which didn’t suit his constitution, he had ended up this way.

‘What should I do now…’

A simple meditation technique could clear this simple ailment, but for ordinary people without knowledge of such techniques, it could be life-threatening.

Ordinarily, one would transfer internal energy to break through it directly, which in reality is the only method.

But now, he didn’t even have enough internal energy to do so.

Another method was to transmit a cultivation technique directly, which was not an option either.

‘No… wait.’

On second thought, there was another way.

‘The Absorbing Stars Great Technique.’

If excess vitality caused the blockage,

just reduce the surplus, and that should suffice.

* * *

Customer, customer.


“Ugh? Huh.”

Nam Woo-hyun wiped the corner of his mouth with his hand.

Saliva had copiously leaked out, moistening the back of his hand.

It appeared he had unknowingly fallen asleep.

“It’s done.”

“Eh? Oh, already?”

Checking the time confirmed it.

Nam Woo-hyun had paid for 30 minutes.

It felt as though hardly 10 minutes had passed, but time had indeed flown by.

Rising to his feet somewhat awkwardly, Nam Woo-hyun noticed something.

‘When did I fall asleep… Hm?’

As he reached for his wallet and smartphone on the adjacent table.

Even this small movement made a distinct difference evident.

‘My body feels so supple.’

It was a mere arm stretching.

Just that, and yet the sensations before and after in his body were markedly different.

Like changing the old engine oil and stepping on the accelerator for the first time.

Nam Woo-hyun cautiously stood up and rotated his shoulders.

‘Feeling refreshed.’

His body felt light.

His body usually felt utterly drained after a whole day’s rest and a sauna session, but now it felt light, as if returned to his twenties.

His body was unmistakably his own, yet it felt pleasantly alien.

“Wow… wowww!”

At first, he cautiously moved his shoulders, then shook his limbs, and soon he was hopping on the spot.

The lightness of his body was delighting and astonishing to him.



“Is there a problem?”

Kang Tae-han’s voice was reserved yet kind.

Only then did Nam Woo-hyun manage to objectively view his own behavior.

“Ha, haha… No, I’m just overjoyed.”

“Well, that’s good to hear.”

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, Nam Woo-hyun gathered his wallet and smartphone.

“I, umm… Thank you, sir.”

“No need to mention it. Please visit again.”

As Nam Woo-hyun bowed his head in a slight nod, Kang Tae-han also smiled lightly and returned the gesture.

Although his tone had shifted back to formal, a mysterious aura lingered, leaving an enchanting impression.

Exiting the room, there was only one thought in Nam Woo-hyun’s mind.

‘I should have gone for 60 minutes!’

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