The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 133


The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide

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“Senior Ed seems a bit down these days.”

Obel Hall is a facility dedicated solely to the student council.

Located right next to the student plaza, the building’s exterior is not only clean and impressive, but the interior also houses various facilities that the student council members can use. Despite a small user base, its size is considerable and its condition excellent.

The student council receives much consideration from the academic institution because of the support garnered from various dignitaries and influential pupils. But it is also on account of the substantial sponsorship funds received from numerous noble and influential families.

Internal staff of the student council not only gain extensive connections but are also generously rated in terms of academic performance. Completing their tasks successfully until the end of their term earns them considerable trust.

Usually, after graduation, many take on significant positions within the empire, and it’s not uncommon to see sponsorships start to funnel in from various families in anticipation of this.

As a result, the student council’s budget, together with private sponsorships and dues paid by the children of influential families, is quite formidable. The scale of the budget is worrying for just student management.

There’s a nominal professor serving as an advisor for the essentials, but even they don’t significantly influence the student council’s decisions.

“My brother…? He’s down?”

“I happened to visit the camp recently. He says he’s fine… Just an unsettling feeling. It could be just my intuition, though.”

Zix Effelstein, the vice president of the magic department in his second year, was already treated as an ace among the action committee members of the student council.

Rather than feeling a strong sense of belonging to the student council, Zix felt as if he was just handling things as they came.

Zix wasn’t the type to be tied down to one place but rather had a free-spirited nature.

In fact, instead of strictly following the student council president’s orders, Zix seemed to be more responsive to Tanya’s personal requests. He didn’t show up at Obel Hall often.

Tanya didn’t demand any particular attitude. Merely having Zix roped into the student council was an asset.

“Feeling down, specifically what do you mean…?”

The current student council president of Sylvania Academy, Tanya Rothtaylor, put down her quill, which had been darting swiftly across the paper.

The president’s personal office desk was very spacious, but that vastness was obscured by the mountain of documents piled on it.

There were just too many items requiring her signature every day. It took all morning just to review the day’s reports after arriving at Obel Hall.

Tanya was aware of the busyness of her position, but she hadn’t expected it to this extent.

Nevertheless, determined, Tanya made every effort to handle her duties as meticulously as possible without any gaps.

“Hmm… On the surface, he looks ordinary. Busy as always. Engaging in necessary activities while at camp, fulfilling scholarship student responsibilities, consistently attending classes, and studying during breaks… But… Hmm… Still, I feel Senior Ed is carrying some burden on his mind.”

“If Senior Zix reports so, there must be some reason for it. Though unclear, it’s troubling… Hmm… Just intuition, then….”

Stretching with a long yawn, Tanya sank her petite frame into the plush chair.

Tanya’s perception of Ed Rothtaylor had changed quite a bit.

He had a dependable aura, someone who always managed to handle all matters thrust upon him.

It was difficult to imagine such a person being troubled or down, which piqued Tanya’s curiosity.

“I haven’t asked after my brother in a while, maybe I should go see him personally…”

“In the afternoon you have to go to the cathedral reconstruction site, then to Triss Hall for the student council’s regular report, followed by reporting to the student club general meeting at Lortelle Hall after dinner, and then spend time studying at night.”

“… How do you know this so well?”

“Being the senior secretary, I have no choice but to listen to daily complaints….”

The reason Zix was responsible for conveying Tanya’s messages to Ed was due to Tanya herself being unable to spare the time. She was that busy.

“If only we knew the reason for his downcast, it would be less frustrating. Senior Zix, couldn’t you possibly find out more? There is some excess in the dispatch funds, and if you miss lectures due to handling matters, I can even request leave to cover you.”

“President. If I start moving privately rather than under student council support, it could be seen as misusing funds, or as if the student council is surveilling an individual student.”

“Why is this position of president so full of constraints…”

“Isn’t the weight of power always like that?”

Tanya exhaled deeply and gazed out the large glass window that spanned the wall of her office.

From the student council president’s room on the fourth floor of Obel Hall, the student plaza was clearly visible. With lunchtime approaching, the bustling movements of the students were like a swarm of ants.

It’s a position representing the will of every one of those individuals, not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

In truth, there are burdens associated with all endeavors in the world.

The issue is that Ed Rothtaylor wasn’t the type of person to become troubled or shaky under normal burdens.

Unless he was literally carrying someone’s life on his back…

“I’m worried… about my brother.”

“I’m worried as well. To be honest, I see it a little differently…”

“Go on?”

Zix casually slumped onto a guest sofa in a corner.

“The thing is, senior Ed isn’t someone to crumble just because he feels a bit of pressure or gloom. Time will resolve that on its own. But, it’s his personal relationships that concern me…”

“Personal relationships…?”

“Yes… let’s say, for example, it is an opportunity… You, Madam President, are quite aware of Senior Ed’s predicaments, aren’t you.”

Tanya’s expression hardened as she sat entangled in the chair.

Indeed, Tanya knew everything that she needed to know. Perhaps enviable due to fortune, but certainly a headache for herself.

Given Ed’s circumstances, regularly sought after by several capable women, any sign of weakness from someone who always seems perfect feels like a major gap.

If Ed Rothtaylor is considered a steadfast support pillar, the idea of him leaning on someone else is an intriguing thought.

The strange sense of fulfillment that arises is an inevitable temptation for those who see him with affection.

Since he doesn’t usually reveal any signs of weakness, such opportunities are rare.

“Everyone feels down and gloomy at times. While some may recover through comfort and support, from what I’ve seen, leaving Senior Ed alone might be for the best.”

“It’s a complicated matter….”

“Well, there isn’t much else I can do without being meddlesome, so I’ll just stay put.”

Swatting his hands clean of the matter, Zix stood up from the guest sofa and dusted off his clothes.

“My visit wasn’t just to report this. I just took the opportunity to relay the message.”


“I’ve been looking into something suspicious recently and came across something that might be of interest. Summer break is just around the corner, right? After the end-of-term exams next week, we dive straight into vacation.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Zix pulled out a book from within his cloak and tossed it onto the guest table in front of him.

Though not clearly visible from Tanya’s perspective at her desk, a closer look revealed it to be “Introduction to Elemental Studies,” a textbook used from the sophomore to junior years. Despite its thickness, its fundamental content is rich, making it almost a staple seller.

“Over the past few years, an organization within Arkensum has been gaining influence, and now it seems they are ready to show their fangs. This case might just be the beginning of it all.”

“Show their fangs… Are you saying…?”

Zix nodded.

There seems to be organized hoarding of elemental study books, centered around Elte Trading Company.

Especially this “Introduction to Elemental Studies,” which experiences its lowest demand post-exams when summer break begins. With third-year students disposing of their unwanted books, there’s a temporary price drop in both used and new books.

Hoarding them to stockpile in the trading company’s warehouse is quite telling of their intent.

Buy low, sell high: it’s the basic of all investment, but for a behemoth like the Arkensum Living Exchange, solely responsible for the living distribution on the island, it’s a different story.

Cornering the market is as traditional a strategy as it gets, and its effectiveness is undeniable. It’s not that they couldn’t do it before; they simply chose not to. Now, as they expand their size and influence within the academy’s residential life,

To exercise dominance.

“Well, considering the scale of the business, the profits aren’t enormous… But this is a kind of preemptive battle.”

“True. For now, it’s only the Elemental Studies book, but later on, it could extend to various clothing, magic engineering supplies, educational materials, and so on…”

Lortelle Keheln, acting as the proxy head of Elte Trading Company.

Tanya had seen the girl’s face repeatedly. However, the memory that remained most vividly was of her looking downcast in an empty corridor of the Ophelius Hall.

Thinking back on her waiting like a frigid corpse in the aftermath of Ed’s death still made it difficult to breathe properly.

Moreover, her capabilities were indisputably outstanding. Rich, with exceptional magic skills and a well-known aptitude for thinking on her feet in crises.

Now, as the student council president, it was her responsibility to keep a check on Lortelle.

* * * [ Life Skills Detail ]

Grade: Intermediate Artisan Specialization: Woodworking Craftsmanship Lv 15, Design Lv 10, Gathering Ability Lv 13, woodworking Lv 14, stonemasonry Lv 7, hunting Lv 11, Fishing Lv 7, cooking Lv 7, repair Lv 5 [ Advanced Crafting Skill Slot: Empty ]

[ Advanced Crafting Skill Slot: Empty ] It had been a while since she acquired an advanced crafting skill slot, but it remained unfilled.

She had been too preoccupied with acquiring combat skills. However, life skills cannot be disregarded.

They not only significantly influence utility stats but also allow the creation of formidable equipment that can greatly affect combat.

In the game “Sylvania’s Sword of Failure” set in Acken Island, obtaining combat gear is remarkably limited.

In a game that involves adventuring through various cities, this might not be the case, but here, the only shops are those found in daily life settings.

Most products are tailored for students, and finding a shop that sells battle gear is rare and often lacks high-quality items.

Ultimately, in “Sylvania’s Sword of Failure,” procuring high-grade combat gear is most efficiently done by clearing special quests or crafting them yourself.

While Glast’s professor’s soul library could provide the formulas for crafting common magic engineering items, creating direct combat or adventure gear seemed more suitable to be done personally. Though they could be obtained through Elte Trading Company, the cost of each item was burdensome.

Besides, enhancing life skills could substantially improve living conditions at camp, offering a win-win situation.

She decided to fill one of the premium crafting slots with ‘Advanced Bow Crafting,’ planning to enchant bows with various magics and boost accuracy and power under specific conditions.

But what to put in the remaining slot? That needed further contemplation.

As she sat near the campfire deep in thought, someone emerged from the brush, draped in an expensive-looking, gold-trimmed robe.

“It’s strange… I knew about this, but seeing it in person feels different.”

It had been a while since Lortelle visited the camp.

She had heard he was swamped with student council elections and the company’s settlement.

“Who would have thought you’d actually build a cabin and settle down…”

“Oh, what brings you here, Lortelle?”

I had been sitting at the fire, contemplating my life skills, while Yenika beside me stared blankly, basking in the warmth.

Lortelle brushed her face with a hand, placed her robe’s hat firmly on her head, and sat down in front of the fire pit.

Her characteristic auburn hair cascaded down her shoulders. Normally tied neatly to one side, it was unusually let down today.

A blue rose-shaped pin, usually worn for important occasions, adorned her hair, and beneath the robe, she wore a neat and pristine frilly dress.

“I came to see Ed’s senior, but even after mentally preparing, this sight is quite… unexpected.”

“…Is that voice possibly… Lortelle…?”

“It’s been a while, senpai Yenika.”

Yenika, who had been silently absorbing the heat, shuddered. Her expression seemed to say, “It’s finally come.”

“Yeah. It’s Lortelle…”

“An explanation for what’s happened… seems unnecessary now.”

Lortelle sighed deeply, glancing sharply over at Yenika.

Yenika, now with some restored vision to detect stares, took note. Even through the haze, the look from Lortelle was imposing.

But she straightened up her mostly immobile body and smiled proudly.

“Ed and I have decided to live together.”


“We’re living together now!”

She seemed somewhat embarrassed, trailing off with a giggle.

“It’s more accurate to say ‘living next door,’ I think.”

“We’re in the same camp, so isn’t that living together? Lortelle, your expressions are so outdated…!”

A vein seemed to bulge on Lortelle’s forehead as if in anger, but the thought that she was literally angry seemed premature. After all, Lortelle was not the type to lose her temper easily.

“She’s always so composed…”

“Actually, it’s not only about Ed’s senior’s well-being that I came to inquire today, but also to deliver some important information.”

“Important information? What might that be?”

“Ed’s senior. I’m not sure about your current financial situation, but I suggest you procure the next semester’s textbooks and magic engineering supplies in advance.”

Timing the market, perhaps.

Lortelle, involved in the Trading Company, preempting the expected market prices was not unusual.

But, this seemed more than just a matter of price.

“Sure, buying in advance will possibly be cheaper. It’s common for prices to skyrocket as the need approaches.”

“That’s true, but it’s not a matter of expense…”

Lortelle smiled gently and added,

“By the end of the vacation, you might not even be able to find them at all.”


With that, it dawned on me.

The ongoing strife between the academy and the trade association throughout Act 3 of “Sylvania’s Sword of Failure.”

Beyond the main storyline, choosing sides between the constantly feuding academy and the trade association affects the ending significantly.

Lortelle’s move was a continuation of this extended conflict.

“Senior Yenika, since you’ve heard the news, it’d be wise to prepare in advance. Lucky you~ By being here at the right time, you’ve received valuable information~”

“Thanks~ And just so you know, I’m living with Ed, so I’m always by his side. I don’t need to be lucky to hear such news!”


Another vein seemed to twist, and I discreetly glanced at Lortelle’s expression. It remained a smiling face, as always.

“Even without clear sight, her mouth sure is lively…. Oh, I’m speaking of our company’s pet bird. It’s been injured badly lately.”

“Yeah. That’s right. It needs a lot of care. I’m okay because Ed’s always helping me…!”

She didn’t back down. That innocent Yenika Faelover, although vulnerable to malice, seemed to sharpen her tone when facing Lortelle.

Still, Lortelle is Lortelle.

She never loses her wits or temper easily.

“… I’m annoyed.”


“This place is really nice. Fresh air, babbling water, I can see why Lucy loves napping here.”

As if snapping a threshold of patience, Lortelle’s tone suddenly dropped.

She walked up to Yenika and said somewhat triumphantly,

“The land around here isn’t private property, right? Acken Island belongs to neither just us nor the academy, it’s technically imperial jurisdiction. It’s just a forest tucked away in the southwestern part of the island…”

What did she imply? Lortelle continued, smiling slyly.

“While I may not be able to influence the tedious land rights management, getting a construction permit should be no issue.”


Yenika turned pale, bewilderedly staring at Lortelle. Perhaps catching Lortelle’s smiling face in her dim vision, she shuddered.

“Oh, my.”

Lortelle looked towards a clearing close to the river, smiling sweetly.

And then, as if pronouncing judgment, she declared,

“This land has quite the lovely site.”

An ominous aura seemed to seep into the camp atmosphere.


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