The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 82


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Through the legs of a giant wolf letting out a resentful howl, I can see, far in the distance, a boy sitting on an altar with his head bowed in defeat. He looks utterly exhausted, like he doesn’t wish to move anymore.

Isn’t this the perfect time to strike him properly, I wonder. As Tanya nods in agreement, Kylie charges towards the wolf without hesitation, without even a word.

Tanya is impressed by what seems like courage, but she quickly shelves that thought when she hears the scream:


The sight of Kylie, screaming half in tears and rushing forwards, is the very picture of fear.

Even if one believes they won’t get hurt, hurling oneself into the embrace of such a massive wolf seems like a suicidal act. Moreover, the assurance was ‘unless some special exception applies,’ not that one absolutely won’t get hurt. If there’s even the slightest possibility, the fear still lingers.

Nonetheless, Tanya had to admit, the sheer willpower Kylie showed in rushing forth demanded respect.

She quickly dashed in the opposite direction. She couldn’t predict how big a gap Kylie might create for her, but for now, she had to seize the opportunity presented.

The Wind Wolf is startled for a moment.

After all, it was just an exam for class placement for new students. There’s a big chance that there was no real intention to hurt or kill the opponent.

So what should it do with a girl who charges in as though it’s a suicide run? Using those massive paws to press down and crush her would cause serious backlash.

But it can’t just stand there; even at the risk of causing some injury… Merilda swings its front paw lightly.

However, the one who ends up wounded is Merilda.

– Boom!

A cloud of smoke billows, but Merilda’s front paw couldn’t even scratch Kylie.

Kylie’s adorable but reckless charge… leaves a deep wound on Merilda.

Cuts, as if stained with claws, appear on its belly and flanks. Distinct traces of blood are visible on the ground.

– Roar!

Merilda, confused by the unexpected attack, releases a shrieking cry.

The roar momentarily shakes the air, a sound of panic. But the frail Kylie is thrown back by the shock alone.


Her pale and slim limbs are not optimized for battle; just rolling on the ground a few times has drained her of all strength, rendering her useless.

– Clang!

In the meantime, the sound of something falling from Kylie’s body is heard.

Somehow, relying on just the protection around her, she succeeds in pinning down Merilda’s movements for a moment.

This brief window was all the time Tanya had to struggle one last time.

She was already charging towards Ed. The range of Tanya’s basic magic is extremely short.

But, considering that the already battle-worn and magic-drained Ed — from summoning high spirits — is now before her, even a single blow would be fatal.

The sight of the boy on the altar, completely drained and sitting down, was getting closer.

Kylie overcame her terror to create this brief window of opportunity; Tanya couldn’t afford to waste it.

The basic Wind magic ‘Dispersion.’

It’s one of the few spells Tanya has mastered properly. It creates a strong wind centered on the caster, disrupting the movement of enemies nearby, and if powerful enough, can knock them flying.

She pushes Ed away from the altar and swiftly offers up the magic stone. This was the last gambit.

As Tanya, panting heavily, reaches the altar, Ed’s figure comes fully into view.

Tanya clenches her teeth and shouts.

“You thought I’d give up…?!”

There was always a sense of rebellion in her. The defiance in her voice was tinged with chills.

The surge of magical wind becomes her final spear. It shatters the overwhelming disparity of power; Tanya’s last stand.

Ed looks down at her coldly, with no trace of panic in his eyes. What’s truly terrifying is that gaze.

Such an unshaken gaze, as if nothing is wrong. But it’s too late now for Tanya to be intimidated by that look. The dice have already been cast.

The surrounding wind magic hits Ed, and with him not even flinching, he falls from the altar and disappears.

“Gasp… Gasp…”

Ed, who has now completely disappeared, was a sign that magic had taken effect. Tanya felt a moment of elation rising in her chest…

But the fact that he ‘disappeared’… made Tanya feel an eerie discomfort.

– Whish!

Arrows. However, their forms are blurred. Several magic-formed arrows hit the ground and disappeared without a trace.

“Ah, help!”

Startled, Tanya stumbles backward and falls to the ground. And then, it’s then that she notices scattered around the altar floor, “Illusion Discs” – magic engineering supplies.

It would be challenging to create such advanced tools with basic magic engineering knowledge, but it was possible to modify burner versions to manifest at least a ‘mild illusion.’

Although not as potent as the illusions that the purple discs could conjure, they could still undermine the reality to a degree.

Especially considering Ed’s current battered state, this level of illusion wasn’t too difficult to implement.

Tanya, with little knowledge of the magic engineering involved, couldn’t even guess whether Ed had such knowledge.

The only thing she could surmise was that probably many students had fallen victim to this tactic.

So where is the real Ed?

Tanya’s eyes moved in the direction from which the arrows had come, towards trees unnaturally draped around the direction of the altar.

Among them, a boy jumps down from one.

Ed lands with difficulty and gets up, brushing himself off. He looked more severely beaten than the illusion had suggested; it was surprising he could still move.

In one hand, he holds a makeshift bow.

The ends of a branch suitable to serve as an arrow shaft were tightly strung by a bluish magical thread.

‘Does that even work…? How much magic sensitivity training has he done…?’

‘Or… he knows how to use a bow…? The same person who couldn’t even properly hold a sword’s grip…?’

Tanya tries to get herself up, desperation filling her as her legs refuse to do their job.

She attempts to stand up, but fear has already pushed her limits to the edge.

Thud Thud, Ed walks closer, though Tanya’s legs have completely given up.

– Roar

Suddenly, that giant Wind Wolf has returned to Ed’s side after overcoming Kylie.

Looking up from her seated vantage point, the image is complete with the wolf’s shadow, signaling that Tanya no longer has any chance of victory.

“Eek… Eeek…!”

Ed, now right in front of Tanya, gazes down at her.

His battered body is covered with bruises and scrapes all over. Flecks of blood are even visible.

He’s covered in dust, utterly exhausted, yet still showing no sign of struggle.

The cold gaze downward reignites Tanya’s trauma.

The villain of the Rothtaylor family’s appalling deeds, the dagger handed to them, the screams of the pained servants, and their terror-filled eyes.

Memories flicker past Tanya’s mind as if on a reel.

A chill as cold as the gaze travels down Tanya’s spine, she shakes uncontrollably.

And as Ed extends his hand, Tanya closes her eyes tightly.

“I’m sorry, you must have tried in your way. We have our reasons on this side too.”

– Whoosh!

As a gust of wind blows… the next moment, the giant wolf’s figure has disappeared.

In Ed’s hand is the magic stone Tanya had brought.

Her body trembling, Tanya opens her eyes to see Ed smashing the stone, marking her failure in the exam.

“Even if you’re kin, I can’t just let it slide. If that were the case, knowing your temperament, you would have been even more furious, right?”


“But then again, I’ve seen you now, Tanya. You do have that side.”

Ed releases the magic of the makeshift bow; the magical thread snaps, and the branch reverts to being just a stick, which he casually tosses aside.

Ed sighs and looks up at the high sky. The sun sets gently; the new student class allocation test is gradually coming to an end.

The Tanya Rothtaylor that Ed knew was just a villain playing on her family’s prestige, only to show off her arrogance in the student council elections and then exit the stage.

He thought she would run away with her tail between her legs at the sight of a high spirit but… she surprisingly showed resilience.

“If I had been in that position, I would have run without looking back. But the fact that you, exhausted as you were, still tried to subdue me with tactics… that’s really something. Not just anyone can do that. You can take pride in that. You’re pretty amazing.”

“Uh.. uh…”

Already collapsing from the situation, the moment Tanya realizes the ordeal is over, an incomprehensible wave of emotion starts to rise within her.

“Ah… Ugh…”

Feeling awkward about the reaction he got, Ed hadn’t foreseen this outcome.

Regardless, the examination time was over. Tanya’s magic stone was destroyed.

With no desire to fight further, he contemplated some consoling words…

“Don’t come any closer!”

A girl suddenly rushes between Tanya and Ed, her face covered in dirt as she bravely stands up to Ed.

She stands with arms widespread, trembling, apparently having rushed over out of fear that Tanya might be harmed.

“Let me tell you… if you… if you treat me as an enemy and attack… something bad will happen! I mean it! Don’t… don’t move!”

She begs as if pleading to be believed, shaking so much it’s hard to tell who is threatening whom.

Ed, with no intention to harm, just sighs deeply.

But his gaze drifts downwards, and in an instant, his pupils dilate.

For the first time since the test began, Ed appears shaken, and he starts scanning the surroundings.

Even though she’s apprehensive of the change in Ed’s demeanor, the girl doesn’t let her trembling hands down, keeping focused on him.

“The exam is over! Ed! Come here and help! Clevius totally knocked himself out…!”

“Professor Claire, can you update the score first…! There’s a mountain of stuff to take care of…! The student council president elections are just at the start of next semester…!”

Suddenly, from the altar entrance, Professor Claire’s voice is heard. The voices of Anis and Yenika suggest that they are starting to tidy up after the examination.

Ed tosses the last magic stone towards the altar. As magic swirls around him, a small flame bat rises above his head.

“What are you doing…! The exam is over…! What are you trying to do now…?!”

The girl’s voice shakes as she calls out, but Ed pays no mind and sends the flame bat into the altar’s clearing.

There’s no more reason to fight, is there? The faculty seems to be making their way up, so all that’s left is to stand guard and protect Tanya until they arrive.

The girl believes that but then she feels a sudden change.

Quickly glancing down at herself, she realizes what that sensation is. The tips of her chestnut hair begin to tarnish, as hints of silver swirl around.

The ‘Illusion Magic’ given by the clerics of Saint tower is maintained by the ‘Crescent Moon Brooch,’ a semi-permanent magic engineering tool brought from Sylvania. It must be always carried to keep its effect ongoing.

– Clatter!

The sound made when she was thrown back by Merilda, she now realizes what it was. It was the sound of the Crescent Moon Brooch rolling on the ground, which she always kept close.

“This is…!”

The faculty are just about to burst in.

The girl feels a creeping horror as her heartbeat intensifies and her breathing quickens. She swiftly turns her head towards the clearing.

But the flame bat, sent off by Ed, had already fetched the brooch.

The brooch in his grasp, Ed quickly stuffs it back into the girl’s chest.

“Be careful not to lose your stuff… be careful.”

It was her first experience having such a large hand in her chest. Overwhelmed by the moment and the current experience, she takes a step back in shock.

Breathing in and out at an uneven pace, merely looking at Ed makes her feel as if her head is filling with blood.

The subtle light from the brooch again radiates, and the girl’s hair, which had started to turn silver, regains its original color.

“Uh… Uh…”

The situation was so sudden that she couldn’t muster a response. She just stood there, unable to react as the words got stuck in her throat.

“I’m coming now!”

“My goodness, Ed! Why, why are you so hurt..!”

As Ed gathers the elements and struggles to move towards the faculty with his injured body, the girl can only remain standing.

Fortunately… Tanya seems too disoriented by the situation to grasp what just happened.

The girl… is just left standing there…


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