The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage chapter 11

The Heavenly Demon Receives A Massage

“…What did you just say?”

“You’ve got some nerve,” he said.

Sigh, really.

Division Chief Kim Kwan-ho chuckled wryly.

To think a lad who barely looked older than a college student would say he was bold to his face upon their first meeting.

Especially considering that he was here as a guest.

There was no reason for him to be in a good mood.

“Look here, young man. Is this how you talk to someone you’ve just met? Do I look like someone willing to listen to that kind of talk?”

“If you didn’t want to hear it, you should have taken care of your liver. It’s not sick yet… but its condition is not good.”

Kang Tae-han spoke in an unconcerned manner.

At that response, Kim Kwan-ho hesitated for a moment.


“You must have started to feel it, right? Despite severe fatigue, you wake up stiff, have no appetite, and drinking doesn’t make you feel any better… Isn’t that the case?”

“Ah, yes… You’re right.”

Kim Kwan-ho averted his gaze without realizing it.

It seemed he had misunderstood and gotten angry all by himself.

Feeling somewhat awkward, Kim Kwan-ho quietly closed his mouth.

“…Wait. He hasn’t done anything yet?”

But then it struck him.

All this masseuse had done was lock eyes with him.

How could he tell if his liver was swollen or not just by looking at his face?

Did he have some kind of ultrasound vision?

“Did he just blurt out something outrageous and try to brush it off?”

Or maybe he was a con artist who simply spun plausible-sounding lies.

Kim Kwan-ho’s brow furrowed as this doubt surfaced.

“Hmm. It seems I must first rid the liver of the accumulated toxins.”

Meanwhile, whether he was doubted or not, Kang Tae-han was examining Kim Kwan-ho’s body.

The liver is the organ primarily responsible for detoxification in the body.

If its condition is poor, it can affect the entire body.

When toxins enter the body and circulate, it leads to a vicious cycle of new problems being caused within the body.

“A poor liver will also cloud one’s internal energy.”

The problem is that these effects appear very slowly.

Moreover, liver maladies often don’t cause pain, so they’re usually noticed too late.

This man probably suspects something is wrong with his liver, but without any direct issues or pain, he’s likely left it unattended.

“Excuse me, young man.”

Still dubious, Kim Kwan-ho spoke.

“How did you know my liver was in bad shape?”

“If the condition is like this, you can tell just by looking. The murky energy is palpable on the outside as well.”

As expected.

Kim Kwan-ho was convinced of his suspicion by Kang Tae-han’s evasive answer.

Such a vague response seemed plausible but could be said by anyone.

How many middle-aged employees like himself would have a perfectly healthy liver?

He must be guessing wildly.

‘After all, it’s just a massage room attached to a sauna, what could I expect?’

The talk of murky energy, indeed.

Kim Kwan-ho snorted with his face buried in the massage bed.

“For example… right here.”


But in the next moment, Kim Kwan-ho’s thoughts were interrupted.

A point on the right side of his back.

The moment Kang Tae-han pressed it with his thumb, a tingling sensation electrified his entire body.

“The accumulated murkiness is finally starting to seep out.”

On the other hand, Kang Tae-han nonchalantly intensified the pressure, then abruptly withdrew his finger as if jabbing deeply and extracting something.


At that moment, Kim Kwan-ho felt as if something inside him was being expelled through that spot.

It was as if something lingering inside for a long time was being released, feeling refreshing.

It was a sensation hard to describe, one he had never felt before.

The sharp pain was relentless, but there was a refreshing relief as if a blockage had been cleared, spreading down his spine throughout his body.

“See this. With just a slight opening of the meridian, such murky energy bursts out.”

Kang Tae-han commented lightly.

He was the mirror opposite of Kim Kwan-ho, who felt drained and limp from the recent rush of pleasure.

‘What just happened…?’

This wasn’t Kim Kwan-ho’s first time receiving a massage.

He had quite a lot of experience, from simple massage services at saunas to well-known parlors.

The fact that he was initially suspicious of Kang Tae-han had also come from that experience.

Yet, this sensation was new.

Something inside that had been stagnant… the murky energy that he had dismissed as mere convincing nonsense just moments ago felt like it was truly pouring out from within.

And it wasn’t just a feeling.

He hadn’t noticed due to his body’s tension during the intense sensation, but now that the stimulus had subsided and he was relaxed, he could clearly feel it.

His body felt lighter and smoother than before.

‘With just one acupressure with his finger…’

As if it were a scene out of a martial arts novel.

Was this even possible?

Had someone else told him this story, he would have said it was an exaggeration.

Had the masseur himself claimed it, he would have dismissed him as a charlatan.

But now, he had no choice but to believe.

For it was a situation he was experiencing firsthand.

‘He looked young, but perhaps he’s more experienced than I thought.’

With a second glance, something seemed different.

Perhaps it was a sense of gravity.

A somber atmosphere that did not quite fit his youthful appearance, as if an air of experience exuded from him.

“Excuse me, could you tell me how long you’ve—ugh!”

Kim Kwan-ho was casually speaking when his words were suddenly replaced by a scream.

Kang Tae-han had quickly moved on to the next meridian.

“It might hurt a bit. If it hurts, just say it does.”

“Can you, perhaps, go easy on me?”

Kim Kwan-ho barely caught his breath before asking.

In response, Kang Tae-han replied in a calm voice.

“No. But I can press a meridian that will keep you from making a sound.”


“Just kidding.”


Normally, he might have let such a retort slide, but-

A nonsensical joke.

Yet, for a moment, Kim Gwan-ho thought that this man, if he really put his mind to it, could make it a reality.

* * *

Meanwhile, Nam Woo-hyun, who had originally made an appointment, was waiting for Kim Gwan-ho in the waiting room. After giving up his scheduled spot, it was awkward to either leave early or wait, so he ended up receiving a massage from another masseuse and was just about to leave.

‘It’s just different from Teacher Kang’s skills…’

Frankly, the massage was not as satisfying as he had hoped.

Of course, part of the reason was because the standard to which he compared it was exceedingly high—it was supposed to be Kang Tae-han who gave him the massage.

Objectively speaking, for a sauna massage, the skills displayed were quite decent.

‘Maybe I shouldn’t have given up my spot…’

A fleeting thought crossed his mind.

He wasn’t entirely serious, but simply the thought was enough to leave him with a deep sense of regret. Kang Tae-han’s massage was special to that extent.

“Oh, you’re out.”

At that moment, Chief Kim Gwan-ho emerged from inside.

He looked a bit lethargic, possibly from the fresh end of the massage session.

However, his face was glowing, a vitality now present that hadn’t been there before.

Stepping out, Kim Gwan-ho did not head for the exit but instead went towards the front desk.

“Hi, I would like to make a reservation.”

This was to book his next appointment, a direct indicator of how much he enjoyed the service that he thought of booking his next visit immediately afterward.

“Do you have a preference for any particular masseuse?”

“Um, Teacher Kang Tae-han, if possible…”

The front desk staff, as if expecting the request, pulled out a small calendar.

The calendar was densely filled with small letters on most of the dates.

“As you can see, Teacher Kang Tae-han is quite booked. It might be a bit difficult to match your desired date and time, is that alright?”

“Ah… I see.”

Kim Gwan-ho nodded in response to the staff’s words. Although caught off guard, he understood.

Given the quality of the massage he had just experienced, it was only natural that reservations were in high demand.

“These times… the teacher is not available?”

“Yes, those are either his days off or the hours he does not work.”

“I see.”

It took some time, but eventually, Kim Gwan-ho made his reservation and left. His expression was noticeably cheerful.

“Chief Kim, you’re out?”

“Ah, Deputy Nam!”

As Nam Woo-hyun rose from his seat, Kim Gwan-ho greeted him with a smile, his demeanor entirely different from the first impression.

“You weren’t waiting all this time, were you?”

“No, I also got a massage from someone else and just came out.”

Nam Woo-hyun shook his head and responded with a slight grin.

“And how was the massage?”


Truth be told, before entering the massage room, Kim Gwan-ho had claimed he had a relatively high standard for massages, having received many in his time. He awkwardly cleared his throat.

“Well… certainly, the teacher’s skills were impressive.”

Kim Gwan-ho avoided eye contact as he spoke. The massage was so satisfactory that it was tough to downplay it even for the sake of pride.

Although he was a bit worn out from the intense massage, he could feel a marked difference in the condition of his body.

Perhaps the phrase ‘cleansing the body’s energy’ was cliché, but it seemed apt. Whether it was just his imagination or not, even the simple act of walking felt light and easy, as though he was donning a delicate ramie cloth garment.

Such was the difference that he couldn’t help but wonder if he had received some potent drug rather than a massage – the effect was almost unbelievable, despite experiencing it firsthand.

“I’m glad you were satisfied.”

“It was truly wonderful. I almost feel bad for the favor you’ve done.”

It wasn’t just a recommendation—he had even offered up his own reservation.

Just by looking at the schedule while making his new reservation, Kim Gwan-ho realized he’d likely have to wait at least a week.

“No, don’t mention it. You looked pale, Chief, and I wanted to help in any way I could.”

“Heh, this guy speaks so well.”

“Really. I heard you used to enjoy drinking, but since you’ve abstained, how could I not worry?”

Nam Woo-hyun smiled broadly as he spoke.

Maybe because Kim Gwan-ho was feeling better, the atmosphere of their conversation was noticeably more convivial than when they first met. The dialogue flowed naturally.

“By the way, you must’ve sweated a bit during the massage. How about taking a trip to the baths?”

“Hmm… No, let’s head out instead.”

“Head out?”

As Nam Woo-hyun asked, Kim Gwan-ho slightly twiddled his nose, taking his time before responding.

“Well… I’m feeling a bit hungry, haha.”

Kim Gwan-ho’s initial refusal of Nam Woo-hyun’s offer to share a meal hadn’t been insincere. It’s true he had recently lost his appetite and even his taste for alcohol.

With no particular cravings and difficulty choosing menu items, he often skipped meals entirely.

“I’ve got this sudden hunger after the massage.”

But now things were different.

The mere thought of eating made saliva pool in his mouth—it was that tangible.

He felt like he could wolf down a meal right now, even if it was just plain white rice with pickles.

But there was something specific he had his eye on.

“There’s a place nearby that serves a great bone hangover soup. Let’s grab a bowl there. What do you think?”

Bubbling bone hangover soup in a stone pot, the meaty chunks waiting to be fished out, and a spicy broth to go with a spoonful of rice… the thought alone was comforting.

“Oh, I’d love that!”

With those words, Deputy Nam’s face brightened considerably.

After all, he was in the process of selling to Chief Kim Gwan-ho.

Considering Kim had outright rejected the idea of eating or drinking just a while ago, this was a significant step forward.

“I’ve actually been craving some warm broth.”

“Ha-ha. Great, then let’s get going. Since you introduced me to a great masseuse, I’ll show you a fantastic bone hangover soup place.”

With a hearty laugh, Kim Gwan-ho led the way, and Nam Woo-hyun followed.

A good feeling welled up within them.

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