The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 18

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 18

“Where Am I? Here.”

Struggling to open his eyes, Shin Junho furrowed his brows in discomfort.

Trying to move his body seemed near impossible as if his whole body had stiffened.

“Take a rest for now. It’s difficult for you to move at this moment,” a voice suggested.

“Huh? Uh…”

Shin Junho turned his head sharply and winced, clutching his left shoulder as his body curled up. The reaction was due to suddenly moving his muscles after being unconscious for a long time.

“How long were you unconscious… I mean, how many days has it been?”

“Ah, Junho. You’ve been unconscious for over a week. That’s why you shouldn’t move suddenly; your body will be in shock. Just lie down and rest for now.”

Turning his gaze, Kang Taehan looked back as Park Hoyeon explained belatedly.

With a surprised look, Shin Junho alternated his gaze between the two.

“This is a hospital… What happened?”

“What’s the last thing you remember?”

“Uh… The mountain was so beautiful I had to take a photo. But the angle was a bit off, so I tried to move to a better spot and then…”

He rolled down.

The memory hit Shin Junho late, causing a confused expression to settle on his face for a moment. Shin Junho wasn’t the only one feeling confused.

‘What is going on?’

Trying to maintain a calm expression, Park Hoyeon kept looking back and forth between her friend Shin Junho and Kang Taehan.

For inexplicable reasons, Shin Junho had been in a coma.

To put it more seriously, he was in a vegetative state.

Though it was suspected that a concussion was to blame, to be honest, the severity didn’t seem that extreme.

It was an unlucky situation to say the least.

While such cases are uncommon, there are instances where relatively minor accidents can lead to a vegetative state.

She had told his sister-in-law that everything would be fine soon, that she would do her best, but frankly, there was no known treatment, nor could she predict when consciousness would return.

‘But now…’

Now he had regained consciousness.

That young man, Kang Taehan, had simply placed his hand behind Junho’s neck to check his pulse, and within minutes, Junho had come to.

Was it a coincidence?

During the time Kang Taehan had vaguely been doing something, Junho happened to regain consciousness.

It was possible that it was merely a happenstance, but to chalk it up solely to chance seemed a stretch given the impeccable timing.

‘This person said he thought he could help.’

Suddenly, Kang Taehan’s recent comments came to mind.

At first, it seemed like a nonsensical claim, but now, it sounded like he had found a solution.

“…Hoyeon, I’m sorry. I owe you one again.”

“Huh? What?”

Catching on late to Shin Junho’s words, Park Hoyeon replied.

“It looks like this is your hospital.”

“Don’t worry about it. Your sister-in-law took care of the bills.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about… Never mind. But who is this person?”

Shin Junho asked, gesturing toward Kang Taehan.

“This person? Say hello. He’s your savior.”


“He personally rescued you after you tumbled down Gyeryong mountain trying to snap a picture, and then…”

Park Hoyeon paused momentarily.

Even as a doctor, the current events seemed inexplicable, as if Kang Taehan played a role in Shin Junho regaining consciousness.

“…He also helped you regain consciousness.”

She couldn’t hide his contribution, even if she couldn’t understand it.

Park Hoyeon added the comment after a slight delay.

After the introduction, Kang Taehan stepped forward.

“Hello, I’m Kang Taehan.”

“Ah, yes. I’m still a bit out of it, but it seems I am deeply indebted to you. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s a relief to see you doing well.”

Collecting herbs on the mountain seemed trivial at note.

Sometimes, a handshake is all it takes to comprehend the depth of one’s gratitude.

Grasping Kang Taehan’s hand in a gesture of thanks, Shin Junho was met with a content smile.

* * *

“That’s fascinating.”

In the massage parlor on a Wednesday, one of the masseurs muttered to himself as he looked around the store, prompting Mr. Hwang, the manager, to turn his head.

“What is?”

“It’s weird. The place bustles with people, but then it’s like someone’s told a lie and it clears out on Wednesdays and Thursdays.”

“It’s still a lot busier than before, Seonghun.”

Seonghun, the man thus addressed, felt a tad embarrassed as he scratched the back of his head.

Kim Seonghun.

He was one of the masseurs working here who, prior to Kang Taehan’s arrival, had drawn in a steady clientele, reputed for his skills.

His skills hadn’t waned, and many regulars continued to seek him out, but his impact seemed muted in comparison to the recent buzz around Kang Taehan.

“Is there some interesting drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays?”

Unbeknownst to him.

Kim Seonghun genuinely looked curious and slightly puzzled.

“Do you really not know?”

“What is it? Tell me.”

“Taehan isn’t around on those days.”

“Taehan? …Ah, was he the guy agreed to handle the master course with me?”

“…Wouldn’t it hurt to show a little interest?”

Manager Hwang snickered as if he couldn’t believe it.

Knowing him, he hardly paid any mind to others but didn’t expect this level of indifference.

“I hardly see him around in the break room. Maybe passed each other when getting water, like three or four times?”

“I guess Taehan is busy alright… spends his time quietly meditating when in the break room.”


“Yeah. He says to try not to disturb if possible.”

If using the Absorbing Great Technique, it was best to engage in energy circulation right away…

Tae-han Kang is the character in question. On the other hand, upon hearing the word ‘meditation,’ Sung-hoon Kim showed an impressed expression.

“Wow… that’s quite something. He looks to be in his mid-twenties, but there’s a sense of a strong professional ethic.”

To meditate meant even during breaks, one would focus for the sake of the next customer. While Sung-hoon Kim was passionate about his work, he hadn’t considered taking things to that extent.

“It’s not just about commitment. His skills are no joke either.”


Manager Hwang was not someone to exaggerate without cause. Sung-hoon Kim reacted to his exaggerated tone.

“I had a crick in my neck once, and with just a brief touch, poof—it disappeared as if it were a lie.”

“It sounds like a lie.”

“That’s why I said it disappeared like a lie.”

Manager Hwang laughed dismissively.

“Honestly, he doesn’t seem like someone who’ll stay here long.”

“Why? What’s wrong with this place?”

“It’s not that our massage parlor is bad, but he’s just too talented to stay. Plus, he’s young.”

He would eventually move on when the time was right, appearing as though he would achieve much more than he currently had.

“So, does he have more clients than me?”

Sung-hoon Kim casually inquired about a topic that apparently bothered him.

Manager Hwang’s expression turned peculiar.

“I had no idea there would be this lack of interest, even though there are only two masters here.”

“C’mon, just answer my question.”

“Take a look at this.”

Seeing is believing, as they say. Manager Hwang brought up the appointment schedules of both masseurs on the monitor. Although Sung-hoon Kim had been fully booked for the past few days, getting an appointment with Tae-han Kang required waiting at least a week, and even then, only during less preferred times.

“It’s… that full?”

“I wasn’t exaggerating, see?”

Sung-hoon Kim stared at the monitor, surprised. His astonishment quickly turned into curiosity.

Just how good could he be? A faint smile formed on his lips.

“I’ll have to see for myself how good he is.”

“And what are you going to do after you see?”

“Well… if he’s really that good, maybe I’ll ask him to be my master.”

As if you would do that.

Amused by Sung-hoon Kim’s playful suggestion, Manager Hwang chuckled and dismissed it lightly.

* * *

“So, you came all the way here from Seoul?” Park Ho-yeon said, looking at Jun-ho Shin then at Tae-han Kang. Kang felt awkward and scratched his head.

“Well… it doesn’t take too long by train.”

“Still, it’s not easy coming all this way just to help a complete stranger.”

“I’m from Daejeon, so it was partly a visit home… Also, calling that person a complete stranger seems off, as I’ve already helped them once, and the thought of it stayed with me.”

Furthermore, he wanted to obtain the spiritual medicine with a bit more dignity. That was certainly the most crucial reason, but Tae-han Kang chose not to articulate it.

Meanwhile, Jun-ho Shin was deeply impressed by Tae-han Kang’s words. His mouth hung open in awe for a moment before saying,

“This… you’ve truly been a benefactor. I really want to repay you somehow.”

“Speaking of which, I remember Tae-han saying he wanted to visit your mountain.”

Ho-yeon Park, who had been reviewing the diagnostic results, spoke up as if he just remembered.

Bringing up the main topic without direct mention—this was an ideal scenario. For Tae-han Kang, it was a satisfying development.

“I even sent a text yesterday.”

“Which mountain are we talking about?”

Which mountain indeed. Did he have more than one? Tae-han Kang inwardly marveled.

“This guy’s got enough land to be called a land baron.”

“Hey, what baron? To be a land baron, I’d need land in Seoul. It’s a bit embarrassing, but one is ancestral, and the others aren’t that large.”

Jun-ho Shin waved his hands dismissively as he spoke. It seemed he had faced a grave misunderstanding before due to a similar issue.

“Ahem, so, which place are you referring to?”

“When there was an incident on Gyeryong Mountain, Jo Won-ho presented me with a bottle of balloon flower wine…”

Tae-han Kang recounted the entire story—how the balloon flower wine tasted too good, how his father also loved brewing liquor and he had taken an interest, and if it was alright, he wanted to forage for herbals there too.

“If it’s a request from our benefactor, of course, it’s okay. Tae-han, you could even lift a few cows from our stockyard and I wouldn’t mind.”

As Tae-han Kang finished speaking, Jun-ho Shin nodded vigorously as if he had been waiting for his turn. He then realized belatedly that he was wearing a patient gown and not his usual attire.

“Ho-yeon, where did I put my phone?”

“Didn’t you give it to your sister-in-law?”

“…Then lend me yours for a second.”

After receiving the smartphone from Ho-yeon, Jun-ho Shin opened the map application. He flicked through it for a moment and then zoomed in to show Tae-han Kang.

“The mountain that Won-ho probably mentioned is this one.”

“…Hmm. Indeed, it’s good land.”

After examining the screen, Tae-han Kang murmured softly, full of appreciation.

Anyone with knowledge of landforms would notice the extraordinary potential at a glance. The mountain range was connected to Gyeryong Mountain, with the Geum River flowing in front, and across the river lay Baekje’s sacred mountain, Chilgapsan.

The spot where the energies of two spiritual mountains, Gyeryong and Chilgapsan, combined and met the conditions of being near water—the terrain was ideal.

Simply put,

“It’s truly worthy of being called prime land.”

His expectations continued to climb in real-time. Tae-han Kang swallowed a budding laugh.

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