The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 22


The Glascan Subjugation War (2)

The anomaly occurred on the evening of the following day.

I, who repeated the routine of returning to the camp like a bullet after a day’s work at the faculty building, usually leave the faculty building around dinner time. However, today, I stayed quite late.

A goal had emerged to build a proper wooden cabin to establish a more stable living environment. Therefore, I was familiarizing myself with basic design materials in the student library, gathering information about what materials were needed, and how the wood should be processed.

It wasn’t an urgent situation regarding food supplies, and with the weekend approaching, there wasn’t any immediate work or assignments that needed attention. It seemed okay to stay late at the faculty building today.

If I decided to get work done, it wouldn’t be beneficial to drag it out. Collecting information from the student library also took time.

As someone who plans life in hourly increments, once I decided to settle down in the student library, it was better to finish all the planned tasks at once. Especially since the north forest and the student library are too far apart to visit frequently.

There’s a limit to how many books can be borrowed, and I’ve already maxed out due to academic needs. So, I had to gather all the necessary information in one go.

As I was fervently reading piles of books, a student librarian with a gentle demeanor approached me. “It’s closing time. You’ve been studying really hard.”

I was so engrossed in the books that I hadn’t noticed the time. Looking around, except for where I was sitting, the place was completely empty.

I had come straight from dinner and had been sitting here until closing time.

I looked up at the student who had spoken to me. A girl with her hands modestly clasped in front of her, wearing a blue badge indicating she was a first-year student – meaning it was okay for me to speak informally with her.

“Oh, sorry about that.”

It was already dark outside. Staying buried in a mountain of books until closing time meant that the librarian would have a hard time cleaning up after me.

“I would have wrapped up earlier if you had told me sooner.”

“No, it’s okay. You were so focused that I felt bad interrupting you.”

Her wavy, pinkish-blonde hair seemed familiar, but I couldn’t quite place her… maybe from the scenario? She wasn’t a main character, that’s for sure.

“Studying is all about sitting down, but I’ve just been eating snacks and getting fat on the sides… Oh my, I’m talking about irrelevant things. My name is Elka Islan.”

This introduction seemed to hint she had been wanting to talk for a while.


The moment I said my name, her expression froze. I was used to, and a bit tired of, this kind of reaction. The rumors about Ed Rothtaylor never seemed to end, despite my attempts to keep a low profile and just attend classes. How notorious must Ed have been for such reactions?

“Uh, I don’t mean to be rude, but.”

Despite everything, quietly doing my own thing, diligently studying, and striving daily for survival might eventually change people’s perceptions.

“You’re quite different from the rumors.”


“Ah, I mean… I hope you don’t find it strange.”

Discussing rumors felt somewhat tacky. It was best to let it go and think about heading back to the camp since it was getting late.

While I was contemplating this, she began to share something rather trivial.

“I’m a trainee librarian, so I spend a lot of time here after classes. You borrow a lot of elemental study books every few days, right?”


“Seeing you return a dozen books of several hundred pages each within days, or engrossed in five or six books at a time… It makes me wonder if those rumors of you pretending to know things are just baseless… Oh, if I’ve offended you, I’m sorry.”

She hurriedly started picking up books.

“Anyway, I need to tidy up and head back to the dormitory… Take care on your way back!”

With that hurried farewell, she blended into the aisles, and then, as if dominoes, the bookshelves toppled over.

Living on the fringes, not part of the main scenario, is indeed a tough life.

Being in a position to always accept sudden changes, such thoughts are inevitable.

“Yikes, tea!”

After pulling the librarian from under the bookshelf and placing her on a table like a piece of luggage, a tremendous noise filled the faculty building, followed by a severe shaking that engulfed the entire student library building 15 minutes ago.

The aftermath was so severe it could be described as an earthquake. Bookshelves had collapsed, books rolled on the floor, and reading equipment and supplies were scattered everywhere.

Expensive magical tools were destroyed, the light-providing crystals and candles were shattered, leaving the interior in darkness.



The librarian, either unconscious or dazed, only made faint sounds.

After setting the librarian on the table and pondering for a moment, I realized that although I didn’t clearly remember this person, they felt somewhat familiar. But if even I, who played ‘The Disgraced Sword Saint of Sylvania,’ couldn’t remember, it probably wasn’t significant.

It was around 9 PM, and there were no lights inside.

However, the reading room was faintly illuminated by a purple light, allowing me to see the interior structure even without my eyes fully adjusted.

Looking for the source of the light, I was surprised to find it was the window.

I went to the window and opened it. The student library, located on a small hill at the edge of the faculty building, offered a view of the faculty building.

A reddish pillar of light rising from the student union building crossed directly over the faculty building, activating a spatial sealing barrier that enveloped the entire faculty.

The earthquake must have been a result of this large-scale spatial sealing magic. Given its origin from the student union building, it was clear.

“Isn’t this a bit early…?”

Regardless, there was no reason to panic.

Though I was struggling in Ed Rothtaylor’s detestable body, having knowledge at times like this was certainly an advantage.


I thought for a moment. It wasn’t exactly a situation to panic over, but there were certainly things I didn’t understand.

This spatial sealing magic, powered by the high-level dark spirit Velosfer using Yenika as a medium, was meant to isolate the vast faculty building from the outside. It was an adaptation of the high-level dark magic ‘Shadow Veil.’

Though termed a high-level barrier, from a scenario perspective, it was essentially just setting the stage.

The grand scene of Act 1: The Glascan Subjugation War, where significant first-year members form a subjugation team to attack the student union building.

But logically, such a scenario is implausible.

A dark elemental spirit, especially a high-level one, poses a problem beyond what students could handle. If it had even taken over the student union building, faculty and professors should naturally step in to suppress it.

However, for the story to work, it’s necessary to prevent the intervention of faculty and professors. This is where Velosfer’s spatial sealing magic comes into play. The barrier acts like a lock from the inside, easily noticeable from within but hard to detect from the outside. Even if the anomaly is detected, traditionally dispelling the barrier of such an elusive dark spirit would take nearly half a day. The only quick way through is to use overwhelming destructive force to break the barrier itself. Despite doubts about such a brute force approach given the barrier’s scale, there are indeed a few capable individuals in Sylvania, such as Headmaster, who could shatter the barrier without deciphering it.

Velosfer, the high-level dark spirit, is cunning. The anomaly occurred late in the evening when most professors had left for their personal research labs or homes. By now, past 9 PM, there are hardly any professors left in the faculty building, as their private labs are all attached to the living quarters for their convenience.

The Glascan Subjugation War, the final act of the first chapter, is a race against time. The key is to subdue Yenika before dawn, before she can summon the highest-level dark spirit, Glascan. The barrier might be easily dispelled soon, but as long as it delays until the summoning ritual begins, that’s all that matters.

As I lean out the window and survey the surroundings, it seems Yenika’s spirits have not yet taken control of the pathways. “We haven’t even entered phase one yet.” The boss fight sequence from rallying the subjugation team, reclaiming the student union building, battling in the Nail Corridor, subduing Yenika, to the final confrontation with Glascan is about to begin and must conclude before dawn. Essentially, it’s going to be a real struggle, and all I can do is wish Taely luck.

The first phase requires running around like mad, dealing with spirits blocking the way, and gathering first-year aces scattered throughout the faculty building, feeling like a real underdog. “I wonder if Aila has met up by now.” She would have assessed the situation by now, informing Taely of the spirits’ energy emanating from the student union building. Now, it’s up to the students to band together and suppress this monstrous high-level dark spirit.

If Glascan descends upon the faculty building, the damage would be unspeakable. Thus, gathering allies at the student plaza is crucial. The bluish light seen from the window soon turns to a sinister crimson, signaling the start of the summoning ritual for Glascan, conducted by the beloved top elemental mage of the second year.

From Taely’s perspective, witnessing the barrier’s activation near the student union building was a unique sight. Swept away by the explosive spread of the barrier’s mana and watching the ominous sky covered by a reddish veil, the grand scale of the impending event is evident. However, having played through several times, this moment feels refreshingly new from this distant vantage point.

Suddenly, a thought strikes me, “This isn’t the time to be idling.” Recalling a guide I read long ago, it mentioned the opportunity to increase ‘Spirit Understanding’ and ‘Spirit Sensitivity’ proficiency during this phase for those invested in alchemical skills.

The final battle of the first act features dozens of spirits contracted by Yenika and their numerous lesser spirit offshoots, providing a rare chance to boost those dreaded ‘Spirit Understanding’ and ‘Spirit Sensitivity’ proficiencies in one go. Since proficiency in elemental skills builds through contact with spirits, whether through communication or combat, this battle, being ‘real’ combat, offers both a chance to gain extensive combat experience and improve elemental skills.

Not participating in this ‘experience bonanza’ would be foolish. Thus, prioritizing my growth by subduing as many spirits as possible becomes the top priority. “No time to dawdle!” I quickly head towards the exit, but then I notice the librarian sprawled on the table.

I write a note advising her to stay put and cover herself for safety, making the interior less visible and the entrance harder to notice by rearranging some furniture and draping torn blackout curtains. Satisfied that I’ve done enough, I rush out towards the corridor, eager to partake in the experience points bonanza.

I can suppress traces of lesser spirits or elemental remnants, and with some effort, even lower spirits are within my grasp. Normally, before considering my own growth, I should be strategizing on how to suppress the vile Velosfer… But, fortunately, there’s someone to bear all hardships and challenges in my stead…


I’m not sure what to do, so I’ll leave it to you to figure it out.

It’s going to be tough, but… Anyway, good luck!

“The burden I carry, could it ever be heavier than what the Princess bears?”

“Dealing with complex political situations is necessary, but why not ease your mind a bit?”

Suddenly, these words come to mind because of Princess Phoenia’s bad habit. Although she easily perceives others’ intentions, she has rarely been seen through herself. Thus, being struck to the core even once makes it hard for her to forget.

The casually thrown words of Ed Rothtaylor linger in her mind due to this trait.

She still has a long way to go, Princess Phoenia thinks, as she refocuses her mind.

“This is the current situation.”

First-year Aila summarized the entire situation.

The location is a temporary assembly point in the student plaza. The time is 11:30 PM.

An unexpected manifestation of a barrier centered around the student union building. It has been almost 2 hours since this disaster began.

The plaza was filled with students trapped by Velosfer’s barrier, serving as a temporary base.

A barricade made of collected miscellaneous items around the central fountain in the plaza blocked entrances from all directions. Although rudimentary, it provided minimal cover, preventing spirits scattered around from approaching.

“This large-scale barrier can’t last long. It will be discovered soon, and help will come from outside. Once the professors notice, they’ll take action,” Aila said, and the crowd nodded.

In this temporary base formed by the students themselves, Princess Phoenia was undeniably the leader.

In a crisis, the presence of a leader to control the situation is crucial. Someone with legitimate authority and power becomes essential to manage the chaos.

Without a doubt, Princess Phoenia was the right person for this situation. No one could dispute her authority.

A total of 57 students gathered at the student plaza base.

This swift response owed much to Taely McLore, a first-year combat student. She cleared paths through the spirits occupying the faculty building, enabling students to gather in this plaza.

As a result, more than half of the students remaining in the faculty building were able to converge at the student plaza.

At the heart of this base, key members among the gathered students were in a meeting.

The merciful Princess Phoenia. The Golden Daughter Lortelle. The spear of flora, Zix. The Guard Captain, Claire. The failed sword saint, Taely. Her companion, Aila. The meddlesome Elvira. The gloomy Clevius…

Sitting on the ground, leaning against the barricade walls, or standing modestly, the group freely gathered to discuss strategies, with Princess Phoenia at the core, as expected.

“As I said, I believe we need to make our way into the student union building ourselves.”

This was the opinion of Taely McLore, who had become wounded while running through the faculty building, piercing through the spirits.

He stood up, body covered in minor wounds, and presented his viewpoint directly.

“We can’t just wait for outside support. This barrier is merely a delay tactic. If, as Aila said, Glascan is indeed summoned, we could face significant casualties.”

The information gathered and shared by Aila, knowledgeable in elemental magic, and Taely, who had been on the ground, was shocking.

The barrier covering the night sky was a magic spell to summon the highest-level dark spirit, Glascan. The realization that someone with enough spirit sensitivity to summon such a spirit was among them led to the conclusion that the culprit must be the second-year magic department’s top student, Yenika Faelover.

“Princess Phoenia, I must disagree with that approach. Above all, your safety is paramount. Now is the time to be conservative and not venture outside the temporary base.”

Captain Claire focused solely on Princess Phoenia’s safety.

“People outside the barrier will soon notice the anomaly. The royal guard stationed near the living quarters and the faculty will start taking action soon enough.”

“High-level dark spirit barriers aren’t easily deciphered unless broken with force. Honestly, I’m not sure if we can make it in time. Unless Headmaster intervenes, but as you know, he’s often away.”

The impudent alchemist, first-year top student of the Sylvania Alchemy Department, ‘Meddlesome Elvira,’ retorted Claire’s statement.

“Uhm~ I agree with Taely~. With the members we have here, we might not be able to suppress the highest-level spirits, but high-level ones could be manageable, right? Hmm~ Honestly, does everyone feel unsure~?”

“So, you’re saying… we break through there…? Eek… I’m against it…”

‘Dark-circle laden Clevius’ pointed towards the student union building with apprehension.

The lesser and lower spirits spread throughout the faculty building weren’t much of a threat. With the group gathered here, they could be considered fully safe.

However, the situation at the student union building was entirely different.

The place where Yenika Faelover, the mastermind behind all these spirits, was located, guarded by various mid-class spirits and spirit beasts in layers of defense.

“To break through all those mid-class spirits, subdue the spirit beasts, enter the building, and then subdue Yenika too…? Is that even possible…? And that’s not all! There are two high-level spirits inside! The high-level fire spirit Tarkan, and the high-level dark spirit Velosfer!”

Clevius’ words silenced everyone.

They had seen the power of high-level spirits in joint combat training.

The high-level fire spirit Tarkan, summoned by Yenika, roared as it enveloped the top of the Nail Hall.

Even Lortelle, recognized by Professor Glast as one of the top students in Class A, couldn’t make a sound and was easily subdued.

Moreover, Tarkan would be even stronger now. The spirits occupying the faculty building were all under Velosfer’s frenzy spell, and Tarkan was no exception.

“I’m not doing that…! I can’t!”

“Calm down, Clevius.”

“Uh… My apologies, Princess Phoenia.”

Princess Phoenia’s reprimand made Clevius bow his head in shame.

However, Clevius’ outburst had already spread a despairing atmosphere among the students.

With over fifty students crowded in this small base, keeping watch, the conversation was heard by all, preventing further morale-dropping comments.

“Isn’t it too much for a second-year top student to summon so many spirits and perform the Glascan summoning ritual without any issue?”

Lortelle’s question was answered by Taely’s childhood friend, Aila.

“Most of it would be Velosfer’s power. Senior Yenika is merely a medium for manifesting that power. This is why all elementalists keep their minds pure to avoid being corrupted by dark spirits.”

Aila’s explanation was something Princess Phoenia already knew.

Dark spirits, known as the natural enemies of elementalists, possess immense power but don’t necessarily obey the summoner’s intentions. Instead, they often dominate the summoner, making them dance to their tunes.

“No one knows how Velosfer managed to dominate someone as knowledgeable in spirit magic as senior Yenika. She should have been well aware of the dangers of dark spirits.”

“Situations like this aren’t the time for concern.”

Zix, the ‘Spear of Flora,’ who had been sitting in a corner, responded to Aila’s explanation.

“What matters now is deciding our course of action, isn’t it?”

His voice was serious and profound. The long-haired boy, whose hair reached down to his neck, spoke with a nonchalant yet decisive tone.

“And the only person who can decide that… is Princess Phoenia.”

Silence fell over the group again at Zix’s words.

The eyes of over fifty students turned towards Princess Phoenia. On the other side, Captain Claire’s concerned gaze stung Phoenia’s back.

She understood Claire’s gaze, concerned only for her well-being. However, sitting idly by, waiting for help, was not in the Princess’s nature.

“Let’s proceed. With the provision that we retreat if things turn out differently than expected.”

The Princess’s statement divided the room.

Captain Claire, the cautious Clevius, and other conservative students sighed heavily, while the more aggressive students smiled.

“However, not all students can proceed. Rushing in recklessly would only increase our losses… It makes sense only for those who can confidently protect themselves to go.”

Ordinary students would be swept away by even mid-class spirits, let alone high-level ones. There was no reason to increase the scale of damage unnecessarily.

“Let’s have the members gathered here, my guard Captain Claire, the top students from each department, and students from Class A proceed. All of you have proven skills.”

“Then, there’s no need for you to go, Princess.”

“No, I will accompany you.”

Claire’s face turned grave at the unexpected declaration, but the Princess shook her head.

“It doesn’t make sense for me to give orders from the back without being on the front lines.”

“Princess, your well-being isn’t just your concern. As your guard, I must advise against it.”

“Don’t worry, Claire. I haven’t neglected my magical training. And Taely and Aila should come too. Since they’ve been scouting around the student union building, they should have some idea of the situation inside.”

With that, the subjugation team’s members were firmly decided. Regrettably, there were no upperclassmen, except for the adult Claire, only first-year students.

But looking at the team, each member was a powerhouse. This year’s first-year students were exceptionally strong. It was unfortunate that ‘The Slothful Lucy’ was missing, whose whereabouts were unknown. However, even without her, this team could rival many upperclassmen.

“We’ll proceed in an hour. Get ready and mentally prepare yourselves.”

The Princess’s words were met with nods from everyone.

“Princess Phoenia! Princess Phoenia!”

Breaking the solemn atmosphere, a student rushed in.

“The count of those remaining in the faculty building is complete.”

A brown-haired boy made his way through the barricade to reach the Princess. In such a crisis, identifying key personnel was crucial.

Given the time, most would have returned to the dorms, so the number of people trapped by the barrier in the faculty building wasn’t high. Fortunately, gathering information from the students here provided a rough estimate of the total number of people.

The boy, panting, quickly began his report.

“Students from the alchemy department conducting reagent research at the Tanyos Magical Supplies Storage have barricaded themselves in. They’re mostly third-year students, so there’s no need to worry.”


“The staff managing the building and locking up are gathered at the Audrey Hall. However, they’re general staff, lacking the force to respond to spirits.”

“Do they need support?”

“Professor Cali is in charge there. But joining up might be difficult.”

Although most faculty would have returned to the dorms, it seems a few professors remained.

However, managing and protecting many non-combatant staff would be challenging. The distance between Audrey Hall and this student plaza is significant, making it unrealistic to expect that large group of staff to join here. Leaving them there without support wasn’t an option either.

“They’ll likely opt for a sit-in as well.”

“Yes, it seems they’ll move in a way that minimizes damage. They wouldn’t make decisions that unnecessarily expose the general staff to danger.”

“It appears we’re the only ones in a position to enter the student union building.”

The Princess reaffirmed her resolve. After all, this student plaza was right in front of the problem’s epicenter, the student union building. They were the group most capable of swiftly responding to the situation.

“Other than that, no other students have been accounted for…”

“There is!”

A girl’s voice rang out loudly from one side of the barricade formed to the north, south, east, and west.

Everyone’s gaze shifted to her. Clutching her fists to her chest in anxiety, a first-year girl, her eyes tightly shut, shouted out.

“Sorry… The atmosphere was so solemn… I couldn’t speak up.”

“Explain in detail.”

“I’m… an apprentice librarian in the student library, Tishka… Actually, there’s a friend I left behind at the library.”

The girl’s contorted face looked pained, as if she was making a difficult confession.

“Normally, we would finish closing up the library together, but today, a reader stayed until just before closing time. That friend waited for the reader to finish up and told me to go ahead to the dorms… I was on my way back.”

“So, there’s a librarian and a reader isolated in the library. Wait… did you say librarian?”

Zix, who had been listening from a corner, stood up. He approached the struggling girl, looked her straight in the eye, and asked,

“What’s the name of this librarian friend of yours?”

“Elka. Elka Islan.”

Sweating and avoiding eye contact, the girl struggled to utter the name.

Upon hearing the name, Zix’s pupils momentarily trembled.

“Elka… are you sure? You’re not confused?”

“Yes… we were learning to manage magical books together in the apprentice librarian program…”

Zix clenched his fist tightly and then struck the barricade behind the girl. The startled girl blinked and stepped back as the makeshift barricade, made of wooden benches and decorative items, collapsed without resistance.

“Damn! Princess Phoenia, we must go to rescue her right away.”


“Elka is knowledgeable in managing magical texts and researching magic circles, but she lacks the power to defend herself. She’s essentially a scholar. If we leave her be, she’s bound to fall prey to the spirits in their frenzied state.”

Striding back to the center of the base, Zix kneeled before Princess Phoenia.

“We must go to the student library immediately.”

“Zix Evershine, do you realize you’re being too emotional right now?”

However, the response came from elsewhere, from ‘the Golden Daughter, Lortelle.’

“The distance to the student library, even if we sprint at full speed, will take quite a while, not to mention the spirits we have to break through. We can’t even estimate how much time it will consume. Rather, we should prioritize subduing Senior Yenika, the root cause of this situation.”

Her tone was calm and decisive, a completely realistic approach.

Respectful and composed towards her superiors but merciless to her equals or those below her.

This was a trait naturally ingrained in Lortelle, having lived through the cold realities of the Elte trading company.

“I know you have a special attachment to Elka, Zix. But we need to prioritize.”

Elka Islan.

To ‘the Spear of Flora, Zix,’ she was akin to a savior.

As a descendant of the northern nomadic tribes, the girl who had affirmed and embraced Zix’s life of bloodshed from the moment he was able to wield a weapon.

The girl who taught Zix what human warmth was when he had given up on leading a normal life, always greeting him with a modest smile from her seat at the library employee’s desk, nestled between thick magical tomes. Because of her, Zix was able to lay down the monster that thirsted for blood.

Losing her smile, which gave him a new life, was a fear greater to Zix than losing his own life.


Yet, there was an undeniable persuasiveness in Lortelle’s ruthlessly logical and realistic words.

Though a cunning and greedy merchant, her words always carried a sense of righteousness. That was the essence of who Lortelle was.

“Calm down, Zix. It’s unlike you to be so emotional. Lortelle has a point.”

Among the three members of Class A, Zix was always the most composed.

Unlike the eccentric Lucy and the suspicious and unreliable Lortelle, Zix was always righteous, sensible, and communicative. His stable demeanor had even led to the saying among first-year students, “If it’s Zix, you can trust and rely on him.”

His current behavior was a stark departure from his usual self, but even without Princess Phoenia’s insight, it was clear how precious Elka was to Zix.

“And as Tishka mentioned earlier, there’s another student remaining in the library. Perhaps we should trust in that student for now.”

“That is… Ugh…”

Certainly, focusing on the student union building, where Yenika, the cause of all problems, resides, and leaving that aside to rush to the library seems too selfish.

Zix knew this too well, hence his inability to argue against the Princess’s words.

“Indeed, you mentioned there was another student, Tishka?”

“That… That is…”

Avoiding eye contact and sweating, Tishka stepped back.

Princess Phoenia sensed a wave of unease hitting her.

“Are you hiding something?”

“I… That is… Ugh…”

Before the Princess could react, Zix stood up abruptly.

He strode towards Tishka and grabbed her by the collar.

“Speak up now!”

“Ugh… I’m… I’m so sorry…!”

Tishka knelt down, tears welling up in her eyes, continuing her confession.

“It was Ed… Ed Rothtaylor.”

The mention of that name cast a foreboding silence over the group.

“Staying late, sitting there so arrogantly, I didn’t want to talk to him, it was so annoying… You all know what kind of person Ed Rothtaylor is! So I just left him to Elka. Elka doesn’t really care about rumors like that… She probably doesn’t even know who Ed Rothtaylor is, so I thought it would be fine…”

The guilt of having pushed her friend into danger weighed heavily on her.

“So, of course, Elka let me go without any fuss… Just, I felt so sorry… that… uh…”

A sound of Zix’s patience snapping was almost audible.

Ed Rothtaylor.

Zix, having entered the academy through the entrance exams, had witnessed firsthand the depravity of that man.

‘Let go! Do you know who I am?! Ed Rothtaylor of the Rothtaylor family! Get your filthy hands off me, you pigs! How dare you touch me!’

‘Taely, that worthless failure? Do you think I’d stoop to such low tactics to disgrace him? Let go! What would you lowly peasants know, blabbering away!’

‘Taely? Ha… Even as a failure, he’s nothing but a loudmouth peasant.’

Luxury and decadence, pride and laziness, and incompetence.

A pitiful person embodying the dregs of humanity, willing to use any ally as a scapegoat and never acknowledging any kindness shown to him, the epitome of selfishness.

It was evident what the students gathered in the base would whisper among themselves.

“Ed? That Ed Rothtaylor? Then it’s serious.”

“That guy, I’ve heard he’s really despicable and pathetic.”

“So that librarian is stuck in this situation with him?”


With frenzied spirits occupying every path and it being dangerous even to step outside the room, let alone the building.

The grim fact that Elka was in such a predicament with the notorious Ed Rothtaylor.

It seemed unlikely anything good would happen. In extreme situations, the powerless Elka could be used as a pawn by Ed Rothtaylor, or worse, he might lay his hands on her frail body.

Zix was certain about Ed’s nature, and the rumors only added credibility to his belief.

That such a person held Elka’s fate in his hands blew away all of Zix’s reason.

“Right now. We’re going to the student library.”

The anger that surpassed limits was not hot but rather cold.

With a voice settled in cold determination, Zix ‘informed’ them.

The recipient of that notification was ‘the Princess of Mercy, Phoenia,’ whom even Headmaster would address with respect.

The implications were clear. It was a defiance of royal command.

“You’re crossing a line, Zix Evershine.”

Captain Claire was the first to step forward, but Zix paid no heed.

The Spear of Flora, Zix, in the absence of the Slothful Lucy, was someone no one could suppress. Even Claire, a member of the royal guard, couldn’t guarantee how many exchanges he could withstand against him.

Zix was one of the top first-year mages, recognized by Professor Glast purely on the basis of ability, along with the Slothful Lucy and the Golden Daughter, Lortelle.

Born in the lands of the northern nomadic tribes, he had been bathed in human blood from a young age.

Always living on the edge of life and death, his ‘combat sense’ was unmatched by anyone.

If the Slothful Lucy was an unstoppable tank or fighter jet by personal power, then the Spear of Flora, Zix, was like a special forces operative trained over a lifetime. Though he might be hopelessly outmatched in power and scale, in his specialized field, his efficacy was unparalleled.

In the midst of intense interpersonal duel scenarios, where external interference is absent, Zix’s declaration was clear: “Anyone who tries to stop me from leaving will be subdued.”

“Such actions cannot be allowed,” came the response from Lortelle, the Golden Daughter, as she began to chant a spell. Moisture in the air froze instantly, forming a massive ice spear in the void — the intermediate magic ‘Ice Spear’ that had once blasted the ceiling of Nail Hall.

Sylvania’s top two first-year magic students, Zix and Lortelle, locked eyes in a rare confrontation. The gathered students’ anxiety was palpable, their tension heightened by the escalating situation.

“I acknowledge your point, Zix. Among us, you contribute signi


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