The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 113


The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide

On the Day the Archmage Died (1)

Adelle, the caretaker of the Holy Fire.

She was the girl who would come to the window of Saint Clarice’s bedroom every day to play the lute when the saint was in the Holy City.

“I wonder if it’s time for the joint combat training… I guess we’ll be sparring with the second-year seniors too…?”

During the night at Ophelius Hall, Kylie—Saint Clarice—recalled the memories of the time she spent in the Holy City.

Adelle’s songs and longing for freedom instilled in her a secret new dream. If not for Adelle’s influence, Clarice might have never sought to learn all the way in Sylvania.

Even after Adelle had left the Holy City, Clarice continued to eagerly await the day she would meet her again.

However, despite some time passing since her enrollment, Clarice had yet to encounter an opportunity to meet Adelle.


In the heart of Carpea, the city-state that is both the sanctum of the Telos Order and the largest city on the continent, stood a magnificent cathedral reaching towards the heavens.

This cathedral, known as the Holy Imperial City (성황도, Sacred Dragon), where sovereign Eldain resided and propagated the will of the gods, was considered a sacred place by believers of Telos spread across the continent.

This great cathedral, grand and majestic in size, could occupy an entire large hill and match the size of several lords’ castles combined. It was, of course, just as lofty in height.

From the cathedral’s towering clock tower, one could see the Rameln Mountains to the north and the Denkin Swamp that leads to the Clorel Empire to the south.

Atop that clock tower always burned the Holy Fire in honor of the supreme god Telos.

There sat the girl who managed the Holy Fire, always gazing upon the open world.

The girl who proudly boasted a nobility second only to that of sovereign Eldain was indeed looking down upon the world from a higher place than Clarice.

Clarice desperately wished to meet that very minstrel—Adelle.

However, Clarice was a first-year, and Adelle was a second-year.

It wasn’t that there were no opportunities to interact with the second-year students, but Adelle rarely appeared at such events.

Adelle was such a busy figure that even among her own year, few knew exactly where she might be found.

Without the audacity to barge into classrooms or dormitories during lessons, Clarice had no choice but to concentrate on her academic life, thinking, “We’ll meet when the time comes.”

Yet, as she started to get accustomed to academic life, there still appeared to be no sign of meeting her. The thought that Adelle didn’t come to visit her even after hearing the news of the saint’s enrollment at the academy was beginning to feel a bit heartless.

But Clarice shook off these thoughts.

Her current situation was unique. She was attending academic life not as Saint Clarice, but as Kylie, a noble from the outskirts. Adelle might not know of these circumstances, which could make things awkward. However, she wondered if Adelle had noticed that the person currently posing as a saint seemed like an imposter.

Their positions were slightly misaligned. Yet, Clarice decided not to rush things.

Fate is like a wandering breeze. If destinies are intertwined, one will eventually meet again somewhere in the world and exchange warm greetings. That was what Adelle used to say.

Clarice agreed with these words and smiled while looking up at the moon. Being in the same Sylvania, living in the same academy, if their connection was true, they would surely meet again.

She earnestly hoped that the connection would bring them together soon so that they could address their longings.

* * *

Lucy Mayrill sat on the roof of a hut with her knees drawn up to her chest, her eyes half-narrowed in thought.

Seated there, she could take in the entire camp at a glance, but the sight that met her eyes didn’t quite please her.

The spectacle of various spirits carrying well-crafted timber and building huts seemed like intruders breaching her camp.

Technically, it wasn’t even Lucy’s camp to begin with, so it wasn’t her place to complain in the first place.

Still, it left her feeling less than refreshed. With a sulky face, she blew out her breath or aimlessly twisted her hair around, almost devoid of expression for someone as emotionally reserved as Lucy.

The girl, who was practically the cause of this… Yenika Faelover, was sitting by the central campfire, stretching her legs out.

The construction of the huts, originally planned to be driven to harsh conditions by the spirits to complete in five days, came to a halt when Yenika gave Tarkan a knuckle rap on the forehead with her staff. The lower spirits, especially Muk, silently wept tears of relief as they clapped their hands.

The construction plan for the huts, which progressed as scheduled, was moving along well until the third day. Yenika was so proud that she sat in the camp all day, humming with joy.

Lucy, sitting on Ed’s hut roof, felt uncomfortable seeing this. Even if it wasn’t Lucy, anyone watching Yenika’s actions might tilt their head curiously.

She sat by the fire poking at logs, stretched her arms and legs, took in the camp view, glanced over the hut foundation, then grinned. Her laugh was so innocently radiant that it seemed to bloom flowers around her.

In between reading books, she would glance at the hut foundation and gloat, go out to gather some firewood then survey the surroundings of the hut and return with a wide smile. She seemed deep in thought after practising some spirit resonance training alone.

Watching the scene, Lucy’s displeasure grew and she eventually forgot to take her nap, sitting up with puffed cheeks.


After about five minutes, Lucy decided to grab a few dried meats hung on the drying rack and flew towards the campfire.


Landing gracefully beside the fire on a rock, Lucy dusted off her clothes and stood up.

Looking down, she saw Yenika sitting on a log turning the corner of a book and spinning into rosy imaginations; truly a frivolous expression.


Yenika and Lucy locked eyes.

Innocent Yenika almost greeted her cheerfully, but she instinctively knew this wasn’t someone to be glad to see.

They had already had a skirmish back at Ophelius Hall. Although Yenika didn’t like to clash with anyone, Lucy was hardly a welcome presence.

She didn’t want to be nasty or say anything unpleasant, but she couldn’t just give in.

Eventually, Yenika took a glance at the hut from her seat, placed her hands on her hips, and proudly puffed out her chest, trying to look as arrogant as possible. Even in her own way, she was making an effort to smile, her face radiating a floral glow that Lucy coldly observed with her half-moon eyes. To think such a bright smile could be so vexing was almost miraculous.

* * *

With a couple of pieces of dried meat in her mouth and an armful of elementary books, I exited the student library.

Thanks to regularly borrowing and returning books on time without accruing any late fees, I was now able to borrow quite a number of books at once. Admittedly, being acquainted with the librarian Elka Islan helped, as she turned a blind eye to some aspects.


Carrying the hefty load of books, I descended the slope of the library and headed straight for the Eastern Plaza near the faculty buildings.

I borrowed so many books dedicated to elemental studies because I intended to complete my training in intermediate magic at once.

Not long after mastering the intermediate spell “Point Explosion,” I realized that it was the only intermediate spell I truly knew how to wield. Although powerful in its own right, the impact of Point Explosion was not much different from lower-tier spells. Its ease of activation, suitability for surprise attacks, and difficulty to counter were its key advantages.

Such strategic benefits are helpful in my fighting style, but I still feel the need to master a spell that’s purely powerful in terms of raw firepower. After all, you never know how a battle might unfold, so it only makes sense to be prepared.

I have a strong affinity for the elements of fire and wind. While I initially contemplated mastering intermediate wind magic, I soon changed my mind.

Wind elemental spells often aim to control the battlefield or support combat rather than deliver sheer destructive force. Since I knew how to handle magic tools and invoke spirits, I could create such variables through other means. To truly grow stronger right now, honing a spell with undeniable firepower is the most efficient choice.

That’s why I borrowed a pile of elemental books, searching for a suitable magic spell to set as my next goal.

The stack was so large that I had to carry it against my chest as I walked. Considering this another form of physical training, I crossed the Eastern Plaza.

Off the Central Plaza, where the Student Union and Obel Hall are located, lies Eastern Plaza that stretches to the east.

Rather small compared to the Central Plaza, it still had everything a proper plaza would need, like a sizable clock tower, benches scattered around, and a rather charming fountain.

“♪ ♬ ♪”

As I saw a girl sitting by the fountain plucking a lute, I recognized that familiar face.

In a way, no one embodied the expression ‘free spirited’ better than she did.

She seemed at ease, perhaps done with all her scheduled classes for the day, comfortably dressed.

The baggy pleated skirt falling over her thighs and the loose-sleeved blouse were exactly as I remembered. A flower bouquet-shaped accessory hung from her waist, cascading down her side.

Her yellowish-blonde hair, beautifully braided to one side, was adorned with an array of lovely flowers, including lilies, daffodils, baby’s breath, cockscombs, and freesias. The subtle color of her hair only highlighted their delicate beauty further.

“You seem busy today, senior Ed.”

I considered passing by when Adelle suddenly reached out to me with a swift greeting. This unforeseen encounter made me cock my head in surprise.

With our eyes meeting, Adelle flashed a grin as she strummed her lute.

It was unclear if they were close enough to acknowledge each other or not.

Adelle Seris is a companion of Taely McLore, the protagonist of [Sylvania’s Failed Swordsman]. As a bard who freely uses various enhancement magics, she consistently appeared since Act 1, showing her face… but she doesn’t take an active front-and-center role until the final battle of Act 3.

The fact that she was seen regularly was mostly like a delightful addition, more of a garnish in an apothecary. She does seriously participate in the battle at the final of Act 2, but even after that, she doesn’t seem to be doing much.

Until then, Adelle mostly appeared playing her instrument in unexpected places, perhaps an artistic choice to emphasize her free-spirited nature and indifference to worldly strife.

No matter how dire the situation, the girl who never lost her composure, playing her instrument.

The reason she could remain so serene was due to her ‘prophetic temperament’.


Sometimes, Adelle would receive divine energy from the god Telos, allowing her to see the future. It wasn’t a power she could freely control; instead, she would suddenly receive revelations and recite the future as if entranced.

She was able to do this due to her unique sensitivity to Telos’s divine energy from birth. Consequently, she was treated quite well even in the holy city, and in her youth, she was listed as a candidate for sainthood.

“Are you speaking about me…?”

“I often heard the stories that Taely and Aila had about you. They seem to think of senior you in a complex way, but…”

“Is that so… It’s none of my business, though…”

Taely, the main character of the scenarios, seemed to be on the rise already.

With immense talent in swordsmanship, he’s bound to boast an overwhelming power level by Act 4. The scenario was already midway through Act 3, so he might be starting to stand out now.

I have nothing much to do with him, a different year, and I’ve kept a slight distance from the incidents… but I know well that Taely’s growth curve is not likely to be stopped easily.

If he continues his growth without a single waste, maximizing efficiency, he could defeat not only Wade but even Zix in the next joint combat training event. That’s, of course, if he was a fully trained player.

Normally, defeating Wade alone is trouble enough, so he probably won’t concern himself with going that far.

“Would you like to listen to a song? I’m quite the minstrel, having traveled across the continent. Though now I’m settled here in Sylvania.”

“… No, thank you.”

“Oh dear, that’s a shame.”

I did not understand why Adelle, whom I hardly faced directly, was being so friendly with me. Perhaps it was due to the rapidly improving reputation within the academy, or maybe it was simply because my name circulated among those close to Adelle.

Conspicuously holding onto my elemental study books, it was as if I was giving a silent signal that I was carrying a heavy burden and needed to deal with it quickly. With a smile of disappointment, Adelle graciously bowed her head in farewell.

I turned on my heel and headed towards the northern forest.

The scenario was now passing the midway point of Act 3. The political scene, which had been deforming slightly, began to shift off course a great deal with Tanya’s election as chairman.

Even though the scenario flowed somewhat evenly until Act 1, it shook greatly in Act 2, and by Act 3, its direction became unpredictable.

However, the major flow was still similar to what I knew, so the knowledge of the future I held was still sufficiently useful. Yet, the twisted flow could lead to unknown consequences.

It’s like drawing a line along a dotted path.

If you follow the dots without a hint of wavering, a perfect straight line will be drawn, but even the slightest shake will introduce a twist in the angle. At first, the minor difference might seem inconsequential, but as the line extends, it becomes vastly separated from the dotted path.

I had no grand ambition to speak of, and merely graduating was my goal. I simply wanted to survive. However, to believe that everything would flow according to my will was arrogance.

If the current flow of the world has come to this, merely breathing quietly won’t solve anything.

The course of politics had begun to shift.

If we would restore it… we had to capture Crebin.

But Crebin, in his current state, politically unassailable, powerful, with many loyal followers who supported him across the empire, killing or subduing him would only make me a vile traitor and ruin my life.

To become strong enough to oppose Crebin, I still needed more time, and even if I had someone’s help to confront him, without a just cause, I can’t cut off his head.

However, I am not without cards to play. There’s Tanya, an insider of the Rothtaylor family, and Princess Phoenia, who stands in opposition to him.

When Act 4 arrives and Mebuler’s manifestation draws near, Crebin will surely expose his own weakness. At the same moment, without fail, he will show his vulnerability.

I must gauge the right moment to strike at the enemy’s neck. When his vile plot begins to surface, I must be fully prepared.

“Senior Ed.”

Suddenly, Adelle called out to me as I was about to leave.

I turned back in confusion, but Adelle, without even looking in my direction, jovially strummed her lute.

The pleasant sound of the strings blended with the splashing of the fountain, filling the late spring square with music.

“One day, if you ascend to the head of the family, you will have to kill the person you respect the most with your own hands.”

It was a casual remark, thrown in without any warning.

“Keep in mind, if you hesitate then, you will be the one to die.”


I considered pressing for more details, but it seemed pointless. After all, Adelle swiftly strummed her lute one last time, producing a beautiful tone before rising and quickly disappearing into the distance.

Clutching the elemental studies books, I just stood there, watching Adelle walk away.

Then, I sighed deeply.

Holy administrator Adelle. The Romantic Adelle. And the prophet Adelle.

Her prophecies did not always come true, so assigning a specific meaning to them was difficult… but nonetheless, she certainly had a knack for unsettling people’s hearts.

There were many scenes that come to mind when I think of Adelle… but the first and foremost is… her death.

Act 3 of [Sylvania’s Failed Swordsman] is an important turning point in the scenario. If the final boss, Lucy, remains idle, they will safely complete their role and temporarily exit the stage, but during that scenario, two members of the protagonist’s generation will die independently of Lucy’s actions.

One of them is precisely this minstrel, Adelle.

The macroscopic flow still runs nearly parallel to the original scenario, but with significant deviations already occurring.

Knowing her fate, what stance should I take now?

Professor Glast’s death was beyond my control. No matter what I did, he would have seized the seal and taken over the academy, and as a mere student, I was not in a position to influence someone of his standing.

No guarantee could be made that I had the power to change Adelle’s fate, but knowing her unfortunate end… it couldn’t help but make me feel uneasy.

I rubbed my forehead several times, then with the books in embrace, I headed towards the northern forest.

For now, I needed to return to the camp, finish organizing the books, prepare for wand crafting… and complete the immediate tasks at hand.

All the while, there were too many thoughts to organize.

* * *

“I dislike it.”

It was a clear and firm response.

Lucy, who had been chewing on jerky by the campfire and fiddling with her knees, seemed to be in a bad mood.


This was an unexpected reaction.

I had broken off two branches from the Guardian Tree of Merilda for wand crafting and asked Lucy to help by infusing them with lightning magic.

Lightning manifested with Lucy’s magic would be incredibly powerful given the sheer amount of her magical power, positively affecting the direct performance of the wands.

I planned to make two wands struck by lightning: one for Yenika and one for myself. I wasn’t expecting any issue with this request, given that Lucy often grants my favors, but today, she seemed off, like something was bothering her.

“I only want to help with one.”

Still hugging her knees and pouting, her sulking figure was unusually fresh to see. Usually sleepy or indifferent, this different expression on Lucy was new to me. Though she still looked somewhat dazed and lifeless, the slight puffing of her cheeks was something I hadn’t seen before. I’m not used to her showing more varied expressions lately, though it’s not many.

“Isn’t making one or two the same…? You only have to manifest the magic once anyway.”


“Ah well, if you say so… There must be a reason. It complicates things.”

As I spoke and ran a hand through my hair, Lucy began swinging her feet in the air, as if something was particularly on her mind.

“If you make one… who will use it?”

“I’ll give it to Yenika. After all, it’s better for someone who could make better use of it to have it. I still need to practice more spirit magic.”


Seemingly uncomfortable with my disappointment, Lucy chewed her lip, bowed her head, and groaned.

Then, she stood up abruptly and walked over to where I was sitting on a log.

Thinking she might stick to me as usual, I stayed still, but then Lucy cast her gaze downward, pulled her hat low, and sat down on my knees.

She lay her back snugly against my chest, and while her weight was barely noticeable, a bit heavier than the pile of books I had carried with just my arm muscles.

“Fine, I’ll do it. Both of them.”

She added, after agreeing.

“But there’s a condition. It’s nothing much.”

“A condition?”

“There’s a place I would like you to accompany me to.”

Lucy bringing this up was unusual, so I nodded in curiosity without a choice.


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