The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 178


The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide

Ed’s Subjugation War (1)

After all the trials and scenarios ended, and Taely, the sword saint, receives his diploma, he leaves the school.

Outside Sylvania lies a vast world with complex intertwining of forces and groups, and a multitude of remaining incidents and accidents.

Taely’s back, exiting the Mekses Bridge, is zoomed into view. Strapping, with a large broadsword strapped to his back, he is surrounded by his companions.

With a nostalgic melody, the ending credits roll. It’s a scene I’ve seen numerous times in my memories.

In the black screen, the trials that sword saint Taely McLore had overcome begin to overlap one by one.

As English names appear, so does the condensed life of Taely McLore.

A life born to a poor family, disdained and without a single talent.

On days when he was beaten up by local thugs, he roamed the streets at night, not wanting to show his wounds to his parents.

Even weeping behind the barn, hugging his knees, he dreamt while looking up at the stars. He dreamt of a day when he could stand proudly before others, having earned his place.

After becoming battered, he’d sit quietly beside his childhood friend, Aila, as she joined him. They’d talk about trivial things like tomorrow’s lunch, ignoring his injuries.

Taely tries to stifle his sobs in a low voice, but he doesn’t change; he remains powerless.

He overcame countless trials.

The first act’s boss, Yenika Faelover, is revealed. She continued her academy life quietly, graduating as valedictorian and a scholarship student, but her face, now quieter and more mature, seems lonelier.

The second act’s boss, Glast, is glimpsed as well in the credits. His wife and Assistant Professor Claire lay wreaths at his tombstone in his native Keheln.

The third act’s boss, Lucy Mayrill, lost significant magical resonance due to Taely’s sword saint ceremony. Still powerful, she roams the academy clad in all sorts of moving magic, her demeanor unchanged. In the credits, she’s seen dumbfounded, gazing at the sea from a coastal cave in Acken at sunset.

The fourth act’s boss, Crebin Rothtaylor, is depicted in a large portrait. The scene flits by, showing Tanya sitting silently with bowed head before it, alongside the burning mansion.

And then the fifth act’s boss, Bellbrook’s scales are seen scattered on a cliffside, with the amulet of the great sage of Sylvania sinking into the ocean’s depths.

Sylvania’s figure, having ended her life on Acken to seal Bellbrook, appears in a portrait within the amulet… The aftermath of the bosses quietly concludes.

After that, extras revealed throughout the scenario flash by rapidly… and finally, sword saint Taely reappears. The setting has changed to his hometown.

It’s Taely, who could not beat a local thug, and came back beaten. After graduation, the barn in his hometown is still there.

Like before, late at night with the stars shining.

The young Taely of distant past rubs his eyes and stands up. Brushing off his bruised wounds, he grips his practice gauntlet, grits his teeth, and gets up.

Then, he suddenly locks eyes with the present Taely before clenching his fist and running off somewhere.

The childhood Aila left in the empty space looks towards where Taely ran off to, then bows her head to the present Taely.

And she too runs off, following the Taely who went to train.

Sword saint Taely quietly sits back to the barn, leaning on it as before.

The same night air tickles his nose. As he sits there, the great sage Aila appears from the darkness of the night.

Now mature, though still with traces of youth, she tidies the front of her neat mage’s robe… and sits down beside Taely.

She’s the girl who stood by him, even when the world saw Taely as a loser.

Burying her head on Taely’s shoulder, she rests amidst the memories.

The credits end, and the music fades.

Taely closes his eyes. The screen fades to black.

*When Taely McLore opens his eyes again, the startled shop assistants are all in battle stance.

“I won’t say much.”

The Elte Trading Company building, a prime piece of real estate located right in front of the Mekses Bridge at the dormitory. Its towering iron fence majestic, yet Taely’s sword strike could bring it down.

“Where is Aila Triss?”

– Bang! Crash!

When Dun, who received the report, quickly comes out to the front yard of the trading company, he instantly grasps the situation.

Mercenaries guarding the entrance, along with the pained trading company executives, are sprawled on the ground.

In the center of the scene, surrounded by about a dozen burly men groaning on the ground, stands a young man, holding a broadsword with one hand.


Dun’s brows furrow deeply.

Elte Trading Company had agreed to help Ed Rothtaylor in kidnapping Aila.

If things went smoothly without a hitch, that would be great, but kidnapping someone and taking control of them without issue is rarely easy.

There would be several matters to address, such as academic issues, evading searches… Dun had expected that there would be matters needing attention.

However, the pursuit was too swift.

At the very least, it should take until tomorrow morning for Aila’s absence to be noticed, and several days to conclude that it was indeed a disappearance.

It was anticipated that a proper search and suspicion towards Elte Trading Company would take at least a week.

Yet, the pursuit reaching Elte Trading Company in half a day was too quick, almost unfathomable.

“I know Aila is being held here, so bring her out quickly!”

The laborers who attempted to subdue Taely were also among the notable people of Elte Trading Company.

Initially, Elte Trading Company is not a force group. They have their own contracted mercenary troops, but there’s a limit to handling genuine talents.

And since it’s not the headquarters, it’s unlikely for a powerful mercenary unit of the headquarters to be dispatched to the Sylvania branch, stuck on the southern edge of the empire. In summary, there would be a limit to stopping Taely.

However, precisely because they’re not a force group, there’s no need to resolve it with force.

“Calm down.”

“… Who are you?”

“I’m Dun Grecks, currently overseeing the affairs at Elte Trading Company.”

Dun breaks out in a cold sweat but quickly engages his brain to organize the situation.

“At this point, I am the de facto highest authority at Elte Trading Company.”

“Wasn’t Lortelle Keheln responsible for Elte Trading Company’s Sylvania branch?”

“The current company’s head is unable to attend to company matters due to personal circumstances.”

Dun raises both hands and smoothly explains.

“If there’s something you desire, we’ll accommodate. However, causing a commotion within the Trading Company is problematic.”

“You guys kidnapped Aila, right?!”

Although Taely usually speaks respectfully, he has lost all reason and is shouting at the trading company workers in informal language.

“Don’t play tricks, or I won’t let it slide, got it?!”

“Please, calm down. This kind of action won’t benefit either of us. However, the claim that Elte Trading Company has kidnapped Aila Triss is completely new to me. Where did you hear such a thing?”

“I’ve already received a letter from Aila herself!”

The letter had been forwarded as per Ed Rothtaylor’s request.

When she was abducted from Lortelle Mansion, the letter had already been delivered to Taely.

The content was evident.

I’m being kidnapped right now. The kidnappers are trying to break in through the window.

Ed Rothtaylor and Elte Trading Company have joined forces. It seems they intend to sacrifice me for sovereign magic research.

I need help from the academy. I’ll try to hold out as much as I can.

After writing the letter, she placed it at a spot on her desk that wasn’t too conspicuous. Ed thought that with Taely’s perception, he would find it quickly.

Knowing Taely’s personality, he wouldn’t wait until dawn to ask for help from the academy. That’s why he was now breaking through the trading company’s front door.

“This is defamation. What gain would our Elte Trading Company have from kidnapping Aila Triss?”

“You’ve teamed up with Ed Rothtaylor! I know Ed Rothtaylor is behind you guys…!”

Taely hit the nail on the head.

They thought the kidnapping was cleanly carried out, but there was a flaw in Ed Rothtaylor’s work.

A few workers charge at Taely, but with a single roll of his foot, Taely sends out a shockwave, knocking them all back.

‘Shock Discharge’

Combat magic utilized by the Combat Division is incredibly simplistic compared to what is specially learned in the Magic Division, but it reacts so swiftly that it’s perfect for direct combat.

Taely then grips the broadsword with both hands and with a large horizontal swipe, subdues the surrounding workers all at once.

Workers armed with weapons and staffs kick open the trading company’s doors and emerge in unison. They are much more skilled and numerous than those first guarding the door.

Taely narrows his brow, closes his eyes, and concentrates.

His jet-black hair begins to lighten, his pupils turn red, and the magical energy enveloping him grows more potent, overwhelming the surroundings.

Sword Saint Technique.

A swordsmanship conceived by the founding sword saint, Luden McLore, and handed down through his bloodline’s descendants.

The sword Luden McLore aimed for in his life was to cut ‘existence’ – everything in this world.

From tangible objects to the invisible, erasing all existence… he was a man seeking the sword’s ultimate form.

Elemental Cutting, Vicious Thought Cutting, rhythm Cutting, spatial Severance, Explosive Sword, twin Dispatch Sword, Divine Killing Sword, Empty Sword, Dragon Slaying Sword, Predatory Sword.

He cuts all that can be cut.

His sole pursuit was that skill’s refinement…

Therefore, the McLore family line left behind neither wealth nor estate, only…

He had lived through the ages of the empire, cutting through countless monsters, yet never accepted any rewards or glory. Even his whereabouts were shrouded in mystery, making an encounter with him a rare occurrence.

It was the steadfastness in his gaze, fixed firmly upon his sword, which allowed him to be remembered as the strongest sword saint in history.

The potential running through the veins of Taely McLore was on an entirely different level than that of ordinary people.

With just a little prompting, his growth accelerated, and with it, he overcame the numerous trials that life threw at him.

With each swing of his greatsword, three or four men would fall. The cries of the workers echoed eerily across the courtyard of the trade association, carried by the tranquility of the late night when the streets were empty.

“Take shelter inside the association for now! It’s not safe out here!” a worker shouted at Durin, who clenched his teeth and realized he needed to find safety to figure out his next steps.

Durin and a few of his close aides hurried into the trade association, and the workers shut the main gate. Through the closing gap, one could see a figure more beast than man, a boy who, using the magic power wrapped around his body as a weapon, pierced through dozens, if not hundreds of workers alone, before the gates shut with a thud, and Durin finally allowed himself a sigh of relief.

But it was too soon to relax. Nothing had been resolved. The association’s own forces weren’t enough to stop him.

“Find Ed Rothtaylor! He might be at Lord Lortelle’s office!”

Durin instructed.

A worker had already gone to find him, but…

“There was no one in the office! Neither Ed Rothtaylor nor the Lord Lortelle…!”


“Taely, who had gone to guide, has been attacked! And… there’s been a disturbance in the higher floors of the trade association!”

Durin grasped his beret tightly in frustration.

“What are you talking about?”

“According to reports… there’s been an intruder from the rooftop. From what we know now…”

Boom! Ka-boom!

Another explosion rocked the building, but this time it wasn’t at the entrance; it originated from a higher floor. Someone else had invaded the trade association building.


Durin barely managed to steady himself amidst the sudden tremor. The staggering worker continued his report.

“Zix Effelstein! Guardian of the Northern Plains!”

The worker frantically shouted this update to Durin.

“He’s smashed through the rooftop into the trade association!”


“We’re not sure what his intentions are! But according to what the high floor manager has reported…”

“Even though he’s known for his justice, why would someone like him barge into such a covert struggle? Seal all the entrances! Use the nearby furniture and anything else you can to block them off!”

Their immediate priority was to hide Aila.

It won’t be easy to overpower Taely McLore with force. But if they can somehow conceal Aila Trist and remove the legitimacy from Taely’s forces, they might hold him accountable for his reckless behavior.

Merchants must fight as merchants do. With this as his guiding principle, Durin quickly set into action.

“Prepare to blockade the upper floors as well!”

Durin said through gritted teeth. His mind was reeling from the unexpected turn of events, but he needed to stay rational.

“And… find Ed Rothtaylor!”

Time was short, and there was much to do. It all came down to how they distributed their personnel.

Durin, gathering his thoughts, began to calmly organize his approach to the chaotic situation.

Bang! Bang! Boom!

“It’s a building that took a whole quarter’s budget in construction costs…”

“Is money really what concerns you right now?”

I was pulling Lortelle along quickly through the corridors of the trade association.

After calming down a bit, Lortelle latched onto my arm and stuck close as we moved forward.

“It can’t be helped. So… what’s the plan going forward?”

“First, we need to get you out. I’m not sure what Durin is planning, but it seems like his plan won’t work unless he’s holding on to you.”

“That’s quite a grand scheme.”

“It’s necessary. There are things I need to work out with Taely.”

Now is the chance to gauge Taely’s capabilities.

We’ve secured a good sacrificial lamb with the Elte Trade Association. We just use it to our advantage to create a place where Taely can be given enough reason to bounce around.

It’s not easy to construct a place and reason for Taely to stir, but with the situation having escalated this far, it’s more convenient to use him to deal with Durin as well.

“Taely McLore?”

“Yes. The likely candidate for the next sword saint.”

“His potential is recognized by everyone, but certainly, Elte is not a militant group… It would be a hassle if such a person were to start wreaking havoc.”

The mercenaries of Elte might be skilled, but they couldn’t match the powerhouses of the scenario. Elte’s foothold in Acken Island is owed to its financial and political power. If they simply started throwing their weight around, it would be a problem.

“Elte’s own forces won’t be enough to stop it. Maybe if the university’s scholars or the internal guards were dispatched, but… it’s late.”

“That’s why I brought some people who can lend a hand to Elte.”


As Lortelle replied, around the corner appeared a familiar face.

Zix Effelstein, having subdued the workers inside the trade association.

“Did you get here okay?”

“I didn’t expect such a showy approach from you, senior Ed.”

Zix, who knew every kind of weapon, held a small rapier in one hand, having quickly cleared out the corridor.

“The upper floors are taken care of. Ropes have been tied to the rooftop for escape.”

“Taely is coming.”

I didn’t say much.

Elvira will hold the first floor.

Zix is taking the second floor, Ennica is waiting in the VIP lounge on the third floor, and on the fourth floor, there’s an even more troublesome ally.

I planned to escape the building via the rooftop that Zix had prepared.

I wasn’t sure how far Taely would make it up. Frankly, the enemies he would encounter now were overpowering.

I didn’t expect him to reach me. Especially since, due to the backlash from my ring, I was barely able to use any power at the moment.

“Glad to see you’re doing well, Lortelle.”

“I hadn’t expected you to be here, Zix.”

“We don’t have time for explanations. Let’s save that for later.”

Lortelle and Zix, both members of Class A, shared a brief exchange before Zix spoke to me.

“It might be best to avoid the VIP lounge on the third floor.”

He glanced at Lortelle, perhaps suggesting that we shouldn’t display this scene in front of Ennica.

“On my way down, I caught a glimpse of Senior Ennica, and there was something quite intimidating about her. She was sitting in the VIP lounge, drinking tea… There was an indescribable aura that made it impossible to approach.”

“I see…”

“I wish to see her face.”


“I mean, it’s so touching to see Senior Ed reaching out to save little me.”

After snickering like a fox for a while, Lortelle staunchly shook her head.

“Well, we must separate professional and personal matters. Time is precious right now, and there’s a lot to take care of.”

Lortelle’s expression tightened as if she could already see the bigger picture of the political struggle enveloping her.

“We’re going to escape the trade association building and head to the camp.”

“Understood. If there are any changes, I will inform you.”

With those words, Zix sat heavily on a nearby wooden chair, leaning his sword against the wall and interlocking his hands.

“Let’s just see how this plays out.”

I nodded and continued with Lortelle up to the upper floors of the trade association.


It took less than five minutes to dispose of nearly a hundred trade association workers.

Standing before the heap of downed workers, Taely quietly shook the dust off his greatsword.

In the face of such overwhelming skill, not a drop of blood was shed—there was no need to kill such feeble foes.

He slowly lifted his piercing red eyes, and the tightly sealed gates of the trade association came into view.

With a single strike of his greatsword, he could shatter the main gate.

“Oh my, what a commotion.”

However, a familiar voice tickled Taely’s ears.

Elvira, draped in a shabby mage robe and fully armed for battle, with her bag filled to the brim with alchemical concoctions and magical supplies, chuckled malevolently from her perch upon the mound of fallen workers.

“A pleasure to see you, Taely.”

“Why are you here…”

“Sorry, but I’m going to have to stop you here.”

Elvira, in league with Ed Rothtaylor and the Elte Trade Association’s Sylvania branch, didn’t seem too friendly to Taely as she faced him in the association’s first-floor garden.

Detecting this, Taely gripped his greatsword tightly, his senses as sharp as ever.

Ed Rothtaylor had given her the title: Phase 1 in charge.

Elvira Eniston, top of the second year’s alchemy division.

Her abrupt appearance before Taely had already set off ominous premonitions within the boy.


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