The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 43


The professor is not just anyone (1)

“The vixen has locked lips with Young Master Ed.”

Three days had passed since the beginning of the second semester, and the classes were starting to pick up pace like a ship with its sails catching a smooth wind.

For Yenika, a model student, keeping up with the class schedule wasn’t a significant concern. Even after missing classes for three days using illness as an excuse, she felt no pressure.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t be too complacent in lecture courses like Magic History and Mana Theory, as neglect could quickly turn her grades red, so it was time to get the pen moving. However, communing continuously with spirits was a calling for a Spirit Master, something she couldn’t neglect. It was a busy time indeed.

Outside the dormitory, leaning against a zelkova tree near the sloped Dex Hall on the outskirts of Orun Mountain, spirits still flocked to her today.

The gathering of spirits near the zelkova tree was so large it looked like an army stationed there, including Mid-tier Wind Spirit Feshi and High-tier Fire Spirit Tarkan.

“…What did you say?”

“This cannot be overlooked, Miss Yenika.”

The trivial matters of the northern forest were routinely reported, a usual occurrence. However, Yenika noticed that Ed had become a more significant part of the stories the spirits were bringing lately.

Despite her restlessness upon hearing such stories, she found herself listening attentively because she didn’t really dislike them.

Yet, today’s breaking news, brought up among the chatter of spirits, was like a bolt from the blue.

“That vixen might strike again at any moment. If we don’t do something…”

“What can we do about it?”

The sparrow-shaped low-tier Wind Spirit Karis fluttered its wings in frustration, but Feshi, in the shape of a lion, responded with feigned composure.

“It’s Miss Yenika’s decision to make, not ours.”

“Wait, hold on. What do you mean they’ve ‘locked lips’?”

Not following the conversation, Yenika pressed for details, and this time Tarkan, who was lounging around the tree with its massive body, answered.

“I saw it too; it was quite fiery. Ah, the joys of youth.”


“That vixen, she really knows how to play with people’s hearts. Teasing and tempting, watching her makes you think that if it weren’t that blockhead Ed, anyone would have fallen for her charms.”

“What are you talking about!”

Yenika stood up abruptly, pressing down hard on Tarkan’s massive neck.

“What are you talking about!”

“You want me to repeat what I said, Yenika? Seems like the vixen has crossed a line.”

“Ed’s reaction? What about Ed?!”

“Oh, that’s the right question. He was seriously putting up a barrier. Even though she went for a kiss, his face didn’t show a flicker of emotion… It was quite astonishing.”

Yenika, pale with shock, listened as Tarkan continued with his deep and sonorous voice,

“Despite such a cold reception, I cringed for him. To come at him like that and to receive such an indifferent reaction… There are two possibilities: either the fallen noble is a eunuch, or he doesn’t see her as a woman at all.”

“That’s… good…”

Yenika tried to catch her breath and then swallowed another sigh. “Good.” Why was she relieved? Is this the time to be relieved?

“Tarkan, you tend to be too blunt with your words.”

“Why bother sugar-coating it, Feshi? It’s worse to beat around the bush when it comes to reassurance, especially with the way Yenika’s face looks like she’s already accepted it. It’s not a good sign that the fallen noble put up walls against the vixen.”


Tarkan, a high-tier spirit who had lived through epochs, could not discount the insights gained from observing all kinds of humans.

“From experience, such vixens gnaw and burn more fiercely the more they’re pushed away. They may seem driven by sheer greed, but once they decide to make someone theirs, they’re the type that would do anything. Stay still, and you’ll lose everything, Yenika.”

“But… Ed reacted coolly, you said…”

“Males may have strong offenses, but their defenses are weak. Even a stoic person will crumble if pressed persistently and directly, proving that no fortress stands unbroken forever, Yenika.”

Yenika looked uncomfortable, and as Tarkan shifted his massive frame, the lower spirits scattering from his movements served as a testament to his presence.

“In fairy tales, princesses wait passively, believing someone will eventually come to them. Reality is not so. You must fight defiantly and aggressively to obtain what you want. “

“Tarkan, your advice sounds terribly old-fashioned.”

“Am I wrong?”

“It’s not wrong, but… you could find a softer way to say it.”

“Why beat around the bush? It’s so frustrating.”

With a swish of his tail, Tarkan turned his reptilian, penetrating eyes towards Yenika.

Yenika’s complexion was already turning pale from the conversation with Feshi and Tarkan.

“Anyway, Yenika. Don’t just sit there; do something about it. I heard you’re supposed to teach him some spirit magic, right? That gives you a perfect excuse to be alone together for a while. Are you going to waste such an opportunity?”

“But, what should I… do…”

“Just go for it. Kiss him next time you see him. If you’ve fallen behind, show some spirit, Yenika.”

At that suggestion, Yenika gaped open-mouthed, then settled back against the zelkova tree. She seemed confused, stammering more out of embarrassment than any real pressure.

“How could you suggest something so embarrassing…!”

“Was it fine when the vixen just up and kissed him? Are you just going to smile nicely now that things have come to this?”

“Tarkan… isn’t that a bit too much to demand from innocent Yenika?”

“What’s wrong with hoping for a good outcome? I may not like that fallen noble much, but… he has commendable qualities as a male. His decisiveness when severing my frenzied neck, his innate composure… might match well with the emotional Yenika.”

“Really… stop with those grandfatherly matchmaking comments.”

“What does it matter? I am old after all.”


Yenika was stuck, unable to follow the conversation, lost in thought.

‘Do… Do I need to do something? But what?’

For Yenika, who felt her consciousness blur even with a simple touch of hands, a kiss was an expanse as unreachable as the high heavens.

If she had to consider something even beyond that… it was akin to facing an indescribable cosmic horror.

The lower spirits could only watch as Yenika, sweating cold beads, struggled with the situation, and Feshi, awkwardly scratching against the tree trunk.

Why not just go ahead and topple him over? It might be old-fashioned, but it was surely effective.

With such transient thoughts, Tarkan remained silent, deciding no more words were necessary.

“Come to think of it, there’s been some strange mana flow at the edge of the northern forest. I’ll check it out when I have time. The precise location will be given by Merilda. She’s been absent lately, probably preoccupied with that area.”

These periodic gatherings for reports were ultimately to check for anomalies or disturbances in the spirits’ activities.

Although Yenika’s infatuation with a certain fallen noble seemed to overshadow her duties, tasks demanded attention, so Tarkan continued.


“It’s more active at night, might be related to a Star Positioning magic circle. We don’t see it as particularly dangerous, but it won’t hurt to be aware.”

As a student, Yenika had no obligation to ensure the academy’s safety, but anomalies in the northern forest were not just someone else’s problem for a Spirit Master like her.

She’d be at this school for at least two more years until the fourth grade; it was her responsibility to care for the spirits’ home in the northern forest.

“I’ll tell you more about it later. For now, when you next meet that fallen noble, decide whether you’ll kiss him or knock him down or whatever.”

Consider a more detailed plan. At those words, Yenika’s cheeks reddened like a tomato, and although she kicked at Tarkan’s shell with her foot out of embarrassment, such petulant actions couldn’t even leave a scratch on his body. Yenika knew too well that it was like kicking a wall out of frustration.

[What are you suggesting we should do, Lord Tarkan? If that fox has already made so much progress, there’s not much left for us to do on our end. Even if we kiss now, we’re just playing catch-up.]

[Oh, that’s a sharp insight, Feshi. We’ve talked about tripping her up and all, but there’s really no need to be more intense than what the fox is doing. In fact, capitalizing on innocence or a fresh feeling wouldn’t be a bad thing. Anyway, we do need to make a swift move at some point…]


It was a reasonably good point, especially coming from Tarkan, who often had rigid thought patterns. Feshi agreed, too. After all, personal charm is more important than the intensity of one’s actions.

[So, Yenika… think about it carefully. What kind of situations or scenes do you imagine that make your heart flutter with innocence?]

He knew that Yenika, already overloaded, was unlikely to provide a plausible answer, but he still had to ask. It is crucial to understand what form Yenika’s romantic ideals take for the progress ahead. Even though sharing one’s dark desires can be embarrassing and require bravery, it’s something that definitely needs to be addressed.

With her back pressed tightly against the trunk of an elm tree, overwhelmed to her limits, Yenika finally mustered a response.

“Sharing… feeding each other…”

[ … ]

[ … ]

So this was the kind of person her master was. Realizing this all over again, Tarkan and Feshi couldn’t help but let out deep sighs.


“Now… ‘Ahh,’ say ‘ahh.’”

“Ahh -“

Blowing on the soup to cool it, I pushed the spoon toward Lucy’s mouth. Her tiny mouth seemed like it could be filled to the brim even with a small spoonful.

Lucy, like a baby bird being fed, took the soup into her mouth and then… swallowed it before poking out her tongue.

“Wueek- Tastes bad-.”

“True, with limited spices, it’s difficult to get the flavor right. Perhaps I should put off perfecting my cooking skills until we have a more varied selection of ingredients.”

“Don’t use me like some taste testing machine.”

Despite kicking back in protest, I ignored her and poured the remaining soup back into the pot.

Lucy’s tastes seemed rather sophisticated, though not visibly so. However, she was easily tempted by stimulating foods with strong flavors because she had grown accustomed to various healthy diets.

Still, if I want to properly develop my cooking skills, I need to prepare genuine meals more regularly, not just stimulating preserved foods.

However, as someone who has survived in the wild for a long time, my palate feels somewhat dull. I find most food delicious, so I have to rely on someone with more refined taste buds to truly appreciate culinary skills.

Considering the impact that cooking skill proficiency has on the dexterity stat, I can’t afford to neglect it… but no matter how much we diversify our ingredients, there always seems to be a shortage.

[ Life Skills Detail ]

Grade: Intermediate Artisan Specialty: Woodworking Craftsmanship Lv 14, Design Lv 9, Gathering Ability Lv 12, Woodworking Lv 13, Hunting Lv 10, Fishing Lv 7, Cooking Lv 6, Repair Lv 5

< Advanced Crafting Skill Slot: Empty > < Advanced Crafting Skill Slot: Empty >


After finishing my wood chopping for the day and drenched in sweat, I checked my life skills. It’s important to regularly monitor my production skills, which are a key foundation of my growth. The issue that has been rising lately is the disparity in skill proficiency.

As I’ve mentioned, the higher the skill proficiency, the slower its growth rate becomes. My dexterity stat, which is a core attribute, is heavily affected by the total proficiency of life skills. Therefore, the growth rate of the dexterity stat also tends to slow down.

So, I need to bring up those skills that still have low proficiency as much as possible, as they still have decent growth efficiency compared to others. I feel the need to unlock basic production skills that have not yet been revealed and to train in trailing skills such as cooking and repair… but the problem is I’m too busy trying to make a living.

Once I receive the promised gold coins from Lortelle, I might consider spending some money on ingredients and daily necessities… but I’d rather not waste money on consumables when the cabin construction isn’t even finished yet.

“Time is still short…”

To make matters worse, school has started. The amount of time I can devote entirely to survival activities is just a few hours a day, if not less. That’s when I’ve also reduced my sleeping time.

It’s time I seriously considered the efficiency of my survival activities.

“Is the scenario… still okay?”

The greatest anomaly of Elte’s early downfall had occurred. I’m still unsure of the cause, but I’ve managed to patch up the issue for now.

I can’t predict how this anomaly will play out, but there don’t seem to be any noticeable changes for the time being.

I keep a careful watch on the main characters of the scenario whenever I can. There seems to be no problem for now.

The most important characters in the court are ultimately the protagonist Taely and the four main heroines.

Taely is… well, I can’t see him often because he’s in the combat department, but the rumor has it he shed his underachiever label long ago. With his talent and momentum, he might be able to join Class B by his third year.

‘Companion Aila’ seems to be living up to her role as Taely’s support pillar. If I inquire, I always hear that she’s close by, either worrying about him or supporting him.

‘Princess of Compassion Phoenia’ seems to be living without issues for now, but as time goes on and she begins to clash with Lortelle, I will need to be watchful.

‘Golden Daughter Lortelle’ is in the most uncertain situation. I don’t know what changes might occur in her actions due to Elte’s early downfall. Aside from Elte’s fate, it seems there have been no changes in her plan to steal the Sage’s Seal. She needs to act as the mid-boss in Act 2, Chapter 10, so I can only pray that no anomalies occur.

Clarice is… she won’t enroll until next year, so she’s not my concern at the moment.

For now, I’ll have to keep an eye on things as if walking on thin ice.

Above all, Glast, the final boss of Act 2, can only be harmed through Taely’s Knighting Ceremony. The system of the Royal Magic itself is so peculiar that it’s hard to overcome with magical power alone.

It’s not just Taely’s forces that are a problem; the movements of the academic faculty are equally important.

“I’ll need to set aside a day to check on this. But… let’s make sure not to get excessively involved.”

In any case, my immediate task is to check the traps and prepare the meat. I stretched my shoulders and walked into the forest.

Now that the cabin chimney is finished, once the wallpaper and flooring are done, it will be ready for occupancy.

It won’t be long before my life starts to stabilize. Let’s keep up the good work…


“Here are the consultation records you asked for, Assistant Professor Claire.”

“Thank you, Anis.”

One of the things most troublesome for a first-year assistant professor is finding assistants to work under them. Students looking to be assigned to a new professor as their academic advisor are nearly non-existent, so compared to veteran professors, they are inevitably short on manpower.

For Claire, Anis was a blessing. With a gentle personality, meticulous work, and respect for professors regardless of experience, she was a model student.

“Did you receive anything else from the Academic Inspection Department?”

“No. If you need anything else, please let me know anytime.”

With a bright smile and a wave of her hand, Anis left. As an assistant professor, Claire, had to maintain a certain level of dignity. While she tended to be more approachable, like an older sister, she couldn’t really become much closer than that.


Claire hunkered down amidst the mountains of paperwork. There were more records than expected from the occupation of the Ophelius Hall. Despite going through them meticulously, a nagging feeling persisted.

As a junior professor swamped with miscellaneous duties, she could quickly process her work and simply report to Professor Glast that everything was concluded, right?

But the thought kept crossing her mind, and, true to her nature, Claire couldn’t do things half-heartedly.

“Hmm… Umm…”

She continued to stare at the dossiers while pondering what made her feel uneasy. Was there an unseen mastermind she could sense, or was she just being overly sensitive? Perhaps she had read too many conspiracy-laden novels.

Yet, if something felt off, it was probably better to figure it out.

Claire felt it might be wise to meet ‘additional investigation subjects’ listed in the files for an interview.

Ed, Yenika, Zix.

She brushed off any notion of some hidden plot behind a resolved event, yet crossing a shaky bridge after testing it seemed like the best approach.

“I recognize the names Yenika and Zix as they are quite famous, but… Ed… Ed… I’ve heard that name often…”

Only then did she remember his full name, and one that he could no longer claim: Ed Rothtaylor.

As the descendant of the Rothtaylor family, he was now a disgraced, excommunicated noble in decline.


Claire quietly looked down at the file while holding her chin in thought. There was a sensation… an invisible presence… as if the bottom of an iceberg still lingered.


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