The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 45


In the late night, the darkness of the northern forest does not show kindness to intruders. To the wild animals that roamed as if it were their own home, or perhaps to Ed for whom it was as familiar as his own front yard, the forest may be a comfortable space. However, for Claire, it was all far too alien. With every occasional misstep, or rustle of grass that startled her, Claire doggedly followed Ed.

At the end of this tailing, she arrived at Ed’s camp. Or rather, it was no longer reasonable to call it merely a camp. By now, it had expanded enough that it perhaps needed to be termed a hideout.

“This… what is all this…!” Claire gasped in awe as she noticed the smoke billowing from a chimney of a pioneer-style cabin that had taken proper form.

Around a campfire spread out in the front yard of the cabin, there were various items: a smoker, a drying rack, a workbench, and an organizer for tools. In one corner, there stood a sturdy wooden shelter. On the tree to the right of the cabin, a hammock made from a net was hanging, and in a makeshift storage box constructed with nailed plywood, there were heaps of firewood. Pre-cut lumber, sorted by size, leaned against the cabin walls according to type.

A hideout it may be called, but the air reeked of domestic life. Claire watched from behind the trees with her mouth agape in astonishment.

Ed dropped the carcass of a young deer near the campfire and carelessly threw Lucy onto the wooden shelter. After straightening his rolled-up sleeves, he tossed a leather pouch filled with dried meat to the side, then sat by the fire, beginning to whittle wood.

“Is she unconscious…? No matter how well-known for her laziness Lucy is reputed to be, it’s unlikely she’d sleep through this…!” Claire was oblivious to the true depths of Lucy’s resilience, which allowed her to sleep through even such an environment. To any outsider, it appeared as though Lucy had been forcibly knocked out and kidnapped to this hideout.

“Did he overpower that student, Lucy?” Fully unconscious, Lucy did not stir in the corner of the shelter.

“Ah, now that I think about it, I have an early morning appointment tomorrow,” Ed mumbled to himself in a low voice that resonated softly. “There’s a lot to do… but I should manage my strength and go to bed early tonight. Hmmm….”

With that murmur, Ed quickly finished his work and extinguished the fire at the camp. In the dim light of the remaining embers in front of the now dark cabin, Ed grabbed a few blankets, before heading inside.

From the window without glass, a faint glow of firelight escaped, and it wasn’t difficult to imagine Ed laying near the stove inside the cabin.

“I have to save Lucy!” Claire was unaware of the exact situation, but couldn’t leave Lucy behind, having been taken to such a place. Although she was part of the professorial staff and not specialized in combat magic, she certainly better versed than any student.

However, caution was paramount. At a glance, it was obvious that physically overpowering Ed was out of the question for Claire, and setting that aside, if he had managed to subdue Lucy, who knew what ace he might have up his sleeve. The best strategy would be to carefully approach the camp and extract the unconscious Lucy without causing a commotion.

Lucy was light as a feather to the eye, and Claire would be able to drag her out without making excessive use of magic powers. Claire swallowed nervously, crouching lower as she slowly approached the camp—alert for any sign that Ed might emerge from the cabin.

Ready to respond preemptively in an emergency, she focused all her nerves on her magical senses. Slowly, ever so slowly, as she made her way to the wooden shelter, she saw Lucy laying on her belly, breathing peacefully like a baby.

“Quietly… as quietly as possible…” As Claire reached out her hands toward Lucy, it happened in an instant.

– Whiik!

– Thud!

In the blink of an eye, a startled Lucy, her eyes popping open, swiftly swung magic power and knocked Claire’s hand away.

“What?!” Claire let out a short scream in surprise, and Lucy, equally alarmed, grabbed her witch’s hat and put it on as she backed away to a safe distance.

Her cold gaze from her lowered posture was anything but friendly.

“Lucy… student…?”


If Lucy could be likened to a stray cat, she would certainly be one that never allowed a human’s touch. Her sharp instincts were almost animal-like, detecting any unwanted physical contact even in sleep.

However, not recognizing the face of Claire, their assistant professor, seemed a bit extreme. This fits well with Lucy—who tended to follow her own flow of life.

“Er… That… Student Lucy…!”

Before Claire could continue speaking, Lucy, with her characteristically rapid movements, grabbed a pouch of dried meat from the wooden shelter and disappeared.

So agile was her escape that when Claire came to her senses, nothing remained but a few fluttering leaves where Lucy had been.

The camp fell silent again, the quiet echoing all around.

“…Let’s go back.”

Ed didn’t seem to have noticed Claire. Although what was what remained unclear, it did seem evident that this student Ed was quite suspicious. Having confirmed that much was enough, the rest could wait for solid evidence to be gathered.

Until then, she would proceed with caution, slowly approaching the core of the matter. Claire nodded to herself, thinking,

“After all… if not for Lucy, no one knows I came into this forest! They won’t find out for a while!”

The next morning, “Did you by any chance meet Claire, the assistant professor who went to the north forest yesterday, Ed?”

“Huh? Yeah? I didn’t particularly meet her.”

Yenika and Ed met in front of the student plaza at a relatively early hour. The tree benches placed around the grand fountain were empty. It was early enough that mist still lingered.

While the rest of the students would still be rubbing their eyes in bed, trying to delay the start of their day, Yenika and Ed were already up.

“Why did she go to the north forest? Did you hear anything, Yenika?”

“Ummm… let’s see… I just heard it from others…”

With a reputation as someone who isn’t very influential but does occupy a place in the scenario and whose curiosity often leads them to various places, Claire is a character who gives off an uneasy feeling.

Her depiction in phase 2 of the Glast War… definitely denotes more than just a ditz. The boss’s difficulty level was quite easy, allowing players to simply skip over it.

However, a point of note is that… Assistant Professor Claire actively participates in Professor Glast’s plan to steal the “Sage’s Seal”.

Although Professor Claire is neither morally flawed nor particularly hateful of Professor Glast, to the point of revulsion, it was quite surprising to see her willingly participate in his schemes. Although in the canonical story, it’s justified by her following the instructions of her supervising professor, it still felt like a somewhat weak reason.

“Maybe she had an errand for school business? Worried that Ed might cause some trouble living in the forest, do you think?”

“Since the school virtually has given up on maintaining the forest… it’s mostly left untouched. As long as you don’t make yourself too conspicuous, there shouldn’t be any unnecessary trouble.”

“Yeah, you’re right, Ed.”

Yenika gave a soft chuckle and nodded.

“Sorry for calling you out this early in the morning, Ed. Claire and Anis just wouldn’t stop worrying about you roaming around late at night… They were particularly angry about your tardiness during the dorm’s rollcall.”

“Well… The camp and the dorms are quite a distance apart; it must have been tough on you.”

“That, that thing Ed…”

Yenika suddenly stammered, playing with her bangs shyly as she spoke.

“Me, me coming to the camp every day… Please keep it a secret from the other kids…?”

“Huh? Why is that necessary?”

“Well… it’s kind of embarrassing to say it myself… but I have a lot of friends.”

It’s a matter of course. Yenika is the pride and hope of the second year. Just by walking through the school, greeting all the kids one by one could wear anyone out.

“It’s almost like a second home to you, Ed, and I would feel terribly sorry for you if it became crowded because of me. Hehe.”

“Is that so?”

“Let’s just keep it between us, shall we? What’s the use of having more people around the camp?”

When thinking about it, for someone inherently as diligent as Yenika, such attention might itself be a burden.

While she expresses concern for me, she likely needed her own space to relax.

“Anyway, my reputation isn’t exactly stellar within the school… So, there’s no worry of your concerns happening.”

“Yet it seems the scandalous rumors about you have lessened considerably lately. It must be because you’ve been quietly going about your business, and there’s been a lot of other stuff happening too.”

Yenika, clutching the shawl on her shoulder, suddenly regained her focus.

“Anyway, to the main point! There’s a reason we arranged to meet up today!”


Yenika set her birch staff aside on the bench and stretched out her hands. Arcing around her, the energy of magic formed a whirlwind, and from her palms, a vibrant flame flared up.

The flickering fire morphed into various shapes before slowly taking the form of a bat that alighted on her shoulder, folding its wings into an upright salute.

“This is the low-level fire spirit, Muk. Care to try and resonate with it, Ed?”


I closed and then opened my eyes, staring intently at the fire bat. Soon, its voice rang clear to my ears.

[ Pleased to meet you, Lord Ed! I am Muk, the low-level fire spirit! It’s been exactly four years since I was elevated from a fluidic spirit to my current state! In my service history, there’s been Lord Roden of the Snenn noble family, Master Kuru from the Samal region, and most honorably, Mistress Yenika! ]

[ Following the agenda of last week’s regular report meeting, and in accordance with the proposal to select a contract spirit for Lord Ed, I’ve successfully gone through the first aid support proposal, passed the second and third interviews as lead interviewer, and completed the spirit assembly’s agenda, thereby completing the verification of my qualifications! In the northern forest, I have recorded the highest efficiency of magic power usage in independent practice, and among my peers, I am confident to have the best empathic capability! ]

And with those words, it stood in a stiff salute, with its head held high at a 45-degree angle, presenting itself before me with an impeccable posture.

Is military discipline this strict…?


“Yes? What’s wrong?”

Faced with Yenika’s beaming smile, it was challenging to bluntly ask if this was normal. Yenika knew countless spirits, and of course, I was the one who had requested her to introduce a suitable spirit. I wasn’t in a position to complain but…

“Yenika did her best to narrow down a spirit that aligns well with my ability among those she’s contracted with. In the process, there might have been a slightly, barely, nail-sized bit of a tedious selection process, but all of that was taken care of by Tarkan.”


“Well, according to Tarkan… he said he ‘took care of it’.”

[ I am honored to be under contract with you, Lord Ed! With a burning heart, I will serve you attentively! Though I am literally made of fire, I mean that I will set my full intention ablaze for your service! ]

During my playthrough of ‘Sylvania’s Failed Swordsman’, it was the second or maybe the third run when I leveled up the spirit system skill.

I remember contracting with water spirit Cleo and wind spirit Feshi. The experience wasn’t anything like this…

We usually joked around and chuckled, exchanging banter in battle, bolstering each other’s spirits. Usually, I could rest on its plush form or ride on it when it manifested… they were more companions than subordinates.

[ Just give the command! ]

Well, if Muk is considered an elite among low-level spirits, I suppose I have nothing to say.

[ Magical Abilities – Detailed View ]

Grade: Competent Magic Student

Specialty: Elemental Magic

Common Magic:

Quick Casting Lv 8

Mana Detection Lv 8

Fire Elemental Magic:

Ignition Lv 14

Wind Elemental Magic:

Wind Blade Lv 13

< Intermediate magic has been learned! >

Spirit Magic:

Spirit Resonance Lv 12

Spirit Comprehension Lv 12

Spirit Manifestation Lv 1

Shared Senses Lv 1

< Spirit Slot: Low-Level Fire Spirit Muk >

Empathy Stage: 2

Spiritual Efficiency: Good

Unique Granted Skills:

Fire Protection’s Blessing (Temporarily great increase in fire immunity)

Explosion (Low-level explosive magic)

Increase in fire magic capabilities

< Spirit Slot: Vacant >

“Huh? It’s warm?”

“Do you feel heat? As you start resonating with the contract spirit, even without manifesting it, you can feel the physical force and magical power it possesses. Don’t overdo the resonance because it can become unbearably hot; always maintain control.”

Contracting with Muk didn’t take much time. A simple magical formation sufficed for a low-level spirit contract. The subtle heat sensation was surprising when Muk perched on my shoulder.

“So if I regulate the resonance… the ‘firepower’ changes as well?”

“If you put it that way, it sounds too mechanical…”

“This is… this is…!”

Only then did my face brighten up as I lifted Muk high in my arms.

[Ahaha, you flatter me. Lord Ed,]

A portable heater! For the long, harsh winter… a survival tool unimaginably useful, able to cling closely to my body, providing warmth indoors and outdoors alike!

And it doesn’t consume wood…!

Of course, it feeds on my magical power instead, but the mana efficiency between empathizing with Muk’s flames through spirit resonance and employing ignition magic directly with my own magic is like night and day.

In essence, the skill called “spirit resonance” refers to the level of efficiency with which one can commune with a spirit or manifest a spirit using magical power.

The higher the resonance, the more powerful and numerous spirits one can control with less magical energy. So, even if one’s innate mana pool is not vast, with a high level of resonance, one can handle a broader range of spirits…

While deftly adjusting between the amount of sense and magical power, it even became possible to use them fluidly with room to spare.

“Thank you, Yenika! I absolutely love it! Please take good care of it, Nan… I mean, Muk!”

[ Hahahaha, I don’t even know how to react to your joy! ]

I was so thrilled that I immediately picked up Muk and started turning it this way and that.

I made it float in mid-air, then adjusted the level of sensing ability to also check the intensity of the heat. When cranked up to the maximum sensing level, it was even hotter than a bonfire. Of course, this reduced the magical efficiency, but as I improved my proficiency with elemental skills, it was bound to get better.

Experiencing an elemental contract first-hand, after only reading about it in settings, was vastly different. I realized that such a sharing of senses was possible with an elemental I was in contract with.

With a mix of admiration and excitement, I continued to test out Muk.

“It’s great to see you so happy, Edgar. You’ve always had such a tough and exhausted look. I’m glad, hehe.”

Yenika said with a wide smile after observing me for a while.

“If you need anything else, just tell me, Ed. I’ll teach you about sensitivity and even sensory abilities until today’s first lesson. It’ll be faster to learn together with me.

And if you want to quickly reach the level for a medium elemental contract, you need to practice elemental combat… I’ll make time to book the combat practice room for us! And… um… there are accessories that can improve sensing efficiency… but they’re all in my room… Next time we meet… Uh-oh!”

Yenika was gushing with excitement then suddenly choked on her breath. It looked like something occurred to her.

She covered her mouth, exhaled slowly, and then sneakily glanced at me with the corner of her eye.

“Ed, uh…”


“Actually… I’m also busy! A busy person, you know!”

Straightening her back stiffly, Yenika forcibly closed her eyes and coughed dryly, obviously faking it.

“I’m like, the top of my class? I have people lining up asking me to teach them things! So, um, it’s really hard to find time! Right!”

“I see. That makes sense.”

“So… Maybe it’s a bit much to ask for elemental magic lessons for free…? Right?”

She said with a forced smile, though her mouth twitched nervously.

This… is it a kind of playing hard to get? I wonder if she’s awkwardly trying to imitate Lortelle, but then realize Yenika’s point is valid regardless.

I often forget seeing her lounging at the camp daily, but it’s usually quite costly to receive one-on-one instruction from an elementalist like Yenika.

Thinking it should be a given because we’re close… Perhaps, I overstepped.

“I didn’t realize you could be so firm, Yenika… But, that is how it should be. I’m sorry. I took your kindness for granted.”

“Uh, what? I didn’t think you’d actually apologize… This was just Claire’s idea… to push me away once in a while… No, that’s not it…”

“So… what now… Should I at least pay you some money? It might not be satisfactory but…”

Perhaps, as a friend, I could strike a deal at a cheaper rate? Yenika understands my circumstances, after all.

I need to calculate how much I can afford to spend while also ensuring I can survive.

“Money? What money?”

However, Yenika was alarmed at my suggestion.

“Money, Ed! You’re already struggling to survive! You can’t waste money, you need to save! Absolutely not! Don’t you ever think of paying me, ever! That’d make me angry!”


“And to exchange money for teaching this stuff… That’s too cold! We’re not like that! Why would you, it really upsets me!”

“Weren’t you the one asking for compensation…?”

Hearing my words, Yenika choked again on her breath, then realized that was a valid point… a look of shock crossed her face.

I couldn’t tell what rhythm I was supposed to dance to now.

“Why all of a sudden?”

Finally, Yenika confessed.

“Claire gave me some advice… I tend to give too much and be too nice so I must… not push and pull! Uh… I mean, I should learn to increase my value! Like a negotiation tactic? Be a bit cool? Knowing when to say no… That level of coldness, she said I needed.”

“It’s not wrong to say so. I’m genuinely worried you could be deceived anywhere. You have a good friend.”

“Really…? But… I’m not like that with everyone….”

Fluttering her fingers and sneaking glances at me, she was startled when our eyes met.

“Anyway! I’ll tell you the details next time! Let’s meet in the combat practice room next time! I’ve booked time and will let you know! I’ll bring you a good accessory! And if you need a manual for sensing practice, just tell me! I have to go to my morning class now…! Bye! See you, Ed!”

And then she dashed off the bench and ran away.

I was left without the chance to say goodbye, and I could only stare at Yenika’s retreating figure helplessly.

Rumors are circulating that the academy’s finances are in dire straits.

Professor Glast sat quietly in his laboratory, flipping through academic books. Materials on high-level magic are extremely limited, making progress difficult.

Research on high-level magic, the kind that twists the natural order and challenges the truth, has barely advanced since the studies of the Great Sage Sylvania.

As with most scholarly research, progress is usually slow until the appearance of a genius propels significant advancements—a cycle endlessly repeated throughout the history of academia.

In any case, it is quite a desolate reality for a researcher studying the sealed wisdom of the sages.

If scholarly research is indeed the realm of a few chosen geniuses, then perhaps scholars like himself are relegated to merely remembering and systematizing their predecessors’ knowledge to pass on to future generations.

While mulling over such thoughts, which might seem luxuriously high-minded, Professor Glast let out a cynical laugh, wondering if he’d become too comfortable in life to entertain such considerations.

Regardless, his role was now clear.

In a world filled with detritus, his job was to unearth raw talent, to accelerate history’s progress by discovering that rare shining gem.

No matter what field it may be, a bright talent can advance the world.

– Bang!

The silence of the office was interrupted by his disciple and new assistant professor, Claire Elfin.

“Professor Glast!”

“Don’t you knock?”

“I’m sorry, I was in a rush!”

Claire stepped out, closed the door, and knocked insistently. Professor Glast sighed heavily.

“Come in then.”


Claire entered briskly, clutching a file and a crystal orb, and dumped them on Professor Glast’s desk.

“I have something to report! Really big news, Professor Glast! Prepare to be shocked!”


“Do you know about Ed Rothtaylor—that expelled student everyone just calls Ed?!”

“I don’t bother to remember the names of worthless trash.”

“Stop being so harsh and listen!”

Claire was excited while tapping Glast’s desk passionately.

“You know Lucy, right?! Lucy! The disciple Professor Glast really treasures, Lucy Mayrill!”


“That Lucy was subdued by Ed and couldn’t even muster her strength! No, what I mean is… I witnessed this investigating the Ophelius Hall takeover situation, but to explain why I was in the north woods to begin with…”

“Your story is all over the place, Assistant Professor Claire.”

Clearly agitated and excited, Claire’s narrative was incoherent. For an assistant professor who has to lecture students, Glast felt frustrated enough to sigh again.

“So, anyway… I used ‘Archive Memory Magic’ on the first floor of Ophelius Hall, you know?!”

“Did you get approval from the academy?”

“Of course not! I bluffed my way to borrow the magical item for thaumaturgical archaeology from the relevant department! Oh, being a professor is great! Even when you mess around like this, there are hardly any suspicions! Before obtaining my degree, I couldn’t even dream of it!”


Archive Memory Magic allows one to replay and see events that occurred in a place at a previous time. It’s part of a category of magic that can replay past events.

Magic dealing with time consumes vast amounts of magical power without borrowing theories from high-level magic, which is still underdeveloped.

Most of the time it’s conducted through magical items crafted by Grand Mages, and some of these items are valued as much as an entire building.

They are expensive to use, and their operation is complex. Thus, they must be used with official permission from the academy. Yet, Claire used her authority as a professor to utilize these items on a whim.

Though they wouldn’t “wear out” from use, it was an obvious abuse of power.

“Better start writing your explanation.”

“I figured as much and wrote one in advance!”

“Is that supposed to be a boast?”

“But I think it’ll be considered under extenuating circumstances! Look at this!”

Claire shoved the recorded crystal orb towards Glast.

“The academy’s investigators didn’t bother to use Archive Memory Magic! I wondered why but then realized, the chief maid Ellis’s confession was clear enough, and all the testimonies from the scene matched… Besides, Archive Memory Magic has an incredibly narrow range, right?”

She infused the crystal orb with magic, continuing to speak without pause.

“It would be too inefficient to cover all of Ophelius Hall with such a complex procedure and device, so they didn’t bother extending the investigation that far! There was no need! The tail would have been wagging the dog!”

“So what?”

“But I thought I should check anyway… I archived the main hall on the first floor where Taely said she fought Ed! I roughly handled the complicated procedure!”

No matter how much an insider, there’s a limit. The way Claire blindly acts on intuition is enough to drive one mad.

Professor Glast could have referred her to the disciplinary committee, but neither was he such a figure. The academy was already short on human resources.

“So what?”

“Look at this! Ed was caught on camera! I rushed over since the preservation period was short!”

The recorded scene showed Ed sitting alone in the central hall on the first floor, awaiting Taely. At a glance, it looked like a still image, but the raindrops hitting the window made it clear that this was an ongoing scene.

“See! Doesn’t he look like a mastermind?”


“He’s like, ‘I am the villain’…! You can see how he’s posing, right?”


Professor Glast wiped his face once and looked straight at Assistant Professor Claire.

“Is that all?”


“You barged in with just this and all that confidence?”

“No, I mean… I told you briefly, but Ed was seen lifting an unconscious Lucy…”

“Lucy Mayrill is lazy by nature. She tends to sleep at the slightest opportunity, and once she’s asleep, it’s hard to wake her. Maybe he was just moving Lucy Mayrill who happened to be sleeping?”

Unfortunately, that was the truth.

“But when I approached, she reacted extremely sensitively…!”

“She reacts that way to everyone, not just you. It’s a typical response when Lucy Mayrill is disturbed during sleep. If anything, it just proves she was really asleep.”

“…Ah! Besides, Ed is sustaining himself in the northern woods by setting up a base…”

“What does that have to do with Ophelius Hall’s incident?”

“Uh… Well… That… I…”

Professor Glast sighed deeply.

“…Assistant Professor Claire. As I’ve said repeatedly, you tend to act without much thought, relying on intuition.”

There was nothing left to argue.

Certainly Ed was a suspicious student, but there were no solid physical proofs.

Ed had already completed his testimony regarding the Ophelius Hall incident. Though the file might be slightly incomplete, the circumstances were clear.

Ed’s visit to Ophelius Hall was due to a personal appointment with Yenika. They had arranged to meet in the rose garden ahead of the building, and Yenika confirmed it.

Something seemed amiss at Ophelius Hall, so they entered to check the situation. Judging the building to be in danger, they tried to prevent Taely’s group from entering. Of course, Ed’s attempts ultimately failed.

A commendable senior preventing juniors from entering dangerous places. At least, that’s how the testimony paints it.

Disregarding Ed’s usual character, there was no reason to challenge the credibility of the testimony itself. Though circumstantial evidence abounded, that’s a separate issue altogether.

“Differentiate between hunches and evidence, Assistant Professor Claire.”

“…I’m sorry…”

Ultimately speechless, Claire bowed her head deeply.

“Go bring the report.”


With her enthusiasm gone and looking disheartened, Claire left the lab. Professor Glast sighed as he watched her exit.

He resettled himself and started organizing the files.

Lastly, he prepared to file away the crystal orb brought by Assistant Professor Claire when he noticed the recorded Ed getting up. He was engaging in battle.

The former Ed Rothtaylor, now simply Ed.

The fact that Glast didn’t remember him indicated that Ed was an ordinary person without any notable talent.

He appeared to have a small amount of magical power, and the level of his magical abilities didn’t seem high.

Just a common human readily found everywhere. Talentless.

For such a person to stand in the way of Taely, Elvira, and Aila was more foolhardy than brave.

It was noted in the file as well. Ed tried to stop the group, but was swiftly defeated.

That’s just how the world works. Matters aren’t settled by mere intent.

Though Professor Glast taught magic, he once reviewed students from the combat and alchemy divisions.

He had no direct evaluation power, but confirmed some truly talented individuals.

Taely, born with the way of the sword, and Elvira, with her innate insights as an alchemists.

How could that ordinary man possibly stand against the two of them?

With such thoughts in mind, Glast looked into the crystal orb.

He wanted to confirm the talents of Taely and Elvira once more.

Glast’s interest was in recognizing and appraising talents akin to shining gems.


Thus, Professor Glast observed the battle between Ed and Taely’s group for a long time.


After some time, Glast rested his chin on his hand and sank into deep thought.

Engrossed in profound contemplation, he remained motionless for a long while.


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