The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 51


Sage’s Envoy Scramble (6)

[ Name: Ed Rothtaylor ]

Gender: Male Age: 17 Grade: 2nd Race: Human Achievements: None Physical Strength 12 Intelligence 10 Dexterity 13 Willpower 10 Luck 8 Combat Ability Detailed >> Magical Ability Detailed >> Daily Life Ability Detailed >> Alchemy Ability Detailed >> The beginning of my daily routine is when the dawn starts to break, and the cool morning air steadily settles amongst the forest. It was always the same.

On a weekday, I would abruptly open my eyes and spring up from bed, quickly changing into workout clothes to start jogging towards the faculty building. However, today is a holiday, so I moved my body a bit more leisurely.

My body feels refreshed. I sensed my condition was fully restored the moment I first rose from bed.

Health is something mysteriously only appreciated in its importance when one falls ill. Now I must take better care of my body and avoid overexerting myself to prevent such situations.

After laying Yenika, who had completely passed out, in bed, I came to the riverside and washed my face with the cool water. While at it, I checked my stats, and now my core ones wouldn’t lose out even compared to an early-to-mid phase Taely.

Catching up with Taely, whose growth curve steepens as we reach the latter half of the phases, will be challenging… But at least my body can now take care of itself to that extent.

My stat growth has also entered a plateau phase. I was well aware that growth slows down once any skill or core stat surpasses 10, but it still feels somewhat stifling when you experience the slowdown firsthand.

From now on, the impact of each stat increase will be felt acutely. I must devise a more systematic approach rather than just training blindly without purpose.

“That reminds me… I’ve barely touched upon Magic Engineering research.”

[ Daily Life Ability Detailed ]

Grade: Intermediate Artisan Specialization: Woodworking Craftsmanship Lv 14 Design Lv 10 Gathering Ability Lv 13 Woodworking Lv 13 Stonecraft Lv 6 Hunting Lv 10 Fishing Lv 7 Cooking Lv 6 Repairs Lv 5 < Advanced Crafting Technique Slot: Elemental Spirit Infusion > Skill Proficiency: 2 Power Amplification: 3 Infusion Success Rate: 91

– Fire Elemental Spirit Proficiency: 4

– Wind Elemental Spirit Proficiency: 2 Contracted Spirit: Lower Fire Elemental Spirit Responsiveness: 12 Understanding of Spirits: 12 Unique Skill: Fire Cloak’s Blessing, Explosive Force < Advanced Crafting Technique Slot: Magic Engineering > Skill Proficiency: 2 Understanding of Magic Engineering Items: 3 Quick Crafting: 3 Collected Formulas:

Feeble Wind Disperser (Lv 1)

Mountain Echo Sound Generator (Lv 1)

Resonance Automatic Mana Chessboard (Lv 1)

??? ????? (Under Analysis)

?? ??? (Under Analysis)

Advanced crafting techniques significantly impact core stats. Their versatility is incomparable to that of regular skills.

However, they require meticulous training to master them.

If only one could mass-produce elemental spirit infusions like a factory, life would be much easier. But after infusing a spirit, there’s a cooldown period before the next infusion can take place.

As for Magic Engineering, if the conditions allow, one can train endlessly; however, creating the basic conditions is challenging.

It’s possible to improve proficiency by researching already-finished Magic Engineering products, and with a bit of luck, one could disassemble and reassemble them to learn the manufacturing method independently.

However, it’s standard practice to acquire the recipes themselves for most Magic Engineering products. That’s also the most efficient approach.

The main issue is that many formulas for creating Magic Engineering items come as rewards from the main scenario quests, making them tricky to acquire directly.

“Should I ask Taely?… No chance she’d give them… Nah, she couldn’t even if she wanted to.”

I sat on a flat rock by the riverside, deep in thought. The formulas for making Magic Engineering products that were rewards from quests are ‘knowledge,’ not physical objects.

It’s beyond frustrating how little Taely seems to care about Magic Engineering when she’s sitting on such treasures.

So then… wouldn’t it be alright for me to scoop up scroll-type formulas that drop during the main scenario progression?

Since Taely shows no intention of training in Magic Engineering, those formulas would be mere scraps of paper to her. There’s a high chance she might not even bother to collect them.

Skills are the foundation of wealth. After graduating from Sylvania and starting my solo career, having a robust skill like Magic Engineering trained to its limits could prove invaluable.

And, unfortunately, I am fully aware of where and how crucial formulas are dropped or concealed. Catching them and holding on to them would substantially aid my skill proficiency.

Self-study by disassembling and analyzing the Magic Engineering products provided by Lortelle has its growth limits.

There’s now a clear need to secure more efficient, handy, and expensive Magic Engineering product recipes ahead of time.

“Hmm… that reminds me, Act 2 is already nearing its end. Between frantic training and being unconscious for ten days, time has flown by.”

Within the serenity of dawn amidst the forest, I looked up at the sky.

At a glance, it’s a peaceful scene. But when I close my eyes, I can envision the magical towers Glast had conjured with high sorcery, overshadowing the academy’s skies.

There he is, wielding high-tier time magic, surrounded by armies of golems and experimental demon races, using his disciples and faculty as a shield, all the while trying to resonate with the Sage’s Envelope.

The final battle of Act 2 against Glast.

With that thought, the memory of his research laboratory also flashes into my mind.

“Soul Library…!”

I gripped my fist tightly and nodded.

There are four possible battle stages for the final chapter:

The faculty bypass, the underground waterways, Glast’s secret research lab, and at the very top of the magical tower.

Among them, Glast’s notorious and challenging secret research lab contains the Soul Library, holding replicas of historical grimoires and all sorts of precious magical documents.

To clear the stage, one must navigate through autonomously flying bookcases and grimoires to capture the librarian. Without Sword Saint techniques, the Soul Library librarian Reyna, the stage boss, is nearly impossible to defeat.

Well, with Taely’s current stats, she should be able to break through comfortably. I’ve already researched and confirmed as much. My concern lies elsewhere, specifically with the contents of that Soul Library.

It’s filled with various precious Magic Engineering formulas. From what I remember, there are more than a dozen, including two that enable the crafting of legendary-grade Magic Engineering items.

If one could secure the materials needed, then legendary-grade Magic Engineering items could be used as decisive finishing moves, almost on par with Sword Saint techniques.

While they may not have the unique characteristics of Sword Saint techniques tailored to efficiently defeat specific scenario bosses, their raw power and impact are nothing to scoff at.

I carefully revisited my memory.

‘Gluckt’s Eye,’ which temporarily boosts mana reserves and all reaction-based skills’ proficiency, and ‘Delheim’s Hourglass,’ which can revert all physical states several seconds back in time.

With Gluckt’s Eye… if I could use it, I could tremendously increase my elemental responsiveness, allowing me to contract with higher-tier spirits that would otherwise be out of my league.

And Delheim’s Hourglass… could serve as a life-saving coin in dire circumstances.

I can’t overlook this opportunity.

The advanced crafting skill of Magic Engineering is designed with unique balance in mind.

While skills like spirit infusion or enchantment require skill proficiency and my mana sensitivity to rise before higher tiers can be applied…

Purely crafting skills like Magic Engineering are balanced by the ‘rarity of materials.’

In other words, no matter how advanced a crafting formula is, if the materials are inaccessible, the potency of high-grade Magic Engineering items remains untapped.

Even if one secures legendary formulas early on, if they require items only obtainable in the latter parts of the scenario, there’s little meaning to it.

Thus, the system is designed to prevent the creation of Magic Engineering items too powerful for the current scenario… However, unfortunately for the system, I have the ‘friend chance.’

Though I’m striving to keep my distance from a main character of the scenario, the unprecedented merchant has the means to procure any materials from across the map if desired.

I can’t predict what conditions she might impose, but having a supplier is key. We could be handling Magic Engineering items at a level that should not exist in the current scenario progression.

“What deep thoughts could you be contemplating so intently?”

I shivered and turned around to find a girl with reddish-brown hair sitting on a fallen tree nearby.

Even though she claimed her hair was more comfortable lightly braided to one side, I’ve noticed her allowing it to fall loosely or neatly brushed more often recently. She used to always wear it braided when working.

“Right on cue, she appears.”

“Oh my, were you thinking about me this early in the morning? How embarrassing.”

Although she smiles coyly, more fitting for a girl her age than a merchant, the quiet voice and sly smile that follow remind me of the usual her.

“People say you don’t notice the rain soaking through your clothes until it’s too late. If you aim to keep up a strong front, you’ll need to steel your heart more~.”

“…I didn’t even notice you were close. How long have you been there?”

“That’s a secret. But I’ve been here for quite a while.”

Lortelle hopped down from the log slickly, balancing herself and then stretching out.

“We’ve both been so busy lately we’ve scarcely seen each other. If you don’t visit the store once in a while, we might just forget each other’s faces.”

“You know my situation. Anyway… I received the furniture.”

“That’s good.”

Lortelle walked up with a coy look, pushed me lightly back onto the rock, and then casually scanned me from head to toe before finally letting out a deep sigh of relief.

“I’m relieved to see your condition has improved. I was quite worried.”

“You look healthy, which is good.”

“Healthy? I’m actually drowning in chronic fatigue. My hair’s getting dry, and this morning I struggled to calm my swollen skin. There’s so much to deal with, and I still have to attend the academy curriculum. It’s an ongoing struggle.”

“Yet you still made it all the way to the North Forest.”

“I need to rest at times too. And there was something I needed to discuss.”

She pushed against my waist, indicating she wanted some space to sit on the narrow rock. Once I scooted over, she delicately sat down and smiled contentedly.

“Regarding the message that Zix conveyed. If you acquire the Sage’s Seal and just show it, they will agree to anything.”

I swallowed a breath. The situation was pressing. I needed a quick countermeasure against Crebin, especially after I had collapsed from overwork and had only just recovered, hastily handling affairs.

“After my father’s downfall is complete and the clan power transfer is finished, the Elte Trading Company plans to change its name. It would be strange to continue as Elte Trading Company when Elte has been dethroned, right?”


“The trading company’s internal structure will undergo a total reformation. Until then, we’ll drop the ‘Elte’ label and simply go by ‘Trading Company.’ I think my influence and authority over personnel will increase significantly during this transition.”

I can already guess where Lortelle is heading with this.

This is a kidnapping… masquerading as recruitment.

“Once the new business division’s structure is reorganized, we’ll need a whole range of new managers for high positions. In charge of everything from employee management and asset management to overseeing merchandise flow and external operations… practically a co-sovereign.”


“Imagine this. You wake up in the morning, go to the company building for work, and just on the other side of the wall, that’s where you’ll find me. How great would the treatment be? You’d be the trading company’s co-sovereign and I’ll even give you a share of my personal assets. It’s almost like… Oh, why do I say such unnecessary things. Aha, haha.”

I sense Lortelle’s energy intensifying midway through. Unusually for her usual calm and composed self, her words quicken, and her face becomes excited.

The charming smile as she strokes her face contrasts with the seductive smirk I just saw, leaving me confused about which tune to follow.

“Sometimes we’d catch each other’s gaze and greet each other in passing while at work. And as we tackle the business frontline together, there might be challenging and untrusting moments… but then, the soil hardens after rain, doesn’t it?

As we grow the trading company together, sunnier days will come… And as we age, we’ll become more skilled at managing operations. We’ll have our fair share of enemies, but we’ll be each other’s reliable allies… Senior Ed, when I saw you, your reflexes were sharp, and you had good intuition. You seem naturally tuned to handle ledger and personnel management systems, so undoubtedly as a merchant…


She’s offering a prominent position in the company, a share of her personal assets, and even promises further improvements in living conditions.

From my perspective, it’s a tantalizing proposition. But there are many reasons why I can only swallow it down as dry spit.

Not to mention the events unfolding at Sylvania and the significant impact they will have on the world…

Relying on Lortelle’s brief emotions and abilities to invest my entire life in such a perilous endeavor is not an option.

Above all, Lortelle’s behavior itself is uncharacteristically irrational.

“It’s a bit strange to go this far.”


When I calmly articulate the reality, Lortelle seems to come to her senses and quickly masks her awkward expression.

“You speak as though you know nothing.”


“I’m certain you understand how this feels. Why on earth is she doing this? I can’t make such a significant decision based on a young girl’s fleeting emotions. You must be thinking that you prefer to maintain a purely business relationship with me.”

“I didn’t go that far.”

“Normally, that’s how you would feel. But you’re wrong.”

She drooped her shoulders and continued with a defeated voice.

“Do you know what one craves most in the world of commerce? When a mere gesture or breath can move hundreds of gold coins, and if you don’t strike first, you get backstabbed… After a lifetime in such a world, what you desire most is…

It was fear.

I couldn’t tell if the people surrounding me were looking at me or the mountain of gold coins piled beneath my feet.

So, if a relationship was necessary, I had no choice but to craft it myself.

“The only way to win someone over is to rise above mutual interests and genuinely connect and help one another.”

It wasn’t something unusual or extraordinary.

For all I knew, it could amount to something as simple as treating my shabby-looking friends to a meal.

It’s not rare to see someone who helped you during tough times succeed later and become a valuable connection through social life.

A person who believed in you during hardships tend to not betray you easily; it might be just that sort of narrative.

However, there seemed to be a different kind of desperation in Lortelle’s actions.

With his hands raised to clasp my right hand, Lortelle’s face, looking weakened, spoke:

“Can’t you just stay by my side without asking for more or less?”


I ended up saying it.

“…Drop the act and say it.”

“It’s not working!”

Lortelle burst into laughter and then, releasing the held hand, leaned back dramatically.

Regaining composure, Lortelle was the epitome of a flickering fox as usual.

“Such a pity! It was almost there!”

“Your tone’s been too obvious from the middle, you rascal.”

“I get fiery with excitement being a human after all. But how was it? Did it stir a protective instinct in you? When someone shows such perilous vulnerability, one’s heart ought to waver.”

“Well, I’m totally snapped out of it now.”

“Ah, it’s such a shame. But still…”

Lortelle added, looking down again.

“Not everything I said was a lie.”

After a prolonged silence, only the rustling of leaves blown by the wind or the babbling of the stream could be heard while I remained quiet.

Suddenly unsure about the silence, when I looked over, Lortelle had buried his expression beneath the hood of his robe.

I couldn’t guess if he was feeling embarrassed, sorry, happy, or sad.

“I plan to graduate from Sylvania. Until then, I’ve no intention of leaving this school.”

I had many justifiable reasons.

The calamities that would unfold in Sylvania being the foremost.

The fact that Sylvania was the only place I could exploit my future knowledge to the fullest, meaning that nowhere else would I be able to grow as efficiently until graduation. Besides… to build a foundation for surviving in this world without relying on someone, and the time and expenses I’d put in so far were too valuable to lose.

“As for what to do after graduation… well, that’s decided.”

“What one plans until graduation, I can wait. But you do realize, seniors don’t have a choice, right?”

Lortelle, smiling broadly, pulled a scroll of parchment from within his robes and gently touched it to my chest.

Upon accepting and unfolding it… there it was, the certificate of sale of the ‘Sage’s Seal’.

When I raised my head, Lortelle was already at a distance. His expression hidden by the robe, but his tone suggested he was gleefully smiling.

“So glad to see your face after such a long time, Senior. I’ll return soon with my ‘free pass’.”

His victory, he claimed confidently.

With swift steps, Lortelle disappeared into the forest, once again presenting the grandeur of an epic merchant.

Sitting by the stream, I stroked my chin several times.

Thinking about the future… I felt as if I had done a grave disservice to Lortelle.

From Lortelle’s perspective, he wouldn’t have thought I had planned this far…

But still… it felt like I now owed a debt of conscience…

“It was dangerous…!”

Lortelle, unable to keep his smiling lips from rising, had already lost his senses.

Overwhelmed by work and having come to see Ed’s face for some healing, he had had to focus all his attention on facial control from the midway point.

He had intended to approach coolly and show the deed of sale, declaring “You’re mine now” and be done with it. But having seen Ed lost in thought by the streamside bathed in the dawn’s early light, plans went awry.

Despite too much idle talk and the plan going awry… it was a relief to have maintained the appearance of a fox-like merchant. If his retreat had been even slightly slower, he would have undoubtedly shown his weak side.

“Didn’t give back the change!”

Most of Ed’s money was in gold coins.

Having also bagged the change when purchasing magical supplies from Lortelle at rock-bottom prices, he had brought the surplus in a leather pouch.

Uncertain when he would next visit the camp, it felt uncomfortable to procrastinate.

Since Lortelle couldn’t bring himself to face Ed again, he turned his back on the stream towards Ed’s camp. He planned to throw the pouch near the cabin and be on his way; Ed would figure it out.

The distance between the stream and the camp wasn’t far. Lortelle was in a rush to stop by, and he thought of placing the leather pouch near the campfire in the center of the camp where it would be easily seen.

– Bang!

Just then, the cabin door flung open.

Yenika yawned, clutching Ed’s pillow and her hair unkempt.

“Yaaawn… Ed’s at… the stream, I guess…”

It was Yenika who had sleepily seen Ed heading towards the stream. She was overwhelmed by fatigue and nervous from spending a night in the same room with Ed. Pretending to sleep… only to actually fall asleep; quite true to her character.

“Until he returns, I’ve got to eat something simple….”

Rubbing her eyes as her sight returned, she locked eyes with Lortelle, coming from the stream’s direction.

Their look of shock would resemble a disaster to an onlooker.

“Why are you coming out from over there, Senior?”

“Why are you coming from the stream…?”

For Ed, it marked the beginning of another misfortune.

* ※ This walkthrough post is a summary of ‘Peperopepe’s ‘Beginners’ Guide to Practical Stage Two Boss Strategies: A Brief Overview of the Key Points! (’ which includes synopsis and strategic content. Please refer to the original post for detailed strategy!

※ Detailed strategic content is available in the original post!

2 -11. Act Two Final Chapter.

Boss: Seeker of Truth, Glast (Glast, Seeker of thruth)

■ Phase 1 Pursuit of Glast Objectives: Pursue the senior professor Glast, who kidnapped Aila and is fleeing from the Triss Hall!

(Additional Achievements) Join forces with ‘Spear of Foliage, Zix’.

(Additional Achievements) Team up with ‘Romantic Adelle’.

(Additional Achievements) Team up with ‘Gloomy Clevius’.

(Additional Achievements) Team up with ‘Meddlesome Elvira’.

Enemies Appearing:

Lower Demonic Golem * 50

Mid-class Demonic Golem * 10

Chief Researcher Melveric * 1

Student President Berus * 1

Slothful Lucy * 1

※ When certain conditions are met, comrades join intermittently in their efforts to rescue Aila.

– ‘Spear of Foliage Zix’: If you’ve told the story about Aila’s pendant during Act Two, Chapter 7 ‘Demon in the Underground Waterway’ episode.

– ‘Romantic Adelle’: When you’ve given an honest answer to inquiries about Aila’s magic sensitivity.

– ‘Gloomy Clevius’: If Clevius was slapped and scolded by Aila in the Act Two, Chapter 3 ‘Occupation of Ophelius Hall’ episode.

– ‘Meddlesome Elvira’: If you’ve lost a debate with Aila in the Act Two, Chapter 5 ‘Alchemical Society Exploration’ episode.

※ Demonic golems are almost immune to the effects of magic. Break through by applying physical force, or neutralize them with magic items that are polar opposites to their nature, or by using transformative alchemy potions.

※ During the pursuit, if Chief Researcher Melveric appears, you can skip him through a detour. If you do not need specific achievements or do not require proficiency in magical engineering skills, it’s better to bypass and save consumables.

※ President Berus’ sword strikes invalidate most parry-type skills. If it’s hard to deal with swiftly dodging movements, using a Sword Ceremony once is fine.

However, if you do use the Sword Ceremony on Berus, avoid additional usages until right before the boss fight.

※ If conditions are met, Slothful Lucy appears as a hostile. Invariably triggering a bad ending, so be sure to avoid it. It’s a complex event that rarely occurs under normal conditions, but for those aiming to achieve specific feats, please refer to the original post for detailed requirements!

■ Phase 2 Continuation of Pursuit of Glast Goal: Pursue senior professor Glast who has hidden in the underground waterways!

Find Glast’s secret laboratory inside the underground waterways!

Enemies Appearing:

Lower Demonic Golem * 70

Mid-class Demonic Golem * 30

Higher Demonic Golem Hayton * 1

3rd Year Alchemy Department Lead Dorothy * 1

Assistant Professor Claire Elfin * 1

※ Higher Demonic Golem Hayton is immune to most attacks. Either incapacitate it by triggering a Sword Ceremony or just drag out the time until the entrance to the underground waterways collapses. (Don’t waste consumables!)

※ Inside the underground waterways, you cannot view the map. If you find it too difficult to memorize the path, simply keep your hand on the left wall and keep walking until the entrance to the secret laboratory appears.

※ If you choose the correct dialogue options with Dorothy, you can skip combat. The options vary each time, but do your best to convince her that Professor Glast is deceiving her.

If combat ensues, deal with it as you did when facing the mid-boss Elvira in Act One. Be wary of potion throws and maintain a steady approach to clear quickly.

※ Assistant Professor Claire Elfin provides almost no direct combat. Break down the basic magical barriers she erected, and after the cutscene, the next phase begins.

■ Phase 3 Search of the Secret Laboratory Objectives: Advance to the heart of the secret laboratory.

Enemies Appearing:

Living Doll * 80

Soul-infused Grimoire * 440

Floating Bookshelf * 30

Soul Library Librarian Reyna * 1

Escaped Test Subject * 30

Blue-blooded Kobold * 40

Wing-clipped Gremlin *10

Death-revived Underground Waterway Demon * 1

Starpath Researcher Kum * 1

※ It’s a challenging phase with many enemies, all of which are formidable. Stay sharp!

※ The sequence follows: Soul Library – Demon Race Research Division – Central Hallway. If you mix it up, you’ll have to start over, so be sure to memorize it.

※ Soul state enemies are nearly impervious to physical damage. However, if ‘Romantic Adelle’ has joined the hunting party, he’ll cast a soul-binding spell, allowing physical damage to be dealt. It’s incredibly helpful, so make sure to bring him along.

※ Librarian Reyna’s soul magic cuts spiritual strength and suppresses the flow of magic. Periodically, it also induces hallucinations, so be careful not to accidentally attack your hunting party. If you fall into a hallucinogenic state, it’s better to focus solely on evasion.

※ Starpath Researcher Kum uses basic level astral magic. He’s immune to all attacks and his offensive spells are mighty, but he does not move from his spot. Continuously reduce the number of demon race test subjects released by him, and he’ll self-destruct before his astral magic circle goes berserk. Here, don’t hesitate to use up consumables.

※ The Resurrected Demon of the Underground Waterway is nearly identical to its patterns in Act Two, Chapter 7, but it’s grown larger and has more arms making it even more challenging. The attack range is much broader, and the newly sprouted arms on its shoulders protect its back’s weak points, so you’ll have to face it head-on.

Cut away when applicable, dig deep and clean up systematically. If your specs are not up to the task, this is where you’ll hit a wall. Be sure to check your specs.

■ Phase 4 Assault on the Magic Tower Objective: Assault Glast at the pinnacle of the Magic Tower, who is channeling the Sage’s Seal.

Enemies Appearing:

Wandering Skeleton * 30

Magic Guardian Golem *20

Cyclops * 1

Golden Daughter Lortelle * 1

※ Just proceed up the straight path of the Magic Tower and deal with the emerging enemies.

※ Among the wandering skeletons, some shoot arrows, so be careful. Also, prioritize dispatching the armored elite monsters.

※ Due to the Cyclops’ massive size, its movements are very slow. However, if you’re grazed even once, it means instant death. If ‘Spear of Foliage, Zix’ is in your hunting party, he’ll take the front lines, making it a breeze to clear.

※ You can skip the battle with Lortelle via choices. If you promise to hand over the rights to the Seal after the battle concludes, the battle will not occur, but the Sage’s Seal will be destroyed and disappear from the clear rewards.

If you’re wary of intermediate ice magic, it’s generally easier to break through than expected, so try not to sacrifice the reward and proceed to battle.

■ Phase 5 Glast Subjugation Objective: Subdue Glast.

Enemies Appearing:

Truth Seeker Glast * 1

※ Glast employs a variety of complex celestial magics and is armed to the teeth with magical engineering devices. Some particular ones worth noting include:

– Compact Time Reversal: Temporarily heals all wounds and stuns everyone on the battlefield.

– Time Prison: At the start of combat, half the hunting party is trapped in a Time Prison and unable to move. The restraint continues until Glast’s health is halved.

– Enhanced Claws: Pushes the front line of the hunting party back and pulls the rearguard forward. Typically employed in tandem with elemental magic, so quickly reset your formation.

– Enhanced Shock Pulse Sphere: Close range hits can knock you out of the Magic Tower, leading to a fall to your death. Always maintain appropriate distance.

– Besides, Glast uses elemental magic, spirit magic, and space magic commonly employed by magical types, periodically summoning golems and demon race test subjects. Refer to the original post for phase-specific strategies.

■ Miscellaneous

– If the time limit expires, Aila perishes, leading to a bad ending. Move quickly.

– Train proficiencies for Sword Ceremony four and five in this scenario, as they become essential in confronting bosses in acts three and four.

– This episode is pivotal for establishing core growth foundations for future scenarios, so it’s recommended to play through without skipping.


I sat alone by the stream, contemplating the slowly rising sun. My refreshed body seemed to nudge me to get going and start the day’s work.

Slowly, I stood up and stretched.

Before the collapse from overwork, I remembered receiving three letters.

One was from Lortelle, cautioning me that Elte’s movements were suspicious and to take care.

Another was for Princess Phoenia…


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