The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 37

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

“Professors Jinsang-woo and Howon-jun from Pyeong-o University’s Department of Sports Medicine…”

Jae-yoon Oh pushed the note he had written toward Tae-han Kang.

“Is what I’ve written here correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

Kang, having confirmed the memo’s content, nodded.

Jinsang-woo and Howon-jun were professors for the classes Kang had planned to take this semester.

“As long as we can resolve the attendance issue… there won’t be any problems on Thursdays, right?”

“Yes, of course. But I assume there will be conditions to discuss from now on.”

“That’s only natural, isn’t it?”

They had only synchronized their schedules so far; important discussions had yet to take place.

As Oh reassured him with a nod, Kang cracked a sly smile.

‘This is good.’

He had never intended to refuse the job due to school classes.

It was merely that the process would become somewhat cumbersome to handle himself; he thought it nice that the other party could simplify things.

When a pro team makes a call, it’s more effective than a single student—it gets things done faster.

‘These days, I actually spend more time in Daejeon than Seoul on weekends.’

Whether visiting his father, gathering herbs, or sharpening his qi during camping trips, Kang had plenty of reasons to be in Daejeon, and going there on weekends felt natural.

In a sense, instead of traveling to Daejeon for work, it was more like he went to Daejeon and included work while he was there.

“However, I’m not sure if you’re aware, our team is based in Daejeon. You’d have to come down to Daejeon, would that be okay?”

“…Now that you mention it.”

But these were details Kang didn’t need to share.

He stroked his chin, feigning a look of inconvenience as if this was a new concern.

“…However, I’m sure the coach will consider compensating for this, right?”

“Of course. While our team doesn’t have the most finances, we can definitely cover the travel expenses for one professor generously.”

Words are less effective than actual figures.

Oh picked up a pen from the table and began writing down numbers.

“I spoke to the manager about it, but traveling expenses to Daejeon are a bit tricky to calculate.”

While house-calls by therapists are common, with standard rates, traveling from Seoul to Daejeon was less so, leaving some ambiguity in pricing.

However, Oh was not one to haggle; he preferred to be straightforward with the figures from the start.

“Assuming you can make a five-hour visit… I can offer this amount at my discretion. Anything more, and I’ll have to discuss with the finance team.”

Kang looked silently at the paper Oh extended, pondering over the amount.

‘I could take a taxi to Daejeon and back with this.’

He estimated his daily income, including tips, and even when adding the round-trip taxi fare to Daejeon, it was more than enough.

A decent compensation for sparing five hours on a trip to Daejeon—hours he would otherwise spend attending classes.

While he was in thought.

“Ahem. This isn’t to say we’ll stay with this amount going forward.”

Oh, interpreting Kang’s silence as dissatisfaction, spoke up first.

“This is the amount I can offer within my power. If the players and the organization respond well, the finance team will open up their purse strings. Then, we can discuss it again. How does that sound?”


‘Is my usual expression really so discontented?’

Kang had no actual complaints about the conditions, but the thought crossed his mind.

“Fine by me.”

It seemed things were moving positively on their own accord, no need to object.

With that, Kang finally nodded with a light smile.

* * *

“So, I just need the transfer certificate and… registration? That’s obvious. Even I knew that.”

Jun-ho Shin was making notes with one hand while on the phone with the other.

He was discussing the details related to the sale of a secondhand car they’d talked about before.

Shin’s network was widespread.

Although he had once complained that all his dealer contacts had quit, that was just an excuse at the time.

While listening to the detailed industry explanations, Shin was organizing the steps he needed to take.

‘Nothing too difficult.’

While he had vaguely worried about complex procedures, everything turned out to be much simpler.

It was mostly stuff that could be handled immediately, save for getting Kang’s signature.

‘Since he said he’d be coming down to Daejeon next week…’

He’d complete the remaining procedures and hand over the car keys then.

Despite apparently making a losing deal on the assistance received, a smile graced Shin’s lips.

“What’s making you smile like that?”

His wife, sitting on the sofa and watching him, inquired with a smile of her own, pure curiosity in her question.

“Oh, was I smiling?”

“You still are. Grinning ear to ear.”

As Shin touched his lips subconsciously and shrugged,

“It’s Park, a car dealer I was on the phone with, and feeling good… maybe it’s because my conscience is clearing up. Or maybe it’s because my condition has improved so much lately.”

After stretching lightly, Shin had noticed a significant improvement in his body in the last few days; he felt so energized it was palpable.

“You do look much healthier, dear.”

“It’s strange. I’ve never experienced such an obvious effect from anything I’ve eaten before.”

“The ginseng you brought home that day?”

At his wife’s suggestion, Shin nodded.

This sudden change must have originated from somewhere.

And there was only one thing that came to mind.

The ginseng he had eaten, given to him by student Kang.

‘It was better than I expected.’

Shin had always found the ginseng in chicken soup to be…

Ginseng is not something I usually enjoy eating.

But because Taehan, the student, had kindly offered wild ginseng, I braced myself and chewed it raw…

I was surprised it suited my taste more than I expected.

It still had a bitter flavor, but it felt like my body was accepting it…

That day, my digestion improved significantly, and now, a few days later, I feel more than just revitalized; I’m brimming with energy.

“Maybe it’s because it’s from Taehan, but even the medicinal effect seems different.”

It’s not as if I, Shin Junho, have never had wild ginseng before.

It’s just that I never felt such a pronounced effect from it until now.

It was just smaller and more bitter than regular ginseng.

Otherwise, all I had was memories of getting fevers at night and being unable to sleep.

But this time was different.

It was an item that had gone through Kang Taehan’s processing.

All the excess energy was removed, and the nature of the energy was adjusted to suit my constitution.

Thanks to that, my body absorbed it well, and the efficiency was unlike anything I’d experienced before.

And now, a few days later, those effects were clearly manifesting as vibrant vitality.

“Is Taehan the person you mentioned? The one who saved your life?”

“That’s right. He saved me on the mountain, and in the hospital too.”

And now, he’s even helped me recover my energy with wild ginseng.

Although he’s younger, he’s someone I can truly call my benefactor.

“I wonder if I should give him a gift or something.”

“You? Why?”

At his wife’s remark, Shin Junho asked quizzically.

“Why? Because he’s gone to such lengths to help our precious family head. Of course, I’m grateful.”

“Ha, I see.”

Shin Junho scratched his cheek, embarrassed by his wife’s words.

In truth, when he offered the secondhand car to Taehan at a bargain price, Junho had been quite apprehensive.

It was a significant matter, which he had decided on his own.

‘He’s your benefactor, so it’s within your discretion.’

But as always, his wife understood and respected his decision.

Moreover, she even added such sweet words today.

Maybe it was sentimental, but at that moment, he truly appreciated his kind-hearted wife.

“You’ve always been great, but today, you seem even more wonderful.”

“Oh, what’s gotten into you all of a sudden?”

“Maybe we should spend some quality time together today?”

“Really? You’ve gotten your energy back to be saying that, huh?”

Shin Junho grinned and approached the sofa, then playfully lifted his wife into his arms.

He didn’t seem like a person who had been worried about lacking energy just a moment ago.

‘I have yet to meet Taehan personally, but…’

His wife mused with a smile, thinking about how much they owed that student.

* * *

“So, you decided to go?”

“There’s no reason not to. I’m heading down to Daejeon almost every week anyway. I’ve decided to start next week.”


As Kang Taehan nonchalantly shared his news, Choi Seonghyun seated opposite him couldn’t help but express his admiration.

He had been a baseball fan for a long time, having grown up in Daejeon and cheering for the Hanwha Hawks.

To him, Taehan’s story seemed almost too good to be true.

“You met with Manager Oh Jaeyoon, and now you’re actually heading to their training ground?”

“Remember Choi Taejoon came by before? He had seen a lot of benefits from the treatment and referred me. That’s how the connection was made.”

Taehan casually spoke as he began to eat the side dishes laid out before them.

Meanwhile, Seonghyun struggled to close his agape mouth of amazement.

“Man… This is really happening.”

“Should I ask if they need an assistant? One person’s going.”

“No, that doesn’t really appeal to me.”

While it was fascinating, envy is another matter.

Just because one likes a baseball team, doesn’t necessarily mean one desires to see the players up close…

It’s a different feeling to watch the games, cheer, and sometimes angrily rant, compared to actually meeting the players, which might make it hard to behave the same way again.

“I don’t want to burden you with that.”

“I thought so.”

Friendly and outgoing, yet cautious about causing inconvenience to others, Taehan understood Seonghyun’s character well and smiled, nodding his head.

“If there’s a chance, I’ll hook you up with an autographed ball from the players.”

“Really? That would be awesome.”

Meeting them might be daunting, but having their autographed balls fulfilled his fan’s desires.

At Taehan’s words, Seonghyun’s face lit up with pleasure.

“But honestly, I’m kind of relieved.”

Director Hwang, who had been listening to their conversation, chimed in naturally.

“About what?”

“I thought if Taehan was scouted by Hanwha, what would happen to our in-laws’ course.”

While he would have respected and supported any of Taehan’s choices, him leaving would inevitably cause significant trouble.

“Me? Scouted by Hanwha?”

“Yeah. They would offer better conditions than here, wouldn’t they?”

“Hahaha. If I cared about conditions, I wouldn’t even be here now.”

Without a wrong word, Director Hwang awkwardly scratched his head.

Even though the commission rate had been raised to 60/40 not long ago, Taehan could have moved on to a better place if he wanted to.

“Now the fees are pretty good… But employment is a different matter. I don’t like the idea of being tied down for a while.”

Though he doesn’t show it much, Taehan found quite a charm in this masseur’s job.

Meeting new clients every day and seeing them leave the shop refreshed brought a certain sense of pride.

At least in his past life, this was a reward he had never experienced.

Of course, belonging somewhere and consistently caring for a particular set of clients could have its merits… But, at least for now, he didn’t have much interest in that.

“Frankly, if it were only about the money, I wouldn’t be a masseur.”

“That so? Then what would you have done?”

Hearing Taehan, Seonghyun asked while picking up some kimchi with his chopsticks.

Taehan paused for a moment to think about what he would be best at doing.

“Probably… MMA?”

“Hahaha. Stop joking. You never even fought in high school.”

At his friend’s joke, Seonghyun burst into laughter.

But Director Hwang’s reaction to the same comment was slightly different.

‘It doesn’t sound entirely like a joke…’

It was said in jest, but some part of him felt that it wasn’t just empty talk coming from Taehan.

It was as if there was a hint of seriousness mixed in.

‘Ah, it must be just my imagination.’

Director Hwang sipped his water, brushing off the thought.

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