The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 31

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

“Making people jump like that for no reason…”

Could this be a confession? Isn’t it too soon?

Sure, Tae-han is tall, handsome, and charming when he smiles, with a body that could be a model’s. But still…

Yu Se-ah had been lost in thought for a brief three seconds, only to realize it was her misunderstanding, leaving her suddenly feeling awkward.

Pouting slightly, she put her teacup down.

‘…But what do I actually want?’

She vividly remembered the day he calmly reached out his hand and smiled, shielding her from the oncoming car. That scene often replayed in her mind just before sleep.

Initially, she thought it was simple gratitude toward her benefactor. But now, she wasn’t sure.

It wasn’t just about repaying him; she wanted to see and know more about him.

‘…I see. I’m meeting him because I like him.’

When she’s with Kang Tae-han, she feels at ease. Last year, a drama where she played a major role became a massive hit, catapulting Yu Se-ah into the spotlight.

Up until last month, she’d been worried about paying her rent, and then suddenly, interview and TV appearance requests flooded in.

Luckily, every project she took on afterward became a hit.

Fame and income both soared, but she found herself confused by the sudden changes around her.

Her agency, which had practically neglected her, suddenly changed its attitude, and she even got a new manager. Everyone’s treatment toward her shifted completely, at broadcasting stations and on set, even friends she’d endured the hard times with.

The name “Yu Se-ah, Actress” had devoured the life she’d known in just a few short months.

Of course, it was a process every famous person would go through, and some might even call it a “first-world problem.”

But still, she couldn’t shake off the lingering loneliness that settled in one corner of her heart.

However, things felt different when she was with Kang Tae-han.

Maybe it was because he didn’t recognize “Yu Se-ah, the Actress” initially, or because of his deep, enigmatic aura. Regardless, she wanted to know more about him.

That was her honest feeling.

‘Wait a second, does this mean…’

While sorting out her thoughts, a hint of panic flashed across Yu Se-ah’s face.

Right now, she and Tae-han were meeting up without any particular reason, just having meals and drinking tea together.

Wasn’t this already a date?

She felt comfortable around him and wanted to know more, but moving so quickly like this made her anxious.

“Is something wrong?”

“N-no, it’s nothing.”

When their eyes met, Yu Se-ah tried to maintain her composure, oblivious to the fact that her ears were already bright red.

“Ahem… Tae-han.”


“How about a musical tomorrow? I got two tickets from a friend but don’t have anyone to go with.”

It was a lie, but she figured she’d manage to secure some if she set her mind to it.

“A musical?”

“Yes, and since you offered to treat me to a meal earlier, maybe you could buy dinner afterward?”

A natural after-event suggestion! Yu Se-ah felt proud of herself.

Who would believe she hadn’t been in a relationship before?

She felt like a love master, not just a novice.

“I can’t tomorrow.”

However, Tae-han’s response was a firm refusal.

Yu Se-ah, wearing an alluring smile that didn’t quite suit her, showed a hint of confusion.

“Why not?”

He said he liked meeting her! Was this what they meant by men being liars?

“I already have plans.”


Tae-han smiled gently.

“Yes, I’m going to play golf with my father.”


Of course, plans with family come first.

The word “father” quickly brought Yu Se-ah back to her senses. She adjusted her posture to hide her awkwardness.

“So, Tae-han, can you play golf?”

“No, this will be my first time. It’s my father’s first time too, so we’re going to learn together.”

“Oh, sounds like you’re close with your father.”

After saying that, she poured herself a fourth cup of tea.

A good idea suddenly struck her.

‘I’ve felt like Tae-han’s been leading, but…’

What if she could teach him golf?

She’d be in a more proactive position for once!

It was a wonderful thought, but there was a slight issue.

‘I should’ve learned golf beforehand…’

While she’d visited golf courses for filming, she’d never actually played, leaving Yu Se-ah a little disheartened.

“Wow! Tae-han, my boy! Long time no see!”

A golf practice range on the outskirts of Daejeon.

A familiar face rose from the office chair with a bright smile.

It was Jo Won-ho, a man Tae-han had met at Mount Gyeryong.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Jo.”

After a moment’s hesitation over how to address him, Tae-han naturally settled on “Mr. Jo.”

Jo Won-ho patted his shoulder, chuckling.

“No need for formality… uh…”

He considered calling him “brother,” “uncle,” or “Won-ho,” but none seemed fitting.

Jo Won-ho gave an awkward smile.

“’Mr. Jo’ seems best.”

“That’s probably true, right?”

They both shared a light laugh.

Tae-han glanced around, then placed the paper bag he’d been carrying on the table.

Jo Won-ho quickly waved his hands in dismissal.

“Hey, now! What did you bring this for?”

“I couldn’t come empty-handed.”

“There was no need… so what’s inside?”

He hadn’t expected a gift, and it was genuine, but curiosity still got the better of him.

Human Feelings.

After pulling out a rather large glass bottle from a paper bag, Jo Won-ho asked Kang Tae-han.

“Looks like there’s some kind of herb in it… Is it alcohol?”

“It’s not alcohol, but it’s bellflower root preserved in honey. It’s quite sweet and good… and also really great for recovering from fatigue and boosting stamina.”


To a man, stamina doesn’t just mean simple strength.

As Kang Tae-han raised his thumb lightly, both corners of Jo Won-ho’s mouth lifted.

“Hehe, thanks. But how do I eat this?”

“It’s nothing special. Just dissolve it in hot water like honey water. You can eat the bellflower root as is… Shall I demonstrate and make a cup for you?”

“Eh hey, you’re the guest. Just sit down. I’ll… Oh, please come in.”

Just then, someone entered the office door.

A middle-aged man of considerable years.

While Kang Tae-han greeted him first, it was his father, Kang Ho-yeon, who had just parked and arrived.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jo Won-ho.”

“I’m Kang Ho-yeon. I’m not sure if this is too presumptuous. Despite saying it was okay, my boy kept insisting we come.”

“Oh, no worries at all! I was the one who first invited you to golf, so it would have been disappointing if you hadn’t come. Hahaha.”

Instead of that, come and sit down, let’s talk.

Jo Won-ho pointed to a chair on the opposite side and spoke.

He effortlessly steered conversations with the ease and skill of someone experienced in dealing with people.

“But how did you come to know our boy…?”

“I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Tae-han is an outstanding friend. He saved my friend’s life, in those treacherous slopes of Gyeryong Mountain, just, throwing himself like this…”

“Is that so?”

Thanks to Jo Won-ho, the conversation flowed between the two men like water.

Watching from the side, Kang Tae-han stealthily got up.

‘Where is the coffee pot?’

It seems his father was getting along well in the conversation.

Instead of interjecting, he decided to bring out the bellflower tea he had mentioned earlier and show them how to make it.

As said earlier, making the tea wasn’t difficult.

Just like brewing citron tea, just stir bellflower syrup in hot water.

Three cups of bellflower tea were quickly made.

Kang Tae-han placed the mugs on a tray and returned to his seat.

“Oh, I forgot I was bringing out the tea.”

“It’s okay.”

“Ah, then I’ll gratefully enjoy it.”

Jo Won-ho picked up the mug with a smile.

An interesting expression momentarily passed over his face.

The bittersweet aroma spreading subtly struck his fancy.


A small exclamation escaped his lips when he carefully took a sip, being cautious not to burn his lips.

Most herbal teas are notoriously bitter under the guise of health, or if honey is involved, the sweetness and bitterness don’t blend well.

But this was different.

The honey seemed to perfectly encapsulate the essence of the bellflower.

The two flavors harmoniously blended, creating a taste that was both sweet and rich.

“Wow, this is good stuff! Did you make this, Hyung?”

The noticeable age gap between Kang Ho-yeon and Jo Won-ho.

In no time, Jo Won-ho had moved to calling him “hyung,” an informal term for an older brother or male friend.

Meanwhile, Kang Ho-yeon’s face also seemed to show a touch of admiration for the taste of the tea.

“No. It seems like Tae-han made it.”

“Wow… You’ve raised a good son, hyung. I was actually touched when I heard the father wanted to play golf. You don’t find many kids like this these days.”

“I did raise a good son. He’s turned out well.”

The conversation naturally flowed into praise for the son.

Kang Tae-han, who had been quietly listening to the two men’s exchange, spoke up softly.

“Aren’t we going to play golf?”

Feeling a bit ticklish from the overt praise, Kang Tae-han felt a bit shy.

* * *

When Kang Tae-han initially contacted Jo Won-ho, he hadn’t expected much.

Even though they had met on a mountain and he had saved his friend, there are plenty of people who would just say thanks and end the connection there.

‘But this is beyond my expectations…’

Kang Tae-han watched his father swinging a golf club beside him.

Next to him was Jo Won-ho clapping his hands.

“Ah, hyung! Your skill improves with every swing. Do you have some talent for this?”

“Do I? Hahaha.”

“Just continue with the 7 iron for now, get a feel for it, and then try swinging a wood.”

The owner of the golf club was giving a private lesson as if they were stuck together.

No, it felt more like a friend who had come along for fun than an instructor.

Kang Tae-han couldn’t help but marvel at Jo Won-ho’s insane friendliness, which he had had a vague impression of since they met on the mountain.

‘I’m very thankful.’

When Kang Tae-han first reached out, Jo Won-ho happily agreed, suggesting they go to a driving range for the first time and gave the address.

It was already a lot to be thankful for, but now Jo Won-ho was here at the practice range, kindly teaching his father everything from the beginning to the end.

It seemed Jo Won-ho was enjoying it a bit too.

After all, there’s joy in teaching and watching a beginner.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.”

His father also seemed delighted, which was a bonus.

Golf is exciting in itself, but it’s more fun with someone to talk and exercise with.

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-han sat on the bench, having put down the golf club.

His strength was, of course, still ample…

After hitting the ball a few times, he had already grasped the basics and the nuances of this sport called golf.

Even if he formally learned golf techniques, it would be different,…

But in terms of functionality – hitting the ball to the desired point, he was more than capable as he was.

‘But it’d be weird if someone who just started playing hits too well.’

If he started hitting with a bang from the get-go, Jo Won-ho would likely make a fuss and be amazed.

He could almost visualize it.

But was there any need to draw that much attention?

Kang Tae-han sincerely hoped his father would be the star today.

After all, it was his father, not Kang Tae-han himself, who wanted to try golf.

‘I’ve already achieved my goal.’

His father’s expression while swinging the golf club looked notably happy.

It had been a while since his father enjoyed a hobby other than cooking.

Watching this, a content smile spread across Kang Tae-han’s face.

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