The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 3

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

“Hey, Seonghyun! Could you help me out for a sec?”

“What’s up?”

“Just trying to get ahead of the laundry before it piles up too much.”

The man carrying the laundry basket spoke to Choi Seonghyun.

It seemed like the sauna was busy today, and the laundry was backing up as well.

Without any complaints, Choi Seonghyun stood up from his spot.

“Can you help me gather these up, run the washing machine, and also sort out the dried stuff… could you?”

“Of course, no big deal.”

Despite their significant age difference, Choi Seonghyun willingly agreed with a smile.

He was already holding laundry baskets in both hands and heading towards the washing machines.

“Sorry about this. The guy who was supposed to show didn’t turn up.”

“No worries, I got it.”

Although Choi Seonghyun was employed as a masseur, it was rare that his services were required given he was just part-time.

So, in his spare time, he often helped out with odd jobs around the place.

It wasn’t necessary since he could just wait around, but nobody dislikes a hard worker at a workplace.

“Phew. Is this the last of the laundry to be done?”

“Looks like it. It’s much easier having an extra hand.”

Not only was Choi Seonghyun amiable, but he also showed proficiency in his work.

The two swiftly sorted out the laundry and moved on to the next task at the dryer.

“Huh? This one’s empty?”

“Someone must’ve emptied it.”

But the dryer was empty.

Looking around, they saw someone was already folding the contents—towels and clothes.

It was Kang Taehan, who came to help thanks to Choi Seonghyun’s introduction.

He wasn’t explicitly asked to help but went along, noticing what needed to be done.

‘I’ve got to work for my pay.’

He had never been good at sitting still, especially with a job recommended by someone else.

Kang Taehan continued to work silently.

His movements were extraordinary.

With a snap, a shirt crisply folded as if ironed.

A flick of the wrist, and it folded neatly in half.

With a clap of his hands, the clothes and towels just out of the dryer were all perfectly folded, as if they were brand new.

This feat took roughly 2 seconds.

Carefree motions brimming with nonchalance skillfully tidied the heap of laundry.

‘Reminds me of the old days.’

Before he was known as the Demon Lord, when he briefly hid himself in a martial sect thanks to past connections.

‘Endless chores for two years.’

At that time, he had achieved some recognition in martial arts and had some fame, but his status while hiding was merely that of a prospective disciple—the very bottom of the hierarchy.

Sweeping floors, cleaning decks, cooking meals, doing laundry.

All these were passed off as ‘training’, and he did the chores of over a hundred people, but it made him adept in all sorts of housework over those two years.

His current nimble folding technique was a result of that training—akin to a martial arts technique refined through house chores.

“You said your friend was good with tasks, Seonghyun…”

“…Did I?”

“It’s not just ‘good’, right?”

The two, watching in amazement, stayed silent for a while, feeling that joining in might only get in the way.

After a short time passed,

“When did you get here?”

All the laundered items were neatly folded, and Kang Taehan stood up, finishing the last towel.

“Just came to lend a hand when I saw how busy you seemed… Hope I wasn’t overstepping. This is the right way to do it, right?”

“Overstepping? No, no, not at all!”

“Hey Taehan, what the heck! You pick up laundry skills in the military or something?”

Only then did they burst out in excitement.

It certainly was a spectacle that warranted such a reaction.

“Sorry, I should’ve helped, but I was just stunned watching you. You could go on ‘Master of Living’ or something.”

“Come on, that’s high praise… I mean, too much praise.”

Kang Taehan almost let out an informal remark but caught himself just in time.

* * *

The three of them loaded the neatly folded clothes and towels onto a cart.

They were folded so well, the creases stayed sharp even after being transferred to the cart.

“I’m going to move these and then finish up.”

“Thank you for your hard work, sir.”

“What are you talking about? You two did all the hard work. I’ll buy you something to drink later!”

With that, the man rolled the cart onto the elevator.

Their work done, Kang Taehan and Choi Seonghyun also headed back to the waiting room.

“…Ugh, suddenly my stomach hurts.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m feeling a bit… unwell. I’ll go in first.”

Choi Seonghyun held his stomach and turned his steps away.

He was headed for the restroom.

‘He’s always had a weak stomach… no, maybe it’s normal for it to stay the same.’

Sixty years had passed, but that was only true for himself.

While the allowance of a masseuse suggested some changes, time—at least—remained the same as before.

‘I suppose this means I need to be younger too.’

At present, his age was merely in the mid-twenties.

The spirit of the eighties-as-the-Demon Lord was not only out of sync with the times, but it also didn’t suit this body.

“It seems like my way of speaking has more or less returned, but… Hmm?”

“Oh! You’re here! What… what was your name again?”

As he opened the door to the waiting room and entered, Director Hwang greeted him.

There seemed to be some issue.

“My name is Kang Taehan.”

“Right! Taehan, yes, Taehan.”

Director Hwang nodded a couple of times.

“By the way, have you seen Seonghyun?”

“Seonghyun went to the restroom because his stomach was hurting.”

“Ah, that kid. The timing is just…”

Scratching his head in an awkward manner, Director Hwang gazed at Kang Taehan for a long while.

“By the way… have you ever worked in massage before?”


It really depended on the scope of the question, but strictly speaking, it wasn’t nonexistent.

He had helped with breathing and energy practices, corrected twisted energy and blood flow… Such things had happened occasionally.

“I have some experience.”

“Some experience…”

Director Hwang stroked his mouth at that response.

It was an ambiguous answer, but it would have been rather worrying if he had said with confidence that he was very capable and experienced.

There’s nothing more unsettling than an overconfident newbie.

‘Seonghyun told me to just trust him, but…’

This client was a completely new visitor.

While many shops emphasized first impressions, massage parlors especially so.

Given the significant amount of money and time involved, a subpar establishment would see a complete halt in foot traffic.

That’s why Director Hwang wanted to send someone with guaranteed skills…

‘Well, he has a certification, so he must have some competence.’

Still, it was worrisome to send out someone new on their first day, but since they had been hired, it would be a loss not to put them to work.

Director Hwang made up his mind with a nod.

“Could you possibly take a client, Taehan?”


“You got the explanation at the beginning, right? Just prepare as instructed and come out. I’ll pass the message along outside as well.”

With one last quick glance at Kang Taehan’s face, Director Hwang stepped out.

“Now then…”

Left alone, Kang Taehan adjusted his attire lightly.

Although told to prepare, there really wasn’t much to get ready.

Only a minimal adjustment in attire was needed.

“Time to go.”

It was his first assignment.

Having joined on a friend’s recommendation and in dire need of money, it was essential to show some positive results.

Breathing lightly to collect his composure, Kang Taehan stepped outside.

‘Though my memory is a bit hazy…’

He did remember studying hard to get his certification.

Learning anatomy, principles, and fervently attending practicals… However, those memories felt like mere remnants of the past, and the details were hard to recall.

And for good reason. Sixty years had passed.

It was inevitable for memories to fade.

‘Whatever happens, I’ll manage somehow.’

With that mindset, Kang Taehan arrived at Room 5.

Although it was called a room, it was merely a space with massage beds lined up and partitions set up, but the spacing was ample, and the setup was rather appealing.


“Oh, hi. Hello.”

As Kang Taehan entered and greeted, Deputy Nam Woohyun, who was already lying face down on the bed, raised his head to return the greeting.

“Which area bothers you…?”

“Well… if I had to say, it would be my lower back, and also…”

As Kang Taehan briefly surveyed Nam Woohyun’s body, his gaze suddenly changed.

“The balance in your lower back is off. The spine has been affected due to that, and blood circulation isn’t smooth… It must have been quite a while since you’ve had a clear mind.”

“Eh? Oh… yes, that’s right.”

Taken aback by the sudden change in Kang Taehan’s tone, Nam Woohyun replied with accuracy in Taehan’s assessment.

“From what I see, you have a body type that doesn’t handle alcohol well, but you drink often… Your appearance may be fine on the outside, but the inside is not faring well. The body is tired, and restful sleep is out of the question. Isn’t that the case?”

“Yes… yes, that’s correct.”

…Did I come to a fortune teller’s place?

Deputy Nam Woohyun reflected upon his memories in astonishment.

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