The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 150


The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide

Crebin Raid (1)
TL: TangSanFan
ED/PR: Tanthus & secondrselaksa
Pure Evil.

Crebin Rothtaylor, the head of the Rothtaylor household, if one were to describe him in a single word, anyone would have chosen that word.

If you purchase [Sylvania’s Failure Swordmaster], on the back of the package at the very top, you can see his figure prominently engraved. Sitting on the grand family head’s throne, hands clasped, his eyes glaring out of the darkness.

Within Sylvania’s Failure Swordmaster, many villains emerge, but if one were to choose the character with the most impact, it would undoubtedly be him. Previous ultimate bosses had their own stories, were swayed by external pressures, or were essentially good humans.
The Act 1 boss, ‘Elementalist Yenika Faelover’, was overwhelmed by the power of the dark spirit Velosfer and destroyed the academy, the Act 2 boss, ‘Researcher Glast’, had some semblance of a just cause, protecting the academy’s treasure, the Philosopher’s Seal, and Act 3 boss, ‘Awakened Lucy’, her entire engagement in the boss fight was based on a misunderstanding.

Of course, I now know the deeper context, and since the Act 3 boss fight never actually took place, my feelings have somewhat changed. Nevertheless, as long as one was playing Sylvania’s Failure Swordmaster, Act 4 boss ‘Family Head Crebin Rothtaylor’ was the first ultimate boss to confront the player with pure malice.

His sole purpose is clear.

To elevate the family’s honor and maintain his power as long as possible. He would use anything and anyone to achieve his ends. Although appearing to be a benevolent duke, when necessary, he would treat human lives like disposable scraps of paper.

He attempted to summon the evil god Mebuler by attacking Sylvania Academy and using numerous students as sacrifices. The evil god favored strong, pure souls with influence and power.

A gathering of esteemed individuals at Sylvania Academy was the optimal place for the evil god’s descent. In the end, he is brought down by Taely and his party, and even until the moment he loses his life, he never justifies his actions.

The resurrected evil god Mebuler is eventually resealed by the now sufficiently grown Taely and his companions. Crebin himself, defeated in battle against Taely, retreats and is killed by Guardian Obel Fosius.

Until his dying breath, he perishes as a villain.

Nothing but flashes of his life as the head of the Rothtaylor household passes by Until the very end, he sneers bitterly, expressing regret over his near-success.

He is uncompromising. He neither seeks sympathy nor understanding. He harbored not the slightest doubt. To rise even higher, one must trample others. If necessary, deceive, take, kill.
Therefore, he is persuaded by no one. He does not believe in humanity’s inherent goodness.
What made Crebin go to such lengths? Such details were inconsequential.
He was a villain through and through, adeptly fulfilling his role.

The realization dawned on me after I finished playing. It was simpler than I thought.
Whereas other bosses had deeper backstories and just causes, Crebin simply… vanished cleanly as a ‘target of subjugation.’

That, in a way, made it clear and satisfying, and I felt like a truly long struggle had come to an end at last. And so, the story of Act 4 concludes neatly, moving onto the final act that revolves around the Great Sage Sylvania and the Holy Dragonlord Bellbrook.

The last image of him lingers in my memory leaning against the balcony railing of the Triskelion Tower, looking up at the coming of the dying evil god, drenched in blood.

* * *

The doors of the Imperial Library have been opened.

A hall with a ceiling so high, it’s difficult to gauge its height, and massive bookshelves that rise two stories tall line up in formation. This place, which the scholars and policymakers of the empire frequent to amass their documents, has naturally become a space for bureaucrats to exchange opinions or engage in informal social activities.
However, it has recently become difficult to act so unreservedly.

That’s because Princess Persica, the second imperial princess of the Clorel Empire, is always present in this library. Stacks upon stacks of books of all kinds are piled up on an impressively large desk in the corner of the library, where she buries herself in them for most of her days.

Excluding her time for meals and sleep, she sits in the library all day long, giving librarians and bureaucrats headaches.

The librarians had to work all day long with the princess in the library, while the bureaucrats had to be mindful of her whenever they came to find documents or books.
Of course, apart from the main hall lined with huge bookshelves, the Imperial Library boasts a vast size equivalent to four stories… Still, sharing the same space where the second princess was always established, without knowing when she might get up to search for books or happen to run into her… It’s a significant pressure for a subject.
“Couldn’t you be reading at your room, sister Persica?”
“I read quickly book by book, it’s bothersome to order each to be moved to my room.”
Persica’s dedicated space in the corner of the library.

Even with a luxurious and huge desk placed aside, books mainly covered it, almost obscuring its presence. The visiting Princess Phoenia, coming to inquire about her welfare, first sighed deeply.

“Besides, there’s joy in wandering between bookshelves to select the next read. It’s no fun just taking and reading recommended books by the royal tutors.”
“If that’s how you feel, I have nothing to say…”

Today, not only the second princess Persica but also the third princess Phoenia was present in the library.

The librarians felt even edgier than usual. They certainly didn’t expect to toil this much, having been assigned to what was comparatively a quiet posting in the library.
“It’s already been over a year and a half since you entered Sylvania without notice. By now, it’s not so peculiar anymore for you to visit during each break to say hi.”
“Do you still consider my enrollment at Sylvania out of the blue?”
“Yes. Though I’ve told you, I never thought of you as someone without ambitions.”
If Sella is icy cold, and Phoenia has a somewhat human-like vibe, Persica is somewhere in between the two.

Nonetheless, there’s no hint of warmth. More accurately, she appears quite easygoing. Although a princess, hence modestly clothed with regal attire, her posture sprawled among the heaps of books indulging in the ancient volumes lacks all dignity.

The hair of the royal family tends to be platinum. If Phoenia is closest to pure platinum, Sella’s reveals a bluish hue, while Persica’s strands have a reddish tinge.

Of course, like all of the Clorel royal family, their eyes glimmer with a subtle blue.
“Well, let’s see… It’s certain that since before your enrollment, you’ve lost some of your spirit.”

Persica was buried in books, briskly flipping through the pages of an oversized ancient tome.
“And you, sister Persica, are always buried here in the library during such times… Do you have no ambition for imperial power?”

“Of course, I do. I’m merely waiting for the right moment.”
“When might that be…?”

Persica smiled wryly without responding. Her attitude conveyed she saw no reason to divulge her thoughts. She simply continued browsing through the book, speaking in a smooth tone.

“Few people know but I remember before your enrollment, you’d glare at Crebin Rothtaylor with fiery eyes.”


“He’s been tending to the social circles in the main house recently, but he used to frequent this library often, under the pretext of consulting for policy decisions. At least to my eyes, he appeared nothing more than a loyal subject working for the people and his majesty.”
Suddenly, Persica slammed the book shut. Then, tossing it onto the pile next to her, she picked up another, rapidly skimming the contents.
“Ever since then, you, Phoenia, have had an eerie knack for insight into the inner workings of people. That’s why I grew curious when you showed such caution towards him.”
“I’ve decided to stop monitoring him. There’s hardly any just cause for me to meddle in his affairs.”

“Well, listen. Do you have any idea what books he’s been reading in the royal library?”
Persica tossed a few books next to Phoenia with a swift motion. Phoenia browsed through each one, furrowing her brow.

“Tales of ancient evil deities, forbidden magics from mythological eras. He even got his hands on forbidden texts, under the guise of surveying the library stores for policy decision-making.”

“What did you say?”

“As it turns out, those ‘forbidden texts’ are merely methodologies on primitive and brutal magic practices. I wonder if he’s planning something illicit.”
Phoenia flipped through the titles one by one, all concerning the descent of evil deities or related calamities.

“How does it look to you? Does it seem like he harbors ill intentions?”

It’s difficult to see this as conclusive evidence. Even if he read such books in the library, it doesn’t diminish his standing. It might just be academic curiosity. Yet, Phoenia couldn’t shake off a nagging feeling of unease.

A memory suddenly surfaced: Ed Rothtaylor, who had come to collect a letter from Phoenia before the break. He mentioned his reinstatement into the Rothtaylor household and sought to borrow some of the imperial princess’s stature.

Phoenia, now devoid of any particular will or intention, nonchalantly lent her name. Considering Ed Rothtaylor’s reputation, he wasn’t someone to tarnish the name of Princess Phoenia lightly.

So she thought nothing of it.

She did not wish to meddle rashly and make matters worse.
The higher the position, the greater the responsibility following failure. Having been daunted by several failures, she no longer had the will to take action and address issues proactively.

“You look troubled, Phoenia.”

Persica struck a nerve.

“…Just before the break, his son came looking for me.”

“Ed Rothtaylor. Wasn’t he excommunicated?”
“You know of him?”

“I only know the name. I’ve memorized the family trees of influential houses to an extent. There were rumors you led his excommunication too.”
Persica was gifted with an extraordinary memory, rarely forgetting anything she saw. Her natural intelligence enabled her to cram such vast knowledge into her brain.
“It’s just that… on this occasion, he was reinstated, so I lent him my name to avoid him being disregarded.”

“Wow, you seem to trust him quite a bit. You don’t lend your name lightly.”
“Not so much trust as… he’s just… someone it wouldn’t matter much with. Yet…”
Phoenia pondered as she stroked the book covers.
“…I did have my suspicions. Despite his tarnished reputation at the Rothtaylor residence, how could he have been reinstated so easily? Family Head Crebin is said to be merciful, but he shows no clemency to those who threaten the family’s honor…”

There’s an inherently reliable aura around Ed Rothtaylor.

Now, with a hint of apprehension arising belatedly. Persica, seizing upon that moment of doubt, cleverly wedged into the gap.

“Well, he’s hardly someone with a reason to be reinstated. Rather, if his character isn’t completely ameliorated, he could stain the family’s name again, making it a risky undertaking.”

As she flipped through book pages, Persica said,
“Yet, Crebin has reinstated Ed Rothtaylor. If I were Crebin, without another motive, I wouldn’t have done such a thing.”

Princess Phoenia’s brow twitched. She had resolved not to intervene or participate further in his matters. She severed her interest in the events unfolding in the Rothtaylor household, determined solely to graduate from Sylvania.

“For instance… as bait to forcibly lure him out of his entrapment on Acken Island to the Rothtaylor residence.”

But during the student council election campaign…Memories of him quietly resurface in her heart. The strange, unidentified sense of loss she felt upon hearing news of his death was something between guilt and powerlessness. And the relief she felt upon learning of his survival made Phoenia realize that she had been paying more attention to Ed Rothtaylor than she thought.

Sitting in the camp, stirring the fire with a stick, his broad back still lingers in her memory. He never blames Phoenia. Even if she were to cast blame on him and ostracize him, hesitate without making quick and correct judgments in a scholar’s crisis, get caught in idealism and fail to consider the realities of harm, or even openly guard against him.

He simply perceives himself as part of a greater flow and has never once hated Phoenia, human to human. He is not someone who doesn’t know how to get angry, who just lives passively without any backbone. He is someone who is fully aware of all the facts and, if necessary, can stand up to even the highest humans or resort to trickery to claim what’s his.

Despite this, the reason he continues to respect Phoenia as one person to another is nothing special. He understands her. Phoenia Ellis Clorel, the third princess of the Clorel imperial family, she who has protected herself amidst all kinds of trickery and strife since childhood, resolutely expressing her opinions amid imperial power struggles. Ed doesn’t blame her for her misjudgments so frivolously because he understands her life better than anyone. He accepts even Phoenia’s imperfections.

Humans grow through errors and mistakes, but when carrying the name of a sovereign, such faults are inexcusable. It’s a cruel paradox, but all rulers inevitably accept this and live on. The weight of the throne is such.

Therefore, the path a sovereign treads is always covered with a carpet named solitude. To seek understanding for this solitude is both avaricious and arrogant. Only by giving up on being understood can one truly become a sovereign.

And yet, she didn’t anticipate his assistance would come so easily. Ready to negotiate further…

Before leaving for the academy, Ed had shared those words with Phoenia at the royal dormitory.

That day, Ed had been ready to exchange many opinions with Phoenia. However, she let him go without any interactions, simply lending him her name.

Ed would be okay. It was a Rothtaylor family issue; meddling would only complicate matters further. She comforted herself in this way.

Only later does she realize the gravity of her oversight.

“Tonight is the second day of the social gathering, only about two days left,” Persica whispered calmly to the trembling Phoenia.

“It takes a full day and a half by carriage, but if you just cling to a horse saddle and ride without stopping, you could arrive in half a day.”

Princess Phoenia, having received royal training since childhood, has a basic mastery of horse riding.

However, now, if she were to visit the audience hall, receive the emperor’s permission, and ride out with an escort, she’d be late.

If she’s intent on leaving, she must run down to the stables this instant, choose the strongest horse, and set off as quickly as possible.

Leaving suddenly without permission means that only her most loyal supporters would dare follow, instead of deterring her.

Perhaps it might involve only five people, including Knight Claire. There’s no time to convince the rest.

It could all just be unfounded worries.

Ordinarily, she wouldn’t act with such haste.

Yet, Phoenia has once experienced Ed’s death. She later learned it was a misunderstanding, but it wasn’t until after the experience that she realized.

If Ed Rothtaylor were to die or suffer damages to the point of losing his potential for life… it felt like an irrevocable heavy wound to Phoenia.

“Are you going?”

Persica called Phoenia with a dangerous smile.

Phoenia bowed her head in silence and then lifted her face, smiling.

“I suppose not. My responsibilities weigh too heavily to act so rashly.”

“That’s right. Still aware of the weight of your royal heritage. That’s comforting.”

Persica idly flipped through books and hummed to herself.

“Well, he’s not likely to die. If he does, nothing can be done… But he’s no fool. He must have some plan.”

“Yes… there’s definitely something deliberately intended by Crebin, but Ed isn’t dense enough not to notice it.”

Phoenia’s expression could only convey relief.

However, Persica keenly sensed a tremble in her voice.

“I’ve seen that Persica is healthy, so I’ll take my leave now. It’s late; I should get some rest.”

“Go ahead, dear.”

Persica pretended to read while glancing at Phoenia through the corner of her eye.

Phoenia, straightening her clothes and heading towards the exit of the library, seemed untroubled.

However, the clenching of her fist was evident. Persica secretly smirked—it’s the look of one who has made a firm decision.

“In just one night, Princess Phoenia is moved to action. Rothtaylor residence will be in chaos. I’m very curious to see that face, but now’s not the time for that.”

Persica stretched largely after putting down the book.

“Now the only princess remaining in the imperial court is me alone.”

She stood up from amid the piles of books and bathed in the soft moonlight streaming through the library’s glass ceiling.

It was about time to move.

* * *

“There’s no one who knows my son Ed Rothtaylor better than I do.”

Crebin slowly rose from the office desk and spoke in a low voice.

“Others may say you’ve matured after being expelled, growing more solid… but I know.”


“I know my son’s heart wouldn’t have diluted that easily after spending a few months in the heat and cold. You truly hated me.”

Crebin dressed in fancy formalwear, with a dark glove on one hand—presumably, the mark of the evil deity would be engraved on it.

One could make such marks invisible, but it would waste too much magical power in daily life. Hence, he wore that glove on his left hand.

“Yet, I sense no such hatred from you. Rather, you seem to have come to terms with it. You look at me as if I have nothing to do with your life, and I can feel it.”


“You’re not Ed Rothtaylor.”

– Snap!


The sudden gust of wind originated from Crebin Rothtaylor standing in the center of the study.

As a wave of force erupted from the hand with the evil deity’s engraving, Yenika shrieked, closing her eyes tightly.

– Snap!

The thrown mug magically sprouted wings, blocking the wind.

Bathed in moonlight, Crebin stood tall, slowly removing the glove from his left hand. A dark, evil awakening mark indeed occupied his palm.

Although he couldn’t fully wield the power of the evil deity yet, he could manifest its authority, even if imperfectly.

“Have you decided to forgive me for stabbing Arwen?”

At that remark, a gulp of breath was involuntary.

“That’s impossible. You were the one who believed in and followed Arwen the most.”

– Whisk!

With the hand not bearing the mark, he drew a shortsword—it’s clear he intends to fight.

Witnessing the weapon being drawn, Yenika reacted first.

– Swish!

There’s a festive banquet happening downstairs. If she summoned a high-ranking spirit here, the building could collapse and lives could be endangered. Moderation was paramount.

Yenika quickly concentrated, summoning three massive intermediate spirits.

A giant bat of fire with massive wings, an eagle made of water, and a colossus of earth rose—despite the library’s size, there was barely any room left.

“Don’t move…”

“Sorcerer Yenika Phaelorover. You wield strong power, but are too subject to circumstances.”

As Crebin clenched his left hand, a crackling wave spread, centering around his palm.

– Crack!

Suddenly, the three intermediate spirits were all bound by chains of magical energy.


Yenika tried to perform a spirit incantation to break the chains, but new chains wrapped around faster than she could act.

Chains bursting from thin air bound Yenika’s arms, waist, and legs.

“Ah, khat!”

Yenika struggled, pulling on the chains. If she continued to resist, she could be overwhelmed.

She contemplated whether to risk drawing from a high-ranking spirit after all when the chains were severed by a blade of wind.

– Whoosh!

My wind blade is significantly more powerful compared to basic one-time spells, due to years of relentless refinement of basic magics.

“Your magic skills are impressive.”

“Even if you claim I’m not your son, the fact that I am Ed Rothtaylor remains unchanged.”

“You’re saying something incomprehensible.”

“It may seem absurd to you, but what can I do if that’s the truth?”

– Snap!

Charging with a dagger drawn, Crebin swung down his left hand bearing the mark.

The impact felt as if striking my hand heavily, sending the dagger flying from my grasp.

– Clang! Clank!

Continuing the motion, I was smashed against the ceiling.


Gritting my teeth, I drew on my power again.

– Snap!

Instantly, a new cut appeared on Crebin’s thigh, where my dropped dagger had been. I had activated the spirit seal on the dagger, bringing it back to my hand, inadvertently cutting Crebin’s leg in the process.


Though not deep, it was enough to disturb his focus. The unidentified pressure pinning me to the ceiling vanished.

I caught the dagger and, using gravity, lunged it towards Crebin.

– Clang!

He barely blocked the dagger with his longsword and began to manifest the devil’s power again. In that instant, I pulled an enhanced shockwave sphere from my chest.

– Boom!

A powerful shock engulfed the surroundings, and I managed to distance myself from Crebin.

The current goal is not to subdue Crebin. As I said, without tearing down his family’s background and prestige, even if I subdued him, there would be no way to manage the aftermath.

– Whoosh.

Dust rose in the library. Instantly, Crebin summoned a wind to clear it and raised his left hand again.

The nature and workings of this power are unknown, but having gone through the fourth act, I have an estimate.

Although he can’t fully realize the evil deity’s power in its incomplete state, he can control the ‘physical forces’ around him as will dictates.

Gravity, inertia, friction—at least the flow of physical energy could be manipulated freely within his magical power’s limits.

It’s like experiencing a sense of conquest as if the world’s energy flows into one’s hand, although governing more than physical forces requires extensive concentration and energy accumulation. At best, it would only serve immediate combat in this manner.

With the evil deity’s power not fully unlocked yet, now is the optimal timing to subdue him, but there’s a process to follow.

I pooled magic in my hand.

– Boom!

The magic surged intensely, readying to converge to one point.

Intermediate fire magic, ‘Point Explosion’.

Crebin Rothtaylor quickly adopted a defensive stance against the speed of the magic, but regrettably, the attack wasn’t aimed at Crebin.

– Boom!!!!

The floor collapsed, and the sound enveloped the mansion.

The peaceful and enjoyable social gathering had unfortunately reached its end.


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